Tales Told

Revised pages of transition 11 (February 1928) and setting typescript, April-May 1929, II.2§8 draft level 7, 7+

MS Private 7-18; Yale 9.4 8-26 Draft details

|7Boon |aat ona| begyndelse.7|

At maturing daily gloryaims!

A flink dab was frankily at the manual arith sure enough which was the bekase he knowed from his cradle no boy better why his ten fingures were giving him whatfor to fife with. First|7, byº observation,7| there came boko and nigh him wigworms
{f10, 219}
and nigh him tittlies and nigh him cheekchaps and nigh him pickpocket with pickpocketpumb, pickpocketpoint, pickpocketprod, pickpocketpromise and upwithem. And anyhows always after them the dimpler he weighed the fonder fell he of his null four lovedroyd curdinals, his element curdinal numen and his enement curdinal marryng and his epulent curdinal weisswassh and his eminent curdinal Kay O'Kay. Always would he be areciting of them up by rota |7in |athe hisa| Fanden'sº Catachysm7|, from fursed to laced, quickmarch to decemver, so as to pin the tenners, thumbs down. And anon and aldays, strues yerthere, would he wile arecreating em and ingreasing em and moultipiecing em rightleft by lumerous ways in the scale of poo puff pive pree pree puff pive pfoor, like to pitch of your cap, pac, on to tin tall spillicans. To sum, borus pew notus pew eurus pew zipher. Ace, deuce, tricks, quarts, quims. |7Mumtiplay of course and carry to their whole number.7| While on the other hand, |7traduced by their comedy nominatorsº |ato theº loafer'sº terms for their aloquent partsa|,7| sexes, suppers, oglers, novels and dice. |7He could find by practice the |avalues valusea| of |~thine to mine thine-to-mine~| articles with no reminder and,º for theº equality ofº reasons,º |aproduce improduceºa| oozies ad libs and several townsendsº several hundreds andº |~civil to civil civil-to-civil~| imperious gallants toº gells (Irish)|~, bringing~| |a|bsome |~aliving alliving~| soltsb| stone |bodd allaughing down to grave |~cloth nails, clothnails~|b|a| and a league of achersº |a, foolsº |~& unread and lurchersº~|a| under the rude rule of thumb.7| What signifieth all that but|7, be all the prowess of ten,7| 'tis as strange to relate he, nonparile to reed, rite and reckan, caught allmeals dull marks for his nucleud and alegobrew. O them doddhunters and allanights bate him up jerrybly! Show that the
{f39, 284}
median interecting at roide angles the legs of a given obtuse one biscuts both the arcs that are subtendered behind. A Tullagrove
{f10, 220}
pole to the Height of County Fearmanagh has a septain inclinaison and the graphplot for all the functions in Lower County Monachan, whereat samething is rivisible by nighttim, may be involted into the zeroic couplet pall's pell in his heventh gleike noughty times ∞, find if you are not |7|~literally~|7| cooefficient, how minney combinaisies and permutandies can be played on the international surd thyndwrclxpz, hids cubid rute being extracted, taking anan illitterettes, ififif at a tom. |7Answers. Ten, twent, thirt, see, ex and three pippy ones.7| Binomeans to be comprendered. The aximones. And their prostulutes.
{f39, 286}
For his neuralgiabrows. Equal to = hsaoc.


So, bagdad, as I know and you know yourself and the arab in the street knows better nor anymeade or persan, comic cuts always were to be capered in Casey's, frost book of, page torn on dirty, to be hacked, ever so new, at Hickey's, huckster, Wellington's Iron Bridge, and so, by long last, as it would shuffle out, must he to trump adieu adroit adieu atout atous to those cardinhands he a big deal missed, radmachrees and rossecullinans and blagpikes in suitclover. Dear hearts of my counting, would he revoke them, forewheel to packnumbers, and, the time being no help fort, plates to lick one and turn over.

Problem ye ferst, construct ann aquilittoral dryankle. Probe loom! With his primal handstoe in his sole salivarium. Concoct an equoangular trilitter. On the name of the teaser and off the tongs and off the mythametical tripods. Beatsoon.

