1st draft, 1932, II.1§1 draft level 0

MS British Library 47477 2-4 Draft details

{f39, 219}
{f10, 173}

Glug: |xMr Shemus Pannemx| the badº |ablacka| boy of the storybook who has been sent into disgrace by

The Floras: |x(S. Bride's Girl Scouts School)x| a bunch of pretty maidens who form a the guard of honour of the beautiful bl

Izod: |xMiss Herselfx| a beautiful |ablonde (approached blonde, approacheda| in loveliness only by her |asisterºa| reflection in a |amirror) mirror,ºa| who,º having jilted Glug, is now fascinated by
{f10, 174}

Chuff, the fairhairedº who wrestles with the badº black boy about caps or something till their shadows make a pattern of somebody or other after which they are both |awella| scrubbed by

Ann, their poor little old mother-in-lieuº who is the wife of

Hump, the cause of all the trouble at present engaged in entertaining |ain his customhousea|
{f39, 221}

The Customers, a bundle of representatives who are served by

Saunderson, a spoilcurate, butt of

Kate, cook-and-general.

|aWith battle pictures worked up by Messrs Blood and Thunder, costumes designed by Madame Delamode, dances arranged by Harley Quin and Column Bin, songs, jokes and properties for the wake supplied by Mr Timothy Finnegan, the whole to be wound up with a magnificent transformation scene showing the Wedding of Night and Morning and the Dawn of Peace Waking the Weary of the World.a|

|aAn argument follows,a|