Fragmentary draft, late 1932, II.1§6 draft level 0

MS British Library 47477 114-117, 122, 127, 88-89, 93, 118, 91, missing Draft details

Postreintroducingº Jeremy. |aThe flowing
{f39, 247}
tale that knows no brooking runs on to say,a| His lasterhalft was set for getting the bester of his yougendtougend for control number thrice was operating the subliminal of his invaded personality. |aHe nobit smorfi endgoº poltri & all the tondo gang bola del ruffo. Baitoº no know him mor, eat larti autruis with most perfect stranger.a|

He wept indeiterum. With such a tooth he seemed to love his wee tart when a buyº. Highly momourning,º he see theeº before him. Melainedº from nape to kneecap though vied from thigh girders up. Santalto,º sight most deletious!º Lift the |ablack blanka|,º ve vearedº as hellº! Split the hvideº and aye seize heaven!º |aHe knows for he's seen it in black & white. |bTantamount to a clearobscure.b|a| Prettymaide hues may have their cry apple, bacchante, custard, dove, eskimo, fawn, ginger,º hematite, isinglassº, jet,º kipper, lucile, mimosa, nut, oysterette, prune,
{f39, 248}
quasimodo, royal, sago, tango, umber,º vanilla, wistaria, xray, yesplease, zaza, philomel, theerose. What are they all by? Shee.

If you knew her in her prime make sure you find her complementary. Or |abyº Angus Dagdasson & all his picciapiccionsº, on your very first occasionºa| she'll prick where you're proud with her speagle eye. Look sharp, she's signalling againº from among the asters. |aTurn again, wistfultone, loud mere ofº Doubtlinn Arise, land under wavea| Clap your lingua to your pallet, drop your jowl with a joltº, tambourine until your breath slides, pet a pout and it's out. Have you got me, Allysloper?
{f10, 196}

My bellyswain's a 10 whulehrusspowerº. Shake hands thro' the thicket loch. Underwoods spells bushment's business. If you sprig poplar you must twig this. Veni vidi victam. Twas my lord of Glendalough benedixed the gape for me that dayº at Long Entry commanding the approaches to my intimest innermosts.º See how they're browthered. Six thirteens at Blanche de Blanche's of |a2 3a| Behind Street & 2 Turnagain Lane. Awabeg is my name, & Magnus is my maxº, wonder one is my cypher & 7 sisters is my nighbrood. Radouga, radouga,º will you na pick them in their pinksº of panties. You can colour up till you're
{f39, 249}
prawn while I may spit like with any cockle. But |xblank If he cd see with his backsight he'd be a greeneyed lobster.x|

Inº the house of breathings lies her word, all fairness. The walls are of rubies and the windows of elfinbone. The roof herof is of solid jasper and a canopy of Tyrian awning arises and descends to it. A grapeclusterº of lights hangs there beneath the canopy and allº the house is filled with the breathings of her fairness, the fairness of mixed acidulateds & the fairness of milk and rhubarb and the fairness of roasted meats and unionmargrits and the fairness of promise and with consonantia and avowal. Theirº lies her word, O reder. The height |aherof herupa| exalts it and the lowness herdownº abases it. It vibroverberates upon the tegmen and prosplodesº from theº pomoeriaº. A window, a hedge, a prong, a hand, an eye, a sign, a head & keep your eye on her mouth. And you have it, old Sem, pat as ah be seated. And Sunny, my gander, he's coming to land her. O backed von them zug! Make weg for their tug!º
{f10, 197}

All sing

My name is Mishamishaº but call me Toffeytoughº. I mean Muttonchoughº.

All laugh.

They pretend to |ahelp him helf while they simply schutetº at him a|.º

Willstº thou rossy banders having?

He pretends to be tight in ribbings round his rumpffkorp.

Are you Blackhans that's hitsº in on a shorn stile.

He pretends to be swiping the chimbley.

Can you ajew, ajew,º fro' Scheidanº?

He pretends to be |acotton up cuttlingº up witha| a pair of sissers and to be bitin buythings offº their maidens ends pittingº their heads into their face.

Soº now be hushy,º |apuny littlea| pukers. Side here roohish,º cleany fuglers. Grandicellies, allº stay zitty! Adultereux, ye shall stale! When ye coifº Tantoncle's hat then'll be largely temptsº for that. Yet's the time for being now, now, now.

For a burning wouldº is come to dance inane.

And led by Lignifer, in 4 hops of the happiest, acº beth cac duff, the few fly the farbetween. |aAttalad! Atunreada| Getº up, Got's scourge to you! There's a visitation in yr impluviroom.º

Asº he was
{f39, 252}
queering his shoolthers. So was I. And as I was cleansing my fausties. So was he. And as way ware puffinº our blowbags. Sou wous youº.
{f10, 199}

— Nowº may S. Mowy of the Pleasant Grin be your everglass & evenprospectº! Euchari Feeling dank. And may S. Jerome |aof & hisa| |shHarlot'sº Cursesh| make a fancy three for you much a bedder. Grassy ass ago.

Theº bivetellinesº oxeye each other, |shsuperfetatedsh|, while the belles are in transfusion to know who is orthodux from whose heterotropic, |athat the great may be great for exceedingly nice girls can have exceedingly hardº timesa| |aand unless the rightly chosen's by to (what thoughº of riches he have none & hope gainst hope's his heart's horizon)a| their great moments be the greater. Tillº they go round if they go round again |abefore break parunread and now dismissa|. They keep. Step keep.º Step stop.