Can you not do her, numb? asks Dolph, suspecting the answer know. I cont, ken you, ninny? asks Kev, expecting the answer guess. Nor was the noer long disappointed for, easiest of kisshams, he was told. O, tell it to we, do, Sem! Well, 'tis thusly. First mull a mugfull of mud, son. Oglores,
{f39, 287}
he prays, olorum! What the D.V. would I do that for? That's a goosey's ganswer you're for giving me, he is told, what the Deva would you do that for? Now, sknow royal road to Puddlin, take your mut for a first beginning. Anny liffle mud which cometh out of Mam will doob, I guess. Mux your pistany at a point of the
{f10, 222}
coastmap to be called α but pronounced olfa. There's the isle of Mun, ah! O! 'Tis just. Bene! Now, all in applepine erdor, (for Dolph, dean of idlers, meager suckling of gert stone, though barekely in his boy, he too — venite praeteriti, sine mora dumque de entibus nascituris decentius in lingua romana mortuorum parva chartula liviana ostenditur, sedentes in laetitia super ollas carnium, spectantes immo situm lutetiae unde auspiciis secundis tantae consurgent humanae stirpes, antiquissimam flaminum amborum Jordani et Jambaptistae mentibus revolvamus sapientiam: totum tute fluvii modo mundo fluere, eadem quae ex aggere fututa fuere iterum intra alveum fore futura, quodlibet sese ipsum per aliudpiam agnoscere contrarium, omnem demum amnem ripis rivalibus amplecti — recurrently often, when him moved he would cake their chair, coached ribolliumtending mikes of his same and over his own choirage at Backlane univarsity, among of which pupal souaves the pizdrool was pulled up, bred and battered,
{f39, 288}
for a dillon a dollar, changing letters for them vice o' verse to bronze mottes and blending tschemes for em in tropadores and doublecrossing twofold truths and devising tingling tailwords too whilest, cunctant that another would finish his sentence for him, he would smilabit eggways ned, he would, so prim, and pick upon his ten ordinailed ungles, retelling humself by the math hour a reel of funnish ficts apout the shee, how faust of all and on segund thoughts and the third's the charmhim girlalove and fourthermore and filthily with bag from Oxatown and baroccidents and proper accidence and hoptohill and hexenshoes; and in point of feet when he landed in ourland's leinster of saved and solomnones for the twicedhecame time off Lipton's strongbowed launch, the Lady Eva, in a tan soute of sails he converted its natives, name saints, young ordnands |7maderaheads7| and old unguished P.T. Publikums, |7through the medium of znigznaksº with |asotirical sotirica| zeal,º7| to put off the barcelonas from their peccaminous corpicules (Gratings, Mr Dane!) and
{f10, 223}
kiss on their boots (Master!) as often as they came within bloodshot of that other familiar temple and showed em the celestine way to by his tristar and his flop hattrick and his perry humdrum dumb and numb nostrums that he larned in Hymbuktu; and that same gallo-roman cultous is very prevailend up to this windiest of laud-have-miseries all over what was beforeabouts a land of nods, in spite of all the bloot, all the braim, all the brawm, all the brile, that was shod, that were shat, that was shuk all the while, for our people at the Wickerworks still hold
{f39, 289}
ford to their healing and byleave in the old weighs downupon the Swanny innovated by him, the prence di Propagandi, the chrism for the christmass and the rock o' ralereality, and it is veritably belied, we belove, that not |7all the soupcans allsods of esoupcans7| that's in the queen's pottagepots and not |7all the green gold allfines ofº greendgold7| that the Indus contains would ever hinduce them (o.p.) to steeplechange back to their ancient flash and crash habits of old Pales time ere beam slewed cable or Derzherr, live wire, fired Benjermine Funkling outa th'Empyre, sin righthand son, which (h.o.o.p.t.), cummal, having listed curefully to his continental's curses, pummel, apostrophised Byrne's and Flaming's and Furniss's and Bill Hayses's and Ellishly Haught's, hoo, they let drop as a doombody drops without another word eitherways, as priesto as paddywhack, coal on: and, talking of missions made to scotch the schlang and leathercoats for murty magdies, of course this has blameall in that world to say to his private's jidgments when, so to put it, conn the shaughraun; but to return for a mere moment from the reptile's age to the coxswain on the first landing (page Ainée Riviere!), if the pretty elisabess, Hotel des Ruines — she laid her batsleeve for him two trueveres tell |7(Loves. |aAt Onº the Ides of Valentine'sº, ata| Idleness, Floods Area, Isolade, Liv's
{f10, 224}
lonely daughter, with |athea| Comes Tichiami, of |aabroad Primavista,º Abroada|, suddenly)
