Faber and Faber (London: 1939) II.1§4

First edition, first printing (details)

But low, boys low,º he rises, shrivering, withº his spittyful eyes and his whoozebecome woice. Ephthah! Cisamis! Examen of conscience scruples now he to the best of his memory schemado. Nu mere for ever siden on the stolen. With his tumescinquinance in the thight of his tumstull. No more singing all the dags in his sengaggengº. Experssly at hand counterhand. Trinitatis kink had mudded his dome, peccat and pent fore,º pree. Hymserf, munchaowl, maden, born of thug tribe into brood blackmail, dooly redecant allbigenesisº henesies. He, by bletchendmacht of the golls, proforhim penance and come off enternatural. He, selfsufficiencer, eggscumuddher-in-chaff sporticolorissimo, what though the duthsthrows in his lavabad eyes, maketomake polentay rossum, (Good savours queen with the stem of swuith Aftreck! Fit for king of Zundas)º out of bianconies, hiking ahake like any nudgemeroughgorudeº all over Terracuta. No more throw acids, face all lovabilities, appeal for the union and play for tirnitys. He, praise Saint Calembaurnus, make clean breastsack of goody girl now as ever drank milksoep from a spoen, weedhearted boy of potter and mudder, |shchip ofº old Flinn the Flintersh|, twig of the hider that tanned him. He go calaboosh all same he tell him out. Teufleufº man he strip him all mussymussy calico blong him all same he tell him all out how he make what name. He, through wolkenic connection, relation belong this remarklableº molimanº, Anaks Andrum, parleygluttonº pure blood Jebusite, centy procent Erserum spoking. Drugmallt storehuse. Intrance on back. Most open on the laydays. He, A. A., in peachskin shantungs, possible, |shsoothº to say,ºsh| notwithstanding far former guiles and he gaining fish considerable, by saving grace after avalunch,º to look most prophitableº out of smily skibluh eyeº. He repeat of |shhim as pious aliossh| |shcos he ast for shave and haircut people said he'd shape of hegoatº where he just was sheep of herrgott with his tile togged.| Not true what chronicles is bringing his portemanteau |shpriamed fullsh| potatowards.
{f39, 241}
Big dumm crumm digaditchies say short again akter, even while lossassinated by summan,º he coaxyorum a pennysilversº offarings bloadonages with candid zuckers on Spinshessesº Walk in presents to lilithe maidinettes |shfor at bloo his nooseº for himsh| |shwith pruriest pollygameous inatentionsº, |shhe having that pecuniaritysh| ailmint spectacularly in heather cliff emurgency on gale days because souffrant chronic from a |shplentitudesh| of house tortssh|. |shCollosulº rhodomantic not wert one bronze lie Scholarinaº say as he, greyed vike cuddlepullerº walk in her sleepº his pig indicks weg femtyfemº| Of so little is her timentrousnestº great for greeting his immensesness. Suttº soonas sett they were, her uyes as his auroholesº. Kaledvalch! |shHow couldº one classically? One could naught criticallyº.sh| |shIninest lightingshaft only for lovalit smugpipe, his Mistress Mereshame, of cupric tresses, the formwhite foaminine, the ambersandalled, after Aasdocktor Talop's onamuttony legture.ºsh|º |shAº mish, holy balm of seinsed myrries,º he is as good as a mountainsh| andº everybody what is found of his gients he knewº Meistral |shWikingsonºsh|, furframed Noordwogen's kampftenº, |shwith complexion of blushing dolomite fanned by ozeoneº brisees,sh| what naver saw his bedshead farrer and nuver met his swigamore, have his |shignomensh| from prima signation of being |shMaster Milchkush|, |shqueerest man in the benighted queendom,sh| and, adcraft aidant, |shhow he found the| Other accuseº him as lochkneeghed forsunkener, dope in stockknob, all ameltingmoultº after rhomatism, purely simply tammy ratkins. The kurds of Copt on the berberutters and their bedaweens! Even was Shesº whole begeds off before all his nahars in the koldbethizzdryel. No gudth! Not one zouz! |shThey whiteliveried ragsups, twoº Whales of the Sea of Deceit,sh| |shthey bloodiblabstard shooters,º three Dromedaries of the Sandsº of| As is note worthies to shock his hind! Ur greeft on them! Such askors and their ruperts they are putting in for more osghirs is alse false liarnels. The frockenhaltedº victims! Whore affirm is agains sempry Lotta Karssens. They would lick their lenses before they would negatise a jom petterº from his sodalites. In his contrary and on reality, which Bichop Babwithº bares to his whitness in his Just a Fication of
{f39, 242}
, this Mr Heerº Assassor Neelson,º of sorestate hearing, diseased, formarlyº with Adenoiks, den feed all lighty, laxtleap great change of retiring family buckler, highly accurectº in his everythinks,º |shfrom tencents coupoll to bargain basement,sh| live with howtholdº of nummer seven, |shwideawake, woundabout, wokinbetts, weeklings,sh| in black velvet on geolgian mission senest mangy yearsº hisº rear in the lane pictures,º blanking same with autonaut and annexesº and got a daarlingt babyboy bucktooth, the thick of a gobstick, coming on ever so nerses nurselyº gracies to goodess, at 81. Thatº why all parks up excited about his gunnfodder. That why ecrazyaztecs and the crime ministers preaching him mornings and makes a power of spoon vittles out of his praverbs. That why he, persona erectaº, glycorawmanº arsenicful femorniser, for a trial by julias, in celestial sunhat, with two pursesº agitatatingº his theopot with wokkleboutº shake,º rather incoherend,º from one 18 to one 18 bissº, young shy gay youngs. Sympoly farº infusing up pritty tipiditiesº to lock up their rhainodaisies and be nice and twainty in the shade. Old grand tuttutº toucher up of young poetographies and he turn aroundabrupthº red altfrumpishly like hear samhar tionnor falls some make one noise. It's his last lap, Gigantic, fare him weal! Revelation! A fact. True bill. By aº jury of matrons. Hump for humbleness, dump for dirts. And, to make a long stoney badder and a whorly show a parfectº sight, his Thing went the wholyway retupº Suffrogate |shStratesh|.

