1st draft, July 1926, II.2§8B draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 60-65 Draft details

{ms, 065}

& in point of act after his when he landed in |aIreland Lein Ireland |bLeinsterb|a| for the 2nd time |ain his fourmaster and jollyboat |bthe good barque Celestine |cChristiana Christiane de Troyc|b|a| he converted |amany of the many square leagues ofa| natives, |aboys |byouths young ordandsb|a| and |amen their eldersa|, to put off their |ahats barcelonasa| from their old sinful |abodies corpuculesa| as often as they |apassed came within sight ofa| another |afamiliara| temple and showed them the |acelestinea| way to by |ainstruction his |bthreecards three tristarb|a| and |aexamples his hattricksa| and, bejove, that same |agallic galloromana| rite is very prevalent |adown upa| to this windy |anight in soiree all overa| what was before that a land of nods in spite of all the blood, all the brains, all the brawn, all the bile, that was shed, that were shot, that was shook all the while for our people have still a |agreat healinga| faith in the old ways innovated by him and it is verily believed
{ms, 062v}
that not all the |aliquor soupcansa| that's in the queen's cellar and not all the gold that the Indus contains would ever induce them to go back to their ancient |a|btimehonoured iviedb|a| habits which |aas ina| |ahis response having listened |bcarefully curefullyb|a| to his |acontinentala| curses they let drop |aas a dumbbody dropsa| without another word |atoo eithera| |aas |bquick swiftb| as paddywhacka|: and talking of missions in general — of course, this has |anothing blamealla| |ain the worlda| to say to his private tuitions when, so to put it, on the shaughraun — and re to return for a moment |aalsoa| to the first landing |a(only for a moment)a| if the pretty elizabess |a|bshe lost her heart, a song says, andb| beauty alone knows whena| who then |a(4.32 m.p. to be precise |baccording to |cthe allc| three doctors' |csynchronisingc| waterburies |cto the ticklings tickleticks, of the synchronisms, all listening,c| a time confirmed the 4th medical officer |c& his clerk with notaryc|, whose presence was required by law)b|a| gave him the advantage of a good |abath cuddlebatha| at her |aowna| |afair hands proper mitsa|
{ms, 063}
|ashe is now now is she or in what countree |bthat was the belle of the chapelb|a| or on what limbs-to-lave her semicupiose eyes are |aplanting kindlinga| themselves |abrightlya| — if she then |a(4.32 |bm.p.b| to be precise according to the three worthy waterbailiffs as repeated beforea| but she could never have |aforeseen forefelta| |asuch a cold douche asa| him coming back to Erin under |aanother a waterproofa| name |a— would it wash? —a| to buy her |aback ina|, ay, faith, and |athe bessies other mavourneensa| besides, |afor 'twas he was the born suborner, man,a| on behalf of an oldestablished
{ms, 061v}
|afirm marka| |aof winebakersa|, Lagrimae |aLagrimatae Lagrimaa| and Gemiti, |alater Grinding & Nashe |blately of Landsend Corner, man,b|a| it must have been a terrible |agrief |bmavromavrone mavruemavroneb|a| for whohowhowhow? the poor girl!: |aall |bsob| isoladed,a| and no wonder so many of the |amen people male membersa| |aoffered to upped toa| console with her |ain true tears and groansa| and that's not the last of it either ( — would it were! — but to think of him finding |aa second elizabess an eliza the second also called bessa| where he did and how he did — |a(I)a| forget now was it in a street or |aby pera| accident — and to try to think of |athata| her |ahands across the seaa| trying to get |aalla| that bearded virility into her limited lap at the same time for towelling |apurposes endsa| as if he were a nine months' |ababe babera|:
{ms, 059v}
well, dear me and you, if that is what |athe gentle passion amour, which |bto |cin ofc|b| gentle |bbreast broostb| rathe is intaken, for he a turn arrya| |ahas come |bis coming seems circlingb|a| to out |athere yondesta| heaven |ahelp holpa| the hindmost and yet it begins to look like it, it does |aindeed, by my fay,a| and it is no use |atrying your preachinga| to stop it either or |atelling prayinga| human |abeings claspersa| to take warning by the past: for, |aif ana| you could |asee peepa| inside the cerebral saucepan of any one adolescent you would see |ain that house of thoughta| |amany a littera| |aconvolouli convolvulia| suggestive of other times|a, lost or strayed,a| & lands, |aderelict or sunk,a| ay and other tongues |atoo tooa|, and not alone that but, looking far into |afuturity faturitya|, your own convolouli would reel to |afancy jazzfancya| the |ataking fresh takingplacea| of what stale words were |aoriginally whiloma| |afound for woven on & fitted fairly featly tooa|: and the best of it is that whereas the
{ms, 060}
|apioneer pathfindera| side of the new pupilteacher |atype duplexa| will soon |abegin set ona| to |atell lark toa| you that no |aman moutha| has the |aright mighta| to set a |aboundary mearbounda| to the march of a |alanguage lenguage lenguidge landsmaula| a in half a |asecond syllable sylba| the beast of burden |acommonsense |bcommonsince comeonsinceb|a| |aof the larking on round thea| other side |aif not the open confession of its overpresumptous partner is going to tell is going to whisht toa| you |acoybellsa|) you must draw the line some where.