The Mime

Revised pages of The Mime (May 1934), late 1937, II.1§1 draft level 8, 8+

MS British Library 47477 149-151; 190-196 Draft details

{f39, 219}
{f10, 173}

Every evening at lighting up o'clock sharp and until further notice in Feenichts Playhouse. (Bar and conveniences always |8open.) open, Diddlem Club down dunce |s+douncestears) douncestears.)s+| Newly billed for |awickeday perfumances each wickeday perfumancea|. Somndoze massinees. By arraignment, childream's hours, expercatered.8| With serial redistribution of parts and players and daily dubbing of |8ghosters ghosters. Withº the benediction of the Holy Genesius Archimimus and8| under the distinguished patronage of Their Elderships the Oldens from the four coroners of Findrias, Murias, Gorias and |s+8Falias. Falias:ºs+|8| Messoirs the |s+8Coarb, Coarbs:ºs+|8| Clive Sollis, Galorius Kettle, Pobiedo Lancey and Pierre Dusort. While the Caesar-in-Chief looks. On. Sennet. |8As played |aat toa| the Adelphi by the Brothers Bratislavoff |a(Hyrcan and Haristobulus)ºa| after humpteen dumpteen revivals. Before all the Kingsº Hoarsers with all the Queensº Mum.8| The |8mime Mime8| of Mick, Nick and the Maggies, |8adopted from The Ballymooney Bloodriddon Murtherº by Bluechin Blackdillonº (other authorwiseºBig Storeyº),8| featuring:

glugg (Mr Seumas MacQuillad: hear the riddles between the robot in his dress circular and the gagster in the rogues' gallery), the bold bad |s+8black bleaks+|8| boy of the storybooks who|8, when the tabs go
{f39, 220}
, as we discover, |abecause he knew to mutch,
a|8| has been divorced into the disgrace court by

the floras (Girl Scouts from St Bride's Finishing Establishment: demand acidulateds), a month's bunch of pretty maidens who, while they pick on her, |8their pet peeve,8| form |8with valkyrienne licence8| the guard for

izod (Miss Butys Pott: ask the attendantess for a leaflet), a bewitching blonde who dimples delightfully and is approached in loveliness only by her grateful sister reflection in a mirror, the cloud of the opal, who, having jilted Glugg, is being fatally fascinated by
{f10, 174}

chuff (Mr Sean O'Mailey: see the chalk and sanguine pictograph on the safety drop), the fine frank fairhaired fellow of the fairytales who wrestles |8for tophole8| with the bold bad |s+8black bleaks+|8| boy, Glugg, geminally about caps or |8|apuds or tog bags or bog gats ora| chuting |aredskin generally rudskin gunerallya| |s+ors+|8| something until they adumbrace a pattern of somebody else or other, after which they are both |8carried off the set and8| brought home to be soundly soaped, sponged and scrubbed again by

ann (Miss Corrie Corriendo|8, Grischun |s+scola scoulas+|8|: bring the babes, |8Pieder, Poder and Turtey,8| she mistributes mandamus monies |8|aafterº perdunamento, |bhendrud aloven entrees,b|a| |aat the pulcinellis must not miss oura| national rooster's rag8|), their poor little old mother-in-lieu who is woman of the house|8, playing opposite to8| to

hump (Mr Makeall Gonne: read the sayings from Laxdaelasaga in the programme about King Ericus of Schweden and the spirit's whispers in his magical helmet), cap-a-pipe with watch and topper, the cause of all our grievances, the whirl, the flash and the trouble, who, having partially recovered from a recent impeachment, due to egg everlasting, is |8studdingº sail once more, jibsheets and royals, andº8| engaged in entertaining in his |8pilgrimst8| customhouse |8those statutory persons8|
{f39, 221}

the customers (Components of the Afterhours Courses at St Patricius' Academy for Grownup Gentlemen: consult the annuary|8, coldporters sibsuction8|), a bundle of a dozen of representative locomotive civics inn quest of outings, each of whom is a jactitator, who are |8still more8| sloppily served |8after every cup final8| by

saunderson (Mr Knut Oelsvinger: |8Tiffst Tiffsdays off, Wouldntstaysº in bad,8| imitation of flatfish, torchbearing supperaape, bad halfsovereign, rolly pollsies, Glen of the Downs, |8the Gugnir, his geyswerks, his earsequack, his lokistroki,8| o.s.v.), a |8scherinsheiner and8| spoilcurate|8, unconcerned in the mystery but under the inflounce of the milldieuw8| and butt of

kate (Miss Rachel Lea Varian: she tells forkings for baschfellors, under purdah of card palmer Madam d'Elta, during the pawses), |8kook-and-general kook-and-dishdrudge, whitch believes wanthingthats, whouse be the churchyard or whorts |ain upa| the aasgaardº, the show must go on8|.

|8Time: the pressant.8|

With |8futurist |s+one-horses+|8| battle pictures and the Pageant of |8Past8| History worked up by Messrs Thud and Blunder. Shadows by the film folk. Masses by the good people. Promptings by Elanio Vitale. Longshots, upcloses, outblacks and stagetolets by Hexenschuss, Coachmaher, Incubone and Rocknarrag. Creations tastefully designed by Madame Berthe Delamode. Dances arranged by Harley Quinn and |8Coldlimbeina Coollimbeina8|. Jests, jokes, jigs and jorums for the Wake lent from the properties of the late cemented Mr T. M. Finnegan R.I.C. Lipmasks and hairwigs by Ouida Nooikke. Limes and Floods by Crooker and Toll. Kopay pibe by Kappa Pedersen. Hoed Pine hat with twentyfour ventholes by Morgen. |8Phenecian blends and Sourdanian doofpoosts by Shauvesourishe and Wohntbedarft.8| The crack (That's Cork!) by a smoker from the gods. The interjection (Buckley!) by the firemen
{f39, 222}
in the |s+8pit, pit.s+|8| |s+8accidental Accidentals+|8| music providentially arranged by L'Archet and Laccorde. To start with in the beginning, we need |s+8barely say scarcely hardly hirtly bemarks+|8|, a community prayer, everyone for himself, and to conclude with as an exodus, we think it well to add, a chorale in canon, good for us all for us all us all all. Songs betune the acts by the ambiamphions of Annapolis, Joan MockComic, male soprano, and Jean Souslevin, bass noble, |s+8respectively, respectively:s+|8| O, Mester Sogermon, ef thes es whot ye deux, then I'm not surpleased ye want that bottle of Sauvequipeu and Oh Off Nunch Der Rasche Ver Lasse Mitsch Nitscht. |8Till the summit scenes of climbacks castastrophearº The Bearded Mountainº (Polymop Baretherootsch)º and The River Romps to Nursery (Maidykins in Undiform).8| The whole thugogmagog to be wound up by a Magnificent Transformation Scene showing the Radium Wedding of Neid and Moorning and the Dawn of PEACE, Pure, Perfect and Perpetual, Waking the Weary of the World.

An argument follows.