Textual development Manuscript to Errata II.2§1

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

{f39, 260}
{f10, 205}

|4|xRM1x|4| |4Asº we there are where are we are we hereº haltagain. |v5By recourse, of course, recoursingºv5| |v5From fromv5| Tomtittotº to |aTee tootal |bTee tootalitarian |v5teetotuntotalitarian Teetootomtotalitarianºv5|b|a|. |6(7Tea Tea. Too Too Tea tea too oo7).6| |v5Of course, recourse.v5|4|

|77| (9RM29) |4|xLM1x|4| |6|aWhomto Whomtilºa| comes over. Who to caps ever.6| |4And |awhere |v5how else howelsev5|a| do we hook our hike to find |v5this thatv5| pint of porterº place? Am shot, says the |v5biggerd bigguardv5|.º4||5|+F1+|5|

|5RM35| Whence.

|+5+|5| Quick lunch,º buyº our leftsº, wheel, to |v5halt wherev5|. |6LM26| Long Livius Lane, mid Mezzofanti Mallº, diagonising Lavatery Square, up Tycho Braheº Crescentº,|5|+F2+|5| shouldering Berkeley'sº Alley, |4gaining querfixing4| Gainsborough |4gardens Carfax4|, |4LM34| under |4Amphion archway, |v5Guy d'Arezzo Guido d'Arezzo'sv5| Gadeway,4| |4by New Livius Lane till |v5Vico's roundpoint |+Vico's Roundpoint |aVico's Roundpoint where we whiled while we whithered where we whiled while we whithered. Old Vico Roundpointa|+|v5|.º4| |4a nook for Nike, a mas for Mike and a rose in the ring for Margot.4| But |v5fair fahrv5|, be |14fear. fear!º14| |6And natural, simple, slavish, filial.6| The marriage of Montan wetting his moll,º we know, |v+5as likev+|5| any enthewsyass cuckling a hoyden,º |6F36| |v5with inv5| her rougeyº
{f39, 261}
gipsylike |4chinkamaid's chinkaminx'º4| |4cheeks |v+5pulshandjupyjade pulshandjupeyjadev+|5|4| and her petsybluse indecked |4with o'4| voylets.|5|+F4+|5| When who was wist was wanº. En elv, et fjaell. |5|+And the whirr of the whins |6hinning humming6| us howeº. His |6hune hume6|.+|5| Hencetaking tidesº we haply |v5return, return|6, trumpetedº by prawns and ensigned with seakale,6|v5| to befinding |v5ourself, ourselfv5| when old is saidº |v5and one, in onev5| |5and maker mates with made |v+(O my!)|6, having conned the cones and meditated the mured and pondered the pensils and ogled the olymp and delighted in her dianaphous (7and7) andº cacchinated behind his culosses,6|v+|5| aforeº a mosoleum,º |4|xLM4x|4| Lengthº |4without |v5withought Without Withoughtºv5|4| Breath, of |v5him him,v5| a chump of the evums, upshoot of picnic or stupor out of soporº, Cave of Kids or Hymanianº |v5Gladstonbury Glattstoneburyºv5|, |5denary, danery, donnery |+done, domm+|,|+F5º+|5| who,º |4entiringly as he continues |v5fictitious highlyfictionalv5|, |5|+LM5+|5| tumulous
{f10, 206}
|v5in underv5| hisº chthonic |v5external exteriorv5| but plain Mr Tumulty |6LM66| in |v5real life muftilifeºv5|,º4| in his |v+5anticipience antesipiencesºv+|5| as in his recognisances,º isº (Dominic Directus) a manyfeast |v5munificient munificentv5| more mob than man. |5|v+An Sv+|5|

|5RM45| |5|6An soph Ain sophº6|,|6F66| this upright one|+,+| with that noughtyº |abesighedhima| zeroine?º To see in his horrorscup he is mehrkurios than saltz of sulphur. |6Terror of the noonstruckº by day, cryptogamº of each nightly bridable.º6| But|6, to speak broken heaventalk,6| is he? |v+what Whov+| is he? |v+whose Whosev+| is he? |v+why Whyv+| is he? |v+howmuch Howmuchv+| is he? |v+which Whichv+| is he? |v+when Whenv+| is he? |v+where Wherev+| is he?|6F76| |v+how Howv+| is |v+he and he? Andv+| what the decans is |v+therev+| about him
{f39, 262}
anyway|6, the decemt man6|? Easy, calm your haste! Approach |v+and tov+| lead our passage!5|

|5RM55| This bridge is upper.


Thus come to castle.


