Faber and Faber (London: 1939) II.3§4

First edition, first printing (details)

A public plouse. Citizen soldiers.º

taff (|shaº smart boy,sh| of the peat freers, |shthirtysh| two eleven,º |shlooking through the roofsh| towards a relevution of the karmalife order |shprivious to his hoisting of an emergency umberolumsh| in byway of paraguastical solation to the rhyttel in his hedd).º All was flashingº and krashning blurty moriartskyº blutcherudd? What see, buttywalch? Tell ever so oftenº?

butt (mottledged youth, |shclergical appealance,sh| who, as hisº pied friar, |shis supposing to motto the sorrysh| dejester in tifftaff toffiness or to be digarced from ever and a daye in his accounts). But da. But dada, mwilshsuni. Till even so aften. Sea vaast a pool!

taff (porumptly |shhelping himself out by the cesspullsh| with a |shyellup yurrup,ºsh| |shputs upsh| his furry furzed |shharesh|). Butly bitly.º Humme to our mounthings. Conscribe him tillusk, unt, in his jubalant tubalence,º the groundsapper, with his soilday site out on his moulday side in. The gubernier-gerenal in laut-lievtonant of Baltiskeeamore, amaltheouse for leporty hole!º Endues paramilintary langdwage. The saillils of the yellavs nocadont palignol urdlesh. Shelltoss and welltass and telltuss aghom.º Sling Stranaslang, how Malorazzias spikes her, coining a speak a spake!º Not the Setanik stuff that slimed soft Siranouche! Theº good old gunshop monowards for manosymplesº. Tincurs tammit! They did oak hay doe fou Chang-li-meng when that man d'airain was big top tom saw tip side bum boss pageantfiller. Ajaculate! All lea light! Rassamble the glowrings of Bruyant the Bref when the Mollies Makehalpence took his leg for his thumb. And may he be too an intrepidation of our dreams which we foregot at wiking when the morn hath razed outº limpalove and the bleakfrost chilled our ravery.º Pook. Sing ching lew mang! Upgo, bobbycop! Letsº hear in remember the braise of. Hold!

butt (drawling forth from his blousom whereis meditabound of his minkerstary, |shswitches on his gorsecopper's fling weitoheito langthorn, fed up the grain oils of Aerin,sh| while his laugh neighs banck as
{f39, 339}
that flashermind's rays and his lipponease longuewedge wambles). Ullahbluh!º Sehyoh narar, pokehole sann! Manhead very dirty by am anoyato. Like oldº Dolldy Icon when he cooked up his iggs in bicon. He gatovit and me gotafit and Oalgoak's Chelovenº gut aº fudden. Povar old pitschobed! Molodeztious of metchennacht belaburt that pentschmyaso! Bogº carsseº andº dam neatº, sar, gam cant! Limbers affront of him, lumbers behund. While the bucks bite his dos his hart bides the ros till the bounds of his bays bell the warning. Sobaiterº sobarkar. He was enmivallupped. Chromean fastion. With all his cannoball wappents. In his raglanrock and his malakoiffed bulbsbyg and his varnashed roscians andº his cardigansº blousejagged and his scarlett manchokuffs and his treecoloured camiflagº and his perikopendolousº gaelstorms. Here weeks hire pulchers! Obriania's beromst! From Karrs and Polikoff's, the men's confessioners. Seval shimars pleasant time payings. Mousoumeselles buckwoulds look. Tenter and likelings.

taff (all Perssiasterssias shookatnaratatattar at his waggonhorchers, his bulgeglarying stargapers razzledazzlingly full of eyes, full of balls, full of holes, full of buttons, full of stains, full of medals, full of blickblackblobs). Grozarktic! Toadlebens! Some garmentguy! Insects appalling, low hum clang sin! A cheap decoy! Too deep destroy! Say mangraphique, mayº say nay porº daguerre!

butt (if that he hids foregodden has nate of glozery farused ameet the florahs of the follest, his spent fish's livid smile giving allasundery the bumfit of the doped). Come alleyouº jupes of Wymmingtown that graze the calves of Man! A bear raigning in his heavenspawn consomation robes. Rent, outraged, yewleaved, grained, ballooned, hindergored and voluant!º Erminia's capecloaked hoodoodman! First he s sº st steppes. Then he stº stoo stoopt. Lookt.

