Faber and Faber (London: 1939) II.2§8

First edition, first printing (details)

RM23 Boon on begyndelse.

RM24 Atº maturing daily gloryaims!f107

RM25 A flink dab for a freck dive and a stern poise for a swift pounce wasº frankily at the manual arith sure enough which was the bekase he knowed from his cradle, no bird better, why hisº fingures were giving him whatfor to fife with. First, byº observation, there came LM80 bokoº andº nigh him wigworms and nigh him tittlies and nigh himº cheekadeekchimpleº and nigh him pickpocket with pickpocketpumbº, pickpocketpointº, pickpocketprod, pickpocketpromise and upwithem.º Holy Joe in lay Eden.f108º And anyhows always after them the dimpler he weighed the fonder fell he of his null four lovedroyd curdinals,º hisº element curdinal numen LM81 and his enement curdinal marryng and his epulent curdinal weisswassh and his eminent curdinal Kay O'Kay. Always would he be recitingº of them, hoojahs koojahsº, up by rota, in his Fanden'sº catachysmº from fursed to laced, quickmarch to decemversº, soº asº to pin the tennersº, thumbs down. And anon and aldays, strues yerthere, would he wile arecreating em omº º º lumerous ways, caius-countingº in the scale of pin puff piveº piff, piff puffº pive poo, poo puff pive pree, pree puff pive pfoor,º pfoor puff pive pippive, poopive,º f109 Niall Dhu,
{f39, 283}
Foughtyº Unn, Enoch Thortig, endso one, like to pitch of your cap, pac,º on to tin tall spillicans.f110 To sum,º LM82 borusº pew notus pew eurus pew zipherº. Ace, deuce, tricks,º quarts,º quims. Mumtiplay of course and carry to their whole number. Whileº on the other hand, traduced by their comedy nominatorº to theº loaferstº terms for their aloquent parts, sexes, suppersº, oglers, novels and dice.f111 He could find (the rakehelly!)º by practice the valuse of thine-to-mine articles with no reminderº for anº equality ofº relations and,º with the helpings from his tables,º improduceº fullminº to trumblers, links unto chains, weys in Nuffolk till tods of Yorek, oozies ad libs and several townsends,º several hundreds,º civil-to-civil imperious gallants intoº gells (Irish), bringing alliving stone allaughing down to grave clothnails and a LM83 league of archersº, foolsº and lurchersº under the rude rule of fumb. What signifieth whole thatf112 but, be all the prowess of ten, 'tis as strange to relate he, nonparile to redeº, rite and reckan, caught allmeals dullmarksº for his nucleudsº and alegobrew. They wouldn't took bearings no how anywheres.º Oº themº doddhunters and allanights, aabsº and baas for agnomes, yees and zees for incognits,º bate him up jerrybly! Worse nor herman dororrhea. Give you the fantods, seemed to him. They ought to told you every last word first stead of trying every which way to kinder smear it outº poison long.º Show that the
{f39, 284}
median, LM84 hce che ech,º interecting at roydeº angles the parilegs of a given obtuse one biscuts both the arcs that are in curveachord behind. Brickbaths. The family umbroglia. A Tullagroveº polef113 to the Height of County Fearmanagh has a septain inclinaisonºf114 and the graphplot for all the functions in Lower County Monachan, whereat samething isº rivisible by nighttim, may be involted into theº zeroic couplet, pallsº pellº inhisº heventh glikeº noughty times LM85 ,º find, if you are not literally cooefficient,º how minney combinaisies and permutandies can be played on the international surd!º pthwndxrclzp!,º hids cubid rute being extructedº, taking anan illitterettes, ififif at a tom. Answers, (forº teasers only).f115 Ten, twent, thirt, see, ex and three ickyº totchty ones. Fromº solation to solution. Imagine the twelve deaferended dumbbawls of the whowl abovebeugledº to be the contonuation through regeneration of the urutterationº of the word in pregross. It follows that, if the two antesedents be bissyclitties and the three comeseekwenchers trundletrikes, then, Aysha Lalipat behidden on the footplate, LM86 Big Whigglerf116 restant upsittuponable, the NCRf117 presents to us (tandem year at lasted length!) an ottomanticº turquo-indaco of pictorial shine by pictorial shimmer so long as, gad of the gidday, pictorial summer,º viridorefulvid, lits asheen,º
{f39, 285}
but (lenz alack lends a lot), if this habby cyclic redorº be outraciously enviolatedº by a mierelinº roundtableturning, like knuts in maze, the zitas runnind hare and dartº f118 with the yeggs in their muddle, like a seven of wingless arrows, hodgepadge, thump, kick and hurry, all boy more missis blong him he race quickfeller all same hogglepiggle longerº house blong him,º f119 LM87 whileº the catched and dodged exarx seems himmulteemiouslyº to beem (he wins her hendº! he falls to tail!) the ersed ladest mandf120 and (uhu and uhud!) the losed farce on erroroots,f121 twalegged poneys and threehandled dorkeysº (madahoy, morahoy, lugahoy, jogahoyaway)º MPM brings us a rainborne LM88 pamtomomiom,º aqualavant to (Cat my dogs,º if I baint dingbushedº like everything!)º kaksitoista volts yksitoista volts kymmenen volts yhdeksan volts kahdeksan volts seitsemanº volts kuusiº volts viisi volts nelja volts kolme volts kaksi volts yksi, allahthallacamellated,º caravan seriesº to the finish of helvé'sº fractures.f122 LM89 In outher wards,º one from five, one from fives two, two to fives onesº millamills with a mill and a half a mill and twosº fives fives ofº bullyclavers. For a surview over all the factionables see Iris in the Evenine's Worldº.f123 Binomeans to be comprendered. Inexcessible as thy by god ways.º The aximones. And their prostalutesº.
{f39, 286}
For his neuralgiabrownº. Equal to =º aosch.º