A |v5password password,v5| thanks.º

|v5Yes Yes,v5| pearse.

|v5Well Well,v5| all be |v+5dumbed. dumbed!v+|5|

O |v5Really. |v+really. really?v+|v5||6F96|

|13LM713| |4Who became |aHe hecame Hoo |v5caved in cavedinv5|a|4| (7earthwight. (9earthwight, earthwight9)7)

At |4first |v5fursht furschtºv5|4| |4thought |adoom pal krachºa|4| of thunder.|13F1013|

|4LM84| When |4she Shooº4|, |4a his4| flutterby,º

Was netted and named.|6F116|

|4|aArdnacrushar |v5Erdnacrushar Erdnacrushav5|a|, requiestress, wake |v5them! |v+em. em!v+|v5|

And let |alight luck'sa| puresplutterallº shine on cut of cod! |aloosey lucya| at |v+5ease. ease!v+|5|4||6F126|

To house |4which as4| wise fool ages builded.º

Sow byg eat.|5|+F13+|5|

|5RM65| |5Staplering to tether to, steppingstone to mount by;º and coach house entranceº as the |v+Boot |6Boote Boote's6|v+| at |aBallymun has Pickardstowna|. |6LM96| |13And that skimmelk steed still in the groundloftfan. As over all.º13| |+Or be these wingsets leaned to the outwalls|6, beastskin trophies,º6| of booth of Baws the balsamboards?+||6F146| |aBurials be |v+ballyhouraised. ballyhouraised!v+|a| So let Bacchus e'en call! Inn |v+inn. inn!v+| Inn |v+inn. inn!v+| |v+Where.v+|5| |4The |v5babers babbersv5|
{f10, 207}
LM10 ply the |v5pen; the pen. Thev5| bibbers drangº the den. The |apublican papplicoma|, the |apublican pubblicama|,º he's taking |5tilling turning5| tin for ten. |6From
{f39, 263}
seldomers that most frequent him.
6| |5That same erst crafty hakemouth |v+that whichºv+| of foggy old|6,º under the assumed name of Ignotus Loquor,º6| harangued |+ballyhooting bellyhooting+| |afishdrinks fishdrunksa| |6on their favouriteº stamping groundº6| from a |v+fathertheobald waggon fathertheobalderº brakev+|.|+F15+| |6LM116| |aRolf the Ganger, Rough the Gangster, not a feature alike and the face the same.ºa||13F1613| And |aEurope |v+Egypt Egyptus|6, the |13spicerobed |aincensuousrobed incenstrobeda|13|,º6|v+|a| as Cyrus |aheard |v+conceived heardv+|a| of |v+her and him? |6LM126| Andv+| Major A. Shaw |6(7in undress7)6| after he |v+had gotv+| the |6miner6| |6smellpax smellpex6|? And oldº Whiteman |v+himself selfv+|, |athe blighty, the blotched one |v+over the water the blighty, the blotched one the blighty blotchy, beyond the bays,v+|a| |v+thev+| hope of Ostrogothic and Ottomanicº fatherº convertersº, |v+thev+| despair of Pandemia's |v+postwar postwartemv+| plastic surgeons,º |s6Hispano-Caledonian-Euxine, Hispano-Cathayan-Euxine,ºs6| |aCastilian-Hiberno-Czernowits |v+Castilian-Englo-Czernowits |s6Castilian-Hiberno-blank Castilian-Emeratic-Hebridianºs6|v+|a|, |v+Espanol-Cambrian, — — Hellenic |s6Espanol-Cambric-Helleniky Espanol-Cymric-Hellenikys6|?ºv+|5| |6But it was all so long ago.º6| |aPast ti Pastimes are past times. Now let |v5bigones bygonesv5| be bei |v+5Gum's Gunne'sv+|5|.a| |aThat is Saa, leddies,º era| it in this |aworld |bverdens |cvarkersverden warken |v5werlden werdenv5|c|b|a|, |amine minneºa| boerne, and it |awird not vild needa| olderwise|6F176| |asince primalº made alterº in garden of Idema|.º The tasks above are as the flasks below,º saith the Emerald Canticleº of Hermes. LM13 Andº |v+5all is all'sv+|5| |aloth & plaster loth |v5& andv5| pleasestira|, |5|v+we are told are we toldv+|,5| |6onº excellent |ainkbottlea| authority,6| solarsystemised|6,º seriol-cosmically(7,7) |ain a more (7& and7) more almightily expanding universea|6| |v5by that |v+round that under one|6, there is |arhymelessa| reason to believe,6|v+|v5| original sun. |5|xSecurely judges |6the6| orb terrestrial.x||6F186| |v+Haud certo ergo. Butv+|5| |5LM145| O felicitous culpability, |v5sweetv5| bad cess to you for an archetypt!4|