taff (strick struckº strangling like alealº lusky Lubliner to merumberº by the cycl of the cruize who strungled Attahilloupa with what empoisoned El Monte de Zuma and failing wilnaynilnay that he was pallups barnº in the minkst of the Krumlin befodt he was popsoused into the monkst of the vatercan, makes the holypolygon of the emt on the greaseshaper, a little farther, a little soon, a letteracettera,
{f39, 340}
oukraydoubray). Scutterer of guld, heº is retourious on every rouderyº! The lyewdsky so soº sewn of a fitchid! With his walshbrushup?º And his boney bogey braggs?º

butt (afterº his tongues in his cheeks, with pinkpokerº |shpointingº outsh| in rutene to |shimpassible abjectssh| beyond the mistomist towards Lissnaluhy |shsuch as the Djublian Alps and the Hoofd Ribeirosh| as where he and his trulock may ever make a game). The field of karhagsº and that bloasted tree. Forget not the felled! For the lomondations of Oghrem! Warful doon'sº bothem. Here furry glunn. Nye? Their feery pass. Tak! With guerillaman aspear aspoor to prink the pranks of primkissiesº. And the buddies behide in the byre. Allahblah!

taff (a blackseer, he stroves to regulect all the straggles for wife in the rut of the past through the |shwidnows in effigies keening after the blank sheets in their faminysh| to the relix of old decency from over draught). Ohº day of rath! Ah, murther of mines! Eh, selo moy! Uh, zulu luy! Bernesson Mac Mahahonº from Osro bearing nose easger for sweeth prolettas on his swoothº prowl!

butt (back to his peatrol and paump: swee Gee's wee rest: no more applehooley: dodewodedook). Bruinoboroff, the hooneymoongerº, and the grizzliest manmichal in Meideveide! Whose annal livves the hoiest! For he devoused the lelias on the finedº and he conforted samp, tramp and marchint out of the drumbume of a narse. Guards, serf Finnland, serve we all!

taff (whatwidth the psychophannies at the front and whetwadth the psuckofumbers beholden the fair, illcertain,º between his bulchrichudes and the roshashanaral,ºº where he sees Bishop Ribboncakeº plus his pollex prizedº going forth on his visitations of mirrage or Miss Horizon, justso all our fannacies daintied her, on the curve of the camber,º unsheatingº a showlaced limbaloft to the great consternations). Divulge! Hyededye, kittyls, and howdeddohº, pan! Poshbott and pulbuties. See that we sollº or let dargmanº be luna as strait a way as your ant's folly me line whileº ye post is goang from Piping Pubwirth to Haunted Hillborough on his Mujiksy's Zaravence, theº Riss, the Ross, the sur of all Russers asº my farst is near to hear and my sackend is meet to sedon while my whole's a peer's
{f39, 341}
aureolies. We should say you dones the polecad. Bang on the booche, gurg in the gorge, rap on the roof and your flupº is unbu...

butt (at the signal of his act whichº seems to sharpnel his innermalsº menody, playingº the spool of the little brown jog round the wheel of her whang goes the millner). Buckily buckily, blodestained boyne! Bimbambombumb.º His snapper was shot in the Rumjar Journaral. Why the gigls he lubbed beeyed him.

taff (obliges with a two stop yogacoga sumphotyº on the bones for ivory girl and ebony boy). The balacleivka!º Trovatarovitch! I trumble!

butt (with the sickle of a scygthe but the humour ofº a hummer, O,º howorodies through his cholaroguled, fumfing to a fullfrength withº this wallowing olfact). Mortar martarº tartar wartar! |shMay his boules grow wider so his skittles gets worse!sh| |shThe aged monadsh| |shmaking a venture out of the murder of investmentsh|. |shI seen himsh| |shacting surgentsh| what |shbetwinks theº scimitar star and the ashen moonsh|. |shBy their lights shalthow throw him!sh| Piff paffº for puffpuff and my pife for his cgar! The mlachy way for gambling.

