1st typescript, 1931-1932, II.1§4 draft level 2

MS British Library 47477 74-75 Draft details

But low, boys, low he rises, shrivering. |2he he examen of conscience scruples now he |ato the best of his memorya| make penance and2| be good. He relation belong this remarkable |2man. molimen. Pure blood Jebusite.2| Intrance on back. Most open on the laydays. He possible to look |2joylike most prophitable2| out of smily |2blue skibluh2| eyes. Not true his portmanteau fulled potatowards.
{f39, 241}
Big dumm crumm |2digaditchies say2| he |2coaxyorum2| offering barley zuckers in presents to maidinettes. Other accuse about him |2all as lochkneeghed forsunkener |awith a great all a meltingmoultºa| after rhomatism, purely simple2| tommy rotkins. In his contrary this Heer Assassor Neelsoen lastleap great change of retiring family buckler, highly accurrect in his everythinks, live with howthhold of number seven in black velvet sidden mangy yaars and got a bayboy bucktooth coming on ever so nursely at 81. That why all parks up excited about his gunnfadder. That why he |2man |aupright person upreght person,a| glycorawman,º arsenicful feminist2| with two purses, agitating his theopot with wokkleabout shake, rather uncoherend, from one 18 to one 18 bis. Old grand tut tut toucher up of young poetographies and he turn aroundabrupt red |2alldamishly allfrumpishly2| falls some make one noise. |2It's his last lap Gigantic, fare him weal!2| A fact. True bill. By a jury of matrons. |2Hump for humbleness, dump for dirts.2| And his thing went the wholyway |2up rutupº2| Suffrogate Street.

|2Helpmeat too|a, his fiery goo goosemother, woman who did,a| heº tell princes of the age about. Who not knows she, |awhen first
{f39, 243}
come into the
picturesa| |afactory fresha| early wronged by whomsoever |a|xhe take a rap for that |aearlya| partyx|a| and whenceforward|a, Aniº Mama and her forty bustles,ºa| terrified of mountains? But would wave her hat to the papal legate on account of all he quaqueduxed.
{f39, 244}

|2⇒ Butº who comes yond with pire on poletop? He who relights the moon moon. and Andº the hag they |acall damenamea| Coverfew hists from her lane. And haste,º 'tis time for bairn to hame. |a|bDa'mselles Chickchildsb|, we comeho to roo. Comehome to roo as chickchilds doa|2|

|s2⇒ Meanwhile elles parlent.s2|