Finnegans Wake

II.1: Book II Chap. 1

Details of the various draft stages.

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

2010 edition FW pages 173-204
1939 edition FW pages 219-259

II.1 Sections
  • II.1§1 : FW 1939 219-222.21 (Dramatis Personae)
  • II.1§2 : FW 1939 222.22-236.32
  • II.1§3 : FW 1939 236.33-240.04
  • II.1§4 : FW 1939 240.05-244.12
  • II.1§5 : FW 1939 244.13-246.35
  • II.1§6 : FW 1939 246.36-257.02
  • II.1§7 : FW 1939 257.03-259
James Joyce began II.1, the opening episode of Book II — the “children's games” according to his 1926 plan (see Letters, I, 7 June 1926) — in late 1930 when he returned to Paris from Étretat. It was a difficult time for him and he found creative work hard going. He started with the longer section 2. By the 5th of November (Guy Fawkes day) he had managed a little over 1000 words. By late January 1931 the first draft was finished, and typed. He next dashed off early drafts of the briefer sections 3 and 4 before stopping, concentrating instead on taking notes that, although intended for the episode, were never used: see N40 (VI.B.28B).

He left Paris in April 1931 for London, where he lived for six months. His concentration continued to be sporadic and remained so for several years. While in London, he signed the contracts for Work in Progress (see Letters, Beach, 13 July and 19 July, 1931) and began the process of assembling copy to send to his publishers. For Joyce, assembling meant gathering together what he had already written (mainly copies of the episodes as published in transition and elsewhere) and further revising it. For Book I at least, the gathering part was accomplished fairly quickly (see Letters, III 27 October 1931), but the revising had to wait.

His work during the early 1930s consisted of disjoint periods of intense work, first on II.1, then on II.2, long stretches of rest, recuperation and illness, re-organising his notes, and revising his gathering of Book I, and later Book III, for Faber and Faber. He came to rely increasingly on a new friend, Paul Léon. His working relationship, and correspondence, with Sylvia Beach came to an end in or around 1932. For these reasons, it is often difficult to be precise regarding the dates of individual draft stages.

Outline of Book II

II.1 Plan
Book II plan; May-June 1926 (see Letters, I, 21 May, 7 June, and 15 July 1926).
  • MS: BL Add MS 47482a, fol. 2r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 3

Section One: 1939 FW 219-222.21

First draft (pencil and ink) of this short introduction (a dramatis personae): added in 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 2r, 3r, 4r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 6, 7, 8
  • Notebooks used: N41 (VI.B.33)°
Fair copy, 1932.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
II.1§1.2 (See also II.1§1.2+)
Typescript, 1932.
Carbons of above with two new additions and with some (though not all) of the overlay on §1.2 copied in: it is not clear whether the omissions were intended or not; 1932.
Second typescript: the recto of fol. 23 (fol.23v carries additions for both fols. 48r and 49r) is a typescript of a fragment of text that, though clearly intended for it, was never used in II.1. Instead, it, or a carbon of it, was later used as the source of material for II.2§5.0; 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 23v, 48r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 30, 11
  • Notebooks used: N43 (VI.B.35)

