Fair copy , January 1935, II.2§9 draft level 4

MS British Library 47478 175-178 Draft details

RM38 lm118 Thanks eversore much, Pointcarried, I'm seeing raying bogeys rings round me. Honours to you |v4& andv4| may you be commended for your exhibitiveness! |4I'd love to take you for a ride and play funfer all if you'd only sit in the barrel. You wellº deserve a rolypoly as long as from here to tomorrow.4| By |v4Sexo Saxonv4| Chromaticus, you done that lovely for |v4me. me! didn't Didn'tv4| he |v4nowv4|, Nubilina? Shie |v4shtudiert wast? studiert whas?v4| |4f207º lm1194| |v4Asº I was saying,º You youv4| make me a reborn of the cards. We're offals boys |v4ambos ambowsv4|. lm120 For I've flicked up all the crambs as they crumbled|v4, Bob up & Ben down, off fromºv4| your table um, singing glory |4allaloser allaloserem4|, cog it out here goes a sum. He prophets most who I bilks the best.

|v4v4| RM39 And that salubrated sickenagiaour of yaours have teaspilled all my |v4hazydensey haseydencyv4|. Sheepshopp. |v4Bleeting Bleatingv4| Goad, it is the least of things, |v4Eyeinstye. Eyeinstye!v4| Imagine it, my |4dear deep4| |v4Dartry dartry dullard. dullard!v4| I'm only |v4on outv4| for celebridging over the guilt of the gap in your hiscitendency. You are a hundred thousand times welcome, old |v4wortsammpler wortsamplerv4|, hellbeit you're just |v4aboutv4| as culpable as my woolfell merger |v4would bev4|. |4In effect lm1214| I could engage in an energument over you till you were royally |4toobally4| blue in the shirt. |v4Trionfante di bestia!v4| And if you're not your bloater's kipper may I never curse again on that |v4book of jaundices pint I took of Jamesonsv4|. |v4Be you old Kane. Old |aKane Keanea| now you're rod, hook and sinker old jubalee |aKane. Keane.a|v4| Biddy's hair. Biddy's hair, mine lubber. |v4Nix and ingingthing.v4| Where is that Quin but he
{f10, 234}
sknows it knot but what you that are my popular endphthisisis were born with a solver arm up your |v4sleeve. sleep?ºv4| |4lm1224| Thou in |v4slanty. shanty.v4| Thou in |4slanty scanty. scanty shanty.4| Thou in slanty scanty shanty. Bide in your hush. Bide in your hush, do. |4I plant my penstock in your postern chinarpot. And let it be to all remembrance. For auld lang steyne.4| I defend you to champ my scullion's praises. To |v4Book bookv4| alone belongs the |v4preise lobev4|. |v4Foremasters' Foremaster'sv4| meed will mark tomorrow when |v4Heavyciugerededdy Heavysciugardaddyº v4| will offer uns his Noblett's surprize. |v4It is a matter of ours.v4| |4lm1234| With this |v4samev4| laudable purpose in loudability let us be |v4singlified singulfiedv4|. |4Betwixt me and thee hung cong. Item, mizpah ends.4|

|44| RM40 But while the dial are they doodling dawdling over the mugs and the |v4grubs. grubs?v4| Steady steady steady |v4steady steadyv4| studiavimus. Many |v4too many many many manyv4| manducabimus. |v4We've had our day atº triv and quad and writ our bitsº as intermidgets. Art, literature, politics, economy, chemistry, humanity, v4|

lm124 |v4Discipline is the Daughter of Duty. Duty, the Daughterº of Disciplineº,v4|

lm125 The Great Fire at the South City Markets|v4,v4|

lm126 |v4The Belief Beliefv4| in Giants |v4& andv4| the Banshee,

lm127 A Place for Everything |v4& andv4| Everything in its Place,

lm128 Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?

