1st draft, July 1926, II.2§8C draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 67-68 Draft details

{ms, 067}

After that you must draw the line somewhere. Given an inch make an ell. Now |a|bgive me the loan of an ear lend us your eye hereb|a| we see the line |aαλ ALa| stops at Lamda. |aMudder Moddera| island there too. Now with Olaf as |acentre centruma| and Olaf's Lambtail as his spokesman cumscribe a circlus. |aHoop!a| O dear me! But it's not over yet. The mystery repeats itself |aas mother used to say |byesterdayb|a|. |aI remember she used. What a wonderful memory you have! Wonderful memory. Bene!a|


Springing |a|bloosh quickenlyb|a| from the mudbank Loosh |afrom Lucana| with Allhim as her end in a view turn a somersault. |aWatch!a| Hop lala! O dear me! That was very |ainteresting |bnice & nessb|a|. Very |anice nessa| indeed! There's |aone point tew |bticklish tricklesomeb| poindsa| at which
{ms, 067v}
|athe oura| |abicycles |bcirculers two doubling bicirculersb|a| run into |aeach other |bother each eathocher eath the ocher ach eochatherb|a|. |xBy BetchaBob comic cutsx| |a|bHere Down Feahereb| Looksyhere Looksihere Lucihere.a| I |afeel feea| where you |amean meina|. |aI think |bI'd as I'm squeezing the lemonb|a| |aWe ought to make I'd like to porea| a |acapitala| pee there |afor Pridea| and let you go & |amake mucka| a |a|bmuddle modestb|a| pie |aat upa| your end |a|bfor out ofb| Humblesa|. Are you right there, Michael, are you right. |aAy,a| I'm right here, |aall right |bye Divil Nickelb|, and I'll writea|, but it's the muddest |athing thicka| |aI that wasa| ever |adone heard duna|. |aBene! Bene!a| Now join alfa pea, and and |apea peea| loose |aby |bdotted dottyb| |blines |cslashes linksc|b|a| and eelpie |a& pale ale by trunk linesa|. Like that. I see. |aThen Now I'll show you |bwhomb| your |bgeomater geometerb| was!a| |awea| carefully lift up |aby |bits herb| hema| the |amuddya| apron of our A.L.P. |a|bCarefully Kearfullyb|a| until its |anethera| apex below is where a navel |aought is bound toa| to be. to Waaaaaa. Tch! And there's your |amuddy delta for you, thea| first of all equilittoral |aequilliteral equiluterala| triangles. O dear me, look at that now! What a |acoincidence quincidencea|!
{ms, 068}
But you're looking at the wrong place, you |ablesseda| |asimpleton simpletopa|! You must look |aat upona| the reflection |ain the water belowa|. O dear me, that's very lovely! Very lovely entirely! You know, you're |aaa| damn smart |agossoona|, so you are! Whereapool |awith a sweet marie |bstealedb| from the jacob & a slypull at the slidepagea| |ahe would would hea| |awonta| |alook seeing nibble hisa| mum |ato mea| in bewonderment of his chipper |achubor chuthora| |amaking graffickinga| cyclopes |aand aftera| trigonies repeat pursuiting |atheirselves themselvesa| |alike godolphinga| |ain fairlove to seea| allover the waste of |a|bBrown & Nolan's Nolan's Brownb|a| paper till that on him|a, so poor in poorin sweat,a| the |ajuggler juggler'sa| veins in his |ascraw scraga| |astood forestooda| out|a, |bburstable bursthrightb|,a| sicut tightropes. |aWith best apologigs for again trisposing on your bunificencea| |a|bSigning Signangb| away, happy nest complete.a| Intricatedly |ayours in yearsa|, j Jirryalimpaloop. I |aremain romaina| to |afallthereatyourfeet fallthereatyourfatea|, |ajimmyinswearmorose hurryaswarmorosea|. |a|bAnd this is how Napoleapool. And this is how Saint Hol Holypolypools.b| And this is the way Romeopollopaloops. Hold the pen, man, way I do. And this, look, is |bLordbyronazigazaggy Lordbyrinazigazaggyb|.a| |xAnd this is, look, is how Chawlses |aStoo Stewalsesa| Paraparappernelliosx| |aAy.a| |aAnd Buta| efter all of his |amedley ofa| muddlingisms |a|bfruits thee farootsb| of |bculture & blank cullchaw ate |csetaraw citrawc|b|a| wouldn't |aa clean |ban |cone wanc|b| ablea| stab of the ruler do |ait quicker for him smartera|, |a|bas likeb| it |bdid doneb| for |bmany mannyb| another |bfirstling of the hairy hairy dary |cso contraryc| firstlingsb|,a| anon would think Frankey who, to be plain, was misocain. Once |aone is one'sa| won. |aunread!ºa| |aAnd his countenance rose. And his |bcountingance countinanceb| rose.a|