Textual development Manuscript to Errata II.1§1

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

{f39, 219}
{f10, 173}

|3Everyº evening at lighting up o'clock sharp and until further (4notice, notice in |shFeenichts Playhousesh|. |sh(10(Bar Barº10) and conveniencesº always |8open.) open, Diddlem Club down dunce |s+douncestears) (10douncestears.) douncestears.º10)s+|8|sh|4) |9Entrancings: the gads, a scrab; the quality, one large shilling.9| |8Newly billed for |awickeday perfumances each wickeday perfumancea|. Somndoze massinees. By arraignment, childream's hours, expercatered.8| |9Jampots, rinsed porters, taken in tokenº.9| |a(4with With4) |bdaily serialºb| redistribution of parts and players |9by the |apuppeteer |10puppry puppetry10|a| producer9| and daily dubbing of |8ghosters ghosters. Withº the benediction of the Holy Genesius Archimimus and8|a| under the distinguished patronage of Theirº Eldershipsº the Oldens (4from the four coroners4) of Findrias, Murias, Gorias and |s+8Falias. Falias:ºs+|8| (4Messrs Messoirs the |sh|s+8Coarb, Coarbs:ºs+|8|sh|4) Clive |aSulles Sollisa|, |aHandy Galoriusa| Kettle, Pobiedo |ablank (4Lancey, Lancey4)a| Peekapop Yedo (4& and4) Pierre (4Dusort, Dusort. |shWhileº the Caesar-in-Chief looks.| |shSennetsh|.4) |8As played |aat toa| the Adelphi by the Brothers Bratislavoff |a(Hyrcan and Haristobulus)ºa| after humpteen dumpteen revivals. Before all the Kingsº Hoarsers with all the Queensº Mum.8| |9And wordloosed over seven seas crowdblast in Celtelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscriptº. (+In four tubbloids.+) While fern may cald us until firn make cold.9| (4the |9The The9|4) |8mime |9Mime Mime9|8| |9of Mick, Nick of Mick,º Nick9| (4& |9and and9|4) |9the Maggies the Maggies9|, |8adopted from The Ballymooney Bloodriddon Murtherº by Bluechin Blackdillonº (other authorwiseºBig Storeyº),8| (4Featuring, featuring:4)3|

(1Glug: (6glug glugg6)(4;4)1) |x(1Mr Shemus Pannem (Mr Seumas |2Quillad MacQuilladº(4: |shhearº the riddles between the robot in his dress circular and the gagster in the rogues' gallerysh|4)2|),1)x| the |2|3bold |abald bolda|3|2| badº |a|s+8black bleaks+|8|a| boy of the (1storybook storybooksº1) who|8, when the tabs go
{f39, 220}
, as we discover, |abecause he knew to mutch,a|8| has been |2sent divorced2| into |2theº2| disgrace |2court2| by

(1The Floras: the floras(4;4)1) |x(1(S. Bride's Girl Scouts School) (Girl Scouts from St Bride'sº Finishing Establishment(4: demandº acidulateds4)),º1)x| a |2month's2| bunch of pretty maidens (6who who,6) |2while they pick (4at on4) her,º2| |8their pet peeve,8| form |8with valkyrienne licence8| a the guard (1of honour of for1) the beautiful bl

(1Izod: izod(4;4)1) |x(1Miss Herself (Miss Butys Pott(4: |shaskº the attendantess for a leafletsh|4)),1)x| a (1beautiful bewitching1) |ablonde (approached |2blonde, blonde who dimples delightfully, and is2| approacheda| in loveliness only by her (1grateful1) |asisterºa| reflection in a |amirror) mirror,ºa| |2the (4pearl cloud4) of the opal,2| who,º having jilted (6Glug Glugg6), is (1now being fatally1) fascinated by
{f10, 174}

