2nd typescript, September 1932, II.1§5 draft level 2, 2+, 2++

MS British Library 47477 76-82; missing; 78-80, 83 Draft details

It darkles, all this our fun nominal world. |2Yon marshpond is visited by the tide. We are circumveiloped by obscuritasº.2| Man and beast are chill. |2There is a wish on them to be not doing or anything. Or just for rugs. |aWhere is our highly honourworthy (+wifemother
{f10, 193}
salutable spousegenitress spousegenitrice+)? The foolish one of the family
is within. «++And he Her hes++|, where's he? To house, to house.a| |aNought stirs in spinney.a| Quiet takes back her folded fields.
2| In |2deeryard deerhaven2|, imbraced, alleged, injoynted and unlatched, the birds, |2even thumb tit (+even tommelise tommelise too+)2|, quail silent. Was (+2vesper even+)2| ere awhile. Now conticinium. |2(+The time of lying together will come and the wildering of the nightº till cockeedoodleº aubens Aurora Aurore.+)2| No chare of beagles, frantling of peacocks, no muzzing of the camel, smuttering of apes. Lights, pageboy, lights! |s2For Finnyland's still frisky.s2| When otter leaps in outer parts then Yul remembers May. Her hung maid mohns are bluming, look, to greet (+2the those+)2| loes on |2yon2| coast of amethyst; arcglow's seafire siemens lure and warnerforth's hookercrookers. |2And now (+even the the+) |afishies fisheens in (+Liffeyette's Liffeyetti's+) bowla| have |aceased arguing stopped squiggling about |bfrydayism (+feriaquintism feriaquintaism+)b|a|, andº if Lubbernabohore laid his |awizard'sºa| ear to the |++river ribber ++| he would not hear a |safin flip flip flap in all Finnylandsa|. Witchmamº, what of your night? It goes. It does not go.2| Darkpark's acoo with sucking loves. Rosimund's by her wishing well. |2Soon |ago-in-twos tempt-in-twosa| will |awalk strolla| at venture and hunt-by-threes strutº musketeering. |sa/|+Though But+) meetings mate not |sbunreade forseen as forsehnsb|.sa| (+Hesperons!+)2| And if you wand to Livmouth, wenderer, here lurks no iron welcome. Bing. Bong. Bangbong. Thunderation! Were you Marely quean of scuts or but Christien the Last here's dapplebellied mugs and troublebedded rooms and sawdust strown in expectoration. Mr Knight, tuntapster, buttles; his |s2alewife's alefru'ss2| up to his hip. And Watsy Lyke sees after all rinsings and don't omiss Kate, |2homeswab homely,2| put in with the bricks. A's the sign and one's the number. So who over comes ever for whoopee week must put up with the Jug and Chambers.

|2|aButº now! heed! Our thirty minutes war's alull. All's quiet on the (+champs de Mar felled of Gorey+).a| Housefather calls enthreateningly. |aAnsiosa Annsighosaa| looks in |athe pot. her potstilla| |ato see |bif atb| the sop (+is be+) sodden enough and to hearº |bwhat tob| all the bubbles (+besaying. besaying:+)a| (+The the+) coming man, the future woman, the food that is to build, what he with fifteen years will doº, the ring in her mouth of joyous guard, stars astir and stirabout. A (+plagueful plague+) for hirs, a saucy for hers (+and ladlelike spoons for the wonner+). But one and two were never worth. So they must have their final |asince he's on parolea|. |aEt la pau' Leonieº has the choice of her (+life lives+) between Josephinus and (+Mario-Lewis Mario-Louis+) forº who |sbwill is tosb| wear the lily of (+Bohemia, Bohemey,+) Florestan, Thaddeus, Hardress or Myles.a| (+Ready.+) Nowº for (+La Bella. la bella.+) (+Icy-la-Belle. Icy-la Belle.+)2|

|2|aThe campus calls them. |b(+Child Childs+) will be (+wild wilds+).b| (+Vamp And vamp+), vamp, vamp,º the girls are merchand.a| For (+they these+) are not on terms, they |atwo twaina|, since their baffle of Whatalose when Adam |aLeftus Leftosºa| and the devil took our hindmost|sa, gegifting her (+the with his+) painapple,ºsa| (+and nor+) willº not be atoned at all |ain (+this+) fight to no finisha|, |athat dark deed doer, this wellwilled wooer,º |++Jerkoff Jarkoff++| and Eatsoup,a| (+Yem or Yan,º+) while felixed is who culpas does |aand harm's worth healinga| and Brune is bad friendschº for Jour d'Anno.º |aTiggers and tuggers,º they're all for tenzones.a| For she (+will must+) walk out. And it must be with who?º Elsethere is danger (+of solitude. of. Solitude.+)2|