7|, and beauty alone of all dares say |7where when7| now in what niche of time is |~7shee Shee,º~| or where in the rose world |~trysting,~|7| that was the belle of La Chapelle, shapely Liselle, and the peg-of-my-heart of all the tompull, or on whose limbs-to-lave her semicupiose eyes now kindling themselves are brightning, the Shee who then (4.32 m.p.|7, old time,7| to be precise, accordant to all three doctors' waterburies, that was MacAuliffe and poor MacBeth and poor old |~7MacCamell MacGhimley~|7|, to the tickleticks, of the synchronisms, all lauschening, a time also confirmed seven sincuries later by the fourth medical johnny, poor old MacAdoo Aboo MacDollett, with notary, whose presence was required by the law) who, after the first compliments |7med darkist daylightº7|, gave him then that vantage of a Blinkensope's cuddlebath at her proper mitts — if she then, the then that matters — but, seigneur!, she could never have forefelt, as she yet will fearfeel, when the lovenext breaks out, such a coolcold douche as him, the totterer, doubling back in nowtime, O alors!, to mount miss (the wooeds of Fogloot!) under the chemise de fer and a vartryproof name, Multalusi (would it wash?), with a cheek white peaceful as, shall we say, a single professed claire's and his washawash tubatubtub and his diagonoser's lampblick to pure wher they where hornest girls, to buy her in, mon foie, if you plait, nunc and tunc and for simper, and other duel mavourneens in plurible numbers from Arklow Vikloe to Louth super Lusk, come messes, come mams, and touch your spottprice (for 'twas he was the born suborner, man), on behalf of an oldest ablished firma of winebakers, Lagrima und Gemiti, later on, his craft ebbing, invoked by the unirish title Grindings og Nash, the
{f39, 291}
One and Only, Unic bar None, lastly of Saint Yves by Landsend corner, man — ship me silver!, it must have been, faw!, a terrible mavrue mavrone to synamite up the old Adam-he-used-to, such a finalley, and that's flat as Tut's fut, for whowhowho?, the poour girl, a lonely peggy, given the bird, so isoladed as Crampton's peartree (she shall earn bitter bed by that sweet of her face!), and short wonder so manny of the tomthick and tarry members in all there
{f10, 225}
sobsequious ages upped to console with her at her mirrorable gracewindow'd hut till the ives of Manx, the O'Kneels and the O'Prayins and the O'Hyens of Lochlaunstown and the O'Hollerins of Staineybooter, hollyboys all, burryripe, who'll buy?, in juwelietry and kickychoses and madornaments and that's not the finis of it (would it were!) — but to think of him founding a nelliza the second also clipt buss (the best was still there if the torso was gone), where he did and when he did, retriever to the last — escapes my forgetness now was it dustcovered on Waterlow raid or street down — for merry a valsehood whisprit he to minny a lilying earling; and to try to analyse that ambo's pair of braceleans akwart the rollyon trying to amarm all of that miching micher's bearded but insensible virility |7and its gaulishº mousetachesº7| into her limited (tufftuff, que tu es pitre!) lapse at the same slapse for towelling ends in their delightful Sexsex home, Somehow-at-Sea (O little oily head, sloper's brow and prickled ears!), as though he, a notoriety, a foist edition, were a wrigular writher neonovene babe! — well, diarmuee and
{f39, 292}
granyou |7andº Vae Vinctis7|, if that is what lamoor that of gentle breast rathe is intaken seems circling towards out yondest heaven holp his hindmost and, mark me, if the so greatly displeaced diorems in the Saint Lubbock's Day number of that most improving of roundshows, Spice and Westend Woman (utterly exhausted before publication, indiapepper edition shortly), are for our indices, it agins to pear like it par my fay and there is no use for your pastripreaching for to cheese it either or praying fresh fleshblood claspers of young catholick throats on Huggin Green to take warnung by the trispast, why?, bycows Q man, in shirt, is how he is più la gonna è mobile and / they wonot do ut; and an you could peep inside the cerebralised saucepan of this our illwinded goodfornobody you would see in his house of thoughtsam what a jetsam litterage of
{f10, 226}
convolvuli of times lost or strayed, of lands derelict or sunk and of tongues laggin too, and not only that but, by searchlighting pharahead into faturity, your own convolvulis would real to jazzfancy the novo takingplace of what stale words whilom were woven with and fitted fairly featly for; so; and equally so the crame of it is that whenas the swiftshut soareyes of our pupilteachertaut duplex will hark back to lark to you that no mouth has the might to set a mearbound to the march of a landsmaul in half a sylb onward the beast of boredom common sense lurking down inside his loose Eating S.S. collar is gogoing to whisht to you sternly how) you must, haw, draw the line somewhawre.
{f39, 293}


