1st typescript, December 1936, II.2§3 draft level 1

MS British Library 47479 192, 197 Draft details

{f10, 260}

|1⇒ Now |alet hutch just keep on under at being a vanished consinent and let annapal livibil puellabuella prettily prattle a lude all her own. And,º be that same semilennial salmon solemmly angled ingate and outgate,a| aº truce to lovecalls dulled by warclothes, |amalebags, things or bleackhusen, blank the letter that never begins to go,º blank the latter that ever comes to end, written in smoke, blotted by mist, signed of silence, sealed by night.a|1|

|1⇒ Simply1|

Imagineº twee cweamy wosen. Suppose you |1get a beautiful thought and1| cull them Sylvia and Silence. Thenº imagine a stoutterer.º You may suppoutreº him to been one biggermaster Omnibil. Then lustily imagine up to three longly lurking lobsters. For instents the Will Woolsley Wellaslayers. Pet her, pink him, play pranks with them. She will not improperly smile. He may seem to appreciate it. They are sure to paltipsypote. Feel the wollies drippiling out of your fingathumbs. Says twoº youssilves solowly. Soohº these ease Budlim! |1How do, dainty darlings? So peached to pick on you like in this way, prue and simple, prett and spry.1|