RM26 P.t.l.o.a.t.o.

RM27 So, bagdad, after those initials falls and that primary taincture,º as I know and you know yourself, begath, and the arab in the ghetto knows better, by nettus,º nor anymeade or persan, comic cuts and series exerxeses always were to be capered in Casey'sº frost book of, page torn on dirty, to be hackedº atº Hickey's, huckslerº, LM90 Wellington's Iron Bridge, and so, by long last,º as it would shuffle out, must heº to trump adieu atout atous to those cardinhands he a big dealº missed, LM91 radmachrees and rossecullinans and blagpikes in suitclover. Dearº hearts of my counting, wouldº he revoke them, forewheel to packnumbers, and, the time being no help fort, plates to lick one and turn over.

RM28 Problem ye ferst, constructº ann aquilittoralº dryankleº Probe loom!º With his primal handstoe in his sole salivarium. LM92 Concoct an equoangular trillitterº.f124 On the name of the tizzer and off the tongs and off the mythametical tripods. Beatsoon.

RM29 Can you nei doº her, numb? asks Dolph,f125 suspecting the answer know. Oikkont,º kenº you, ninny? asks Kevº,f126 expecting the answer guess.f127 Nor wasº the noer long disappointed forº easiest of kisshams, he was made vicewise.º Oc, tell it to oui,º do, Sem! Wellº, 'tis oil thusly. LM93 First mull a mugfullº of mud, son.f128 Oglores,
{f39, 287}
the virtuoser prays, olorum! What the D.V. would I do that for? That's a goosey's ganswer you're for givingº me, he is told, what the Deva would you do that for?f129 Now, sknow royolº road to Puddlin, takeº your mut for a first beginning, big to bog, back to bach. LM94 Anny liffle mud which cometh out of Mamº will doob, I guess. A.1. Amnium instar. |shAnd to find a locus forº an alp get a howlth on her bayrings as a prisme O and for a second O unbox yourº compasses. I cain but are you able?sh| |shAmicably nod. Gu it! So let's seth off betwain| Prompty? Mux your pistany at a point of the coastmapº to be called aº but pronounced olfa. There's the isle of Mun, ah! O! Tisº just. Bene!ºº Now, whole in applepine erdorºf130

