Textual development Manuscript to Errata II.1§5

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

Itº darkles |8(tinct, tint)8|,º all this our (3fun nominal |7funnominal funnaminal7|3) world. |2Yon marshpond |8by ruodmark verge8| is visited by the tide. (8'Alvemmarea!8') We are circumveiloped by obscuritasº.2| Man and (4beast |7beastes belvesº7|4) (4are chill frieren4). |2There is a wish on them to be not doing or anything. Or just for rugs.2| (4Zoo koud|err.!º10|4) (8'Drr, |9dess deff9|, coal lay on and, pzz, call us |errpyrress! pyrress.ºerr|8') |9|errHa. Ha!º10|9| |2|aWhere is our highly honourworthy (+wifemother
{f10, 193}
salutable spousegenitress (4spousegenitrice spousefounderess4)+)? The foolish one of the family
is within. |7Haha|err.!º10|7| «++And he (4Her he Huzoor4)s++|, where's he? (4To At4) house, (4to house (5to' spitty to's pitty5)4).a| (4With Nancy Hands.4) |7|aHaha |errTsheetshee. Tsheetshee!ºerr|a| Hound through the |arye maizea| has fled. What hou! Isegrim under lolling ears. Far wol! |aThe Anda| wheaten bells bide breathless. All. The trail of Gill not yet is to be seen, rocksdrops, up benn, down dell, a craggy road for rambling. Nor yet through starland her that silver sash. What era's o'ering? Lang gong late. Say long, say low! scielo! Sillume, see lo! Selene, sail O! Amune!7| (8'Ark!? Noh?!8') |aNought stirs in spinney.a| (3|shThe swayful pathways of the dragonfly spider stay still in|3) Quiet takes back her folded fields.2| |7Tranquillestº thanks. Adew.7| In |2deeryard deerhaven2|, imbraced, alleged, (1injointed injoynted1) and unlatched, the birds, |2even thumb tit (+even tommelise tommelise too+)2|, quail (8'silent silensº8'). (8'ii.8') |8Luathan!? Nuathan!8| Was (+2vesper (4even avond4)+)2| ere awhileº. Now conticinium. |7As Lord the Laohun is sheutseuyes.7| |2(+The time of lying together will come and the wildering of the nightº till cockeedoodleº aubens Aurora Aurore.+)2| (8'Panther monster. Send leabarrow loads amorrow. While loevdom shleeps.8') |7|aElephant |s+Elefant Elenfants+|a| has |asaid sianga| his |atriump,a| Great is Eliphas |a|s+Magistodontos Magistrodontoss+|,a| andº |aafter kneeprayer pious for |bbehmoth behemuthb| and mahamoth willa|
{f39, 245}
will rest him |afrom tusker toilsa|. |aSalamsalaim!ºa| Rhinohorn |aisnoutso pigfellow buta| him |aist |bis't istb|a| gonz wurst. |aKikikuki.a| Hopopodorme. Sobeast!7| No chareº of beagles, frantling of peacocks, |anoa| muzzing of the camel, smuttering of apes. Lights, pageboy, lights! |s2For Finnyland's still frisky.s2| |7|xBrights we'll be brights. With help of Hanoukan's lamp.x|7| When otter leaps in outer parts then Yul remembers (4May Mei4). Her |ahung maida| mohns are bluming|a, look,a| to greet (+2the those+)2| loes on |2yon2| coast of amethyst|err;:ºerr| arcglow's seafire siemens lure and |7|awextwards wextwarda|7| warnerforth's hookercrookers. |2And now|7,º |awith robbya| brerfox's fishy fable lissaned |aout (the robby's out, thea| threads are simwhat toran and knots in its antargumends,7| (+even the the+) |afishies (4fisheens pesciolines4) in (+Liffeyette's (5Liffeyetti's Liffeyetta's5)+) bowla| have |aceased arguing stopped squiggling about |7Junoh and the whalk and7| |bfrydayism (+feriaquintism feriaquintaism+)b|a| (8'and pebble infinibility and the poissission of the hoghly course8'), andº if Lubbernabohore laid his |awizard'sºa| (4ear |sh(8'harker horker8')sh|4) to the |++river ribber|7, saveº the qireqareqolº and dabardin |agoing ona| in his mount of knowledge (munt),º7|++| he would not hear a |safin flip flip flap in all Finnylandsa|. Witchmamº, (4what watch4) of your night? |7It goes. It does not go. Es voes, ez noes, nott voes, ges, noun.º7|2| Darkpark's acoo with sucking loves. Rosimund's by her wishing well. |2Soon |ago-in-twos tempt-in-twosa| will |awalk strolla| at venture and hunt-by-threes strutº musketeering. |7Brace of girdles, brasse of beauys. With the width of the way for jogjoy. Hulker's cieclest elbownunsense. Hold hard! And his dithering dathering waltzers of. Shtright!º7| |sa/|+Though But+) meetings mate not |sbunreade forseen as forsehnsb|.sa| (+Hesperons!+)2| And if you wand to Livmouth, wenderer, |7while Jempson's weed decks Jacqueson's Island,7| here |ais lurksº(8', bar hellpellhullpullthebell,º8') (8'no none8')a| iron welcome. |aBing. Bong. Bangbong.º Thunderation!a| |7You took with the mulligrubs and we lack mulsum? No sirreebobº! Great goodness, no!7| Were you Marely quean of (4scuts Scuts4) or but |s+7Christien Chrestiens+|7| the (4Last Last
{f10, 194}
|7|~(ourº duty to you, Chrisº! royalty, squat!)~|7|,º4) |7how matt your mark, h though luked your johl,7| here's dapplebellied mugs and troublebedded rooms and sawdust strown in expectoration. (4And,º for (5ratification |9by specification9| ofº5) your information,4) Mr Knight, (1big tapster tuntapsterº1), buttles; his |s2alewife's alefru'ss2| up to his hip. And Watsy Lykeº (1looks sees1) after all rinsings and don't omiss Kate,º |2homeswab homely,2| put in with the bricks. A's the sign and one's the number. |7Where Chavvyout Chacer calls the cup and Pouropourim stands a stirrupº.7| (4(5Deoudhuisbijdekerkegaard. De oud huis bij
{f39, 246}
de kerkegaard.5)4) So who over comes everº for |7whoopee week Whoopee Weeks7| must put up with the Jug and Chambers.º

