1st draft, late 1932, II.1§7 draft level 0

MS British Library 47477 144-146 Draft details

{f10, 203}

While they jeerilied along about aled father Barley, ofº how he got up of a morning arley and he met with a plattonem blondes named Hips and Haws and |afell on full ona| with a |afoxyºa| fellows of Trinity some headderº Skowood Shaws like oil daddy Veacon who could stow well his place of beacon but he couldn't hold kerosene's candlelight to aled owled fuddler Burleigh who wuch up in a hurly wurlyº where he huddly could wuddle to wallow his weg tilbagº of the bager's booth to beg of ill Diddiddy Achin the price of a prate of bakin for woldº Forrester Farley who was found of the sound of the round of the round of the lound of the


Lukke­doeren­dun­an­durras­chiudi­loo­shoo­fermoy­porter­toory­zooy­sphallna­bortan­kapak­kapuk­zakroidverge kurwazybunkeroo tagapek



|xThe play thou stagedst, Game, |ais herea| endeth. The curtain drops by deep request.x|

|xFor the Clearer of the Air from on high has spoken and the unhappitents of the earth have trembled, from firmamentº unto fundament and from twaddedumms |adowna| to twiddledeedeex|

Now have thy children entered into their habitations. Thou hast closed the portals of their houses. And thou hast placed thy messengers beside the portals of the habitations that thy children |amay read in the book of the opening of the mind to thyº lighta| err not in the darkness which is thy afterthought Pray your Prayers, Timothy and Back-to-Bunk, Tom.
{f39, 259}

|aO Loud, hear the wee beseech of thees,º of these thine unlitten ones! Give sleep in in |bdue hour'sb| time, O Loud!a|

|xThat they |amay take no do nota| chill. That they may ming no merder. That they shall not gomeet madhowlattreesº.x|

|xLoud, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughter's low!x|

|xHa he hi ho hu.x|