Fig.1. Bass.

Coss? Cossist? Your parn! (And in truth he had albut lost himself, so had he gazed in the lazily eye of his lapis, Vieus Von DVbLIn) Given now ann linch you take enn all. And, heaving alljawbreakical expressions out of old Sire Isaac's universal of specious aristmystic unsaide, A is for Anna like L is for
{f10, 227}
liv. Ahahahah, Ante Ann, you're apt to ape aunty annalive! Dawn gives rise. Lo, lo, lives love! Eve takes fall. La, la, laugh leaves alass! Aiaiaiai, Antiann, we're last to the lost, Loulou! 'Tis perfect. Now (lens
{f39, 294}
your dappled eye here, mine's presbyoperian|7, shill undº wall7|), we see the copyink strayed line AL (in Fig., the forest) stops |7at ait7| Lambday. Modder ilond there too. |7I bring down noth and carry awe.7| Now then, take this |~7in, in!~|7| |~7with With~|7| Olaf as centrum and Olaf's lambtail for his spokesman circumscribe a cyclone. Hoop! As round as the calf of an egg! O, dear me! O, dear me now! |7|aAnother grand discobely!a| Why,º you haven't a passer!7| Fantastic! Early clever, surely doomed, to Swift's alas|7, theº galehus7|! |7Match of a matchness,º7| like your |7Bigdad7| Dadder in the bouedeville song, |7Gorotsky Gollovar's Troublesº,7| raucking his flavourite turvku in the smukking precincts of lydias. |7With Mary Owens and Dolly Monks seesidling to edge his cropulence and |~Blake Roche Blake-Roche,~| Kingston and Dockrell auriscentingº him from afurz.º7| Doweth knoweth him, |7ourº papacocopetl papacocopotl,7| Abraham Bradley King (tingting! tingting!)? |7By his magmasineº fall. Lumps, lavas and all.7| Bene! But it's not alover yet. The mystery repeats itself todate as our callback mothar Gaudyanna, that was daughter to a tanner, used to sing now and then consinuously over her possetpot hesterdie and istherdie and forivor and for a night and a day. Vanissas Vanistatums! In effect. I remumble, purr lil murrer of myhind, so she used indeed. Faithful departed. Rest in peace! What a wonderful memory you have too! Twonderful morrowy! Straorbinairr! Bene! |7Iº bring town eau and carr curry nothung up my sleeve.º7| Now springing quickenly
{f10, 228}
from the mudland Loosh from Luccan with Allhim as her Elder turn a somersault. Watch! Hop lala! As umpty herum as your seat! O, dear me, that was very nesse! Very nace indeed! Bene! Now, there's tew tricklesome poinds where our twain of doubling bicirculars dunloop into eath the ocher. Lucihere! I fee where you
{f39, 296}
mea. |7The doubleviewed seeds.7| |7Now Nunº7|, lemmas quatsch|7,7| and I think as I'm squeezing the limon |7stickme |apunktom punktumºa| butº7| I'd likelong to mack a capital Pee for Pride down there |7on the batom7| and let you go and orrange your modest mock Pie out of Humbles up your end. With a geign groan grunt and a croak click cluck. And my faceage kink and kurkle trying to make keek peep. Are you right there, Michael, are you right? Ay, I'm right here, Nickel, and I'll write. But it's the muddest thick that was ever heard dump. Now |7for semenal |arations reationsa|7| join alfa pea and pea loose by dotties and|7, to be more sparematically logoical,7| eelpie and paleale by trunkles. Like pat. I pea. Now, aqua in buccat, I'll make you to see figuratleavely the whom of your eternal
{f39, 297}
geomater. |7|aWhere Hoddum and Heave, our monsterbilker,º bauked his bawd of parodies.ºa| Hissss!º7| Arrah, go on! Fin for fun? |7You've spat your shower|a, syphsyphºa|.7| |7Let's Butº let's7| have at it! |7Subtendº to me now!7| Pisk! |7We Outer serpumstances beingº ekewilled, we7| carefully, if she pleats, lift up by her hem |7at its the |~spidsict of its spidsiest of her~| trickkikant7| (like thousands done before) the maidsapron of our A.L.P., fearfully!, till its nether nadir is vortically where its naval's napex will have to beandbe. You must come nearnear for at is dark. And fight your match. And this is what you'll say. Waaaaaa. Tch! |7Sluice!7| Pla! And there, redneck, mygh and thy, middenwedge of its stream's your muddy old triagonal delta plane for you now, |7appia lippia pluvaville,º7| the no niggard spot of her safety vulve, our first of all usquiluteral threeingles|7,º the constant of blank7| and Allaph Quaran's his bett und bier.
{f39, 298}
|7Paa lickam laa, all lickam pal!º7| This it is an her. You see her it. Which it whom you see it is her her. Quicks herit fossyending. Quef! O, dear me, look at that now! My Lourde! My Lourde! And a superpbosition! Quoint a quincidence! As Ollover Cromlech said when he slepped über his graunyamother. But you're holy mooxed and gaping up the wrong palce as if you was seeheeing the gheist that stays forenenst, you blessed simpletop domefool! You must lap |7wandret7| down the bluishing |~7reflection refluction~|7| below. Her trunk's not her braindbox. |7|aHere Heara| where the bolgylines.º Yseen here the puncture.º7| Luck! Well, well, well, well, well! O Dee, O Dee, that's very lovely! Very lively entirely! |7|aSo |banaletical analyticalb| plausible!ºa|
{f39, 300}
Want to join the police?º
7| You know, you were alwise one of the bright ones, since a foot made you an unmentionable, fakes. You know, you're the |7devil's divver's7| own smart gossoon, aequal to yoursell and unequo to anyother, so you are, hoax! You know, you'll be dampned, so you will, one of these invernal days, but you will be, carrotty.

