1st draft, July 1926, II.2§8A draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 65v, 67 Draft details

{ms, 065v}

|aHe was a |bFrankey was a Ab|a| great at dab |awas Frankeya| at the manual arith, sure enough, that's |awhy the bekasea| he knew no boy better |awhat |bhow whyb|a| his ten fingures were |agiven hima| |afor whatfora|. |aAnyhow Anyhowsa| he was |aalways fond fond alwaysa| of cardinals. Always would he |abea| |areciting areciting and a recreatinga| them |aupa| by |aheart rotaa| |afrom fursed to laced, |bquickmarch to decemvirb|a| |alike to throway your hat at purpely on to |bunread tallb| spilicansa| so as to know the |atalla| tenners thumbs down, ace, deuce, tricks, quarts, quims and on the other hand, sexes, suppers, oglers, novels and dices. What signifies all that but he always caught dull marks in his nucleud and allgobrew. O, it bate him up. Binomeans to be unders comprendered.

The |aaxidianones aximonesa|.

Equal |ato =a| hsaoc.

|aPloto Ploatoa| |xP.l.o.t.o.x| |aSo,a| Comic cuts was |aalways ina| page fond and flirty so always at long last as it would happen had he to bid good adeuce to the cardinhands he so liked. It would be then dear hearts of my counting farewell to back numbers |a& please lick one and turn over to problema|
{ms, 067}

Construct an equiliteral equilittoral triangle. |xLike an eckoustra!x| Can you do her? |a|bI can't, ken you I cont, ken you?b|a| |aEasy Simplea| as h kisshams. |aFirst,a| Take |aa |bmouthful mugfulb| ofa| mud. |a|bOglores!b| What wd I do that for?a| |xThat's a |agoose's gooseya| ganswer you give so it is, what wd you do that forx| |aJust for the beginninga| You take your |amaddera| river |amuda|. |aAny |bliving liffeyb| mud will do.a| Dump it at a given point |aof coasta| to be called α but pronounced olfa. There's mud, |aislanda| & α. |aBene!ºa|