º (for — husk, hisk, a spirit spiresº Dolphº, dean of idlersº, meagerº suckling of gert stoanº, though barekely aº balboseº boy, he too,ºveniteº preteriti,º f131 sine mora dumque de entibusº nascituris decentiusº in lingua romana mortuorum parva chartula livianaº ostenditur, sedentes in letitiaeº super ollas carnium,º spectantes immo situm lutetiae undeº auspiciis secundis tantae consurgent humanae stirpes, antiquissimam flaminum amboriumº Jordani et Jambaptistaeº mentibus revolvamus sapientiam:º totum tute fluvii modoº mundo fluere, eademº quae ex aggere fututa fuere iterum interº alveum fore futura, quodlibet sese ipsum perº aliudpiamº agnoscereº contrarium, omnem demunº amnem ripis rivalibus amplectif132 — recurrently often, when him moved he would cake their chair,º coached rebelliumtendingº mikes of his same and over his own choirage at Backlane Univarsity,º among of which pupal souavesº the pizdrool was pulledº up, bred and battered,
{f39, 288}
for a dillon a dollar,f133 chanchingº letters for them vice o'verseº to bronze mottes and blending tschemes for em in tropadores andº doublecressingº twofold thruthsº and devising tinglingº tailwords too whilestº, cunctant that another would finish his sentence for him, he druider wouldº smilabit eggwaysº f134 ned, he, to don't say nothing, would,º so prim, and pick upon his ten ordinailed ungles, trying to undo with his teeth the knots made by his tongue, retelling humself by theº math hour, long as he's brood,º a reel of funnish fictsº apout the sheeº, how faust of all and on segund thoughts and the thirdsº the charmhim girlaloveº and fourthermore and filthily with bag from Oxatown and baroccidents and proper accidence and hoptohill and hexenshoesº, in fine the whole damning letterº; and, in point of feet, when he landed in ourland'sº leinsterf135 of saved and solomnones for the twicedhecame time,º off Lipton's strongbowed launch, the Lady Eva, in aº tan soute of sailsf136 he converted it's natavesº, name saints,º young ordnands, maderaheads and old unguished.º P.T. Publikums,º through the medium of znigznaksº with sotiric zeal,º to put off the barcelonasº f137 from their peccaminous corpulums (Gratings,º Mr Dane!) and kiss on their bottes (Master!) as often as they came within bloodshot of that other familiar temple and showed em the celestine way to by his tristar and his flop hattrick and his perry humdrum dumb and numb nostrums that he larned in Hymbuktu,º f138 and that same galloromanº cultous is very prevailend up to this windiest of landhavemiseries allº over what was beforeaboots a landº of nods, in spite of all the bloot, all the braim, all the brawn,º all the brile,º that was shod, that were shat, that was shukº all the while, for our massangrey if mosshungryº people, the at Wickerworks,º f139 still hold
{f39, 289}
ford to their healing andf140 byleave in the old weightsº downupon the Swanny,º innovatedº by him,º the prence di Propagandi, the chrism for the christmass, the pillar of the perished and the rock o'ralerealityº, and it is veritably beliedº, we belove, that not allsods of esoupcans that's in the queen's pottage postº and not allfinesofº greendgold that the Indus contains would overhinduceº them,º (o.p.) to steeplechange back onceº from their ophis workship and twice on sundises,º to their ancient flash and crash habits of old Pales time ere beam slewed cablef141 or Derzherr, live wire, fired Benjermine Funkling outa th'Empyre, sin righthand son;º whichº cummal, having listed curefully to the interlooking and the underlacking of her twentynine shifts or hisº continental'sº curses, pummel,º apostrophised Byrne's and Flamming'sº and Furniss's and Bill Hayses'sº and Ellishly Haught's, hocº, they (t.a.W.)º, sick or whole, stiff or sober, let drop as a doombody drops, without another ostrovgodsº word eitherways, in their own lineal descendance, as priesto as puddywhackº,f142 coal onº f143 and, as we gang along to gigglehouse, talking of molniacs' manias and missions for madesº to scotchº the schlang and leathercoats forº murty magdiesº of course this has blameall in that medeoturanianº world to say to blessed by Pointer the Grace's hisº privatesº judgementsº f144 whensoº to put it, disparito, duspurudo, desterrado, despertieu, or, saving his presents for his own onefriend Bevradge,º Conn the Shaughraunº; but to return for aº moment from the reptile's agef145 to the coxswain on theº firstº landing (page Ainée Rivière!)º if the pretty Lady Elisabbess, Hotel des Ruines — she laid her batsleeveº for him two trueveres tell loveº. On the Ides of Valentino'sº, at Idleness, Floods Area, Isolade, Liv's lonely daughter, with the Comes Tichiami, of Prima Vista,º Abroad, suddenly),º and beauty alone of all dareº say when now, uncrowned,
{f39, 290}
