Mixed fair copy/TS, 1937, II.2§7 draft level 2

MS British Library 47478 316-317, 298, Zurich 1A, 1C Draft details

|2RM17 A halt for hearsake.f1012|
{f39, 280}
A scene at sight.
{f10, 217}
|2which Which2| they shall memorise. By her freewritten.º |2blank Hopely2| for ear that annalykeses if scares for eye that sumns. |shIs it in the now |2woodspeech woodwordings LM712| of our sweet plantation where the branchings thereº will |2sing singingsing2| tomorrows gone and yesters |2coming ontocomeº2|sh| as |shSataday'sº aftermoon lex leap smiles on ourº twelvemonthsminding?ºsh| |shSuch is. Dear (name of desired subject, A.N.), well, and I go on| Shlicksher. I and we (tender condolences for happy funeral, one if) so sorry to (mention person suppressed for the moment, F.M.). Well (enquiriesº after allhealths) how are you (question maggy).º A lovely (introduce to domestic circleº) pershan of cates. Shrubsher. |shThose pothooks mostly she hawks from Poppaº Vere Foster but these curly mequeues are of Mippa's| |2Shrubsheruthr.2| (Wave gently in the ere turning ptover.)º Well, mabby (consolation of hopesº) to soon |2hear air2|. With best from Christinette (cinders|2,º2| if prints chumming|2,2| can be when desires Soldi, for asamples, backfronted or, if all, |2Heliotrope |apetherolio peethrolioa|2| or Get my Prize, using her flower or perfume or, |2LM742| if veryveryvery chumming, in |2other wilds otherwards2| who she supposed adeal, kissitsº my exits).º |2Shlicksheruthr. From auburnº chenlemagne.2| |shPious and pure fair one, all has concomitated to this that she shall
{f10, 218}
read them, |2lifetree's leaves,º2| whose silence hitherto has shone as sphere of silver,º |2|afasta| albernstoneº,2| |2the that2| fount Bandusian shall play liquick music and after odoursº sigh of musk|2.2|sh| Blotsbloshblothe, onceº dear that was. Sleep in the water, drug at the fire, shake the dustº off and |2dream to your2| Oneº who would give her sidecurls to. |sh|2till Till2| latterº
{f39, 281}
Lammas is led in by baith our washwives, |2LM752| a weird of wondersº tenebrous as that evil thorngarthº, a field of faery blithe as this blowingº|

|2RM18 LM762| Aujourd'hui,º comme auxº joursº de Pline et de Columelle,º la jacintheº se plaîtº dans les Gaules, la pervenche en Illyrie, la marguerite sur les ruines de Numance;º |s2f102s2| et pendant qu'autourº d'ellesº les villes ont changéº de maîtresº et de nom,º que plusieurs sont rentréesº dans le néant, que les civilisations |2LM772| se sont choquées et brisées, leurs paisibles générationsº ont traversé les âgesº et se sont succédé l'une à l'autreº jusqu'à nous, fraîchesº et riantes comme aux joursº des batailles.º|s2f103s2|

|2RM19 |shMargaritomancy!sh| Hyacinthinous pervinciveness!º |aFlowers. A cloud.a| But Brutus Bruto and Cassio are ware |anot only of trifid tongues,º f104a| the whispered wilfulnessº ('tis demonal!) and shadows shadows multiplicating (il folsoletto nel falsoletto col fazzolotto dal fuzzolezzo).f105 Totientsº quotients they tackle their quarrel. |aSickamoor is Sickamoor's soa| woful sally. |~Ancient that Ancient's~| aerger. |aAnd |~each way eachway~| bothwise glory |~lies signs~|.a| What if she love Sieger less though she |~left leave~| Ruhm moan?º Enten eller, either or.

RM20 ||

RM21 |shNay,|
{f39, 282}

RM22 |shWith sobs for his job, with tears for his toil, with horror for his squalor but with pep for his perdition, lo, the boor plieth as the laird hireth him.ºsh|2|