2nd typescript, January 1935, II.2§3 draft level 3

MS British Library 47478 130, 132-134 Draft details

Here till wranglers for wringwrowdy wready are, F F, and ere commence commencement catalaunic when Aetius's check chokewill Attil's gambit, lead us seek, O june of eves the jenniest, thou who fleest ficklesome the fond fervid frondeur to thickly thyself attach with thine eft eased eschewer,
{f39, 267}
lead us seek, lote us see, light us find, let us miss not maidadate, Mimosa Multimimetica, the maymeaminning of mamiemiening. Singalingalying. Storiella as she is syung. Whence, plutonically pursuant on any glimpse from gladrags, followeup with endspeaking nots for yestures Pretty Proserpronette whose slit satchel spilleth peas.

The green ray of even it waves us to yonder. So mag this sybilette be our shiboleth that we may syllable her well. A one of charmers, yet Una Unica. Charmers who under the branches of the elms, in shoes as yet
{f10, 210}
unshent by stoniness, wend went will wend a way of honey myrrhs and rambler roses, mistymusky, while still the Maybe mantles the maiblume fore ever her
{f39, 268}
If has faded from the fleur, their arms enlocked (ringrang, the chime of sexappealing's as Conchitas with Sentas stray. Rung!), all thinking all of it, the It with an itch in it, the All every inch of it, the pleasure each will preen her for, the business each was bred to.

Soon jemijohns will cudgel about some arithamatick or other over Browne and Nolan's divisioning tables, whereas she, of nimious novence charily being cupid for mugs's wumping, grobser's grubbiness, aundt's avaries and grossoper's grandegaffe with her tootpettypout of je men fichus, will knit and sit on solfa sofa. All is her inbourne. From |3her grandmere of grammires gramma's grammar3| she has it that if there is a third |3person supine person, mascarine,º phellinine or nuder,3| being spoken abad it moods prosode from a first person speaking to her second which is the direct object that has been spoken to, with and at. Take the dative with his oblative for, even if obsolete, it is always of interest, so spake gramma on the impetus of her imperative, only mind you're genderous towards the reflexive side such that I was with your grappa |3whenº him was me hedon and mine his analectual pygmyhop3|. |3It's a wilds cat who can tell a |~blank wilkling~| from a warthog.º3| Have your little sintalks in the |3dark subjunction |adunck dunka| of subjunctions3|, dual in duel and prude to pruriel, but even the aoriest chap whatever plaudered perfect may perhaps chance to be about to be in the case to be becoming a pale Peter Wright after a yearn or sob. Flame at his fumbles but freeze on his fist. |3|aJe Jega| suis |athou art you worea| a gentleman, |atu es thou erra| I am a kveen.3| O love it is the common knounest thing how it pashes the plutous and the paupe. And, egg she active or play she passive, all them fine clauses in Lindley and Murrey's never braught the participle of a present to a desponent hortatrixy
{f39, 270}
from her postconditional future. |3Lumpsome is who lumpsum pays. Quantity counts if accents falter.3| Yoking apart, |3and oblique orations |aparseda| to one side,3| a brat, alanna, can choose from so many, from the languors and weakness of lassihood till the head, back and heartaches of womanage, and heaps on heaps of other things too. |3Atac first quecqueck quicks after. Beaware how |aina| that hist impure of schlangder lies liaison — toº tease oreilles.3| Little looker through the leafery, ours is mystery of pain. You may spin on Youthlit's bike to multiplease your Mick and Nike with your kickshoes on the algebrars but the O of woman is long if burly those two muters sequent her so from Nabob see ye never stray who'll nimm ye nice and name the day.

One hath just been areading, hath not one, |3in their memoiries of O'Con O'Brien,
{f39, 271}
O'Conor, MacLoughlinº and MacMurphy,º with summed their appendix,º
3| of Sire Jellyous Seizer with his duo of druidesses and the tryonforit of Oxthievious,
{f10, 212}
Lapidous and Malthouse |3Anthony Anthony,3| but so bright as Mutua of your mirror holds her candle to your caudle reek you not a spirt of anyseed whether trigemellmen cuddle his coddle or nope. |3Gaff Gunne may blow, Gamm Gonna flow, the gossans ay eye the Gunnings aye. From the butts of Heber and Heremon nolens violens brood our pansiesº brune in brumeº.3| As they warred in their big innings ease now we never shall know. Eat early earthapples. Coax Cobra to chatters. Hail, Heva, we hear. Wide hiss, we're wizening.
{f39, 272}
Hoots fromm, we're globing. Why hidest thou hinter thy husband his name? Aida, Aida, aflattered, afraida, how does thy girdle grow! Willed without witting, world without aimed. But it's tails for toughs and titties for totties and come buckets come bats till deeleet.

Dark ages clasp the daisy roots. Stop, if |3you, you please,3| a sally of the allies, hot off naval actiums, picked engagements and banks of rowers. Please stop if you are a B.C. minding girl, please |3do, but do. But3| should you prefer A.D. stepplease, O do. And if you miss with a venture it serves you girly well glad. Here, Hengeggst and Horsesauce, take your heads out of your tub. It is distinctly understout that sense the tide you put your timepates in it Messherrn |3the grinning statesmen3| Broch and Leon have shunted |3the grumbling coundedouts3| Starlin and Ser Artur Ghinis. |3Bull igien bear and then bearagain bulligan. Gringrin gringrin. |aStaffs varsus herds and bucks vursus barks.ºa|
{f39, 273}
By old Grumbledum's walls. Bumps,º bellows and bawls. As |aAnah Hanaha| Levyº, shrewd shroplifter,º |aand nievre anore,ºa| skidoos with her spoileds. For hugh and guy and goy and jew. To dimpled and pimpled and simpled and wimpled a peak in a poke and a pig in a pie. She wins them by wons, a haul hectoendecade, for |amangaya| mumbo jumbjubes |alure taka| mutts and jeffs |aand muchasa| bracelonettes |atink to graciesa| barcelonas. O whataloovelyº forespeech 'twas to gar howalively hindergrunting.
3| |3|shConnlath Dan Don |shO'Connlath3| is mitriarch in Kildare. Daft Dathy is on the Maddeerhorn daring Dunderhead to shiver his timbers. Hannibal MacHamilcar is chasing Kate O'Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim |3the Hegiriteº isº3| minsterbuilding up Saunt Barnabash's. Eleven hundred and thirtytwo is seeing the blank |3(may all |aat lentetidea| |ain the tocoming of the supremeeternala| be |awell sprya|
{f10, 214}
with it) |athat datetree that doloriferous selfregant datetreea| whichº |aever & everºa| leafeth earlier than every growth |a& &, elfshot,a| |aand, put through to kismeta| |awith everya| wonderingº |a& headwagging |bright enoughb|a| |atill they feeled sore,º like any woman who has been born to the purdah,ºa| |afor the howmanyth |band howmovingb| timea| |aata| what the demons |aupstarsa| |xwith frayed nerves in that jackhouse that jerry built Massa & Missus (hijo de puta)x| |xwhich never happenedx| |xblank of the starryk fieldgaysongingon where blows an emone |aat wink of windstill,º a|x| they were at |ashooting shooting & scoutinga| about.º
3| and two plies sixteen plus twice femm hondered hug treedivels are wetnessing the blank And Dagobert, doing his preparatory in Slane, is learning how to put a broad fecce on to a broken material
{f39, 275}
from Bryan Aulining, Erin's hircohaired culoteer.