[Up to this curkscraw bind an admirable verbivocovisual presentment of the worldrenowncedº Caerholme Event has been being given by The Irish Race and World. The huddled and aliven stablecrashers have shared fleetfooted enthusiasm with the paddocks dare and ditches tare while the mews was combing ground. Hippohopparrayº helioscopeº flashed winsor places as the gates might see. Meusdeus! That was (with burning briar) Mr Twomass Nohoholan for their common contribe satisfunction in the purports of amusedment telling the Verily Roverend Father Epiphanes shrineshriverº of Saint Dhorough's (in browne bomler) how (assuary as there's a bonum in your osstheology!) Backlegs shirked the racing kenneldar. The saintly scholarist's roasteringº guffalawd of nupersaturals holler at this metanoic excomologosis tellsº of the chestnut's (once again, Wittyngtom!) absolutionally romptyhompty successfulness. A lotº of lasses and lads without damas or dads, but fresh and blued with collecting boxes. One aught spare ones triflets, to be shut: it is Coppingers for the children.º Slippery Sam hard by them,º physically present howsomedever
{f39, 342}
morally absent,º was slooching about in his knavish diamonds asking Gmax, Knox and the Dmuggies (a pinnance for your toughts, turffers!)º to deck the ace of duds. Tomtinker Tim, howbeit, his unremitting retainer,º (the seers are the seers of Samael but the heers are the heers of Timoth)º is in Boozer's Gloom, soalken steady in his sulken tents. Baldawl the curse, baledale the day! And the frocks of shick sheeples in their shummering insamples! You see: a chiefsmith, semperal scandal stinkmakers,º a middinestº from the Casabianca and, of course, Mr Fry. Barass! Pardon the inquisition, causas es quostas? It is Da Valorem's Dominical Brayers. Why coif that weird hood? Because among nosoever circusdances is to be apprehended the dustungwashed poltronage of the lost Gabbarnaur-Jaggarnath. Pamjab! Gross Jumpiter, whud was thud? Luckluckluckluckluckluckluck! It is the Thousand to One Guinea-Gooseberry'sº Lipperfull Slipver Cup. Hold hard, ridesiddle titelittleº Pitsy Riley! Gurragrunch, gurragrunch! They are at the turn of the fourth of the hurdles. By the hross of Xristos,º Holophullopopulace is a shote of excramation! Bumchub! Emancipator, the Cremanº hunter (Major Hermyn C. Entwhistle)º with dramaticº effect reproducing the form of famous siresº on the scene of the formersº triumphs, is showing the eagle's way to Mr Whaytehayte'sº three buy geldingsº Homo Made Ink, Bailey Beacon and Ratatuohyº while Furstin II and The Other Girl (Mrs ‘Boss’º Waters,º Leavybrink)º too early spring dabbles, are showing a clean pairofhidsº to Immensipater.º Sinkathinksº to oppen here! To this virgin's tuft, on thisº golden of evens! I never sought of sinkathink. Our lorkmakorº he is proformly annuysed. He is shinkly thinkly shaking in his schayns.º Sat will be off follteedee.º This eeridreme has beingº effered you by Bett and Tipp. Tipp and Bett, our swapstick quackchancers, in From Topphole to Bottom ofº The Irish Race and World.º]

taff (awary that the first sports report of Loundin Reginald has now been afterthoughtfully colliberated by a saggind spurts flash,º takes the dipperend direction and, for tasingº the tiomor of
{f39, 343}
malaise after the pognency of orangultonia,º orients by way of Sagittarius towards Draco on the Lour). |shAnd you collier carsst on him, the corsar,sh| with |shBoyle, Burke and Campbell,sh| |shI'll gogemble on strangbonesº| You had just been cerberating a camp camp camp to Saint Sepulchre's march through the armeemondsº retreat with the boys all marshalledº, scattering giant's hail over the curseway, fellowed along the rout by the stenchions of the corpse. Tell the coldspell's terroth! If you please, commeylad! Perfedes Albioniasº! Think some ingain think, as Teakortairer sate over the Galwegian caftan forewhen Orops and Aasas were chooldrengs and micramacrees! A forward movement, Miles na Bogaleen, and despatch!

butt (|shslinking his coatsleeves surdout over his squadº mutton shoulder so as to loop more life the jauntlymansh| |shas he scents the anggreget yupº behoundº their whole scoopchina's desperate noy'sº totalagesh| and |shexplaining aposteriorly how awstooloo was valdesombre belowes hero and he was in a greak esthate phophiar an erixtion onº the soseptuple side of him made spoil aprioriº his popoporportiumssh|). Yass, zotnyzor, I don't think I did not, pojr. Never you brother me for I scout it, thinkº you! Ichts nichts on nichts.º Greatesº Schtschuptar! Me fol the rawlawdy in the schpirrt of a schkrepz. Of all the quirasses and all the qwehrmin in the tragedoes of those antiants their grandoper, that soun of a gunnong, with his sabaothsopolettesº, smooking his scandleloose at botthends of him! Foinn duhans! I grandthinked after his obras after another time about the itch in his egondoom he was legging boldylugged from some pulversporochs and lyoking for a stooleazy for to nemesisplotsch allafranka and for to salubrate himself with an ultradungs heavenly massº at his base by a suprime pompship chorams the perished popes, the reverend and allaverred cromlecksº and when I heard his lewdbrogue reciping his cheap cheateary gospedsº to sintry and santry and sentry and suntryº I thought he was only haftara having afterhis brokeforthsº but be the homely Churopodvas I no sooner seen aghist of his frighteousness thenº I was bibbering with vear a few versets offº fooling for fjorgº for my fifth foot. Of manifest 'tis obedience and the. Flute!
{f39, 344}

taff (though the unglucksarsoonº is gimingº for to gitº him,º jotning in, hoghly ligious, hapagodlap, like a soldierryº sap, with a pique at his cue and a tyr in his eye and a bond of his back andº a croak in his cry as did jolly well harm lean o'er him) Is not athug who would. Weepon, weeponder, song of sorrowmon! Which goatheye and sheepskeer they damnty well know. Papaist! Gambanman! Take the cawraidd'sº blow! Yia! Your partridge's last!