deceptered, in what niche of timef146 is Sheeº or where in the rose world trysting, thatº was the belle of La Chapelle, shapely Liselle,º and the peg-of-my-heart of all the tompullº or on whose limbs-to-lave her semicupioseº eyes now kindling themselves are brightning,º f147 O Shee who then (4.32 M.P.º, old time, to be precise,º accordingº to all three doctors waterburiesº that was Mac Auliffeº and poor MacBeth and poorº MacGhimleyº to the tickleticks, of the synchronismsº, all lauscheningº a time also confirmed seven sincuriesº later by the quatrenº medical johnny, poor old MacAdooº MacDollett,º with notary,f148 whose presence was required byº law of Devine Foresygthº andº decretal of the Dougeº) who afterº the first complimentsf149 med darkist day lightº, gave him then that vantageº of a Blinkensope's cuddlebath at her proper mitts — if she then, the then that matters,º — but, seigneur!º she could never have forefelt, as she yet will fearfeel, when the lovenext breaks out, such a coolcold douche as him, the tottererº, the four-flights-the-charmer,º doubling back, inº nowtime,f150 bymbyº when saltwater he wushº him these iselandsº, O alors!,º to mountº miss (the wooeds of Foglootº!) under thatº chemise de ferº and a vartryproof name, Multalusi (would it wash?)º with a cheek white peaceful as, wen shall sayº, a single professed claire'sf151 and his washawash tubatubtub and his diagonoser's lampblick, to pure whereº they where hornest girls,º to buy her inº par jure, ilº you plait,º nuncandtunc and for simper,º andº other duel mavourneens in plurible numbers from Arklow Vikloeº to Louth super Luck,º come messes;º come mams, and touch your spottprice (for twasº he wasº the born suborner, man)º on behalf of an oldest ablished firma of winebakers,º Lagrima andº Gemiti,º laterº on, his craft ebbing,º invoked by the unirish title, Grindings ofº Nash,f152 the
{f39, 291}
One andº Only,º Unic bar None,º of Saint Yves by Landsend cornwer, man —º shipº me silver!,º it must have been, faw!º a terrible mavrue mavone,º to synamite up the old Adam-he-used-to,º such a finalley, and that's flat as Tut's fut, for whowghowho?º the poourº girl, a lonely peggy, given the bird, so inseuladedº as Crampton's peartree,º (she sallº eurnº bitter bed by thirtº sweet of her face!), and short wonder so manyº of the tomthick and tarry members in all there subsequiousº ages of our timocracy tippedº to console with her at her mirrorable gracewindow'd hutf153 till the ives of Manº, the O'Kneels and the O'Prayins and the O'Hyens of Lochlaunstown and the O'Hollerins of Staneybatter,º hollyboys,º all, burryripeº who'll buy?,º f154 in juwelietry and kicky-chosesº and madornaments and that's not the finisº of it (would it were!º) — but to think of him foundlingº a nellizaº the second,f155 also cliptbussº (the best was still there if the torso was gone)º where he did and when he did, retriever to the lastf156º escapes my forgetness now was it dustcovered, nom de Lieu!º on lapseº or street ondownº, through, for or from a foe, byº with asº on a friend, at the Rectory? Vicarage Road? Bishop's Folly? Papesthorpe?, after picket fences, stonewalls, out and ins or oxersºfor merry a valsehood whisprit he to mannyº a lilyingº earling;f157 and to tryº to analyse that ambo's pair of braceleans akwart the rollyonº trying to amarm allf158 of that miching micher's bearded but insensible virility and its gaulishº moustachesº, Dammad and Groany, into her limited (tuff, tuff,º que tu es pitre!º) lapse at the same slapse for towelling endsf159 in their dolightfulº Sexsexº home, Somehow-at-Sea (O little oily head, sloper's brow and prickled ears!)º as though he, a notoriety, a foist edition, were a wrigular writher neonoveneº babe!f160 — well, diarmueeº and
{f39, 292}
andº Vae Vinctis,º if that is what lamoor that of gentleº breast rathe is intaken seemsº circling towardº out yondestº (it's life that's all chokered by that batch of grim rushers) heaven helpº his hindmostº and, mark moº, if the so greatly displeaced diorems in the Saint Lubbock's Day number of that most improving of roundshows, Spice and Westend Womanº (utterly exhausted before publication, indiapepper edition shortly), are for our indices, it agins to pear like it par my fayº and there is no use for your pastripreaching for to cheesseº it either or praying fresh fleshblood claspers of youngº catholick throatsº on Huggin Greenf161 to take warningº by the prispastº, why?, by cowsº Q man, in shirt, is how he is piùº la gonna è mobileº and / they wonetº do ut; and, an you couldº peep inside the cerebralised saucepanº of this eerº illwinded goodfornobody, you would see in his house of thoughtsam (was you, that is, decontaminated enough to look discarnate)º what a jetsam litterage of convolvuliº of times lost orº strayedº, of lands derelictºº and of tongues laggin too,º longa yamsayore,ºº not only that but,ºº search lighting, beached, bashed and beaushelled à la Merºº pharaheadº into faturity,º your own convolvulis pickninnig capmanº would real to jazztfancyº the novo takin placeº of what stale words whilom were woven with and fitted fairly featly for,º so; and equally so, the crameº of the whole faustian fustian, whether your launer's lightsomeº or your soulard's schwearmood,º it isº that, whenas the swiftshutº scareyssº of our pupilteachertautº duplex willº hark back to lark to you symibellicallyº that, though a day be as dense as a decade,º no mouth has the might to set a mearbound to the march of a landsmaulº,f162 in half a sylbº, helfº a solb, holf a salb onwardf163 the beast of boredomº, common sense, lurking gyrographicallyº down insideº his loose Eating S.S. collar is gogoing ofº whisthº to you sternly how — Plutonic loveliaks twinntº Platonic yearlingsº you must, how,ºº in undivided reawlityº draw the line somewhawre)º
{f39, 293}



