Fair copy, January 1935, II.2§3 draft level 5

MS British Library 47478 167-174 Draft details

|5RM95| Here till wranglers for wringwrowdy wready are, F F, fourteenth baronet, meet, altrettanth bancorot, chaff, and LM21 ere commence commencement catalaunic when Aetius's check chokewill Attil's gambit, lead us seek, O june of eves the jenniest, thou who fleest ficklesome the fond fervid frondeur to thickly thyself attach with thine |v5eft eased eschewer, |aefteased selfteasedºa| ensuer,F30ºv5| ondrawer of our unconscionable, flickerflapper fore our unterdrugged,
{f39, 267}
lead us seek, lote us see, light us find, let us miss not |v5maidadate Maidadatev5|, Mimosa Multimimetica, the maymeaminning of |v5mamiemiening. maimoomeining! Elpis! Elpis,v5| |5thou fountain of the greeces,5| |v5All allv5| shall |v5blank speerv5| theeward, |5F325| |v5the fromv5| kongen in his |v5canteenhouse, the canteenhus tov5| knivers |v5on hindv5| the |v5knock knollv5|. |5Ausonius Audacior and gael, gillie, gall.5| Singalingalying. Storiella as she is syung. Whence, LM22 plutonically pursuant on |v5any briefestv5| glimpse from gladrags, followeup with endspeaking nots for yestures |v5Pretty prettyv5| Proserpronette whose slit satchel spilleth peas.

|5RM105| Belisha beacon, beckon bright! |5Usherette, unmesh us!5| That |5green grene5| ray of |5even earong5| |v5isv5| it waves us to yonder |5as the red, blue and yellow flogs time on the domisole,º with a blewy blow and a windigo,5| where flash becomes word and |v5silence silentsv5| selfloud. To trace |v5cogeners congenersv5|, trebly bounden and asservaged twainly. |v5Adamnan Adammanv5|, Emhe, Issossianusheen and |v5some types Yggly sometypes Yggelyv5| ogs Weib. |v5Uyawoei! Uwayoei!F36v5| So mag this sybilette be our shibboleth that we may syllable her well. |5LM23 |aVetus is murky Vetus may be occludeda| like |aas behinda| the mou in Veto but |alo, there's Nova Nova will be nearing as their radienta| among the nereids.5| A one of charmers, |v5yet ay,v5| Una Unica. Charmers who under the branches of the elms, LM24 in shoes as yet
{f10, 210}
unshent by stoniness, |v5wend went wend, went,v5| will wend a way of honey myrrhs and rambler roses, mistymusky, while still the Maybe mantles the |v5maiblume meiblumesºv5| fore ever her
{f39, 268}
If has faded from the fleur, their arms enlocked (ringrang, the |v5chime chimesv5| of |v5sexappealing's sexappealingºv5| as Conchitas with Sentas |v5stray. stray,F38 Rung rungv5|!), LM25 all thinking all of it, the It with an itch in it, the All every inch of it, the pleasure each will preen her for, the business each was bred to. |5F395|