Section Two: 1939 FW 222.22-236.32

II.1§2.0 (See also II.1§2.0+)
Fair copy, written on the versos of carbons of III§4.4, probably first draft from fol. 10r on (ink). Joyce began work on 19 October 1930 and by mid-November had about half done (see Letters, III, 22 October, Beach ca. November, BLHW, 5 November, Stuart Gilbert diary 14 November, and I, 22 November [for an image see NLPL], 1930).
A small number of revisions, including one long addition (‘The Fomor's in his Fin, the Momor's her und hin. A paaralone! A paaralone! And Dublin's all adin.’), missing, for fols 20r and 21r above; 1930 or early 1931.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
II.1§2.1 (See also II.1§2.1+ and II.1§2.1++)
First typescript (carbon); probably November 1930-Spring 1931. Included under the letter A is a lost three-paragraph addition to fol. 30r, typed on the verso of fol. 29r, intended to follow the ‘youthful poem’ (1939 FW 231): ‘Byfall? Amaidst those pinnifores? Here, here there hilarities! / Lame get duck and drake your lives and fake your lie and rake your lice! Tame, get luck and take your likes while madsomer nighs into dawning! / And him, unwinged ones!’ (fol.29v). The recto of fol. 23 (its verso carries additions for both fols. 48r and 49r) is a typescript of a fragment of text that, though in itself unused, later served as a source of material for II.2§5.0.
Retyped pages of 2.1; probably late 1931 or early 1932 (see Letters, BLHW, 8 October 1931 and 4 January 1932). The following lost addition was designed to follow ‘Fled.’ (1939 FW 224.34): ‘The hopes they felt so elpliss, every waiting for her one that all left for Dolorado and now there was none.’ (fol. 54r); 1930 or early 1931.
Retype of fol. 57r; 1930 or early 1931.

Section Three: 1939 FW 236 33-240.04

First draft (pencil) written on the versos of carbons of III§4.4; probably late 1930 or early 1931.
Fair copy (ink) written on the versos of carbons of III§4.4; late 1930 or early 1931.
II.1§3.2 (See also II.1§3.2+ and II.1§3.2++)
Typescript; probably late 1931 or early 1932.
Retyped pages of §3.2; late 1931 or early 1932.
Retyped version of part of fols. 69r-70r; late 1931 or early 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 71r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 90

Sections Four and Five: 1939 FW 240.05-244.12, 244.13-216.36

First draft (pencil) written on the versos of carbons of III§4.4; probably Spring 1931.
Missing draft, possibly a fair copy; 1931.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
Typescript; 1931 or 1932.
Missing draft, carbon of §4.2 or new TS, with minor revision; 1931 or 1932.
First draft (ink); probably early 1932.
Missing draft, minor revision; probably early 1932.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
Joyce stopped working at the beginning of May 1932 (see, Letters, BLHW, 7 May and 23 July, 1932) and did not resume work until the end of August (see Letters, NLPL, 28 August, 1932).
Typescript; probably August or September 1932. (See also II.1§4.4+/5.2+ and II.1§4.4++/5.2++)
Extradraft material; probably August or September 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 80v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 106
Retyped pages of §4.4/5.2 (missing); probably August or September 1932.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
Retyped pages of §4.4+/5.2+; probably August or September 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 78r, / (78r), 79r, 80r, Δ, 83r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 107-109

§1-5: copy for transition 22

Setting typescript (missing) for first part of the episode; probably September 1932.
Extradraft material (part of Sheets I) for the above draft stage. See also §6D.0, §6CE.0 and §6B.3χ; -; §4.6, and III§3A.8; §4.6 and §6CB.1χ; probably September 1932.
Typescript versions (part of Sheets I) of extradraft material. See also §6CA.2/§6CE.2, §6B.3χ, §6CB.3χ, §6D.2, §6D.0χ, §6CC.2; probably September 1932.
In an unusual development, negotiations for the separate, fine-press publication of II.1 began in advance of its publication in transition (see Letters, BLHW, 10 October 1932). This came about because the Servire Press of The Hague, Holland, the printers hired by transition for this issue, were also publishers. The following, first proofs for transition look very different from the version ultimately published in the magazine. They look more like sample proofs for a fine-press edition.
Unmarked copy of proofs of first five sections of II.1 (incomplete, missing pages 1-16); September 1932 (see Letters, I, 6 Sep 1932 and BLHW, 17 October 1932). The type-font is different from that later used in transition 22.
  • MS: Δ / Δ Tulsa, Léon Collection, pages 17-26, / 26-30, / 30-34, / 34-37
  • JJA: not reproduced

