1st typescript, January 1935, II.2§9 draft level 2

MS British Library 47478 136 Draft details

Thanks eversore much, Pointcarried, I'm seeing raying bogeys rings round me. By Sexo Chromaticus, you done that lovely for me. |2And that salubrated sickenagiaour of yaours have teaspilled all my hazydensey.2| Sheepshopp. Bleeting Goad, it is the least of things, Eyeinstye. Imagine it, my dear Dartry dullard. |2I'm only on for celebridging over the guilt of the gap in your hiscitendency.2| You are a hundred thousand times |2welcome. welcome,2| Old Kane. And if you're not your bloater's kipper may I never curse again on that book of jaundices. Be you old Kane. Biddy's hair. Biddy's hair, mine lubber. Nix and ingingthing. Where is that Quin but he
{f10, 234}
sknows it knot but what you that are my popular endphthisisis were born with a solver arm up your sleeve. Thou in slanty. Thou in slanty scanty. Thou in slanty scanty shanty. Bide in your hush. Bide in your hush, do. I defend you to champ my scullion's praises. To Book alone belongs the preise. Master's meed will mark tomorrow. With this same laudable purpose in loudability let us be singlified.

|2Am do tri car cush shay shockt ockt ni geg.2|

{f10, 237}