Textual development Manuscript to Errata II.2§2

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

{f39, 264}

|3RM73| |1Honourº |acommerciunread commercio'sºa| energy yet aid the |2luckless linkless2| |apoor. proud|4, the plurunread plurable with everybody and ech with pal,4| this one ernst of |2Allfools |aAllfoods |v3Allsaps Allsap'sv3|a|2| |bon aleºb| hailadayº of roaring |2month. month with its |v32 twov3| lunar eclipses and |v33 its threev3| saturnine settings|err.!º13|2|a|1| |4Horn of Heatthen, highbrowed! Brook of Life, bachfrishº! Amnios amnium, fluminiculum flaminulinorum! We seek the Blessed One,º the Harbourer-cum-Enheritance. Even Canaan the Hateful.4| |v3Ever (5a going a-going5), ever (5a coming a-coming5)v3|. |3Between a stare and a |asigh sougha|. Fossilisation, all branches.3|(5F195) |v3Wherefore Petra sware unto Ulma: LM15 By the mortals' frost! |4And Butº4| Ulma sware unto Petra: LM16 On my veiny life!v3||4(5F195)4|

|3RM83| In thesesº |v3placies placesv3| |v3sojournamous |4sojournemous sojournemus4|v3|,º |1where Eblinn river (+Water water+), leased of carr and fen, |aleaving (+blank amont+) her shoals and |2salmonsprings |asalmonkvilds |bsalmonbounds |v3salmonbrowse salmonbrowsesºv3|b|a|2|,a| |4whom inshore breezes woo with freshets,4| windeth to herº broads1|. |1A phantom (7city city,7) |2phaked2| of philim pholk, |abawd |v3bowd bowedv3|a| andº |v3soled souldv3| for a four of hundreds of manhood in their fylkers two and threetimestwo three and threescore fylkers for a price partitional ofº twenty sixº and six.1| |2LM172| By this
{f10, 208}
|sh|2riverside, on this riverside ofº our2|sh| |shsunnybank,º |4F204|sh| how |shbuona the vista,sh| by |shSanta |1Rosa. Rosa!1|sh| |sh|v3Afield A fieldv3| of May,sh| the very |shvale of (7spring Spring7)sh|. |shOrchards here are lodged:º sh| |shsainted |v3laurels lawrelsv3|sh| evremberried: youº have |1a hoig1| |shview |1ashgroves, |v3ashwald, ashwald:ºv3|1|sh| |sh|v3aglen a glenv3| of marronssh| and of |shthorns:º sh| |shGleannaulinn,sh| |sh|v3Ardeevin, Ardeevin:ºv3|sh| purty glint |v3and ofv3| plaising |1hoyt height1|. This |shNorman courtsh| at |shboundary of the ville,sh| yonº |sh|2ivied |amantled |v3festooned creeperedv3|a|2| tower of a church of Ereland|v3,v3|sh| |4meet for true saints in worshipful assemblage,4||3F213| with our |shking's housesh|
{f39, 265}
of |shstone,sh| |shbelgrovedsh| of |shmulbrey,sh| |4the still that was mill and Kloster that was (5yeomansland Yeomansland5), the ghastcold tombshape of the quick foregone on, the loftleaved elm Lefanunian abovemansioned, each, every,º4| all is for the retrospectioner. |4Skole! Agus skole (7gen igen7)!F224| |1Sweet |v3Sweet some Sweetsomev3|1| as |shauburnº sh| cometh up as a |1selfreizing1| flowerº that fragolance of |shthe fraisey beds:sh| the |shphoenix,sh| his pyre, is still flaming away with |sh|v3true Pratt trueprattightv3| spirit:sh| |shthe (+1wren, wren+)1| his (+1nest, nest+)1|sh| is |1niedelig |v3niedelig, niedeligv3|1| as the |shturrises of the Sabinesº sh| are televisible. |v3There Herev3| (5is are5) |shthe cottagesh| and |shthe bungalowsh| for the cobbeler and the (+1brandnewburgher |v3brandnewburgher, brandnewburgher:v3|+)1||4F234| but |sh|2Isolde Izolde2|, her |2chaplet2| gardens|2, LM18 |aan litlee |v3place pladsv3| af liefest poseºa| arride the wimmerfulº wonders off, the winnerful wonnerfulº wanders off,2||4F24º4|sh| |1with (+ivy hedge |v3ivy hedges hedges of ivyv3|+) and (+holly wood & bower hollywood and |v3bowers bowerv3|+) of mistletoe1|, are|4, tho if it theem tho and yeth if you pleathe,º4| for |shthe |2fairhaired blithehaired2| daughter ofsh| |sh|2Aengus |v3Aengoisse Angoissev3|2|.|4F25º4|sh| All out of |shtwo barreny old perishers|v3|11, Tytonyhands and Vlossyhair, a kilolitre in metromyriams11|.v3|sh| |11Presepeprosapia, the parent bole.11| |1and one inn |v3wone Wonev3| tabardº1|, |1one wine1| |shtapsh| and |1one warm1| |shtavern|11F2611|sh| and|2, by ribbon development,2| |4from contact bridge to lease lapse,4| only |shtwo |v3million milliumv3| two |v3hundred humberedv3| and eighty |v3thousand thausigv3| nineº |v3hundred humberedv3| and sixtysh| |1radiolumin1| lines |3LM193| to the |sh|v3wuestworts wustwortsv3| of |2a Finntown'sº2| |1general generous1| poet's| |1Distorted mirrageº, aloofliest of the plain, wherein the
{f39, 266}
boxomnessº of the bedelias|4F274| makes |v3hubbyhodge hobbyhodgev3| |2LM20º2| happy in his hole.|4F284| |4The store and charter, |aTreecastle (5Treetowncastle Treetown |12castle Castle12|5)a| under Lynne.4| |aRiverpool Rivapoola|? Hod a |abridge briecka| on |12it. it!12| But its piers eerie, itsº span spooky, its toll but a till, its parapets all |2peripatetic peripateting2|,º
{f10, 209}
D'Oblong's by his by. Which we all pass. Ponsº. In our snoo. Znore. Whileº we hitherward the thitherº. Schein. Shoreº.1| |2|v3And so above Which assoars us fromv3| the murk of |v3thev3| mythelated in the |v3barbelow barrabelowther|4, |11bedevere butlered table round,11| past Morningtop's necessity (5& and5) Harington's invention,4|v3| |v3one ascends to the musingroom of three nursery minds to the clarience of the childlight in the studiorium upsturtsv3|.2| |11Here we'll dwell on |ahomeliest homiesta| powers, love at the latch with novices nig and nag.11| |4The chorus: the principals. For the rifocillation of their inclination to the manifestation of irritation: doldorboys and doll.|11F2911|4| |3After sound, light and heat, memory, will and understanding.3|