3rd typescript copy 2, 1933/1937, II.2§4 draft level 5'

MS British Library 47478 288-298 Draft details

{ms, 288}

While way back home in Pacata Hibernia, little land, one word burrowing on another, Standfest, our topical hero, signs is on his big bastileº back and his white patch, the towelturbaned, and Flower, a silvering |5'for to5'| her jubilee with eve's birch leaves for her jointure, our lady in waving, girt with a wraparound, visage full of flesh and fat as hen's in forehead, Airyanna and Blowybart, that royal pair, in their ofttimes slated house of the hundred bottles, a palace of quicken boughs hightº Theº Goat and Compasses (phone number 17:69, if you want to know) discusst the past, his sea arms round her, her eyne ashipwracked, the angerache of their love and the hungerbrood it bore em, scribbledehobbles, in whose
{ms, 289}
veins runs a mixture of, are head bent hard upon their pensums.

|5'They have through stairladder and the corridor of the heart a many a merry of taproom tales |aof Sim and Sam, a lais of ancient home, a to Llandudno chorals, the queeriest quiss you'd care to quizz was Breman on the moor and Tom Fanagan's weak but he's still's going strong. |bFrom the Buffalo Times of bisone days.b|a| how the lady O'Malley, a queen of graces, to the screes of Ben Edar came, to Hoved's chalet entrance, |aa liss in hunterland,a| would night there but was denied, being unknown, so stole its heir, and went and came, again unknown, |aor her germaine,a| to earl changelord's hall but found it ever closed to her but her third veering, when she sent in her |acowriecard countycousine'sa|, Annetta Little, Pranksome park, let an imp into the lime of the laurences and planted the enjamblement of the cattlegrounds under the head in the faculty of tedious chaos and sunpromeners. Where hunks may an her hantle |acourts enticing coorts enticina| |aAmy may lose amy loocky lass may be prived ofa| a pleat or so.5'|

It is turned of seven with eight chimes all tolled. Dogs' vespers are at end. |5'The fireraisers imbusked.5'| Yet wind will be ere fruminy time |5'(with |apearls perlesa| of Japon or El Dorado's opals|a, the daindy firk, the le leckin o'ta|)5'| and the saying of fadervor be come and asterisks answer the most devouted of us until it gets bright and all cocks waken. Flying too are the evenbirds. And, for one superstationer at least, the hearse of the kine shall pass at last before the two birds outbreak in dawnsong. What a terrible piece of business surely for such as keep his peace and follow his war, that old king of the sevencoloured sundaysuit must be killed off withsamt his dam and embalmed in honey for dynastic continuity, rivers breaking forth for joy at his funeral!

But trifid tongue, others woo will and work for,
{ms, 290}
becaused of his cleverism, till his very foes' heads are turned, and, dove without gall, that backslapping gladhander and his singing likeness who lives more in the florid future than in a past of bloody altars, with her whose mind's a jilldaw's nest since she tears up bethrottle letters she ne'er posed a pen upon when bother her goldfashioned's in such a queer of a mood that she simply can't stand it, a couple and an odd one they strive and in earnest.

As if that three could solve, singly or together, the twohornheaded dulcarnon handed round aurally since Euclid's patent, that stumped Alex among anders and drove him to pulfer turnips. But, my hat, and beadroll of saints thereonto, what a worldall's woe of weariness is theirs, waiting to hear their own proper mistakes.
{ms, 291}
For how many duitsch guilders would one post now,º the Fluminian road orº Shanks' mare,º to the pillar? For one hundred? For one hundred's thousand? Why for? And for what will all such a taradiddle serve them in an after reeraw lifeº with oils and tins cheerful but guildeds glum? If a gas consumer, habituated to marble mantels, buys any number of scrupules of apples every other frosty Friday during a whole lean year at the weight of too many sesterces a pound overthepoise, taking abbaco as seven point seven and letting foundling of bulrushes stand for any woman, what a grand total of sentinels in reindeer pelts and aided by a spick span of homeless cattle, fed upon Trinidad's shell cocoa and miring in sheets and sheets of showers will it take to paper a trench even so mucky
{ms, 292}
longer than a cobbler's bulk is broad?