Creedlessº crownless hangs his haughty. He does not know how his grandson's grandson'sº grandson's grandson will stammer up
{f39, 253}
as a Peruvianº |afor in the ersebest idiom I have done it means I soon shall doa|. He dares not think the grandmother of the grandmother of his grandmother coughed Russky with a husky accent. Nor that the mappamund has been changing pattern |aas youth plays moving from st to st.a| since time wasº and races were |aand wise ants hoarded and sauterelles were spendthriftsa| nor that the wee voice turtling of a London's alderman is ladled out by the earful to the regionals of pigmy land. His part should say |ain honour bounda|: |aSo help me symetthy, selluc sammarc, selluc & singin,ºa| I will stick to you, by gum, no matter what and in case of the event coming
{f10, 200}
off beforehand
,º |aeven if I was to sleep across 2 bedsa| |aeven so you was to release me for the sake of the other |bcheap girl'sb| baby's name,ºa| plaster me but I will pluckily well |aput pulla| on the buckskinº gloves |abecause it is the month of brumesa|.º But |ahis Noodynaady'sa| actual |aingratea| tootle is of come into the garner, mauve,º and thy nice are crimsome flowers and buy me a bunch of iodines.

Evidentament he has failed as tiercely as before. Forº she wears none of the three. And quite as patentlyº there is a sort of aº hole in the ballet through whichº the rest fell out. Forº to explain why the residue is or was not proceeded with, namely, the shifting about of the lasses andº the tug-of-loveº of theº lads ending with a great deal of roughº merriment, hoots, screams, |ascarf drill,a| ejaculationsº of urine, reechoable laugh mirthpeals andº general thumb-to-noseryº, one must reckonº with the sudden and gigantesquesque appearance |aBarnado's bearskina| |ain amonga| the middle of this |achildish village brawl childersgarten village brawla| of the largely longsuffering laird of Lucanhof.

|aGod of all the machineries,a| And how |aaccount to accounta| for him?º
{f39, 254}

Was he pitssched aginst |aa wall our seawalla| by Rurieº, Thoath and Cleaver|a, Orions all Orion of the Orgiasts, Meereschal MacMuhun,a| |xtheº product of theº extremes giving the unread to present means,ºx| or so yclept from Clio's clippings|x, for ancients link with presents as the human chain extends, |ahave done, do & will again while monks sell yewº to archers or the water of the livvying goesº the way of all fish from Sara's drawed to Isaac's,º with her minnelisp extorreor to his moanolotheº inturnedºa|x|?

And he! Who?º Old Joe Java Jane, older even than Adam.º |aThe |asea mara| of murmuryº mermers to the mind's ear. Uncharted rock, evasive weed.a| Only the caul knows his 1001st name. Hocusº Crocus Esquilocus.
{f10, 201}
Finnfinn finnfinn.º Why (Ossian) Doth |ait all all thisº two wayº |btelevision teleopicºb|a| come aft to you|a, puritysnooper,a| as eft it wereº longtimes ofterº when |xMuttoneater the Second Potollomuck Satirx| when Sourdaulnapplous |xthe Lollapaloosaºx| |awas the Fifth put back Omega |btowards withb| the beths of alpabilitya|?º The charges are you will remember, the chances are you won't.º We areº always meeting him in pcyclo-annalism. |aGreets Godd, Groceries! How many foes in furrinarr?º Merodach! Defend the King!a| |x|shHoet has a rough breathing but his say is soft andº his ee has a cute anglesh|.x| |xWhen is Longabed going to be goneº to, Less a man than man.x|

Why wilt thou earwaken him |afrom his eartha|, O blank? Heº is weatherbittenº from the dusts of ages.º The hour of his closing hies to hand, the tocsin that shall claxonise his blank. If one who remembered his webgoods & tealofts were to ask of a hooper |afora| whose it was |athe storks were quitting Aquileiaa| this wd not wot; if other who foundº faith when his depth charge bombed our river

Jehosophat, what doom is here! Rainº ruth on themº, sire. If you are a publican itself,º over the measure never lost a licenceº. And for the honour of Alcohol drop that you-know-what-I've-come-about-|shI-saw-your-act| Punch mayº be pottleproud but his Judy's one betterº.

For the Producer (Mr John Baptister Vickar) caused a deep abuliousness to descend upon the Father of Truants and,º as a side issue, pluterpromptly brought on the sceneº his cutletsized consort, |ascaling weighingºa| 10 ten stone ten, scaling 5 footsy five,º and spanning 37 inchettes round the |agooda| companions,º 29 ditties round the wishful waiter, 36 of the same round each of the quis separabits, 14 round the beginning of happiness and nicely nine round her shoed for slender.
{f39, 256}

And eher you could pray mercy to goodness or help to the rescue,º Gallus's hen has collared her pullets. Their bone of contention makes home in the flesh while beer, wine & spirits for consumption on the premises is hued & cried of all the colours.

And they wear tearing, simply tearing. Samply tee hee eh ah are eye end gee yes. For too quickly are coming lessons and goody |xFine's French complimentsx| |xwhat happened to the 32nd of the eleventh,x| |xwhat were the sound waves saying thatº ceased ere they told their song,x| |xamnist Anguished axesº Collisx| |xwith GPO as centre and D.U.T.C. as radient describe a cycling NCRRCSx| A littleº cloud hangs above. Singabed cries before sleep. Light at night has the alps on his pectus. |aThick breadº and thin butter? After you with me?a|
{f39, 257}
|aWhat But what is a maid |bto do to woob|?a| All angelland is crying that Izzy is unhappy. Fain Issy,º fie onhappje? laughs her stella's visperine.