2nd draft, July 1926, II.2§8 draft level 1

MS British Library 47482a 68-81 Draft details

{ms, 069}

A great dab was |1Franky frankily1| at the manual arith sure enough which was the bekase he knew |1from his cradle1| no boy better why his fingures were giving him whatfor |1to |afig fifea| with1|. |1First there was boko & then wigworms & next tittlies and after cheekchaps & last pickpocket and pickpocketpumb & pickpocketpoint & pickpocketprod pickpocketpromise & upwithem.1| Anyhows |1after the more he weighed1| always |1fond was he the fonder he fell1| of cardinals. Always would he be areciting of them up by rota, from fursed to laced, quickmarch to decemvir, so as to know the tenners, |1thumb thumbs downº1|. And ever and always, strues yourthere, would he be arecreating em |1in lumerous ways1|, like to throw of your |1hat cap1|, |1pat pac1|, on to tin tall spilicans. Ace, deuce, tricks, quarts, quims. And on the other hand, sexes, suppers, oglers, novels and dice. What signifies all that but 'tis as strange to relate he|1,º nonparile to read, rite and reckon,1| always caught dull marks in his nucleud and allgobrew. O, that bate him up |1jerrybly1|! Binomeans to be comprendered. The aximones.º Equal to = hsaoc, |1soahc1|


So, as you know yourself better than anyone else, comic cuts were always to be seen in
{ms, 070}
|1Casey's, first book of,1| page |1fond and flirty torn and dirty1|, and so, at long last, as it would fall out, had he to bid adeuce to the cardinhands he greatly missed. Dear hearts of my counting, it would be then, forewheel to back numbers and, there being no help for it, please lick one and turn over.

Problem the first. Construct an |1equilittoral aquilittoral1| triangle. |1Probe loom. With his first handstoe in his sole salivarium.º1| |1Construct Concoct1| an |1equiangular equoangular1| trilitter. In the name of the |1poker teaser1| and of the tongs and of the mythametical tripods. |1Beatsoon.1|