(1Chuff, |2Chuff; chuff(4;4)2|1) (1(Mr Sean O'Mailey(4: |shseeº the chalk and sanguine pictograph on the safety dropsh|4)),1) the |2fine |s+franks+|2| fairhairedº (1fellow1) |2of the (6fairy tales, fairytalesº6)2| who wrestles |8for tophole8| with the (1|3bold |abald bolda|3|1) badº |s+8black bleaks+|8| |2boy boy,º2| (1|2Glug (6Glug Glugg6),º2| |2all the time geminally2|1) about caps or |8|apuds or tog bags or bog gats ora| chuting |aredskin generally rudskin gunerallya| |s+ors+|8| something|err,ºerr| (1till until1) |2their shadows make they (4shadowshow adumbrace4)2| a pattern of somebody (1or other |2or other, (4elseorother, else or other,4)2|1) after which they are both |8carried off the set and8| (1brought home |2|~with their polls apart~|2| to be1) |a|2well soundly soundlyº soaped soaped, spongedº and2|a| scrubbed |2again2| by

(1Ann, ann(4;4)1) (1(Miss Corrie (4Correndo Corriendo|8, Grischun |s+scola scoulas+|8|: |shbringº the babes,sh| |8Pieder, Poder and Turtey,8| she mistributes mandamus monies |8|aafterº perdunamento, |bhendrud aloven entrees,b|a| |aat the pulcinellis must not miss oura| national rooster's rag8|4)),1) their poor little old mother-in-lieuº who is (1the wife of woman of the house|8, playing opposite to8| to1)

(1Hump, hump(4;4)1) (1(Mr Makeall Gonne(4:º |shread the sayings from |shLaxdaelasagaºsh| in the programmesh| |shabout King Ericus of Schweden and the spirit's whispers in his magical helmetsh|4)),1) |3(4Cap a pipe cap-a-pipe4) |aand witha| |9watch and topper, watch, topper,º coat, crest and supporters,9|3| the cause of all (1the trouble at present |s3the confusion (4the troubles |shour grievances, the whirl,º the flash and the troublesh|4)s3|, who, having partially recovered from a recent impeachment,º |2due to egg everlasting,º2| |9but throughandthoroughly proconverted,º9| is1) |8studdingº sail once more, jibsheets and royals, |9in the semblance of the substance for the membrance of the umbrance with the remnanceº of the emblence reveiling a quemdam supercargo, of The Rockery, Poopinheavin,9| andº8| engaged in entertaining |ain his |8pilgrimst8| customhousea| |9at Caherlehome-upon-Eskur9| |8those statutory persons8|
{f39, 221}

(1The Customers, the customers(4;4)1) (1(Components of the Afterhoursº Courses |2of representative civics2| at Stº |s3Laurence O'Toole's Patricius's3| Academy for Grownup Gentlemen(4: consultº the annuary|8, coldporters sibsuction8|4)),1) a |2|~draughthoarse~|2| bundle of (4(6adozen a dozen of6)4) |2representatives representative (4|shlocomotivesh|4) civics |a(4inn quest of outings4), each of whom is a jactitator,ºa|2| who are |8still more8| (1sloppily1) served |8after every cup final8| by

(1Saunderson, |2Saunderson; saunderson(4;4)2|1) (1(Mr Knut Oelsvinger(4:º |8Tiffst Tiffsdays off, Wouldntstaysº in bad,8| |shimitation of flatfish, torchbearing supperaape, |10bad dud10| halfsovereign, |9no chee daily,9| rolly pollsies, Glen of the Downsº,sh| |8the Gugnir, his geyswerks, his earsequack, his lokistroki,8| o.s.v.4)),1) a |8scherinsheiner and8| (1spoilcurate, spoilcurate|8, unconcerned in the mystery but under the inflounce of the milldieuw8| and1) butt of

(1Kate, kate(4;4)1) (1(Miss Rachel Lea Varian(4: |shsheº tells forkings for baschfellors, under |shpurdahsh| of |shcard palmersh| |9teaput tosspot9| |shMadam d'Elta,sh| during the pawsessh|4)),1) |s+2cook-and-general |8kook-and-general kook-and-dishdrudge, whitch believes wanthingthats, whouse be the churchyard or whorts |ain upa| the aasgaardº, the show must go on8|s+|2|.