butt (giving his scimmianised twinge in acknuckledownedgmentº of this cumulikick,º strafe from the firetrench,º studenly drobs led, satoniseels ouchyotchy, |shhe changecors induniforms as he is lefting the gat out of the big: his face glows green, his hair greys white, his bleyes bcome broon to suite his cultic twaletteºsh|). But when I seeing him in his oneship fetch along within hailº that tourrible tallº with his nitshnykopfgoknobº and attemptingº likeº a brandylogged rudeman cathargic, lugging upº and laiding down his livepelts so cruschinly like Mebbuck at Messar and expousing his old skinful selfº tailtottom by manurevring in open ordure to renewmurature with the cowruads in their airish pleasantryº I thanked he was recovering breadth from some herdsquattersº beyond the carcasses and I couldn't erver nerver to tell a liard story not of I knew the prize if from lead or alimoneyº. But when I got inoccupation of a full newº of his old basemiddelism, in ackshan, pagne pogne, by the veereyed lights of the stormtrooping clouds and in the sheenflare of the battleaxes of the heroim and mid the shieldfails awail of the bitteraccents of the sorafimº and caught the pfierce tsmell of his aurals, orankastankº, a suphead setrapped,º like Peder the Gresteº, altipaltar,º my bill it forsooks allegiance (gut bull it!) and, no lie is this, I was babbeingº and yetaghain bubbering,º bibbelboy, meº marrues me shkewers me gnaas me fiet, tobº tob tob beat it, solongopatom. |shClummensy if ever misused, must used you's now!sh| But, meac Coolp, Arramº of Eirzerum, as I love our Deer Dirouchy,º I confesses withould pridejealice when I looked upon the Saur of all the Haurousians with the weight of his arge fullin upon him from the travaillings of his tommuck andº rueckenased the fates of a bosser there was fear on me the sons of Nuad for him and it was heavy he was for me
{f39, 345}
then the way I immingled my Irmenial hairmaieriansº ammongled his Gospolis fomiliours till, achaura moucreas,º I adn't the arts to.

taff (|shas a marrer off act, prepensing how such waldmanns from Burnias seduced country clowns, he is preposingsh| barangaparangº after going knowing what he is doing after to see him pluggy well moidered as a murder effect, youº bet your blowie knife,º before he doze soze, sopprused though he is) Grot Zot! You hidn't the hurts? Vott Fonn!

butt (|shhearing somrother sudly give tworthree peevishº sniff snuffº snoores like govaliseº falseleep he waitawhishts to see might he stirs and then goes on kuldrum like without asking for pepeace or anysing a soulsh|). Merzmard! I met with whom it was too late. My fate! O hate!º Fairwail! Fearwealing of the groan! And think of that when you smugs to bagot.º

taff (|shwho meanwhilome |shat yarn's lengthsh| so as to put a nodje in the poestcher,º by wile of stoccan his hand and of rooma makin ber getting umptyums gatherumed off the skattertº had been,º lavishing,º lagan on lighthouse, wordsº of silentº power,º susu glouglou biribiri gongos, upon the repleted speechsalver's innkeeping right which, thanks giveme and naperied norms nonobstaclant,º there can be little doubt, have resulted in a momstchance ministring of another guidness, my good, to seesh|) Bompromifazzio! Shumpum for Pa-li-di and oukosouso for the nipper dandy! Trink off this scup and be bladdy orafferteed! To bug at?

butt (he whipedoff's his chimbley phot, as lipsº lovecurling to the tongueopener,º |shhe takecups the communion of sense at the hands of the foregiver of trosstpassers and thereinofter centelinnatesº that potifex miximhost with haruspical hospedariatyº proferring into his pauses somewhotº salt baconsh|). Theres scares knud in this gnarld warld a fully so svend as dilates for the improvement of our foerses of nature by your very ample solvent of referacting upon me like is boesen fiennd.