Whereapool, gayed that he would have ever the lothst word, with a sweet me ah err eye ear marie to reat from the jacob's and a slypull |7for toothsake of his armjaws7| at the slidepage would|7, would and could,º7| candydissing P. Kevin, to fress up the rinnerung and to ate by hart |7(leo,º I read, such isº spanish, |~escribbis escribibis~|,º all yourº mycoscoups)7|, wont to nibbleh ihs mum to me in bewonderment of his chipper chuthor with his muffetee cuffs ownconsciously grafficking with his sinister cyclopes after trigamies pursuiting their rovinghamilton selves and godolphing in fairlove to see around the waste of noland's browne jesus (thur him no quartos!) till that on him so poorin sweat the juggaleer's veins (quench his quill!) in his napier scrag stud out bursthright tamquam
{f39, 301}
taughtropes. |7|aEt was Es wara| itwas in his priesterrite.7| O He Must Suffer! From this misbelieving feacemaker to his noncredible fancyflame. Ask for Bosthoon, late for Mass, pray for the blaablaablack sheep. (Sure, you could |7rite wright7| any pippap passage, Eye bet, as foyne as that moultylousy Erewhig yerself, mick! |7Nock the muddy nickers! Christ's Church varses Bellial!7|) Dear and he went on to scripple gentlemine born, milady bread, he would pen for her, he would pine for her, how he would patpun fun for all with his frolicky frowner so and his glumsome grinner otherso. And how are you, waggy? My animal is sorrafool! And trieste, ah trieste ate I my liver! Se non è vero son trovatore. O jerry! He was soso, harriot all! He was sadfellow, steifel! He was mistermysterion. Like a pyrate out of pensionce with a gouvernament job. All moanday, tearsday, wailsday, thumpsday, frightday, shatterday till the fear of the Law. Look at his twitchers! He was quisquis, floored on his plankraft of shittim wood. Look at him! Sink deep or touch not the Cartesian spring! Want more ashes, griper? Now |7diesmal7| he was lying low on his rawside laying siege to goblin castle. And, bezouts that, now |7hyenasmealº7| he was laying him long on his laughside lying sack to croakpartridge. (Be thou wars of |7his Rolaf'sº7| intestions!
{f39, 302}
quoths the |7reverend Bhagavat7| biskop Leech.) Ann opes |7too tipoo7| soon ear. If you could me lendtill my pascol's |7candle candle, sahib,7| and the price of a plate of poultice. Punked. With best apolojigs and |v7very merryv7| money thanks to self for the clericals and again begs guerdon for bistrispissing on your bunificence. Well, wiggywiggywagtail, and how are you, yaggy? With a capital Tea for Thirst. Blott.
{f10, 232}

