Typescript, March 1935, II.2§1 draft level 6

MS British Library 47478 182-187 Draft details

{f39, 260}
{f10, 205}

RM1 As we there are where are we are we here haltagain. By recourse, of course, recoursing from Tomtittot to Teetootomtotalitarian. |6Tea Tea. Too Too.6| LM1 |6|aWhomto Whomtilºa| comes over. Who to caps ever.6| And howelse do we hook our hike to find that pint of porter place? Am shot, says the bigguard.F1

RM3 Whence. Quick lunch, buy our lefts, wheel, to where. |6LM26| Long Livius Lane, mid Mezzofanti Mall, diagonising Lavatery Square, up Tycho Brahe Crescent,F2 shouldering Berkeley's Alley, querfixing Gainsborough Carfax, LM3 under Guido d'Arezzo's Gadeway, by New Livius Lane till where we whiled while we whithered. Old Vico Roundpoint. But fahr, be fear. |6And natural, simple, slavish, filial.6| The marriage of Montan wetting his moll, we know, like any enthewsyass cuckling a hoyden, |6F36| in her rougey
{f39, 261}
gipsylike chinkaminx' pulshandjupeyjade and her petsybluse indecked o' voylets.F4 When who was wist was wan. En elv, et fjaell. And the whirr of the whins |6hinning humming6| us howe. His |6hune hume6|. Hencetaking tides we haply return|6, trumpetedº by prawns and ensigned with seakale,6| to befinding ourself when old is said in one and maker mates with made (O my!)|6, having conned the cones and meditated the mured and pondered the pensils and ogled the olymp and delighted in her dianaphous and andº cacchinated behind his culosses,6| afore a mosoleum, LM4 Length Withought Breath, of him, a chump of the evums, upshoot of picnic or stupor out of sopor, Cave of Kids or Hymanian Glattstonebury, denary, danery, donnery, domm,F5 who, entiringly as he continues highlyfictional, LM5 tumulous
{f10, 206}
under his chthonic exterior but plain Mr Tumulty |6LM66| in muftilife, in his antesipiences as in his recognisances, is (Dominic Directus) a manyfeast munificent more mob than man.

RM4 |6An soph Ain sophº6|, |6F66| this upright one, with that noughty besighedhim zeroine? To see in his horrorscup he is mehrkurios than saltz of sulphur. |6Terror of the noonstruckº by day, cryptogamº of each nightly bridable.º6| But|6, to speak broken heaventalk,6| is he? Who is he? Whose is he? Why is he? Howmuch is he? Which is he? When is he? Where is he? |6F76| How is he? And what the decans is there about him
{f39, 262}
anyway|6, the decemt man6|? Easy, calm your haste! Approach to lead our passage!

RM5 This bridge is upper.


Thus come to castle.


A password, thanks.

Yes, pearse.

Well, all be dumbed!

O really? |6F96|

Hoo cavedin earthwight.

At furscht krach of thunder.

LM8 When Shoo, his flutterby,

Was netted and named. |6F116|

Erdnacrusha, requiestress, wake em!

And let luck's puresplutterall lucy at ease! |6F126|

To house as wise fool ages builded.

Sow byg eat.F13

RM6 Staplering to tether to, steppingstone to mount by; and coach house entrance as the |6Boote Boote's6| at Pickardstown. |6LM96| Or be these wingsets leaned to the outwalls|6, beastskin trophies,º6| of booth of Baws the balsamboards? |6F146| Burials be ballyhouraised! So let Bacchus e'en call! Inn inn! Inn inn! Where. The babbers
{f10, 207}
LM10 ply the pen. The bibbers drang the den. The papplicom, the pubblicam, he's turning tin for ten. |6From
{f39, 263}
seldomers that most frequent him.
6| That same erst crafty hakemouth which of foggy old|6,º under the assumed name of Ignotus Loquor,º6| harangued bellyhooting fishdrunks |6on their favouriteº stamping groundº6| from a fathertheobalder brake.F15 |6LM116| Rolf the Ganger, Rough the Gangster, not a feature alike and the face the same. And Egyptus|6, the spicerobed,º6| as Cyrus heard of him? |6LM126| And Major A. Shaw |6in undress6| after he got the |6miner6| |6smellpax smellpex6|? And old Whiteman self, the blighty blotchy, beyond the bays, hope of Ostrogothic and Ottomanic father converters, despair of Pandemia's postwartem plastic surgeons, |s6Hispano-Caledonian-Euxine, Hispano-Cathayan-Euxine,º Castilian-Hiberno-blank Castilian-Emeratic-Hebridianºs6|, |s6Espanol-Cambric-Helleniky Espanol-Cymric-Hellenikys6|? |6But it was all so long ago.º6| Pastimes are past times. Now let bygones be bei Gunne's. Saa, leddies, er it in this warken werden, minne boerne, and it vild need olderwise |6F176| since primal made alter in garden of Idem. The tasks above are as the flasks below, saith the Emerald Canticle of Hermes. LM13 And all's loth and pleasestir, are we told, |6onº excellent |ainkbottlea| authority,6| solarsystemised|6,º seriol-cosmically |ain a more & more almightily expanding universea|6| under one|6, there is |arhymelessa| reason to believe,6| original sun. Securely judges |6the6| orb terrestrial. |6F186| Haud certo ergo. But LM14 O felicitous culpability, sweet bad cess to you for an archetypt!