1st draft, missing, Summer 1933, II.2§2 draft level 0

MS reconstructed Draft details

{f39, 264}


In thesesº placies sojournamous,º. By this
{f10, 208}
|shriverside, on thissh| |shsunnybank,ºsh| how |shbuona the vista,sh| by |shSanta| |shAfield of May,sh| the very |shvale of springsh|. |shOrchards here are lodged:ºsh| |shsainted laurelssh| evremberried: youº have |shview ashgroves,sh| |shaglen of marronssh| and of |shthorns:ºsh| |shGleannaulinn,sh| |shArdeevin,sh| purty glint and plaising hoyt. This |shNorman courtsh| at |shboundary of the ville,sh| yonº |shivied tower of a church of Erelandsh| with our |shking's housesh|
{f39, 265}
of |shstone,sh| |shbelgrovedsh| of |shmulbrey,sh| all is for the retrospectioner. Sweet as |shauburnºsh| cometh up as a flowerº that fragolance of |shthe fraisey beds:sh| the |shphoenix,sh| his pyre, is still flaming away with |shtrue Pratt spirit:sh| |shthe wren, his nest,sh| is niedelig as the |shturrises of the Sabinesºsh| are televisible. There is |shthe cottagesh| and |shthe bungalowsh| for the cobbeler and the brandnewburgher but |shIsolde, her gardenssh|, are for |shthe fairhaired daughter ofsh| || All out of |shtwo barreny old perisherssh| and one inn, one |shtapsh| and one |shtavernsh| and only |shtwo million two hundred and eighty thousand nineº hundred and sixtysh| lines to the |shwuestworts of a general poet's|