The Mime

1st and 2nd roofs of transition, December 1932, II.1§4 draft level 6', 6

MS missing; Tulsa 30-34, British Library 47477 109-110 Draft details

But low, boys, low he rises, shrivering, with his spittyful eyes and his whoozebecome woice. Ephthah! Cisamis! Examen of conscience scruples now he to the best of his memory do. He dooly redecant allbigenesis' henesies. He proform penance. He make polentay rossum out of bianconies hiking ahake like any nudgemenoughgorude all over Terracuta. No more throw acids, face all lovabilities. He make clean breast of goody girl now as ever drank (6milksoup milksoep6) from a spoon, weedhearted boy of potter and mudder, chip off old flint, twig of the hider that tanned him. He relation belong this remarkable moliman, Anaks Andrum, pure blood Jebusite. Intrance on back. Most open on the laydays. He possible, sooth to say, notwithstanding he gaining fish considerable, to look most prophitable out of smily skibluh eyes. He repeat of him as pious alios cos he ast for shave and haircut people said he'd shape of hegoat where he just was sheep of herrgot with his tile togged top. Not true his portmanteau (6fulled |shpriamed fullsh|6) potatowards.
{f39, 241}
Big dumm crumm digaditchies say he coaxyorum offering barley zuckers on Spinisters' Walk in presents to (6lilithe6) maidinettes for at bloo his noose for him with pruriest pollygameous inattentions, he having that pecuniarity (6spectacularly on gale days6) because souffrant (6chronic6) from a plentitude of house torts. Colossul rhodomantic lie Scholarina say when he walk in her sleep his pig indicks weg more als femtifem funts. How coold one classically? One could naught clitically. Ininest lightingshaft only for lovalit smugpipe, his Mistress Mereshame, of cupric tresses, the formwhite foaminine, the ambersandalled. A mish he is as good as a mountain, and everybody he know Meisther Wickingson, with complexion of blushing dolomite fanned by ozeon brisees, have his ignomen of being Master Milchku, queerest man in the benighted queendom, and how he found the kids. Other accuse about him as lochkneeghed forsunkener, all a meltingmoult after rhomatism, purely simply tommy ratkins. They whiteliveried ragsups, two whales of the Sea of (6Dezeit Deceit6), they bloodiblabstard shooters, three Dromedaries of the Sands of Calumdonia. In his contrary this Heer Assassor Neelsoen laxtleap great change of retiring family buckler, highly accurrect in his everythinks, from tencents top to bargain basement, live with howthhold of number seven(6, |shwideawake, woundabout, wokinbetts, weeklings,sh|6) in black velvet sidden mangy yaars and got a babyboy bucktooth coming on ever so nursely at 81. That why all parks up excited about his gunnfodder. That why he, (6upricht person persona erectaº6), glycorawman, arsenicful feminister, with two purses, agitating his theopot with wokkleabout shake, rather uncoherend, from one 18 to one 18 bis. Old grand tut tut toucher up of young poetographies and he turn aroundabrupt red altfrumpishly falls some make one noise. It's his last (6lap lap,6) Gigantic, fare him weal! A fact. True bill. By a jury of matrons. Hump for humbleness, dump for dirts. And to make a long stoney (6short badder,6) his Thing went the wholyway rutup Suffrogate Strate.

Helpmeat too, contrasta toga, his fiery goosemother, woman who did, he tell princes of the age about. |s6|shMeetº the Mem, Avenlith, all viviparoussh| |shout of couple of lizardssh|. |shShe just as fenny as he is| |shHow |~late laat~| soever her latestsh| still |shher logs come up all| |shHis cheekmole of Allaphº foriverever her allinall and his Kuaranº never teachit her the be theeº owner of| |shSo she not swop her eckcot heimº for Howarden's Castle,| But be the alleance of iern on his flamen vestacoat, |shthe fibule of broochbronze |saon tosa| his wintermantle of pointefoxsh|.ºs6| Who not knows she, the Madame Coolley-Couley, spawife to laird of manna, when first
{f39, 243}
come into the pictures more as hundreads elefents yahrds of annams callaway, factory fresh and (6forming foaming6) at the mouth, wronged by Hwemwednoget (he take a rap for that early party) and whenceforward, Ani Mama and her forty bustles, terrified of (6mountains |shgmere gnomes ofsh| gmountains6) and furibound to be back in her maidenbed? |s6|shYet jackdicktatingº
{f10, 192}
all around her about his poorliness due to panellismº and grimesh| |shfor that he harboured her when feme sole and led her in antient consort ruhm and bound her durant covertureº so as she cowedº not steal from himsh| |sh|x|~and if he gave her socks there's no redress~|x| |saand so assa| ifº ever she's beleaved by chickenbrooth death since both were was parties to the feed it's Hetman MacCumhal foots the| Mealwhileº |shshe feed him jacentsh| |shfrom her elmer's almsdishsh| |shwhen his favourites were all dishe beruffled on him and her own undesirables justickulating, it was such a blowick| |shThe why if he but would bite she wouldº delicate her nutbrown glorycloak to m Maid Mayde Berenice and a hang herself in Ostmannstown Saint Mary'| and make no more mulierage to before mahatmas or moslemans,º
s6| (6But butº6) would ondulate her shookerloft hat like any purple cardinal's princess to the papal's legate from the Vactucum, Monsaigneur Rabbinsohn Crucis, on account of all he quaqueduxed and the nations abhord him and wop mezzo scudo to Sant Pursy Orelli to be offered up missas for vowts for widders.
{f39, 244}

Hear, O worldwithout! Tiny tattling!

But who comes yond with pire on poletop? He who relights our spearing torch, the moon. And the hag they damename Coverfew hists from her lane. And haste, 'tis time for bairns (6to ta6) hame. Chickchilds, comeho to roo. Comehome to roo, wee chickchilds doo, when the wildwerewolf's abroad. Ah, let's away and let's gay and let's stay chez where the log foyer's burning!