RM30 Coss? Cossist? Yourº parn! You, you make what name?º (andº in truth, as a poor soul is between shift and shift ere the death he has lived through becomes the life he is to die into,º he or heº had albut — he was rickets as to reasons but the balance of his minds wasº stablesº lost himself orº himself some |shsomnione sciupionesºsh|, soswhitchoverswetchº had he or heº gazetº, murphyº come, murphy go, murphy plant, murphy grow, a maryamyriameliamurphies,º in the lazily eye of his lapis, LM95 Vieusº Von DVbLIn, 'twasº one of dozedeams aº darkies ding in dewood)º the Turnpike under the Great Ulmº withº Mearingstone in Fore ground).º f164 Givenº now ann linch you take enn all. Allow me.º And, heaving alljawbreakical expressions out of old Sare Isaac'sf165 universal of specious aristmystic unsaidº, LM96 A is for Anna like L is for liv.º Aha hahahº, Ante Annº you're apt to ape aunty annalive! Dawn gives rise. Lo, lo, lives love! Eve takes fall. La, la, laugh leaves alass! Aiaiaiai, Antiann, we're last to the lost, Loulou! Tisº perfect. Now (lens
{f39, 294}
your dappled yeyeº here, mine'sº presbyoperian, shill andº wall)º we seeº the copynginkº strayedlineº ALº (in Fig.,º the forest) fromº being continued, stops ait Lambday:º f166 Modder ilond there too. Allowº me anchore,º I bring down noth and carry awe. Now,º then, take this in! One of the most murmurable |shloose carollariessh| ever Ellis threw his cookingclass. LM97 With Olaf as centrum and Olaf's lambtail for his spokesman circumscript a cyclone. Allow ter! Hoop! As round as the calf of an egg! O, dear me! O, dear me now!º Another grand discobely! After Makefearsome's Ocean.º You've actuary entducked one! Quok! Why,º you haven't a passer! Fantastic! Earlyº clever, surely doomed, to Swift's, alas, theº galehus!º Match of a matchness,º LM98 like your Bigdudº dadderº in the boudevilleº song,º Gorotsky Gollovar's Troublesº, rauckingº his flavourite turvku in the smukking precincts of lydias,f167 with Mary Owens and Dolly Monks seesidling to edge his cropulence and Blake-Roche, Kingston and Dockrell auriscentingº him from afurz,º ourº papacocopotl,f168 Abraham Bradley King? (ting ting! ting ting!)º By his magmasineº fall. Lumps, lavas and all.f169 Bene!º But, thunder and turf,º it's not aloverº yet.º One recalls Byzantium.º The mystery repeats itself todate as our callback motherº Gaudyanna, that wasº daughter to a tanner,f170 used to sing, as I think,º now and then consinuously over her possetpot in her quer
{f39, 295}
homolocous humminbass hesterdie and istherdieº forivor.f171 Vanissas Vanistatums! Andº for a night of thoughtsendyuresº and a dayº. LM99 As Great Shapesphere puns it.ººº In effect,º I remumble, from the yules gone by,º purr lil murrerofº myhind, so she used indeed. When she give meº the Sundaclouthsº she hung up for Tate and Comyng and snuffed out the ghost in the candle at his old game of haunt the sleepper.º Faithful departed.º When I'm dreaming back like that I begins to see we're only all telescopes. Or the comeallyoum saundsº. Like when I dromed I was in Dairy and was wuckened up with thump in thudderdown.º Restº in peace! But to return.º f172 What a wonderful memory you have too! Twonderfulº morrowy! Straorbinaire!º Bene!º Iº bring town eau and curry nothung up my sleeve.º Now,º springing quickenly from the mudland Loosh from Luccan with Allhim as her Elder tetraturn aº somersault. All's fair on all fours, as my instructor unstrict meº. Watch! And you'll have the whole inkle.º Allow, allow! Gyre O, gyre O, gyrotundo!º Hop lala! As umpty herum as youº seat! O, dear me,º that was very nesse! Very nace indeed! And makes usº a daintical pair of accomplasses! lm100 You,º allus for the kunst and me for omething with a handel to it. Beve!º Now, as will pressantly be felt,º there's tew tricklesome poinds where our twain of doubling bicirculars, |shmating approxemetely in their suite poi and poi,sh| dunloopº into eathº the ocher,º Lucihere.!º I fee where you
{f39, 296}
mea. The doubleviewed seeds. Nunº, lemmas quatsch, vide pervoys akstiom, and I think as I'm suqeez in theº limon,º stickme punctum,º but for semenal rationsº I'd likelong, by Araxes, to mack a capital Pee for Pride down there on the batomf173 where Hoddum and Heave, our monsterbilker, balked his bawd of parodies. Andº lm101 let youº go, Airmienious, and mickº your modest mockº Pie out of Humbles up your end. Where your apexojesus will be a point of order.º With a geingº groan grunt and a croak click cluck.f174 And my faceage kink and kurkle trying to make keek peep.f175 Are you right there, Michael, are you rightº? Do you think you can hold on by sitting tight? Well, of course, it's awful angelous. Still I don't feel it's so dangelousº. Ayº, I'm right here, Nickelº, and I'll writeº. Singing the top line why it suits me mikey fine. But, yaghags hogwarts and arrahquinonthianceº, it's the muddestº thick that was ever heard dumpº since Eggsmather got smothered in the plap of the pfan. Now, toº compleat anglers, beloved bironthiarn,º and hushtokan hishtakatsch, joinº alfaº pea and pullº loose by dottiesº and, to be more sparematically logoical, eelpie and paleale by trunkles. Alowº me align while I encloudº especious.º The Nikeº done it.º Like pah,º f176 I peh. Innate little bondery. And as plane as a poke stiffº.f177 Now, aqua in buccat.ºº I'll make you to see figuratleavelyº the whome of your eternal