[The other foregotthenedº abbosedº in the Mullingaria are during this swishingsight teilweisioned. How the fictionable world
{f39, 346}
in Fruzian Creamtartery is loading off heavy furses and affubling themselves with muckinslushes. The neatschkneeº Novgolosh. How the spinach ruddocks are being tatoovatted up for the second comings of antigreenst. Hebeneros for Aromal Peace. How Alibey Ibrahim wisheths Bella Suora to a holy cryptmahs while the Arumbian Knives Riders axecutesº devilances round the jehumispheure. Learn the Nunsturk. How Old Yales boys is making rebolutions for the cunning New Yirls, never elding, still begidding, never to mate to lend, never to ate selleries and never to add soulleries and never to ant sulleries and never to aid silleries with sucharow with sotchyouroff as Burkeley's Show's a ructiongetherall. Phone for Phineal toomellow aftermorn and your phumeral's a roselixion.º]

taff (now as he has been past the buckthurnstock from Peadharº Piper of Colliguchuna, |shwhiles they all are bealting pots to dubrin din for old daddam dombstom to tomb and wamb humbs lumbs agamb, glimpse agam, glance agen, rise up road and hive up hill, and find your pollyvoulley foncey pitchin ingles in the parlersh|). Since you are on for versingrhetorishº say your piece! How Buccleuchº shocked the rosing girnirilles. A ballet of Gastyº Power. A hov and az ovº and off like a gow! And don't live out the sad of tearfs, piddyawhickº! Not offgott affsang is you, buthbachº? Ath yetheredayth noth endeth, hayº? Vaersegood! Buckle to! Sayyessik, Ballygarry.º The fourscore soculums are watchyoumaycodding to cooll the skoopgoods blooff. Harkabuddy, feign! Thingman placeyear howed wholst somwom shimwhir tinkledinkledelled. Shinfine deed in the myrtleº of the bog tway fainmain stod op to slog, free bondº men lay lurkin on. Tuan about whattinghim! Fore sneezturmdrappen! 'Twill be a rpnice pschange, arrah, sir? Can you come it, budd?

butt (|shwho in the cushlows of his goodsforseeking hoarth, ever fondlinger of his pimple spurk, is a niallist of the ninthsh| homestages, |shthe babybell in his baggutstract upper going off allatwanst, begad, lest he should challenge himself, beygoad,º till angushsh|). Horrasure, toff! As said as would. It was Colporal Phailinxº first. Hittit was
{f39, 347}
of another time, a white horsday where the midril met the bulg, sbogom, roughnow along about the first equinarx in the cholonder, on the plain of Khorason as thou goest from the mount of Bekel, Steep Nemorn, elve hundred and therety and to years how the krow flees end in deed, after a power of skimiskes, blodidens and godinats of them, when we sight the beasts, (hegheg whatlk of wraimy wetter!),º moist moonful date man averº held dimsdzeyº death with, and higheye was in the Reilly Oirish Krzerszonese Milesiaº asundurst Sirdarthar Woolwichleagues, good tomkeysº years somewhile in Crimealian wall samewhere in Ayerland, during me weeping stillstumms over the freshprosts of Eastcheptº and the dangling garters of Marrowbone and daring my wapping stiltstunts on Bostion Moss, old stile and new style and heave a lep onwards. And winn again, blaguadargoos, or lues the day, plays goat, the banshee pealer, if moskats knows whoss whizz, the great day and the druidful day come San Patrisky and the grand day, theº excellent fine splendorous long agreeable toastworthy cylindrical day, go Sixt of the Ninth, the heptahundread annam dammias that Hajizfijjiz ellsº me is and will and was be till the timelag is in it that's told in the Bok of Alam to columnkill all the prefacies of Erin gone brugk. But Icantenueº. And incommixtion. We was lowsome like till we'd took out after the dead beatsº. So I begin to study and I soon show them day's reasons how to give the cold shake to they blighty perishers and lay one over the beats. All feller he look he call all feller come longa villa finish. Toumbalo, how was I acclapadad! From them banjopeddlars on the raid. Gidding up me anti vanillas and getting off the stissas me aunties. Boxerisingº and coxerusing. And swiping a johnny dannº sweept for to exercitise myself neverwithstanding the topkats and his roaming cartridges,º orussheying and patronning,º out all over Crummwiliamº wall. Be the why it was me who haw haw.

taff (all for letting his tinder and lighting be put to beheissº in the feuer and, while durblinly obasiant to the felicias of the skivis, |shstill smolking his fulvurite turfkishsh| in |shthe rooking pressance of
{f39, 348}
laddiossh|). Yaa hoo how how, col? Whom battles joined no bottles sever! Worn't you aid a comp?