|8Time: the pressant.8|

|aWith |8futurist |s+|errone-horse onehorseºerr|s+|8| |9battle balletbattle9| pictures (1and the Pageant of |8Past8| History1) worked up |9with animal variations amid evergladingº mangrovemazes
{f10, 175}
and propounded for cyclologicalº beorbtracktors9| by Messrs |2Blood Thud2| and (1Thunder, |2Thunder Blunderº2|.1) (4|shShadows by the film folk. Massesº by the good| |shPromptings by Elanio Vitale. Longshots, upcloses, outblacks and stagetolets by Hexenschuss, Coachmaher, Incubone and|4) (1costumes |2Costumes specially (5Dresses |shCreationssh|5) tastefully2|1) designed by Madame |2Berthe2| (1Delamode, dances Delamode. Dances1) arranged by Harley (1Quin Quinn1) and (1Column Bin, |8Coldlimbeina Coollimbeina8|.1) (1songs, jokes Jests, jokes, (4songs jigs4)1) and (1properties (4music jorums4)1) for the (1wake Wake1) (1supplied by lent from the properties of1) (4|shthe late cementedsh|4) Mr (4Timothy T. M.4) (1Finnegan, Finnegan (6R.I.P. R.I.C.6)1) |3Lipmasks and hairwigs by Ouida (4Nooike Nooikke4). Limes (5|shand Floodssh|5) by Crooker and Toll. (4|shKopay (6pipe pibe6) by Kappa| |shHoed Pine hat |shwith twentyfour ventholessh| by|4) |9Bosse and stringbag from Heteroclitheroe's Endsoddsº and All Ladies' |aPresents, redresspectively Presentsº.a| Tree taken for grafted. Rock rent.9| |8Phenecian blends and Sourdanian doofpoosts by Shauvesourishe and Wohntbedarft.8| |9The oakmulberryeke with silktrick twomesh from Shop-Sowyº, |aSeedsmanfellow Seedsmanchapºa|. Grabstone beg from General Orders Mailed.9| The crack (4|sh(That's Cork!º)sh|4) by a (4person in the pit |shsmoker from the godssh|4).º3| (4|shThe interjection (Buckley!º) by the firemenº
{f39, 222}
in the |s+8pit, pit.s+|8|sh| |sh|s+8accidental Accidentals+|8| music providentially arranged by L'Archetº and| |9Melodiotiosities in purefusion by the score.9| |shTo start with in the beginning, we need |s+8barely say scarcely hardly hirtly bemarks+|8|, a community prayer, everyone for himself, and to conclude with as an exodus, we think it well to add, a chorale in canon, good for us all for us all us all| |shSongs betune the acts by the ambiamphions of |shAnnapolissh|, Joan MockComicº, male soprano, and Jean Souslevin, bass noble, |s+8respectively, respectively:s+|8| O, Mester Sogermonº, ef thes es whot ye deux, then I'mº not surpleasedsh| |shye want that bottle of Sauvequipeuº sh| and Oh Off Nunch Der Rasche Ver Lasse Mitsch Nitschtº.4) |8Till the summit scenes of climbacks castastrophearº The Bearded Mountainº (Polymop Baretherootsch)º and The River Romps to Nursery (Maidykins in Undiform).8| (1the The1) whole (1(4whirligig (6thingamagog thugogmagog|9, including the portions understood to be a oddmitted as the results of the respective titulars neglecting to produce themselves,9|6)4)1) to be wound up |9for an afterenactment9| (1with by1) a (1magnificent transformation scene Magnificent Transformation Scene1) showing the (1Radium1) Wedding of (6Night and Morning Neid and Moorning6)|2|~,~| |a|~arrayed as~|a| |~the daughter of Tyre~| |awith |~and~|a| |~the son of Ausonius,~|2| and the Dawn of |2Peace PEACEº2|(1, Pure, Perfect and Perpetual,1) Waking the Weary of the World.a|

|aAn argument (1follows, follows.1)a|