1st typescript, 1931 or 1932, II.1§3 draft level 2, 2+, 2++

MS British Library 47477 66-68, 72-74; 69-70; 71 Draft details

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{f39, 237}
things feminite, towooerds (2him, their tomlord and stigmatiser, him |+in heliolatry+|,º2) that they may catchcup in these calyzettes|2|s+, |saas allsºsa| they troping,s+|2| those parryshoots from his muscalone pistil, |2thus declared unto many, forº he can |+see eyespy+| through them |a|+toº their self colours+|, nevertheleast their tissue peepers,ºa| as (aease leichtlya) as see saw2| (O my goodmiss! O my greatmess! O my prizelestly |2preshoes!) preshoes!),º2| while, dewyfally as dimb dumbelles, all alisten to his elixir. Lovelyt!

|22| Enchainted, dear sweet Stainusless, |2young confessor,2| dearer dearest, we herehear, aboutobuds, O coelicola, thee salutant. Pattren of our unschoold, |2pageant masterº,2| deliverer of softmissives, |2round the world inº forty |++posts mails++|,2| send us, your adorables, a wise and letters play of all you can ceive of from your holy post |2now thatº you hast ascertained |+ceremonially+| our names2|. |2|+Unclean you art not. Outcaste thou |saart aresa| not. Leperstower|a, the karman's loki,a| |ais not has nota| yo |aseen blanched ata| yourº pollution and your intercourse at ninety legsplits does not defile. Untouchable is not the scarecrown is on you.+| You are pure. You are pure. You are |apure in your pueritya|. You have not brought stinking membersº into the house of Amanti. |aYour head has been touched by the god Enel-Rah and your face has been brightened by the goddessº Aruc-Ituc. Return, sainted youngling, and walk |bagain once moreb| among us!º The Great Cackler comes again.ºa|2| Sweetstaker, |2Abel lord of all our haloease,2| wee toutes|2,º philomelas as well as magdalenesº,2|
{f39, 238}
were drawpairs with two |2pinmarks |~pinmarks B.V.D and B.V. pinmarks, B.V.D. and B.V.D. dot,~|2| so want lotteries of ticklets |2|+posthastemº+|2| (you appreciate that?) from you. |2We |awill be constant (what a word!) anda| bless the day, |afor whole hours too, |byes, the day |cthat youc| befell,b|a| you dreadful temptation! |aNow promise promisus you will remain ignorant of all what you hear! hear |band draw a veilºb| till we next time! How many months or how many years! |bReticents be to Bashfulness be topped!b| May he colp, may he colp her, may he mixandmess colp her! List!a|2| Kicky Lacey|2, theº |apervirgined pervergineda|,2| and Bianca Mutantini|2, herº conversa,2| drew their fools longth favourite, Herzog van Vellentam, but me and meother ravin have good three chancers after Bohnaparts. Eer's wax for Sur Soord, dongdong bollets for the iris riflers, queemswellth of coocome in their combs for the jennyjos. Will bee all buzzy one another minnies for the mere effect that you are so fulled of pollen yourself. We feel unspeechably thoughtless over it all so pleasekindly communicake with the original sinse we are only yearning as yet how to burgeon. It's meant milliems of centiments dead, lost or mislaid on them but we can change in the nip of a napple solongas we can allsee your quick. |2It's game, it's game,º ma chèreº, be off with your shepherdress on!2| Upsome cauda! Behose our handmades for the lured! To these nunce we are but yours in ammatures yet well come that day we shall ope to be ores. No more hoaxites! Nay more gifting in mennage!

Hightime is up: be it down into outs according! When there shall be foods for vermin as full as feeds for the fett, eat on hearth as there's hot in oven. When every Klitty of a scolderymeid shall hold every yardscullion's right to stimm her uprecht for whimsoever, whetther on privates, whatther in publics. And when all us romance catholeens shall have ones for all amanseprated. And the world is maidfree. So till Coquette to tell Cockotte to teach Connie Curley to touch Cattie Hayre and tip Carminia to tap La Chérie though where the diggings he's dweellst amongst us here's nobody knows save Mary. Whyfor we go ringing hands in hands in gyrogyrorondo.

These bright elects|2, consentconsorted,2| they were waltzing up their willside with their princesome handsome angeline chiuff while in those wherebus there wont helds way oaths and screams and bawley groans with a belchybubhub and a hellabelow bedemmed and bediabbled the arimaining lucisphere. Lonedom's breach lay foulend up uncouth not be brooched by punns and reedles. Yet the ring gayed rund rorosily with a drat you for a brat
{f39, 240}
you. And you wonna make one of our micknick party. For poor Glugger was dazed and late in his crave, ay he, laid in his grave.