butt (in his difficoltous tresdobremient, |shhe feels a bitvalike a baddlefall of staot but falls a batforlake a borrlefull of baresh|). And me awlphul omegrims! Between me rassociations in the postleadeny past and me disconnections with aplomperviousº futules I've a boodle fullº of maimeries in me buzzim and medears runs sloze, bleime, as I now with platoonic leave recoilº in (how the thickens they come back to one to rust!) me misenary postº for all them old boyars that's now boomaringing in waulholler, me alma marthyrs. I dring to them, bycorn spirits fuselaiding, and you cullies adjutant,º even where its contentsed wody, with absents wehrmuth. Junglemen in agleementº, I give thee our greatlyº swooren, Theoccupant that Rueandredful, the thrownfullvnerº and all our royal devouts with the arrest of the whole inhibitance of Neuilands! One brief mouth. And a velligoolapnow! Meould attasheesº the currgans, (ifº they could get a kick at this time for all that's hapenced to us!)º Cedric said Gormleyson and Danno O'Dunnochoo and Conno O'Cannochar it is thisº were their namesº for we were all under that manner barracksers onº Kong Gores Wood together, thurkmen three, with those khakireinettes, our miladies in their toileries, the twum plumyumnietcies,Vjeras Vjenaskayas,º of old Djadja Uncken who was a great mark for jinking and junking, upº the palposes of womth and wamth, we war, and the charme of their lyse brocade. For lispias harth a burm in eye but whem it bames fire norone screeneth. Hulp, hulp, huzzars! Raise ras tryracy! Freetime's free! Up Lancesters! Anathem!

taff (who still senses that heavinscent houroines that entertrainedº him who they were sinuorivals from the sunny Espionia but plied wopsy with his wallets in thatthackº of the bustle Bakerloo,º (11.32),º |shpassing the uninational truthbosh in smoothing irony over the multinotcheralled infructuosities of his grinner setsh|º). The rib, the rib, the quean of oldbyrdes,º Sinya Sonyavitches! Your Rhoda Cockardes that are raday to embraceº our ruddy inflamtry world! In their ohosililesvienneº biribarbebeway. Till they've
{f39, 349}
kinks in their tringers and boils on their taws. Whor dor the pene lie, Mer Pencho? Ist dramhead countmortial or gonorrhal stab? Mind your pughs and keaoghs,º if you piggots, marsh! Do the nut, dingbutº! Be a dag! For zahur and zimmerminnes! Sing inº the chorias to the ethur:º

[In the heliotropical noughttime following a fade of transformed Tuff and, pendingº its viseversion, a metenergic reglow of beaming Batt, the bairdboard bombardment screen,º ifº tastefully taut guranium satin,º tends to teleframe and step up to the charge of a light barricade. Down the photoslope in syncopancº pulses, with the bitts bugtwug their teffs, the missledhropes,º glitteraglatteraglutt, borne by their carnier walve. Spraygunº rakes and splits them from a double focus: grenadite, damnymite,º alextronite, nichilite: and the scanning firespot of the sgunners traverses the rutilanced illustred sunksundered lines. Shlossh! A gaspel truce leaks out over the caeseine coatings. Amid a fluorescence of spectracular mephiticism there caoculates through the inconoscopeº stealdily a still, the figure of a fellowchap in the wohly ghast, Popey O'Donoshough, the jesuneral of the russuates. The idolon exhibisces the seals of his orders: the starreº of the Son of Heaven, the girtelº of Izodella the Calottica,º the crossº of Michelides Apaleogos,º the latchet of Jan of Nepomuk, the puffpuff and pompom of Powther and Pall, the great belt, band and bucklings of the Martyrology of Gorman. It is for the castomercies mudwake surveice. The victar. Pleace to notnoys speach above your dreadths, please to doughboys. Hll, smthngs gnwrng wthth sprsnwtch!º He blanks his oggles because he confesses to all his tellavicious nieces. He blocks his nosoes because that he confesses to everywheres he was always putting up his latest faengers. He wollops his mouther with a sword of tusk in asº because that he confesses how opten he used be obening herº howonton he used be undering her. He boundles alltogotterº his manucupes with his pedarrests in asmuchº as because that he confesses before all his handcomplishies and behind all his comfoderacies. And (hereis cant came back saying he codant steal no lunger, yessis,
{f39, 350}
catz come buck bequesº he caudant stail awake) he touched upon this tree of livings in the middenstº of the garerden for inasmuch as because that he confessed to it on Hillel and downº Dalem and in the places which the lepersº inhabitºº in the place of the stones and in pontofert jusfuggading amoretº now he come to think of itº jolly well ruttengenerously olyovyover the ole blucky shop. Pugger old Pumpey O'Dungaschiff! There will beº a hen collection of him after avensung on the field of Hanar. Dumble down, looties and gengstermen!º Dtin, dtin, dtin, dtin!º]