Sections Six and Seven: 1939 FW 246.36-259

The revision of the first five and the composition of the final two sections of II.1 appear to have been done in a hurry in late 1932 in the midst of confusion. MSS were mislaid or lost, and a new apartment had to be found (see Letters, BLHW 18 October, 21 October, I, 11 November, 1932). Section Seven might even have been drafted before Section Six (see Letters, I, 25 November). The latter is made up of a number of discrete Subsections (outlined in below) written and revised in a complex manner. The autograph of the first drafts of these was made in pencil; some scribal copies and retypes of these fragments remain, although many intermediate draft stages are missing.
First draft; late 1932.
Fair copy; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 127r, 127v, Δ
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 124-125
  • Notebooks used: N36 (VI.B.29)
First draft; late 1932.
First draft (see also §4.5χ and §4.6χ for material on verso); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 93r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 176
  • Notebooks used: N41 (VI.B.33)
First draft; late 1932.
First draft of passage (see also §1.4χ, §4.5χ, §2.2χ and §6B.3χ); late 1932.
First draft/fair copy, prepared in several stages in October-November 1932 (for fols. 128-131, see Letters, HRCRC, 25 November 1932: for the extra paragraph promised in the letter see fols. 132-133, and for the insertions supplied, see fol. 134).
First draft of this segment, written on a sheet of TS (after it had been copied) of §6CF.2+; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 122r, 122v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 121, 190
  • Notebooks used: SD1 (VI.A)
Extradraft material used to construct §6B.0; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 112v, 112r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 122-123
  • Notebooks used: N36 (VI.B.29)
Extradraft material (see also §1.4χ and §6D.0χ); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 85r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 146
  • Notebooks used: N34 (VI.B.27)
Extradraft material for the first draft (see also §1.4χ, §2.2χ, and §4.5χ); late 1932.
Missing draft; late 1932.
Missing draft; late 1932.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
Missing draft; late 1932.
Copy sent to Stuart Gilbert for typing (see Letters, HRCRC, 25 November 1932); §6D.0 may be part of it; late 1932.
  • MS: missing, except for the additions specified in the letter
  • JJA: not reproduced
  • Notebooks used: SD1 (VI.A)°, N34 (VI.B.27)
Fair copy. Written in blue-black ink on the rectos of two leaves of plain wove paper (269x210mm), a small “x” in green pencil or crayon at the top left corner of the first leaf. Part of the Gilvarry Collection sold at aution. The first page is reproduced in the catalogue; late 1932.
  • MS: Private collection
  • JJA: not reproduced.
Extradraft material (see also §4.5χ); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 84v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 165
  • Notebooks used: N41 (VI.B.33)
Extradraft material (see also §2.3χ, §3.4χ); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 111r
  • JJA: 51: 161
Extradraft material; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 119v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 184
II.1§6A.2/6CF.2 (See also II.1§4.4+/5.2+)
Typescript, incomplete; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 118r, missing, 119r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 116, 117
  • Notebooks used: SD1 (VI.A), N41 (VI.B.33)°
Retyped versions of portion of §6A.2/6CF.2 (see also §6E.0); late 1932.
II.1§6B.2 (See also II.1§6B.2+)
Typescript with hologaph insertion. (See also §5.4χ); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 135r, 136r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 127, 128
  • Notebooks used: N36 (VI.B.29)
Typed version of insertion to §6B.2; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 137r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 126
Typescript (see also §2.2χ'); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 100r, 103r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 191, 193
Typescript (see also §6CC.2); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 101r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 198
  • Notebooks used: N41 (VI.B.33)
Typescript versions of §6CC.0 and §6CC.0χ above; and a holograph draft of a passage to be added. See also §4.5χ, §2.2χ' and §6CB.2; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 101r, 102r; 94r, 95r, 95v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 198, 192; 178, 179, 180
  • Notebooks used: N41 (VI.B.33)
Typescript, incomplete; followed by typescript of some insertions (see also §4.5χ, and §5.4χ); late 1932.
Missing draft, probably typescript; late 1932.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced.
First draft; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 144r, 145r, 146r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 138-140
  • Notebooks used: N29 (VI.B.21)
Extradraft material; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 147r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 141
  • Notebooks used: N29 (VI.B.21)
Missing draft; late 1932.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced

