Houyhnhnm Press (Mousehole: 2010) II.2§9

Edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon (details)

RM38 lm118 Thanks eversore much, Pointcarried! Iº can't say if it's the weight you strike me to the quick or that red mass I was looking at but at the present momentum, potential as I am, I'm seeingº raying bogeysº rings round me. Honours to you and may you be commended for yourº exhibitiveness!º I'd love to take you for a bugaboo ride and play funfer all if you'd only sit and be the ballasted bottle in the porker barrel. You wellº deserve a rolypoly as long as from here to tomorrow. And to heelº with them drift bobsº and bottom trailers!º By Saxon Chromaticus, you done that lovely for me! Didn't he now, Nubilina? Tiny Mite, shieº studiert whas?f207º Withº her listening-inº coiffure, her dream of Endsland's daylast and the glorifires of being presainted maid to majesty.º And less is the pity. Forº she isn't the lollypops she easily might be if she had for a sample Virginia's air of achievement. That might keep her from throwing delph.f208 lm119 Asº I was saying,º whileº retorting thanks,º you make me a reborn of the cards. We're offals boys ambows.f209 And ifº my bag was bigº enough I'd send you a toxis.º lm120 For I've flicked up all the crambs as they crumbled fromº your table um, singing glory allaloserem, cog it out, here goesº a sum. So read we in must book. It tells. He prophetsº most who Iº bilks the best.f210º

RM39 And that salubrated sickenagiaour of yaours have teaspilled all my hazeydency. Forge aheadº, Sunny Sim!º Sheepshopp. Bleating Goad, it is the least of things, Eyeinstye! Imagine it,º my deep dartry dullard! It is hours giving, not more. I'm only out for celebridging over the guilt of the gap in your hiscitendency. You are a hundred thousand times welcome, old wortsampler, hellbeit you're just about as culpableº as my woolfellº merger would be. In effect lm121 I could engage in an energument over you till you were republicly royally toobally prussic blue in the shirt after.f211 Trionfante di bestia! And if you're not your bloater's kipper may I never curse again on that pint I took of Jamesons. Old Keane now, you're rod, hook and sinker, old jubalee Keane! Biddy's hair. Biddy's hair, mine lubber. Where is that Quin but he
{f10, 234}
sknows it knot but what you that are my popular endphthisisisº were born with a solver arm up your sleep?º lm122 Thou in shanty! Thou in scanty shanty!! Thou in slanty scanty shanty!!! Bide in your hush! Bideº in your hush, do! The law does not aloud you to shout. I plant my penstock in your postern, chinarpot. Ave.º And let it be to all remembrance. Vale. Ovocation of maiding waters.f212 For auld lang salveyº steyne. I defend you to champ my scullion's praises. To book alone belongs the lobe. Foremaster's meedf213 will mark tomorrow whenº we are makingº pilscrummage to whaboggeryinº with staff, scarf and blessed wallet and our aureoles round our neckkandcropfs where as and when Heavysciugardaddyº, parent who offers sweetmeats, will gift uns his Noblett's surprize. lm123 With this laudable purpose in loudabilityº let us be singulfied. Betwixt me and thee hung cong. Item, mizpah ends.

RM40 But while the dial are they doodling dawdling over the mugs and the grubs? Oikey, Impostolopulos?f214 Steady steady steady steady steady studiavimusº. Many many many many many manducabimus.f215 We've had our day atº triv and quad and writ our bitsº as intermidgets. Art, literature, politics, economy, chemistry, humanity, &c.

lm124º Duty, the Daughterº of Disciplineº,

lm125 Theº Great Fire at the South City Markets,

lm126 Belief in Giants and the Banshee,

lm127 A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place,

lm128 Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?º

lm129 A Successfulº Career in the Civil Service,f216

lm130 The Voice of Nature in the Forest,f217

lm131 Your Favouriteº Hero or Heroine,

lm132 On the Benefitsº of Recreation,f218

lm133 If Standing Stones Couldº Speak,

lm134 Devotion to the Feast of the Indulgence of Portiuncula,

lm135 The Dublin Metropolitan Police Sports at Ballsbridge,

lm136 Describe in Homely Anglian Monosyllables the Wreck of the Hesperus,f219

lm137 What Morals (if Any)º can be drawn from Diarmuid and Grania?º f220
{f10, 235}

lm138 Do you Approveº of our Existing Parliamentary System?

lm139 The Uses and Abuses of Insects,

lm140 A Visit to Guinness'sº Brewery,

lm141 Clubs,

lm142 Advantages of the Penny Post,

lm143 When is a Pun not a Pun?º

lm144 Is the Co-Education of Animus and Anima Wholly Desirable?f221

lm145 What Happenedº at Clontarf?

lm146 Since our Brother Jonathanº Signed the Pledge or

lm147 Theº Meditations of Two Young Spinsters,f222

lm148 Why we all Love our Little Lord Mayor,

lm149 Hengler's Circus Entertainment,

lm150 On Thrift,f223º

lm151 The Kettle-Griffith-Moynihan Scheme for a New Electricity Supply,

lm152 Travelling in the Olden Times,f224

lm153 American Lake Poetry,

lm154 Theº Strangest Dream that was Everº Halfdreamt,º f225º

lm155 Circumspection,

lm156 Our Allies the Hills,

lm157 Are Parnellites Just towards Henry Tudor?

lm158 Tell a Friend in a Chatty Letter the Fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant,f226

lm159 Santa Claus,

lm160 The Shame of Slumdom,

lm161 The Roman Pontiffs and the Orthodox Churches,f227

lm162 The Thirty Hourº Week,

lm163 Compare the Fistic Stylesº of Jimmy Wilde and Jack Sharkey,

lm164 How to Understand the Deaf,

lm165 Should Ladies learnº Music or Mathematics?

lm166 Glory be to Saint Patrick!

lm167 What is to be foundº in aº Dustheap,

lm168 The Value of Circumstantial Evidence,

lm169 Should Spelling?

lm170 Outcasts in India,
{f10, 236}

lm171 Collecting Pewter,

lm172 Eu,f228

lm173 Proper and Regular Diet Necessityº For,f229

lm174 If You Do It Do It Now,º

lm175 Delays are Dangerousº.

RM41 Vitavite!º Gobble Anne: tea's set,º see's eneughº! Mox soonly will be in a split second per the chancellory of his exticker.

lm176 Aunº

lm177 Do

lm178 Tri

lm179 Car

lm180 Cushf230

lm181 Shay

lm182 Shockt

lm183 Ockt

lm184 Ni

lm185 Gegf231

RM42 lm186 Their feed begins.


{f10, 237}


With our best youlldied greedings to Pep and Memmy and
the old folkers below and beyant, wishing them all very
merry Incarnations in this land of the livveyº and plenty
of preprosperousness through allº their coming new yonks

jakeº, jack and little sousoucie
(the babes that mean too)