butt (|shwith a gisture expansive of Mr Lhugewhite Cadderpollard with sunflawered beautonholesh| |shpulled up point blanck by mailbag mundaynismsh| |shat Oldbally Courtsh| though the hissindensity buck farº of his melovelance tells how when he was fast marking his first lord for cremation the whyfe of his bothem was the very lad's thing to elter his mehind). Prostatates, pujealousties! Dovolnoisers, prayshyous! Defense in every circumstancias of deboutcheries no the chaste daffs! Pack pickets,º pioghs and kughs to be palseyputred!º Be at the peme, prease, of not forgetting or mere betoken yourself to hother prace! Correct me, pleatze commando,º for cossakes but I abjure of it. No more basquibezigues for this pole aprican!º With askormiles' eskermillas. |shI had my billyfell of duckish delights the whole pukny time on rawmeots and juliannes with their lambstoels in my kiddeneys and my ramsbutter in their sassenacher ribssh|, kmeeº her, do her and trey her, |shwhen th'osirian cumb dumb like the whalf on the fiordsh| |shand we preying players and pinching peacesmokes, troupkers tomiatskyns all, for Father Petrie Spence of Parishmoslattary to go and leave ussh| and the crimsend daun to shellalite on the darkumen (scene as signed, Slobabogueº), |shfeeding and sleeping on the huguenottessh| (the snuggest spalniel's where the lieon's tame!) |shand raiding revolations over the allbegeneses (sand us and saintº us and sound as agun!).sh| Yet still in all, spit for spat, like we chantied on Sunda schoon, every warson wearrier kaddies a komnate in his schnapsack and unlist I am getting foegutfulls of the rugiments of savaliged wildfire I was gamefellowº willmate and send
{f39, 351}
us victorias with nowells and brownings, dummº, sneak and curry, and all the fun I had in that fanagan's week. A strange man wearing abarrel.º And here's a gift of meggs and teggs. And as I live by chipping nortons. And 'tis iron fits the farmer, ay. Arcdesedo! Renborumba?º Thenº were the hellscyown days for our fellows, the loyal leibsters, and we was the redugout rawrecruitionersº, praddies three and prettish too, a wheeze we has in our waynwardº islands, wee engrish, one long blue streak, jisty and pithy af durck rosolunº, with hand to hand as Homard Kayenne was always jiggilyjugging about in his wendowed courage when our woos withº the wenches went wined for a song, tsingirillies' zyngarettes, while Woodbine Willie, so popiular with the poppyrossiesº, our Chorney Choplain, blued the air. Sczlanthas! Banzaine! Bissbasses! S. Pivorandbowl.º And we all tuned in to hear the topmast noviality. Up the revelsº drown the rinks and almistips all round.º Paddy Bonhamme he vives! Encore! And tig for tag.º Togatogtug. My droomodose days Yº loved you abover all the strestº. Blowhole brasshat and boy with his boots off and the butch of our bunch and all. It was buckoo bonzer, beleeme. I was a bare prive without my doglegs but I did not give to one humpenny dump, wingh or wangh, touching those thusengaged slavey generales of Tanah Kornalls, the meelisha's deelishas, pronouncing their very flank movemens in sunpictorsbosk.º Baghus the whatwar!º Iº could always take good cover of myself and,º eyedulls or earwakers, preyers for rain or cominationsº, I did not care three tanker's hoots,º ('sham!º hem! or chaffit!º) for any feelings from my lifeprivates on their reptrograd leaninsº because I have Their Honours booth my respectables soeurs assistershood off Lyndhurst Terrace, the puttih Misses Celana Dalems, and she in vinting her angurr can belle the troth on her alliance and I know His Heriness, my respeaktoble medams culonelle on Mellay Street, Lightnints Gundhur Sawabs, and they would never as the aimees of servation let me down. Not on your bludgerº life, touters! No peeping, pimpadoors! And, by Jova, I never went wrong nor let him doom till,º risky wark rasky wolk, at the head of the wake, up come stumblebum
{f39, 352}
(ye olde cottemptable!), his urssian gemenal, in his scutt's rudes unreformed and he went before him in that nemconº enchelonce with the same old domstoole story and his upleave the fallener as is greatly to be petted (whitesides do his beard!) and I seen his brichashertº offensive and his boortholomas vadnhammaggs vise a vise them scharlot runners and how they gave love to him and how he took the ward from us (odiousº the fly fly flurtation of his him and hers! Justº mairmaid maddeling it was it he was!) and, my oreland for a rolvever, sord, by the splunthers of colt and bung goes the enemayº the Percy rally got me, messger,º (as true as theirs an Almagnian Gothabobus!) toº blow the grand off his aceupper.º Thistakeº it's meest!º And after meath the dulwich. We insurrectioned and, be the procuratress of the hory synnotts, before he could tell pullyirragun to parrylewis, I shuttm, missus, like a wide sleever! Hump to dump! Tumbleheaver!