Now (brush your saton hat, me elementato joyclid, son of a Butt! She's mine|7, Jow low jure,7| be Skibbering's eagles, sweet tart of Whiteknees Archway) watch him|7, having caught at |ahis thea| bifurking calamum |ain his bolsillosa|, the onelike underworp he |acould hada| everº funnet inº without difficulties, the aboleshqvick,7| signing away in |~7happynest happinest~|7| complete. |7(Canº you write |ame usa| a last line? From |~Smith-Jones-Browne Smith-Jones-Orbison~|?)º7| Intricatedly in years, jirryalimpaloop. And i Romain to fallthere at bare feet, hurryaswormarose. Hp u bn gd grl. Und alws my thts. |7|aTwo dies of one rafflement. Eche bennyache.a| Outstamp and distribute him at the expense of his society.7| To be continued. Anon.

And ook, ook, ook, fanky! |7All the cari charictures inº the drame!7| This is how San Holypolypools.
{f39, 303}
And this, pardonsky!, is the way Romeopullupaleaps. Pose the pen, man, way me does. Way Ole Missa |~7Yellatruth Yellatoothº~|7| fust show me how. Fourth power to her illpogue! Bould strokes for your life! Tip! This is Steal, this is Barke, this is Starn, this is Swhipt, this is Wiles, this is Pshaw, this are Dibbllinnbbayyates. This is brave Danny weeping his spache for the popers. This is cool Connolly wiping his hearth with brave Danny. And this, regard!, is how Chawleses Skewered paraparnelligoes between brave Danny boy and the Connolly. |7Upanishadem!7| Top. Spoken |v7has hath Arty Magory L'Artyº |~Maggory Magory~|v7|. Ergobragh! Prouf!

And Kev was wreathed with his pother.

But (that Jacoby feeling again for forebitten fruit! and Kevvy too just loves his puppadums!) after all his meddlied muddlingisms, thee faroots hof cullchaw end ate citrawn, woodint wun able rep of the triperforator awlrite blast through his pergaman do for the blessted selfchuruls smarter like it done for manny another unpious of the hairydary quare quandary firstlings till at length he measured his earth? could not but reckon in his adder's way our frankson who, to be plain, was misocain. Wince
{f39, 304}
wan's won! Rip! And his countinghands rose.

Loves deathow simple!