1st typescript, 1932, II.1§1 draft level 2, 2+

MS British Library 47477 24-25; NLI 1-2 Draft details

{f39, 219}
{f10, 173}

glug; (Mr Seumas |2Quillad MacQuilladº2|), the |2bold2| bad black boy of the storybooks who has been |2sent divorced2| into |2theº2| disgrace |2court2| by

the floras; (Girl Scouts from St Bride's Finishing Establishment), a |2month's2| bunch of pretty maidens who |2while they pick at her,º2| form the guard for

izod; (Miss Butys Pott), a bewitching |2blonde, blonde who dimples delightfully, and is2| approached in loveliness only by her grateful sister reflection in a mirror, |2the pearl of the opal,2| who, having jilted Glug, is being fatally fascinated by
{f10, 174}

|2Chuff; chuff;2| (Mr Sean O'Mailey), the |2fine |s+franks+|2| fairhaired fellow |2of the fairy tales,2| who wrestles with the bold bad black |2boy boy,º2| |2Glug Glug,º2| |2all the time geminally2| about caps or something until |2their shadows make they shadowshow2| a pattern of somebody |2or other, elseorother,2| after which they are both brought home |2|~with their polls apart~|2| to be |2well soundly soundlyº soaped soaped, spongedº and2| scrubbed |2again2| by

ann; (Miss Corrie Correndo), their poor little old mother-in-lieu who is woman of the house to

hump; (Mr Makeall Gonne), the cause of all the confusion, who, having partially recovered from a recent impeachment, |2due to egg everlasting,º2| is engaged in entertaining in his customhouse
{f39, 221}

the customers; (Components of the Afterhours Courses |2of representative civics2| at St Laurence O'Toole's Academy for Grownup Gentlemen), a |2|~draughthoarse~|2| bundle of |2representatives representative civics |a, each of whom is a jactitator,ºa|2| who are sloppily served by

|2Saunderson; saunderson;2| (Mr Knut Oelsvinger), a spoilcurate and butt of

kate; (Miss Rachel Lea Varian), |s+2cook-and-general kook-and-generals+|2|.

With battle pictures and the Pageant of History worked up by Messrs |2Blood Thud2| and |2Thunder Blunderº2|. |2Costumes specially Dresses tastefully2| designed by Madame |2Berthe2| Delamode. Dances arranged by Harley Quinn and Coldlimbeina. Jests, jokes, songs and music for the Wake lent from the properties of Mr Timothy Finnegan R.I.P. The whole whirligig to be wound up by a Magnificent Transformation Scene showing the Radium Wedding of Night and Morning |2|~,~| |a|~arrayed as~|a| |~the daughter of Tyre~| |awith |~and~|a| |~the son of Ausonius,~|2| and the Dawn of |2Peace PEACEº2|, Pure, Perfect and Perpetual, Waking the Weary of the World.

An argument follows.