|5RM115| Soon |v5jemijohns jeminijohnsºv5| will cudgel about some |v5arithamatick a rhythmatickv5| or other over Browne and Nolan's |v5divisioning divisional tables, tablesv5| whereas she, of nimious novence charily being cupid LM26 for |v5mugs's mug'sv5| wumping, |v5grobser's grooser'sºv5| grubbiness, |v5aundt's avaries andt's avaricev5| and |v5grossoper's grossopper'sv5| grandegaffe with her tootpettypout of |v5je men fichus, jemenfichuev5| will |v5knit and sit sit and knitv5| on solfa sofa. |v5Stew of the evening, booksyful stew.v5| |5And a bodikin a boss in the Thimble Theatre.5| |v5All But allv5| is her inbourne. |v5Intend.v5| From LM27 gramma's grammar she has it that if there is a third person, mascarine, |v5phellinine phelininev5| or nuder, being spoken abad it moods prosode from a first person speaking to her second which is the direct object that has been spoken to, with and at. Take the dative with his oblative |5F415| for, even if obsolete, it is always of interest, so spake gramma on the impetus of her imperative, only mind you're genderous towards |v5the reflexive side his reflexivesv5| such that I was |v5with tov5| your LM28 grappa when him was me hedon |5F425| and mine his analectual pygmyhop. It's a |v5wilds wild'sº cat kittenv5|, my dear, who can tell a wilkling from a warthog. |5Often hate on first hearing comes of love by second sight.5| Have your little sintalks in the dunk of subjunctions, dual in duel and prude |v5to withv5| pruriel, but even the aoriest chap whatever plaudered perfect may perhaps chance to be about to be in the case to be becoming a pale |v5Peter Wright peterwright in spiteº of all your tense accusatives |awhistly whilstlya| you're wallflooredF45 like your gerandiums after for the better half ofv5| a yearn or sob. Flame at his fumbles but freeze on his fist. Jeg |v5suis suis, you vosv5| wore a gentleman, thou |v5err arr,v5| I am a |v5kveen |aqueen queana|v5|. |v5|shIs a game over? The game goes|v5| Cookcook! LM30 Search me. |v5Yea Thev5| beggar the maid |v5yea thev5| bigger the mauler. O love it is the |v5common knounest commonknounestv5| thing how it pashes the plutous and the paupe. Pop! And, egg she active or play she passive, all them fine clauses in Lindley and Murrey's never braught the participle of a present to a desponent hortatrixy|v5, vindicatively I say it,v5|
{f39, 270}
from her postconditional future. Lumpsome is who lumpsum pays. Quantity counts |v5if thoughv5| accents falter. Yoking |v5apart, apartv5| and oblique orations parsed to one side, LM31 a brat, |5F48º5| alanna, can choose from so many, from the languors and weakness of limberlimbed lassihood till the head, back and |v5heartaches heart achesv5| of waxed-up womanage, and heaps on heaps of other things too. |5Note the Respectable Irish Distressed Ladies and the Merry Mustard Frothblowers of Humphreystown Associations.5| Atac first |v5quecqueck queckqueckv5| quicks after. |v5Beaware Bewarev5| how in that hist subtaile of schlangder |5F495| lies liaison — to tease oreilles. Learn from |v5the thatv5| ancient tongue to be |5middle old5| modern to the minute. |v5Though Wonderlawn's lost us for ever.º Alis, alas, she broke the glass! Little Liddellv5| looker through the leafery, ours is |v5mystery misteryv5| of pain. You may spin on Youthlit's bike |v5to andv5| multiplease your Mike and Nike with your kickshoes on the algebrars but|5, volve the LM32 virgil page and view,5| the O of woman is long |v5if whenv5| burly those two muters sequent her so from |v5Nabob NebobF51v5| |5LM335| see |v5ye youv5| never stray who'll nimm |v5ye youv5| nice and nehm the day.

|5RM125| One hath just been areading, hath not one, in their memoiries|v5, end so, und all,v5| of LM34 O'Brien,
{f39, 271}
|v5O'Conor O'Connorv5|, MacLoughlin and |v5MacMurphy O MacNamarav5|, with summed their appendix, of Sire Jeallyous |v5Seizer Seizer, the thatv5| gamely torskmester, |v5with and withv5| his duo of druidesses LM35 and the tryonforit of Oxthievious,
{f10, 212}
Lapidous and Malthouse Anthemy|v5. You may fail to see the lie of that layout|a, Suetoniaa|v5|, but so bright as Mutua of your mirror |5|xF55ºx|5| holds her candle to your caudle |v5reek reckºv5| you not |v5a onev5| spirt of anyseed whether trigemellmen cuddle his coddle or nope. |v5Gaff Gruffº Gunne |aGonne Gunnea|v5| may blow, |v5Gamm Gamv5| Gonna flow, the gossans eye the |v5Gunnings jenningsv5| aye. LM36 From the butts of Heber and Heremon nolens |v5violens volensv5| brood our pansies brune in brume. There's a split in the infinitive from to have been to will be. As they warred in their big innings ease now we never shall know. Eat early earthapples. Coax Cobra to chatters. Hail, Heva, we hear. LM37 |v5This is the glider that gladdened the girl that list to the wind that lifted the leaves that folded the fruit that hung on the tree that grew in the garden Gough gave.v5| Wide hiss, we're wizening.
{f39, 272}
Hoots fromm, we're globing. Why hidest thou |v5hinter hinderv5| thy husband his name? |v5Aida, Aida Leda Ladav5|, |v5aflattered, afraida aflutter afraidaºv5|, |v5how sov5| does |v5thy yourv5| girdle grow! Willed without witting, |v5world whorledv5| without aimed. Pappapassos, |v5Mamamanet: Mammamanet,v5| warwhetswut and whowitswhy. |5F57º5| But it's tails for toughs and titties for totties and come buckets LM38 come bats till deeleet.