Can you not do her, numb? asks |1unread Dolph1|, expecting the answer |1no know1|. I cont, ken you, ninny? answers |1Frankey Kev1|, |1expecting suspecting1| the answer |1yes guess1|. Nor was |1he the k noer1| long disappointed for simple as |1kisshands kisshams1| he was told. First |1take |amake mulla|1| a mugful of mud. Oglores, he prays, |1olorum1|! what would I do that for? That's a goosey's ganswer |1you give you're giving me1|, he is told, what would you do that for? Take your |1mud mut1| for a first beginning. |1Any Very1| |1liffey liffle1| mud |1that cometh out of Mam1| will |1do doob1|. |1O yes guess.1| |1Dump Mux1| it at a point of |1coast the coastmup1| to be called α but pronounced olfa.
{ms, 071}
There's |1mud island the isle of Mun1|, |1a ah1|. |1O!1| Bene. Now |1(he'd (for Dolph|a, Dean of idles,a| venite |asine tute sine moraa| dumque de |aeis entibusa| nascituris decentius in lingua |aromanaa| mortuorum |amysterium parva chartaa| |a|blivianum livianab|a| ostenditur, |atutea| sedentes |ain laetitiaa| super ollas carnium et spectantes situm |aquo lutetiaea| unde auspiciis secundis tantae |asurgete consurgenta| |ahumana humanaea| stirpes |aantiquam antiquissimama| |aflaminum amboruma| Jordan |asapientiam et Jambaptistae sapientunreada| mentibus revolvamus totum |atutea| fluvii modo |amundoa| fluere eadem quae |aex aggerea| |afuerunt fututa fuerea| iterum |aintra alveuma| |aesse fore futuraa| quodlibet sese |a|bipsissimum ipsumb|a| per aliudpiam |ascere agnoscerea| |acontrariuma| |aomnis amnis omnem demum amnema| |aripas ripisa| rivalibus amplecti)1| |1very frequently recurrently often1| coached |1backward |aribellium ribolliuma|1| tending |1boys mikes1| of the same and over his own |1age choirage |aamong of whom he was pulled upa|1|, changing letters for them |1to bonnes mottes1| and blending |1themes th tschemes1| for |1them em in tropadores1| and devising |1witty s tingling1| tailwords whilst he would smile |1upon eggways ned|a, he would,a|1| and |1trim pick upon1| his |1ten 10 ordinailed1| ungles, telling himself a five reel of |1funny stories |afunnish funica| ficts1| |1on upon1| the |1sly shy1| how first of all and on second thoughts and the |1third is third's1| the |1charm charmhim girlalove1| and fourthermore and filthily and |1back from1| |1oxyton |aoxaton Oxatowna|1| and baroccidents and proper accidence and |1hepta blank hopetohell1| and hexenshoes: and in point of |1fact feet1| when he landed in ourland's leinster for the |1twicehecame twiceheco twicehecame1| time he converted its natives, young ordnands and old unguished |1ones elders1|, to put off the barcelonas from their sinful corpicules as often as they came within |1sight bloodshot1| of another familiar temple and showed em the celestine way to by his tristar & hattrick and,
{ms, 072}
|1by the his1| humdrum dumb and numb nostrums, that same galloroman |1rite cult |acult cultousa|1| is very prevailend up to this windiest of soirees all over what was beforeabouts a land of nods in spite of all the |1blood bloot1|, all the |1brains and brains, braim,1| all the |1brawn brawm1|, all the |1bile brile1| that was |1shed shod1|, that were |1shot shat1|, that was |1shook shuk1| all the while for our people still hold their healing |1faith byleaf1| in the old |1ways and testings weighs downupon the Swanny1| innovated by him & it is veritably |1believed belied1|, we |1believe belove1|, that not all the soupcans that's in the queen's cellars & not all the green gold that the Indus contained would ever induce them |1(o.p.)1| to steeplechange back to their ancient habits which, comma, having listed curefully to his continental's curses, apostrophised, |1Byrne's and Flaming's and Furniss's and Bill Hayes's and Ellishly Haughts,1| they let drop as a dumbbody
{ms, 074}
|1damnedbody doombody1| drops without another word either ways, as swift as paddywhack:, coal on: and talking of missions in general — of course, this has blameall in this world to say to his private |1 jidgments1|, when, so to put it, on the shaughraun — & to return for a moment merely also to the first landing (|1just half1| a mot) if the pretty elizabess — |1she lost her |ashe lost her heart she |bgave laidb| her sleeve for hima|, |aa song sings, the truevers say,a|1| beautyº alone knows where now is shee or in what |1choice1| countree that was the belle of the |1la La1| |1chapel Chapelle1|, |1shapely1| Lizzy, or on whose limbs-to-lave her semicupiose eyes now kindling themselves are |1brightly brightning1| — the shee who then — 4.32 m p to be precise, |1according to all 3 Dr Waterburies to the tickleticks, of the synchronisms, all listening, |athe aa| time also confirmed by the 4th medical officer, with notary, whose presence was required by law,º1| — gave
{ms, 073}
him the advantage of a cool cuddlebath at her proper mitts — if she thenº but she cd never have forefelt such a coolcold douche as him coming back to |1Erin mount miss1| under a |1waterproof vartryproof1| name (wouldº it wash? —º to buy her inº faith and other mavourneens by her sides for 'twas he was the born suborner, man, on behalf of an |1oldestablished oldest ablished1| mark of winebakers |1Lagrima Lacrima1| & Gemiti, later |1on1|, Grinding & Nashe, lastly of Landsend Corner, man, it must have been |1|afor Fawa|1| a terrible mavrue mavrone |1such a flat finnale, as flat as his |afoot futa|,1| for whowhowho?: the |1poor poour1| |1|atearway's tearawlay'sa|1| girl!: so isoladed!: & no wonder so many
{ms, 075}
male members |1in all their |asubsequiousa| ages1| upped to console with her in |1true tears & groans jew |ajuwelietry & madornaments madornament juwelietry & kickyochosesa|1| & that's no |1end finish1| of it — would it were! — but to think of him finding |1an eliza |aa nelliza a nellisaa|1| the second also |1called culled1| |1bess buss1| where he did & when he dared — forget now |1was it on a was't1| street or |1a down1| — & to try to |1think of analyse1| that pair of hands |1across akhwart1| the sea trying to |1get amarm1| all of that bearded virility into her limited lap at the same |1time slap1| for towelling ends as if he were a |1wrigular writher1| |19 months' baber neonovene baber1|!: well, |1dear me diarmuee1| and |1ye |agrannia graneua|1|, if that is what lamour which of gentle breast rathe is intaken seems circling towards out yondest heaven holp the hindmost
{ms, 076}
andº it begins to |1look peer1| like it, |1by par1| my fay, & there is no use for your |1preaching pastripreaching1| to stop it either or praying human claspers to take warning by the |1past trispast1|: they wonot doit: and an you could peep inside the |1cerebral cerebralised1| saucepan of this |1adolescent goodfornobody1| you would see in |1that his1| house of thought what a litterage of convolvuliº of times lost or strayed, of lands derelictº & of tongues lagin too: not alone that by looking far into faturity your own convolouli would |1reel real1| to jazzfancy the fresh takingplace of what stale words whilom were woven |1on with1| & fitted fairly featly too: & the best of it is that whereas the |1pathfinder side swiftshot soareyes1| of the new |1pupilteacher pupilteachertaut1| duplex will |1set on go back1| to lark to you that
{ms, 077}
no mouth has the might to set a mearbound to the march of a landsmaal the in half a sylb the beast of burden |1comeonsince comeonsense1| |1lurking round the other sideº |ainside incire insirea| his loose collar,1| is going to whisht to you |1sternly1|) you must|1, haw,1| draw the line |1somewhere somewhaw somewhawre1|.

