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II.2:1 (base: 4) NOTE. NB version. The (Shem oriented) notes on the left of the text (pp. -) and reversing to the right (pp. -) were italicized at transition proof level. The (Shaun oriented) notes on the right (pp. -) and reversing to the left (pp. -) were block-capitalized at the same level. The (Issy oriented) footnotes throughout were numbered variously in the course of the genetic record to accord with varying pagination. In all of these cases the final form is cited in the isotext and apparatus. The footnotes are editorially enumerated serially. A number of postils lacked a opening capital and/or a concluding period in the initial inscription and/or in one or more intermediate inscriptions; these variants are not detailed in the synopsis.

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LM52 Two makes a wing at the macroscope telluspeep.

LM53 From the Buffalo Times of bysone days.

LM54 Quick quake quokes the parrotbook of dates.

LM55 Some is out for twoheaded dulcarnons but more pulfers turnips.

LM57 For all us kids under his aegis.

LM58 Saving the public his health.

LM59 |aThe superlative Superlativea| absolute of Porterstown.

LM60 Why so mucky spick bridges span our Fluminian road.

LM61 P.C. Helmut's in the cottonwood listnin.

LM62 The throne is an umbrella strande and a sceptre's a stick.

LM65 By lineal |ameasure and in pondusa| overthepoise.

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F75 My globe goes |agiddy gaddya| at geography giggle |a|bso no wonder pending which timeb| I was looking for my shoe all through Arabiaa|.

F76 |aIt must be some bugbear in the gendera| |aEspecially especiallya| when old which they all soon get to look.

F77 After me looking up the plan in Humphrey's Justice of the Piece it said to see preseeding chaps.

F78 |aO boyjones and hairyoddities!a| Only noane told missus of her massas behaving she would laugh that flat that after that she had sanked down on her fat arks they would shaik all to sheeks.

F79 Traduced into jinglish la janglage for the nusances of dolphins born, gale with a fl.

F80 He gives me |apulpitions pulpititionsa| with his Castlecowards never in these twowsers and ever in those twawsers and then babeteasing |ame usa| out of our hoydenname.

F81 My goldfashioned bother near drave me roven mad and I dyeing to keep my linefree face |alike readymaid maryangsa| for jollycomes smashing |ahome Holmesa|.

F82 What I would like is a jade loinstoneº to go with the moon's increscent.

F83 Parley vows the Askimwhoseº? Idoº, Ida. |aHow And howa| to call aº cattle black. Moopetsi meepotsi.

F84 I was |asnug so snug offa| in |shmy apholster's creedlesh| |aas but ata| long leash |aI'd I'lla| stretch |abetter more capritiousa| in |aa hisa| dapplepied bed.

F86 A liss in hunterland.

F87 I wonder if I put the old buzzerd |a|bto suckling one night to suckleb|a| in |a|bMillikmaam's Millickmaam'sb|a| honey like they use to emballem some of the special popes with a book in his hand and his mouth open.

F89 |aWill ye nought woulda| |aWet weta| your weapons, warriors |abard! bard?a|

F90 Roe, Williams, Bewey, Greene, Gorham, McEndicottº and and Vyler|a, the lays of ancient homesa|.

F92 Thickathigh and Thinathews with sant their dam.

F95 And if they was setting on your stool as hard as my was |shshe could beth her bothom dolourssh| he'd have a culious |aimpression of impressiumº ona| the diminityº that sh chafes our ends.

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