§6-7: copy for transition 22

Setting typescript (missing) for transition 22; late 1932.
Extradraft material (see also §4.5χ, §6CE.0, §6D.3χ); late 1932.
Typed version of extradraft material (see also §2.2χ', §6CA.2, §6CE.2); late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 100r, 99r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 191, 197
Draft of one revision (see also §2.2χ', §6CA.2, §6CE.2); late 1932.
Fair copy of passages to be added; late 1932.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fol. 107r, 108r, 108v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 181, 182, 183
  • Notebooks used: N41 (VI.B.33)
Extradraft material. November 1932; see also §6CE.0 and §6B.3χ.

proofs for transition 22

The reset proofs finally arrived late December 1932 and, with Paul Léon's help, were revised and sent off within days (see Letters, NLPK, 27 December 1932, 3 January and NLFF, 3 January, 1933). It would appear that most of the new material was ready and waiting for the arrival of the proofs (see Letters, I, 12 December 1932). There were at least two marked-up copies, so it is unfortunate that none has survived.
II.1§1.5/2.3/3.4/4.6/5.4/6.4/7.3 (See also II.1§4.6)
Proofs (missing) for transition 22; the first 5 sections were reset (the font changed, whether before or after revision is unknown); end of December 1932.
Passages in Stuart Gilbert's hand, keyed to §4.6' pagination though clearly intended for transition 22 proofs.
Extradraft material, including an intermediate typescript page with an unused authorial addition ‘Then she was lipping the swells o[n] merry young stand’ (cf. N35 (VI.B.24).138(a) used in III.4); end of December 1932.
Extradraft material for emendations to the missing proofs (see also §6D.3χ, §6CF.1χ and 6B.2); end of December 1932.
transition 22 was published on 21 February 1933.

Copy for The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies

At the end of 1932, after he had corrected the transition 22 proofs, Joyce suffered a nervous collapse (see Letters, I, 2 January, and, III, 4 January, 1933). In March 1933, he arranged for the delivery to Faber and Faber of copy relating to Book I (marked-up copies of transition 1-7, “The Mookse and the Gripes”, and Anna Livia Plurabelle: see Letters, NLFF, 10 March 1933). It is likely that he had worked on these in January-February 1933, before starting, or rather resuming, work on II.2.

Meanwhile, negotiations continued with both The Servire Press and Faber and Faber regarding the fine-press publication of the II.1 piece (see Letters, NLSP, 12 February). He was essentially finished with it. He made only relatively minor revisions and corrections to the episode for the deluxe edition (see Letters, NLSP, 3 October, 1933) other than adding a title (see Letters, NLPK, 20 June, 1933). In early January 1934 he sent an intricate design, a kind of abstract dancer in three colours by Lucia Joyce, for the cover (see Letters, NLPK, 3 January and 11 January, 1934). Lucia also supplied an initial letter and a floral tailpiece in seven colours.

Concern for his daughter filled Joyce's days and sapped his energy during this period. Within a few weeks, following another scene, in another attempt at a cure, she was sent away again (see Letters, BLHW, 11 March 1934).