Will it make of one a good milker this having been bread and buttered up in Porterstown on superlatives and under stern ordersº? (Say,º gypsy augur or weird wise woman?) Or will this alter, thick of his thigh, go to outlands in a peajacket as a roaming catharick and just not be silly or, caring dumb all toppings for the birthrate or the public his health,º sit on another'sº seat and lean to loungily on his lentils? Wrong! Antruistº animal will live dangerously like Daredevil Donnelly and, mickleless as never a wight was, find somehow and evermore the petty cash to crack diurnally a box of lucifers. Or,º if she seeks
{ms, 293}
and mates an earth of heaven, the sweet one, will she lilt with convulsions that Barney take her home again? For so long as shes in dimity underalls even if one piece ensembled with her lapbitch companion read Storycarrier's holy marrimony serials of love thanks to upholstery and in applepie bed, such as Irish Destiny in four reels, in a bummeltrain with a lot of uninteresting duck trousers hanging around, as it is wholly probable as a holy parable that the worst at long leash may hope to happen, such as go to meet Mary, miss Mamie and marry Meg. Why the devilkins ask any Tossy Madden or Nervous Nelly of Holy God, whateverº be her hoydenname,º sense from any posycard
{ms, 294}
that shred scenting as how every annual has its actual aroma. Even recollecting of a tree is far too lovely a spellbinder for her to listen.

Small blame be hers therefore that she shook her simply shoe off at geography giggle, doing provinces of Persia, when Pa let me go too's tonic sulphur was outsung with a whispered wilfulness heard fore you could whistle an Ave from Hazelizod round this giddying globe! Remember she speaks Cashmir and you cannot industand. Bewise of Fanciulla's heart, the heart of Fanciulla, fluff, and her hand that's as gloveless as a peer's in the presence, la pura è pia bella of those hazelblue eyes of woodside beauty and that linefree face. All
{ms, 295}
four will be readymaid marrying and disengaged for real palships with all or any hellsent lovethieves or beauty burglars who have scrapedº her acquaintance when Jollycomes out for it mashing home. And if one has no abjection one may go to the length of saying: a very good thing too. Groomsman, bridegame, spousemanº, prey. Though her loinstones be of jade and her moon increscent, she will swoon over Percy Bussheº so as, as in the Askhimwhose, to get a crush on the cornerman and only learn from a Dalcroze teachment the how to drop her gift umbrella. See! See!

But her truest foible, as the little grey nuns with feline ingenuity will school her without fuss or muss either, with brother Agnus in their
{ms, 296}
background, since today is well thine but whose will tomorrow's be, is to beg two makes in change for one wing. But when there's no more tay for sugar the cosey arrives that divinity showshapes their ends backview them how we will. For singleness on purpose is all their gender's bugbear especially when old which they all soonº get to look.

Pendent this time there he who for his pravityº will be either crowned orº hanged scans the errors of history from the parrotbook of Datas traduced into jinglish janglage for the usages of dolphonsº born. If the santimeter of Hairyoddities, that dull emitter, or Noah's misbelieving missus was to velivole back all the ways from Wallhollow and through their macroscopic telluspeep of whatswhatness,
{ms, 297}
just boyjones upon those pages, she would laugh that flat that after that she had sanked down on her fat arks they would shake all to sheeks. Hot work does us noº harmº and pending this time he who (bless his cowly head!), suckled at the breast of a peasant fosteress, because he nought would wet his weapon, will be a coward's castle pulpiticianer and apostle walker from the ball of his footup when he is not shuttling the sacred rattle, oriented actually though he be, sees not her signings nor the multiplyings of her shadow but is ating, as he thinks at present, for his private salivation of the petrified knuts of knowledge and |5'reckoning runes margaritomancymaking5'|
{ms, 298}
off a blackthorn messagestick, so as to befit him for the massacre, by pitchcap and triangle, of the blissbrigade of the innocents and the holy murder of the hydrodux, while still preserving that stained glass face effect (you would |5'surely sugerly5'| swear |5'but5'| butter would not melt in his |5'breeches pr probreeches5'|) and piling up sapience, an omnitude of jadg and daktarº as sagely as Anisocrates |5'or gautamned budder5'|.º