2nd typescript, January 1935, II.2§9 draft level 3, 3'

MS British Library 47478 152-153, 237; 155 Draft details

|3|xRM38x| |xlm118x|3| Thanks eversore much, Pointcarried, I'm seeing raying bogeys rings round me. |3Honours to you & may you be commended for yourº exhibitiveness!º3| By Sexo Chromaticus, you done that lovely for me. |3didn't he, Nubilina? Shie shtudiert wast? You make me a reborn of the cards. |aCog it out and here goes a sum. We're offals boys ambos. a| |xlm120x| For I've flicked up all the crambs as they |afulled crumbled|x, Bob up & Ben down,x|a| |afrom offa| your table um, singing glory |aallallujerum allalosera|, cog it out here goesº a sum. He prophetsº most who Iº bilks the best. |xRM39x|3| And that salubrated sickenagiaour of yaours have teaspilled all my hazydensey. Sheepshopp. Bleeting Goad, it is the least of things, Eyeinstye. Imagine it, my dear Dartry dullard. I'm only on for celebridging over the guilt of the gap in your hiscitendency. You are a hundred thousand times welcome, |3Old Kane old wortsammpler, hellbeit you're just as culpableº as my woolfellº merger3|. |3|xI could engage in an energument over you till you were royally blue in the shirt. x|3| And if you're not your bloater's kipper may I never curse again on that book of jaundices. Be you old Kane. Biddy's hair. Biddy's hair, mine lubber. Nix and ingingthing. Where is that Quin but he
{f10, 234}
sknows it knot but what you that are my popular endphthisisis were born with a solver arm up your sleeve. Thou in slanty. Thou in slanty scanty. Thou in slanty scanty shanty. Bide in your hush. Bide in your hush, do. I defend you to champ my scullion's praises. To Book alone belongs the preise. |3Master's Foremasters'3| meed will mark tomorrow |3when Heavyciugerededdy will offer uns his Noblett's |aprize surprizea|3|. |3It is a matter of ours.3| With this same laudable purpose in loudability let us be singlified. |3|xRM40x| |xBut while the dial are they doodling dawdling over the mugs and the grubs.x| |xSteady steady steady studiavimusº. Many too manducabimus. x|3|

|3lm124º |xDiscipline is the Daughter of Duty.x|

lm125 |xTheº Great Fire at the South City Markets x|

lm126 |xThe Belief in Giants & the Banshee,x|

lm127 |xA Place for Everything & Everything in its Place,x|

lm128 |xIs the Pen Mightier than the Sword?ºx|

lm129 |xA Successfulº Career in the Civil Service.x|

lm130 |xThe Voice of Nature in the Forest.x|

lm131 |xYour Favouriteº Hero or Heroine,x|

lm132 |xOn the benefits of Recreation. A Day in |athe Country. Seasidea| |aCap. Punishment,a|x|

lm133 |xIf Standing Stones Couldº Talk,x|

lm134 |xDevotion |aof the Little Loaves of the feastsa| of Portiuncula S. Anthony Portiuncula,x|

lm135 |xThe Dublin Metropolitan Police Sports x|

lm136 |xDescribe the Wreck of the Hesperus, x|

lm137 |xThe Morals to be drawn from Diarmuid & Granyax|
{f10, 235}

lm138 |xDo you Approve of the Existing Parliamentary Party System,x|

lm139 |xThe Uses & Abuses of Insects x|


lm141 |xClubs,x|

lm142 |xThe Penny Post.x|

lm143 |xWhen is a Pain not a Pain?x|

lm144 |xIs the Co-Education of Animus & Anima Wholly Desirable,x|

lm145 |xWhat Happenedº at Clontarf,x|

lm146 |xSince our Brother Jonathanº Took the Pledge, Meditations of Two Young |aLadies Girl Guidesa|, x|

lm148 |xWe All Love the Lord Mayor,x|


lm150 |xFarm Life on a Farm.x|

lm151 |xThe Kettle-Brennan-blank Scheme for a New Electricity Supply,x|

lm152 |xTravelling in Olden Da Times.x|


lm154 |xTheº Strangest Dream I ever Had,


lm156 Our Allies, the Hills,x|

lm157 |xAre Parnellites Just towards Henry Tudor?x|

lm158 |xWrite a Short Essay on Subjugationx|


lm160 |xThe Shames of Slumdom,x|










{f10, 236}




{f39, 308}

lm175 |xDelays are Dangerousº.x|3|

|3|xVitavite!º Gobble Ann: tea's set,º see's enough!x| Moxly Mox soonly will be the chancellery of his exticker.3| Am do tri car cush shay shockt ockt ni geg.


{f10, 237}