fair copy, 1930-1931, II.1§3 draft level 1

MS British Library 47477 38-41 Draft details

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{f39, 237}
things feminiteº, |1unto towooerds1| him, their tomlord and stigmatiser, that theyº may catchcup in these calyzettes those parryshoots from his muscalone pistil,º thus declared unto many, (O my goodmiss! Oº my greatmess! Oº my prizelestly preshoes!) while, dewyfallyº as dimb dumbelles, all alisten to his elixir. |1Lovelyt!1|

Enchainted,º dear sweet Stainusless, dearer dearest, we herehear, aboutobuds|1, O coelicola,1| thee salutant. Pattrenº of our unschoold, deliverer of softmissives, send us|1, yourº adorables,1| a wise and letters play of all you can ceive ofº from your holy post. Sweetstaker, wee toutes
{f39, 238}
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|1(++)1| Hightimeº is up:º be it down into outs according! When there shall be foods for vermin as full as feeds for the fett, eat on hearthº as there's hot in oven. When every Klitty of a scolderymeid shall hold every yardscullion's right to stimm her uprecht for |1himsoever whimsoever1|, whetther on privates, whattherº in publics. And when all us romance catholeens shall have ones for all amanseprated. And the world is maidfree. So till Coquette to tell Cockotte to teach Connie Curley to touch Cattie Hayre and tip Carminia to tap La Chérieº though where the diggings he's dweellstº amongst us here's nobody knows save Mary. Whyfor we go ringing hands in hands in gyrogyrorondo.

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{f39, 240}
you. And you wonna make one of our micknick party. For poor Glugger was dazed and late in his crave, |ai.e. |bayhe ay heb|a|, laid in his grave.