{f39, 297}
.ºº |shAnd ifº you flung her headdress on her from under her highlows you'd wheeze whyse Salmonson set his seel on a hexengownsh|.f178 lm102 Hissss!,º Arrah, go on! Finº for fun!º You've spat your showerº like a son of Sibernia, butº let's have at it!º Subtendº to me now! Pisk! Outer serpumstances beiugº ekewilled, we carefully, if she pleats, liftº by her seamº hem and jaboteº at the spidsiest of her trickkikant (like thousands done before since fillies calpered. Ocone! Ocone!º) the maidsapron of our A.L.P., fearfully!º till its netherº nadir is vortically where (allow me aright to two cute winkles) its naval's napex will have to beandbe. lm103 You must proach near mearº for at is dark. Lob. And light your mechº. Jeldy! And this is whatº you'll say.f179º Waaaaaa. Tch!º Sluice! Pla! And their,º redneck. For addn't we to gayatsee with Puhl the Punkah's bell?º mygh and thy, the living spit ofº dead waters,º f180 fastness firm of Hurdlebury Fenn,º discinctº and isopluralº in its (your sow to the duble)º sixuous parts, flument, fluvey and fluteous,º midden wedgeº of theº stream'sº your muddy old triagonal delta, fiho miho,º plain for you now, appia lippia pluvaville, (hop the hulaº girls!)º the no niggard spot of her safety vulve,º first of all usquiluteralº threeingles, (and why wouldn't she sit cressloggedlikeº the lass that lured a tailor?)º the constant of fluxion, Mahamewetma,º pride of the provinceº f181 and whenº that tidled boare rutches up from the Afrantic,º allaphº quaran'sº his bett und bier.ºf182
{f39, 298}
lm104 Paa lickam laa lickam, apl lpa.º This it is an her. You see her it. Which it whom youº seeº it is herº. And if you could goaneggbetterº we'dº soon see some raffant scrumalaº riffa.º Quicks herit fossyending. Quef! So post that to your pape and smarket.º And you can haul up that languil pennant, mate. I've read your tunc's dimissage. For, let it be taken that her littlenistº is of no magnetudeº or againº let it be granted that Doll the laziest can be dissimulant with all respects from Doll the fiercst, thence must any whatyoulikeº in the power of empthood be either lm105 greater THANº or less THANº the unitate we have in one or hence shall the vectorious readyeyesº of evertwo circumflicksrentº searclhers never film in the elipsities of their gyribouts those fickers which are returnally reprodictive of themselves.f183 Which is unpassible.º Quarrellaryº. The logos of somewomeº to that base anything, when most characteristicallyº mantissa minus,º comes to nullum in the endth:f184 orso, here is nowetº badder than the sin of Aha with his cosin Lil,º verswaysed on coverswisedº, and all that's consecants and cotangincies till Perperpº stops repippinghim sinceº her redtanglesº are all abscissanº for limitsing this tendencyº of our Frivulteeny Sexuagesimaº f185 lm106 to expense herselfs as sphere as possible, paradismic perimutter,º in all directions on the bend of the unbridalled, the infinisissimallsº of her facetsº becoming manier and manier as the calicolum of her umdescribables (one has thoughts of that eternal Rome)º shrinks from schurtinessº
{f39, 299}
to scherts.
f186 Scholium,º there are trist sighedsº to everysing but ichs on the freed brings euchs to the feared. Qued? |shMother of us all!sh| O, dear me,º look at that now! I don't know is it your spictre or my omination butº I'm glad you dimentioned it! My Lourde! My Lourde! If that aint just the beatenest lay I ever see!º And a superpbositionº! Quoint a quincidence! O.K. lm107 Omnius Kollidimus.º As Olloverº Krumwall sayed when he slepped ueberº his grannyamotherº. Kangaroose feathers.º Who in the name of thunder'd ever belevin you were that bolt? But you're holy mooxed and gaping up the wrong palcef187 asº if you was seeheeing the gheist that stays forenenst, you blessed simpletopº domefool!º Where's your belested loiternan's lamp? You must lap wandret down the bluishing refluction below. Her trunk's not her brainboxº. Hear where the bolgylines,º Yseen here the puncture.º So he done it.º Luck!º See her good.º lm108 Well, well, well,º well! O dee, O dee,º that's very lovely! We |shlike Simperspreach Hammeltones to fellow Selvertunes O'Haggans.ºsh|f188 When he rolls over his ars and shows the hise of his heels. Vely lovely entilely!º Like a yangsheepslangº with the tsifengtse. So analytical plausible!º And be the powers of Moll Kelly, neighbour topsowyer,º itº will be a lozenge to me all my lauffe.f189 More better twofeller we been speak copperads.º Ever thought about Guinness's?º And the regrettable Parson Rome's advice?º
{f39, 300}
Want to join the police.º f190 You know, you were alwaysº one of the bright ones, since a foot made you an unmentionable,º fakes.º You know, you'reº the divver's own smart gossoon, aequal to yoursell and wanigelº to anglyother,º so you are, hoaxº! You know,º you'llº be dampned, so you will,º one of these invernal daysº but you will be, carrotty.ºf191