Helpmeat too, contrasta toga, his fiery goosemother, laotsey taotsey, woman who did, heº tell princes of the age about. You sound on me, judges! Suppose we brisken up. Kings!º |shMeetº the Mem, Avenlith, all viviparoussh| |shout of couple of lizardssh|. |shShe just as fenny as he is| |shHow laat soever her latestsh| still |shher sawlogs come up all| Psing a psalm of psexpeans, apocryphul of rhyme.º |shHis cheekmole of allaphº foriverever her allinall and his Kuranº never teachit her the be theº owner of| |shSo she not swop her eckcot hjemº for Howarden's Castle,| But be the alleance of iern on his flamen vestacoat, |shthe fibule of broochbronze to his wintermantle of pointefoxsh|.º Who not knows she, the Madame Cooley-Couleyº, spawife to laird of manna, when first
{f39, 243}
come into the
pictures more as hundreads elskerelks' yahrds of annams call awayº, factory fresh and fiuming at the mouth, wronged by Hwemwednoget (magrathmagreeth, he takable a rap for that early party) and whenceforward Aniº Mama and her fiertey bustlesº terrified of |shgmere gnomes ofsh| gmountains and furibound to be back in her mytinbeddy? Schi schi, she feightened allsouls at pignpugn and gets a panº in her stummi from the pialabellars in their pur war. |shYet jackticktatingº all around her about his poorliness due to pannellismº and grimesh| |shfor that he harboured her when feme sole, her zoravarn lhorde and givnergenral, and led her in antient consort ruhm and bound her durant covertureº so as she couldº not steal from him, ozº her or damman,sh| |sh so as ifº ever she's beleaved by checkenbrooth death since both was parties to the feed it's Hetman MacCumhal foots the| Mealwhileº |shshe nutre him jacentsh| |shfrom her elmer's almsdishsh|, giantar and tschaina as sieme as bibrondas with Foli Signur's tinner roumanschy to fishle the ladwigs out of his lugwags, like a skittering kitty skattering hayels,º |shwhen his favourites were all beruffled on him and her own undesirables justickulating, it was such a blowick| Winden wanden wild like wenchen wenden wanton. |shThe why if he but would bite and plug his baccypipes and renownse the devlins in all their pumbs and kip the streelwarkers out of the plague and nettleses milk from sickling the honeycoombe and kopº Ulo Bubo selling foulty treepes, she wouldº make massa dinars with her savuneerº dealinsh andº delicate her nutbrown glory cloack to Mayde Berenice and hang herself in Ostmannstown Saint Megan'ssh| and make no more mulierage before mahatmas or moslemans,º butº would ondulate her shookerloft hat from Alpoleary with a viv baselgia and a clamast apotria like any purple cardinal's princess or woman of the grave word to the papalº legate from the Vatucumº, Monsaigneur Rabbinsohn Crucis, with an ass of milg to his cowmate and chilterlingsº on account of all he quaqueduxed for the hnor of Hrom and the nations abhord him and wop mezzo scudo to Sant Pursy Orelli that gave Luiz-Marios Josephsº their loyal devouces to be offered up missas for vowts for widders.
{f39, 244}

Hear, O worldwithout! Tiny tattling! Backwoods, be wary! Daintytrees, go dutch! ººº

Butº who comes yond with pire on poletop? He who relights our spearing torch, the moon. Bring lolave branches to mud cabins and peace to the tents of Ceder, Neomenie! The feast of Tubbournigglers is at hand. Shopshup. Inisfail! Timple temple tells the bells. In syngagyng a sangasongue. For all in Ondslosby.º And,º the hag they damename Coverfew hists from her lane. Andº haste,º 'tis time for bairns ta hame. Chickchilds, comeho to roo. Comehome to roo, wee chickchilds doo,º when the wildworewolf'sº abroad. Ah, let's away and let's gay and let's stay chez where the log foyer's burning!