lm129 A Successful Career in the Civil |v4Service. Service, v4|

lm130 The Voice of Nature in the |v4Forest. Forest, v4|

lm131 Your Favourite Hero or Heroine,

lm132 On the |v4benefits Benefitsºv4| of |v4Recreation. Recreation, A Day in Seaside Cap. Punishment,v4|

lm133 If Standing Stones Could |v4Talk Speakv4|,

lm134 Devotion |v4of the feasts to the Feastv4| of Portiuncula,

lm135 The Dublin Metropolitan Police Sports |v4at Ballsbridge,v4|

lm136 Describe |4in Monosyllables4| the Wreck of the Hesperus, |4f2194|

lm137 |v4The Morals to be What Morals |a(if Any)ºa| can bev4| drawn from Diarmuid |v4& Granya and Grania?º v4|
{f10, 235}

lm138 Do you |v4Approve approvev4| of |v4the ourv4| Existing Parliamentary |v4Party System, System?v4|

lm139 The Uses |v4& andv4| Abuses of Insects|v4,v4|

lm140 |v4A
{f39, 307}
Visit to Guinness'sº Brewery,

lm141 Clubs,

lm142 |v4The Advantages of thev4| Penny |v4Post. Post,v4|

lm143 When is a |v4Pain not a Pain? Pun not a Pun?ºv4|

lm144 Is the Co-Education of Animus |v4& andv4| Anima Wholly |v4Desirable, Desirable? v4|

lm145 What Happened at |v4Clontarf, Clontarf?v4|

lm146 Since our Brother Jonathan |v4Took Signedv4| the |v4Pledge, Pledge or

lm147 Theºv4| Meditations of Two Young |v4Girl Guides Spinstersv4|,

lm148 |v4We All Why we allv4| Love the Lord Mayor,

lm149 |v4Hengler's Circus Entertainment,v4|

lm150 |v4Life on a Farm. On Thrift, v4|

lm151 The |v4Kettle-Brennan-blank |aKettle-blank Kettle-Griffith-Macpherson,a|v4| Scheme for a New Electricity Supply,

lm152 Travelling in |v4thev4| Olden |v4Times. Times, v4|

lm153 |v4American Lake Poetry,v4|

lm154 The Strangest Dream |s4I ever Had, that was Everº Halfdreamt,º s4|

lm155 |4Circumspection,4|

lm156 Our |v4Allies, Alliesv4| the Hills,

lm157 Are Parnellites Just towards Henry Tudor?

lm158 |v4Write a Short Essay on Subjugation Tell |aa frienda| |ain Simple Language in a chatty lettera| the Fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant,f226v4|

lm159 |v4Santa Claus,v4|

lm160 The Shames of Slumdom,

lm161 |v4Roman Pontiffs and the Orthodox Churches,f227v4|

lm162 |v4The Thirty Our Hourº Week,v4|

lm163 |v4Compare the |safisticsa| Syles Stylesº of Jimmy Wilde and Jack Sharkey,v4|

lm164 |v4How to Understand the Deaf,v4|

lm165 |v4Should Ladies learnº Music or Mathematics?v4|

lm166 |v4Glory be to Saint Patrick!v4|

lm167 |v4What is to be foundº in aº Dustheap,v4|

lm168 |v4The Value of Circumstantial Evidence,v4|

lm169 |v4Our Spelling,v4|

lm170 |v4Outcasts in India,v4|
{f10, 236}

lm171 |v4Collecting Pewter,v4|

lm172 |v4Eu, v4|

lm173 |v4Proper and Regular Diet Necessityº For, v4|

lm174 |v4If You Do It Do It Now,ºv4|
{f39, 308}

lm175 Delays are Dangerous.

|4RM414| Vitavite! Gobble |v4Ann Annev4|: tea's set, see's |v4enough eneughºv4|! Mox soonly will be |v4perv4| the |v4chancellery chancelloryv4| of his exticker.

|v4Am Aun.v4|

|v4do Do.v4|

|v4tri Tri.v4|

|v4car Car.v4|

|v4cush Cush.v4| |4f2304|

|v4shay Shay.v4|

|v4v4| |4lm1824| |v4shockt Shockt.v4|

|v4v4| |4lm1834| |v4ockt Ockt.v4|

|v4v4| |4lm1844| |v4ni Ni.v4|

|v4v4| |4lm1854| |v4geg. Geg.v4| |4f2314|

|4RM424| lm186 |v4Their feed begins.v4|

|4|xlm187º x|4|

|4|xlm188º x|4|
{f10, 237}

|4With our best |ayoulldieda| greedings to Pep and Memmy and
the old folkers below and |abeyent beyanta|, wishing them all very
merry Incarnations in |athe thisa| land of the |aliving livveyºa| and plenty
of |apreposterity in the preprosperousness through allº theira| coming new yorks

jakeº, jack and little |asansouci sousouciea|
(the babes that mean too)