RM31 lm109 Wherapoolº, gayetº that when he stop look time he stop long ground who here hurryº he would have ever the lothstº word, with a sweetº me ah err eye ear marie to reat fromº theº jacob'sf192 and a shypullº for toothsake of his armjaws at the slidepage of de Vere Foster, would and couldº candykissingº P. Kevin toº fress up the rinnerung and to ate by hart (leoº I read, such aº spanish, escribibis,º all yourº mycoscoups)º wont to nibbleh ravenostonnoriously ihs mumº to me in bewonderment of his chipper chuthor |shfor, whileº that Other by the halp of his creactive mind offered to deleberate the mass from the booty of fightº our Same with the holp of the bounty of food sought to delubberate the mess from his corructiveº mund,ºsh| with his muffetee cuffesº ownconsciously grafficking with his sinister cyclopes after trigamies and spirals' wobblesº pursuiting their rovinghamiltonº selves andº godolphing in fairlove to see around the waste of noland'sº browne jesusf193 (thur him no quartos!) till that on himº poorin sweat lm110 the juggaleer's veins (quench his quill!) in his napier scragº stud out bursthright tamquam
{f39, 301}
. (Spry him! callº a bloodlekar! Where's Dr Brassenaarse?)º Es war itwas in his priesterrite. O He Must Suffer! From this misbelieving feacemaker to his noncredibleº fancyflame.f194 Ask for bosthoonº, late for Mass, pray forº blaablaablackº sheep. (Sureº you could wright anny pippap passage, Eye bet, as foyne as that moultylousy Erewhig,º yerself, mick! Nock the muddy nickers!f195 Christ's Church varses Bellial!) Dear and he went on to scrippleº gentlemine born, milady bread, lm111 he would pen for her, he would pine for her,f196 how he would patpunº fun for allf197 with his frolicky frowner so and his glumsome grinner otherso. And how are you, waggy?f198 My animal hisº sorrafool! And trieste, ah trieste ate I my liver!º Se non éº vero son trovatore.º O jerry! He was soso, harriot all! He was sadfellow,º steifel! He was mistermysterion. Like a purateº out of pensioneeº with a gouvernament job. All moanday, tearsday,º wailsday, thumpsdayº, frightday, shatterday till the fear of the Law. Look at thisº twitchesº! He was quisquis, floored on his plankraft of shittim wood.º Look at him!º Sink deep or touch not the Cartesian spring! lm112 Want more ashes, griperº? Howº diesmal he was lying low on his rawsideº laying siege to goblin castle. And,º bezouts that, howº hyenesmealº he was laying him long on his laughside lying sack to croakpartridge. (Be thouº wars Rolaf'sº intestions,º
{f39, 302}
quothsº the Bhagavat biskop Leech)º Ann opes tipoo soon ear!º If you could me lendtillº my pascol's kondylº, sahib, and the price of a plate of poultice. Punked. With best apolojigs and merrymoney thanksº to self for all the clerricalsº lm113 and again begs guerdon for bistrispissingº on your bunificence.º Wellº wiggywiggywagtailº, and how are youº yaggy? With a capital Tea for Thirst. From here Buvard to dear Picuchet.º Blott.

