1st draft, 1934, II.2§9 draft level 0

MS British Library 47478 124 Draft details

Thanks eversore much|a. By Saxo Grammaticus,a| you done that lovely |afor froma| me. |aBleeding God,a| It is the least of things, my dear Dartry dullard. You are, imagine it, 100,000 times welcome. Where is that Quin but who
{f10, 234}
sknows it not that you |athat are my parlour endthishisa| were born with a silver arm up your sleeve. I defend you to scant my |ascullion'sa| praises. To book solely belongs the |amerit preisea|. With this same laudable purpose in loudabilityº let us be singlified.

{f10, 237}