taff (camelsensing that sonce they have given bron a nuhlan the volkar boastsung is heading to sea vermelhion but |shtoo wellbred not to ignore the umzemlianessº of his rifal's preceedings, in an effort towards autosotorisation,º effaces himself in favour of the idiology alwise behounding his lumpy hump off homosodalismsh| which means that if he has lain amain to lolly his liking — cabronne! — he may pops lilly a young one to his herth — combrune —º) Oholy rasher, I'm believer!º Andº Oho bullyclaver of ye, bragadore-gunneral! The grand ohold spider! It is a name to call to himº Umsturdum Vonn!º Ah, youº were shutter reshottusº and sieger besieged. Aha race of fiercemarchands counterination oho of shorpshoopers.

butt (|shmiraculising into the Dann Deafir warcry,sh| his bigotes bristling, as, jittinju triggity shittery pet, |shhe shouts his thump and feeh fauh foul finngures up the heighohs of their ahs!sh|) Bluddymuddymuzzle! The buckbeshottered! He'll umbozzle no more graves nor horne nor haunder, lou garou, for gayl geselles in dead men's hills! Kaptan (backsightsº to his bared!), His Cumbulent Embulence, the frustateº fourstar Russkakruscamº, Dom Allaf O'Khorwan, connundurumchuffº.

taff (who, asbestas can, wiz the healps of gosh and his bluzzid maikar, has been sulphuring to himsalves |shall the pungataries
{f39, 353}
of sin prakticesh| in failing to furrow theogonies of the dommed). Trisseme, the mangoat! And the name of the Most Marsifulº, the Aweghostº, the Gragious Oneº! In sobber sooth and in souber civiles? And to the dirtimentº of the curtailment of his all of man? Notshoh?

butt (maomantº scoffin, but apoxyomenously deturbaned but thems bleachin banes will be after making |sha bashman's halodaysh| out of the euphoriousº hagiohygiecynicism of his |shdie and be diademmedsh|). Yastsar! In sabre tooth and sobre saviles! Senonnevero! |shThatº he leaves nyet is my| He deared me to it and he dared me do it,º andº bedattle I didaredonit as |shCocksnarksh| of |shKilltorksh| can tell and |shUssur Ursussen of the viktaurious onrush withº all the rattles in his arctic!sh| Asº bold and as madhouse |sha bull in a meadowssh|. |shKnout Knittrickº Kinkypeard!sh| Olefoh, the sourd of foemoe times! Unknun! For when meseemimº, |shand tolfoklokken rolland allover ourloud's lande,sh| beheaving upº that sob of tunf for to |shclaimhis, for tosh| wollpimsolff, puddywhuck. Ay, and untuoning his culothoneº in an exitous erseroyal Deo Jupto. At that instullt to Igorladns! Prronto! |shI gave one dobblenotchsh| |shand I ups with my crozziersh|. Mirrdo! With my howº on armer and hits leg an arrow cockshock rockrogn. Sparro!º

[The abnihilisation of the etym by the grisning ofº the grosning of the grinder of the grunder of the first lord of Hurtreford expolodotonates through Parsuralia with an ivanmorinthorrorumble fragoromboassity amidwhiches general uttermostsº confussion are perceivableº moletons skaping with mulicules while coventry plumpkins fairlygosmotherthemselves in the Landaunelegants of Pinkadindy. Similar scenatas are projectilised from Hullulullu,º Bawlawayo, empyreal Raum and mordern Atems. They were precisely the twelves of clocks, noon minutes, none seconds. At someseat of Oldanelang's Konguerrig, by dawnybreak in Aira.º]

taff (skimperskamper, his wools gatherings all over cromlin what with |shthe birstol boys artheynes and is it her toursh| and the crackery of the fullfour fivefirearms and the crockery of their damdam
{f39, 354}
domdom chumbers). Wharallº thubulbs uptheaires!º Shattamovick?

butt (|shpulling alast stark danielsh| with alest doog at doorak while too greater than pardonº |shpainfullysh|º |shthe issue of his mouth diminuendoing,sh| vility of vilities, |shhe becomes, allasvitally, faintsh|). Shurenoff! Like Faun MacGhoul!