1st draft, Summer 1933, II.2§7 draft level 0

MS British Library 47478 78, 312-313, 47486a 67 Draft details

{ms, 120}

|shWas it in the w woodspeech of our sweet plantation where the branchings there will say |atill tomorrowa| that's gone to his |ayesterdaysa| Curragh |ainteriora|sh|
{ms, 067}

J |sh|aSaturday Sartadaya| |aafternoona| |anext nex lexa| leap will |abe |bsee smile onb|a| our |aanniversary twelvemonthsminda|.sh|
{ms, 312}

|shSuch is. |aA.N. date intendeda| Dear |a(name of desired subject)a|. And, well, I go on|
{ms, 067}

|shShe has those pothooks from pappa mostly, after Vere Foster, but the curly meqeues are of Mippa's|
{ms, 313}

|shIndeed the most incredible experiences have everywhere concomitated to unread upon the lissom limbs of this pious and pure fair one whose fount Bandusian plays liquick sunlight, whose afterodour sighs of musk regretted, |awhose silence shines as sphere of silver,a|sh| |shbehold them, these unmatchables, her dunreaders hereover till latter Lammas is led in by both our washwives a weird of wonders tenebrous as |athe thata| evil thorngarth blithe as this blowing|