II.1§1.6/2.4/3.5/4.7/5.5/6.5/7.4 (See also II.1§2.4')
Marked pages of transition 22 for The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies; January-February 1934.
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
  • Notebooks used: N45 (VI.B.43), only 1 unit identified.
A few corrections marked in on Paul Léon's copy of transition 22; January-February 1934.
Proofs of The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies; February 1934 (see Letters, NLSP, 10 February 1934).
  • MS: missing
  • JJA: not reproduced
The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies was published in late May 1934 (see Letters, III, 1 June 1934).
Typescript of corrections for The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies noted by Harriet Weaver and sent to Joyce in July 1934 (see Letters, III, 10 July 1934). Not used directly, though most of the errors listed were caught in later drafts.
  • MS: Tulsa p. 1
  • JJA: not reproduced

Copy for Faber and Faber

II.1§1.8/2.6/3.7/4.9/5.7/6.7/7.6 (See also II.1§1.8+/2.6+/3.7+/4.9+/5.7+/6.7+/7.6+)
Pages from The Mime (incomplete) revised; probably late 1937.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 149r-v, 150r-v, 151r-v, / (151v), 159r-v, 153r-v, 154r-v, 155r-v, 156r-v, 157r-v, 158r-v, 159r-v, 16Or-v, 161r-v, 162r-v, 163r-v, 164r-v, 165r-v, 166r-v, / (166v), l67r-v, 168r-v, 169r-v, / (169v), 170r-v, 171r-v, 172r-v, / (172v), 173r-v, 174r-v, 175r, / (175r), 175v, 176r-v, l77r-v, 178r-v, l79r-v, δ, 180r-v, 181r-v, 182r-v, 183r-v, 184r-v, / (184v), 185r-v, 186r-v, 187r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 201-277
  • Notebooks used: N52 (VI.B.42), N53 (VI.B.46), VI.C.12°, VI.C.18
Extradraft material for above draft level; late 1937.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47488, fol. 254r, / BL Add MS 47477, fol. 187v
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 278-279
  • Notebooks used: N53 (VI.B.46)
Pages of The Mime with the additions from the preceding draft typed, prepared for the printer of Finnegans Wake; late 1937.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 190r, 159r, 190v, 191r, 192r, 193r, 192v, 194r, 195r, 195v, 196r, / (195v), (196r), 197r, 197v, 198v, 199r, 199v, 200r, 201v, 202r, 202v, 203r, 204r, 203v, 205r, 206r, 207r, 206v, 208r, 209r, 208v, 210r, 211r, 212r, 211v, 213r, 214r, 214v, 215r, 216r, 216v, 217r, 218r, 219r, 218v, 220r, 221v, 222r, 223r, 222v, / (222v), 224r, 225r, 224v, 226r, 227r, 228r, 227v, 229r, 230r, 231r, / (230v), (231r), 232r, 233r, 232v, 234r, 235r, 236r, 235v, 237r, 238r, 239r, 238v, 240r, / (238v), 241r, 242r, 241v, 243r, 244r, 245r, 244v, 246r, / 247v, 248r, 250v, 253r, 253v, 254r, 254v, 255r, 256r, 257r, 258r, 259v, 260r, 261r, 262r, 261v, 263r, / (261v), (263r), 264r, 265r, 264v, 266r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 282-391
  • Notebooks used: VI.C.18°

Proofs for Finnegans Wake II.1 (1939 FW 219-259)