RM32 Now,º (peel your eyes, my gins,º andº brush your saton hatº, me elementatorº joyclid, son of a Butt! She's mine, Jow low jure,f199 beº Skibbering's eagles,º sweet tart of Whitekneesº Archway) watch him, having caught at the bifurking calamum in his bolsillos, the onelike underworp he had everº funnetº without difficultads, the aboleshqvick, signing away in happinext complete,º lm114 (Exquisiteº Game of inspiration! I always adored your hardº. So could I too and without the scropeº of a pen. Ohrº for oral, key for crib, olchedolche and a lunge ad lib. Canº you write us a last line? From Smith-Jones-Orbison?)º intrieatedlyº in years,º jirryalimpaloop. And i Romain,ºº hup uº bn gd grl.f200 Undsº alws my thts.º To fallthere at bare feet hurryaswormarose. Two dies of one rafflement. Eche bennyache. Outstamp and distribute him at the expanseº of his society. Toº be continued. Anon.

RM33 And ook, ook, ookº fanky! All the charicturesf201 inº the drame! This is how San holypolypoolsº.
{f39, 303}
And this, pardonsky!º is the way Romeopullupalleapsº.f202 Pose the pen, man,º way me does. Way ole missa vellatoothº fust show meº how. Fourth power to her illpogue! lm115 Bould strokes for your life! Tip! This is Steal, thisº is Barke, this is Starn,º this is Swhipt, this is Wiles, this is Pshaw, this isº Doubbllinnbbayyatesº.f203 This is brave Danny weeping his spache for the popers. This is cool Connollyº wiping his hearth with brave Danny. And this,ºº regard!ºº how Chawleses Skewered parparaparnelligoesº lm116 between brave Danny boy and the Connolly. Upanishadem! Top. Spoken hath L'artyº Magory. Eregobragh.º Prouf!º f204

RM34 And Kevº was wreathed with his pother.º

RM35 But,º (that Jacoby feelingº again for forebittenº fruitº and, my Georgeous,º Kevvyº too heº just loves his puppadums, I judge!)º afterº all his autocratic writings ofº paraboles of famellicurbsº and meddlied muddlingisms,º theeº faroots hof cullchaw end ateº citrawn'º lm117 woodint wunº able rep of the triperforatorº awlriteº blastº through his pergamanº hit him where he lived andº doº for the blessted selfchuruls, what I think,º smarterº like it done for aº manny another unpiousº of the hairydary quare quandary firstingsº till at length, you one bladdy bragger,º by mercystroke he measured his earth anyway?º couldº not but reckenº in his adder's badder cadder way our frankson who, to be plain, he fight him all time twofeller longa kill dead finish bloody face blong you,º was misocain. Wince
{f39, 304}
wan's won! Rip!f205 Andº his countinghands rose.º

RM36 Formalisa. Loves deathhowº simple!

RM37 Slutningsbane.f206