Given an inch you |1make take1| an |1ell |aawl alla|1|. Now (|1lend us lens1| your eye here) we see the |1copyink1| line AL stops at |1Lamda Lambday1|. Modder |1island ilond1| there too.


Now with Olaf as centrum and Olaf's lambtail for his spokesman circumscribe a cy circlus. Hoop! O, dear me! O dear me now! But it's not |1over alover1| yet. The mystery repeats itself |1today1| as our mothar |1used to say |awas forever saying used to sing,a|1| |1yesterday |ayesterday and for hesterdag & istherday & forivora|1|. I remember, so she used indeed. What a wonderful memory you have |1too1|! |1Wonderful memory Too Twonderful morrowy1|! Bene!
{ms, 078}
Springing quickenly from the mudbank Loosh from Luccan with Allhim as her |1end in view elder Elder1| turn a somersault. Watch! Hop! lala! O dear me that was very |1nice ness1|. Very nace indeed! There's |1two tew1| tricklesome poinds where our |1two twain of1| doubling |1circulars bicirculars1| |1run dunloop1| into eath the ocher. Lucihere. I fee where you mea. I think as I'm squeezing the lemon, I'd like to have a capital |1pee Pee1| for Pride down there and let you go and muck your modest |1pie Pie1| |1for out of1| Humbles up your end. Are you right there, Michael, are you right? Ay, I'm right here, Nickel, and I'll write. But it's the muddest thick that was ever heard |1dun dump1|. Now join alfa |1pea pee1| and pee loose by dotties and eelpie and pale ale by trunkles. Like pat. I |1pee pea1|.
{ms, 079}
Now|1, aqua in bucca,1| I'll |1show you make you to see figuratleavely1| |1the1| whom |1of1| your |1first eternal1| |1geometer was geomater1|. We carefully liftº by her hem the |1maid'sº1| apron of our A.L.P., |1Kearfully fearfully1|, till its nether nadir is where its naval's apex |1has will have1| to |1be beandbe1|. Waaaaaa. Tch! |1Pla!1| And there's your muddy old delta for you now, the first of all |1equiluteral usquiluteral1| |1triangles triangons1|. O, |1dear me Dee O Dee1|, look at that now! What a quinncidence! But you're looking up the wrong place, you blessed simpletop! You must look on |1the bluishing1| reflection below. O, |1dear me Dee O Dee1|, that's very lovely! Very |1lovely lively1| entirely! |1You were always one of the bright ones, fake.1| You know, you're |1a damn the devil's own1| smart gossoon, so you are|1, hoax1|! You'll be damned but you |1are, faith will be, carrotty1|.

Whereapool with a |1hand of1| sweet |1me ah err eye ear1| marie |1to reat1| fromº the jacob's and a slypull at the slidepage would |1he candydissing P Kevin1| wont to nibble his mum to me in bewonderment of his chipper chuthor grafficking
{ms, 080}
cyclopes after |1trigonies trigamies1|, pursuiting theirselves and godolphing in fairlove to see around the waste of noland's browne paper till that on him so poorin sweat the juggaler's veins in his scrag stood out, bursthright, |1sicut tamquam1| tightropes. |1|aThe |bmisbelievingb| facemaker & his |bincredibleb| fancyfunreadº,a| |aAy Ak Ask for Bosthoon, late for Mass, pray for the baabaa black sheepa| |aDear & he went on to scripplea| Gentlemine born, milady bred, he would pen for her, he would pun |afuna| |afor her foralla|, |ahowso howmucha| he would pine |a& finea| for her & plan for her with his |afancya| frowner so & with his |agunreada| grinner otherso, floored on his plankraft of shittim wood, now lying low on his rawside laying siege to Goblin Castle, |anow & thena| laying him long on his laughside lying sack to Croakpartridge. And how are you, waggy?1| With best apolojigs |1to self1| for again trisposing on your bunificence |1& |ahopes opesa| soon to ear1|. |1|aWiggywiggywagtail.a| Signing away in happynest complete.º1| Intricatedly in years, jirryalimpaloop. I romain to fallthere at your fate, hurryaswormarose. |1Criscroscrashcrush Knave Matched Knave Marched Knave |aLack of flukea| Knave of |ahands Paws offa| yous bet.1| And this is how San Holypolypools. And this is the way Romeopullupaloops. |1Hold Pose1| the pen, man, way I do. And this, |1look regard1|, is how Chawlses |1Stewles Skewert1| |1Parapperappernellios Paraparuppernellios1|. But after all his medlied muddlingisms, thee faroots |1of hof1| cullchaw |1end1| ate |1citraw citrawn1|, |1would not one woodint wun1| able
{ms, 081}
|1stab rep1| of the triperforator |1awlrite1| through his pergaman do for |1him the selfchurul1| smarter like it done for manny another of the hairydary |1so quite1| |1contrairy quandary1| firstlings anon could not but |1think reckon1| Frankey so who, to be plain, was misocain. |1Once one's Wince wan's1| won! Rip! And his |1countingounce countinghands1| rose.