|2|aButº now! heed! Our thirty minutes war's alull. All's quiet on the (+champs de Mar felled of Gorey+).a| |7Betweenº the starfort and the thornwood brass castle flambs with mutton candles. |aHushkah, th a horn,! Gadolmagtog! Qodº es El?a|7| Housefather calls enthreateningly. |7From Brandenborgerthorº. In At Asa's arthre. |aIn thundercloud periwig. With lightning bug aflash from afinger. My souls and by jings, should he work his jaws jaw to give down the banks and hark from the tomb!a|7| |aAnsiosa (5Annsighosa Ansighosa5)a| (4looks pokes4) in |athe pot. her potstilla| |ato (4see (5seethe souse5)4) |bif atb| the sop (+is be+) sodden (5enough enow5) and to hearº |bwhat tob| all the bubbles (+besaying. besaying:+)a| (+The the+) coming man, the future woman, the food that is to build, what he with fifteen years will doº, the ring in her mouth of joyous guard, stars astir and stirabout. A (+plagueful |7plague palashe7|+) for hirs, a saucy for hers (+and ladlelike spoons for the wonner+). But (4one and two ein and twee4) were never worth (4three4). So they must have their final |asince he's on parolea|. |aEt la pau' Leonieº has the choice of her (+life lives+) between Josephinus and (+Mario-Lewis Mario-Louis+) forº who |sbwill is tosb| wear the lily of (+Bohemia, |errBohemey, Bohemey:ºerr|+) Florestan, Thaddeus, Hardress or |errMyles. Myles?ºerr|a| |7And lead raptivity captive.7| |8Like a Finn at a fair.º8| (+Ready|err.!ºerr|+) Nowº for (+La Bella. la bella|err.!ºerr|+) (+Icy-la-Belle. (4Icy-la Belle. Icy-la-Belle|err.!º10|4)+)2|

|2|aThe campus calls them. |8Ninan ninan, the gattling gan!8| |b(+Child Childs+) will be (+wild wilds+).b| |9'Twastold.9| (+Vamp And vamp+), vamp, vamp,º the girls are merchand.a| |8The horseshow magnete draws his field and don't the fillyings fly?8| |7|aEducande of |9Sorrento Sorrento,9| they newknow knowwell their Vico's road.a| Arranked in their array and flocking for the fray on that old orangeray, Dolly Brae.7| For (+they these+) are not on terms, they |atwo twaina|, |8bartrossers,8| since their baffle of Whatalose when Adam |aLeftus Leftosºa| and the devil took our hindmost|sa, gegifting her (+the with his+) painapple,ºsa| (+and nor+) willº not be atoned at all |ain (+this+) fight to no finisha|, |athat dark deed doer, this wellwilled wooer,º |++Jerkoff (4Jarkoff Jerkoff4)++| and Eatsoup,a| (+Yem or Yan,º+) while felixed is who culpas does |aand harm's worth healinga| and Brune is bad friendschº for Jour d'Anno.º |aTiggers and tuggers,º they're all for tenzones.a| |8Bettlimbraves.8| For she (+will must+) walk out. And it must be with who?º (4|shTeaseforhimº. Toesforhim. Tossforhim.|4) (4Elsethere Else there4) is danger (+of solitude. of. Solitude.+)2|