|5RM135| Dark ages clasp the daisy roots. Stop, if |v5you please, youv5| |5are5| a sally of the allies, hot off naval actiums, picked engagements and banks of rowers. Please stop if you are a LM39 B.C. minding lassy, please do. But should you prefer A.D. stepplease, O do. And if you miss with a venture it serves you girly well glad. |5But holy Janus, I was forgetting the Blitzenkopfs.5| Here, Hengeggst and Horsesauce, take your heads |5F595| out of your |v5tub. taletub. And leave your hinnyhennyhindyou. Whoan, tug, trace, starrupº!v5| LM40 It is distinctly understout that sense the tide you |5threehandshighº5| put your |5twofootlarge5| timepates in it |5and until such time pace one and the same5| Messherrn the grinning statesmen |v5Broch Brockv5| and Leon have shunted the grumbling |v5coundedouts coundetoutsv5| Starlin and Ser Artur Ghinis. LM41 Bull igien bear and then bearagain bulligan. Gringrin gringrin. Staffs varsus herds and bucks vursus barks.
{f39, 273}
By old |v5Grumbledum's |aGrumbledown's Grumbledum'sa|v5| walls. Bumps, bellows and bawls. Opprimor's down, up up Opima! Rents and rates and tithes and taxes, wages, saves and spends. |v5Hail the Hail,v5| heptarched span of peace! Live, league of lex, nex |v5& andv5| the |v5mores. mores!v5| Fas est |v5das dassv5| and foe err you. |5LM445| Impoverment of the booble by the bauble for the bubble. So wrap up your |v5worry worriesv5| in |v5yourv5| woe (wumpumtum!) and |v5take shakev5| down the shuffle for the throw. For there's one mere ope |5F635| for |v5doomfall downfallv5| ned. As Hanah Levy, shrewd shroplifter, and nievre anore, skidoos with her spoileds. For hugh and guy and goy and jew. To dimpled and pimpled and simpled and |v5wimpled a wimpled. Av5| peak in a poke and a pig in a |v5pie pewv5|. She wins them by wons, LM46 a haul |v5hectoendecade hectoendecatev5|, for mangay mumbo jumbjubes tak mutts and jeffs muchas bracelonettes gracies barcelonas. |5|+|xF66x|+|5| O whataloovely |v5forespeech freespeechv5| 'twas (tep) to gar howalively |v5hindergrunting. hintergrunting. Tup Tipv5|. |5Like lilt of larks to burdened crocodiles.5| |v5Hell o' your troop!v5| With is the wink for the muckwits of |v5willessley willeslyv5| and nith is the nod for the umproar napollyon and hither is |v5poorblind poorblondv5| piebold |v5horse hoarsev5|. |v5With its hightricuspidal
{f39, 274}
coverchafº emblem on. LM47 For the man that broke the ranks on Monte Sinjon. The allriddle of it? That that is allruddy with us which already is from and syne.º Don |shO'Connlath is mitriarch in|
v5| |5LM485| Daft Dathy |5of the Five Positions (the deathrayº stop him!)5| is |v5still v5| on the |v5Maddeerhorn Madderhornv5| |5and,º entre chatsº and hobnobs,º5| daring Dunderhead to shiver his timbers. |5F69º5| Hannibal |v5MacHamilcar mac Hamiltanv5| is chasing Kate O'Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim the Hegirite |5(more livepower elbow him!)5| is minsterbuilding up |v5Saunt Barnabash's in Saint Barmabracksv5|. |5F715| |v5Eleven hundred and thirtytwo is seeing Number thirtytwo west eleventhº streak looks on tov5| the blank (may all in the tocoming of the sempereternal |v5be speelv5| spry
{f10, 214}
with it!) that datetree doloriferous which more and ever leafeth earlier than |5LM49º5| every growth and, elfshot, wondering |v5headwagging headawag,v5| with frayed nerves till they feeled sore, like any woman that has been born at all |v5events forv5| to the purdah, for the howmanyeth and |v5howmoving howmovingthv5| time at what the demons in that jackhouse that jerry built |v5(Massa for Massav5| and Missus and hijo de |v5puta!) putav5|, |5LM505| the sparksown fermament of the starryk |v5fieldgaysongingon fieldgosongingonºv5| where blows a nemone at each |5wink hist5| of windstill, |5F735| they were sliding along and sleeting aloof and scouting around and shooting about. |v5and two plies sixteen plus twice femm hondered hug treedivels are wetnessing the blank And Allwhichwhile or whereabouts for good vaunty years Dagobert, Dagobert is in Clane's clean hometown doing his preparatory prepping up his prepueratory in Slane, is andv5| learning how to put a broad |v5fecce on to face bronzily out throughv5| a LM51 broken |v5material breached meataerialv5|
{f39, 275}
from Bryan |v5Aulining Awliningv5|, Erin's hircohaired culoteer. |5F745|