II.1§1.9/2.7/3.8/4.10/5.8/6.8/7.7 (See also II.1§5.8' and II.1§1.9+/2.7+/3.8+/4.10+/5.8+/6.8+/7.7+)
Galley proofs 252-277 (galley 277 includes the opening paragraph of II.3) for Finnegans Wake; dated by the printer 19 January 1938 and 29 January 1938 (see Letters, NLHW, 2 February 1938); sent to Harriet Shaw Weaver 16 June 1938.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. 271r, 272r, 272v, 273r, 273v, 274r, / (273v), (274r), 274v, 275r, 276r, 276v, 277r, 277v, 278r, 278v, 279r, 279v, 280r, 280v, 281r, 281v, 282r, 282v, 283r, / (282v), (283r), 283v, 284r, / (284r), 284v, 285r, 285v, 286r, 286v, 287r, / (286v), (287r), 287v, 288r, 288v, 289r, / (288v), (289r), 289v, 290r, 290v, 291r, 291v, 292r, 292v, 293r 293v, 294r, 294v, 295r, / (295r), 295v, 296r, 296v; BL Add MS 47479, fol. 167r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 394-445
  • Notebooks used: N53 (VI.B.46), N54 (VI.B.45), N55 (VI.X.5), VI.C.18°
Draft of a passage appearing on Galley 255 above, written on a page used in II.3§6.4 (later removed from II.3); it includes a few revisions added in later and copied onto the page proofs (see below II.1§2.8); September 1938.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47480, fol. 210r
  • JJA: 55 (II.3(2)): 363
  • Notebooks used: N53 (VI.B.46)
Copy of galley proofs 267-8 containing text (“the Zoo piece“) marked for publication in Verve. This was presumably typed and then revised by Joyce. The typescript (and thus most of the original revisions) are missing. The galleys themselves contain only typed versions of the additions (see Letters, NLPL, 16 February 1938); February 1938.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols. (286v), (287r), (287v), (288r)
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 424-427
  • Notebooks used: N54 (VI.B.45)
“A Phoenix Park Nocturne” appeared in Verve vol. I no. 2, published in Paris March 1938.
Duplicate (missing) of galley proofs prepared for the printer of Finnegans Wake; sent to Faber and Faber at the end of June 1938 (see Letters, NLFF, 1 June and 27 June, 1938).

Page proofs for II.1 (1939 FW 219-259)

II.1§1.10/2.8/3.9/4 11/5.9/6.9/7.8 (See also II.1§1.10'/2.8'/3.9'/4.11'/5.9'/6.9'/7.8')
Page proofs, first set, for Finnegans Wake (continuous with those for II.2§1.14'; see also §2.7χ); dated by the printer 20 September 1938 and 23 September 1938.
  • MS: BL Add MS 47477, fols 299r-v, 300r-v, / (300v), 301r-v, 302r-v, 303r-v, 304r-v, 305r-v, 306r-v, 307r-v, / (307v), 308r-v, 309r-v, / (309v), 310r-v, 311r-v, / (311v), 312r-v, / (312v), 313r-v, 3l4r-v, 315r-v, 316r-v, 317r-v / 318r-v, 319r
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): 449-489
II.1§1.10'/2.8'/3.9'/4 11'/5.9'/6.9'/7.8'
Page proofs, first set, duplicates, with the revisions on above set repeated; dated by the printer 17 September 1938, 20 September 1938 and 23 September 1938; this, or the above set, was returned to Faber and Faber 19 November (see Letters, NLFF, 21 November 1938).
  • MS: Tulsa, O 219-224, P 225-240, Q 241-256, R 257-259
  • Notebooks used:
II.1§1.10+/2.8+/3.9+/4 11+/5.9+/6.9+/7.8+
Page proofs, second set, no revisions were made at this draft stage; dated by the printer 6 December 1938 and 9 December 1938.
  • MS: Tulsa, O' 219-224, P' 225-240, Q' 241-256, R' 257-259

Errata for II.1 (1939 FW 219-259)

Errata for Finnegans Wake, begun in 1939 by marking up an unbound copy of the first edition (see Letters, NLFF, 22 July, NLPL 10 August, 19 August, and NLFF, 30 August, 1939) and completed in the summer of 1940 at Saint Gerand-le Puy; the corrections were then typed in duplicate (Buffalo VI.H.4.b, c) or triplicate and given to Maria Jolas on 28 August, 1940 for delivery in New York to B.W. Huebsch of the Viking Press. Presumably a copy was also sent to Faber and Faber.
  • MS: Buffalo VI.H.4.a, pp. 219-259; VI.H.4.b, fols. 13-15; VI.H.4.c, fols. 13-15
  • JJA: 51 (II.1): not reproduced; 492-494; not reproduced