1st draft, 1936-1937, II.2§6B draft level 0

MS British Library 47479 194, 47480 2-3 Draft details

{ms, 003}

That is true, the |alandlord wellnourished one, lord of the seven days, overlord of sats and suns, who keeps watch in Khummer-Phett, |bwhose spouse is Anlivphunread, the dog's bladder, warmer of the couch,b|a| assented, |athrough his opening before its inlookers of where an oxmanstongue was stable,a| |aAnd that is |batb| most redoubtably truea| of more than |aone |bnone andb| ilkermana| of us. |aHe sollecited of all advice for, free of gracis, scamps encloded.a| I have just, let us praise, been reading in a |a(|bsurpressed surprissedb|)a| book with |aillustrative expurgativea| plates |aaccompanying the action passim |b|cto withc| my wormest venerection before the wordcraft of this early woodcutter, Mr Aubey Birdsly,b|a| and whilst I have been turning over the |aleaves etceteras |bleafless |cloose looves ofc| leafleftsb| casualltya| on the lamatory ofter |aas |bfar asb| I can recollect some farnights ago,a| when I|a, if you will excuse for me this leading down of |binexpressibles illexpressiblesb|,a| am |aentrenched upona| contemplating |aofa| myself |afor relieving purposes in our |btrurallyb| virvir vergitable (gardens)a| I sometimes |amaybe |benlivened by the natural sins before me,b| |ba wake or |cso morec| henceb| |bwith some shock, shell I so render it, have a motion |cquiet involuptaryc| thatb|a| am cadging hapsnots missing of distant renations |adugoutsa| in my behind scenes |adugouts |band facsimilar phasesb|a| at no spatial time |aof our earthworka| processly |aas this isa| about where in fact |aI amº |bwhollyb| pleased to see from this loudest report |xbattery partsx| I, I ama| I'm big altogether.

|aAttention! Standat! Ease!a|

We are diffusing |a(toyou, ty toyou toyou)a| among |ayou our wordless lovers of our sequencea| the dewfold song of the naughtingels |a(Alys, Alys allo!)|b, the clinkars of our nocturne field. Night's |csweet swootc| moztheart!b| |bMay song it |aflorish florusha|! (in the underwood)!, in chorush, long make it florush (in the Nut, in the Nut sky!), till thorush! Secret hookup!b|a| from their sheltered position |ain rosescenery haydinga| on the heather side of Waldalure, Mount St John's |awhere they winged |bafter forb| duskfall |bafter Sunsink gongb|a|. We are lucky in being so fortunate. |aThey will tell thea| |a|shshows with plosive plainingsh||b, prime secund & terce, now full theorb; now dulcifair |c(Oiboe! Zitthazittha!)c|,b| |shthe buonaventuresh| |b( |cwithc| gluckgluckb| |shto wherever boy all shaws in shamefeast (Shown shown! Sheme sheme!)sh| |band what whoe betwides them when we |cplay pressc| pedal pick out & vowelise your nameb|a| |xin partial |aPere Golathy, Mere Bare, you Bill Heeny, you Smirky Dandy and|b, more beethoken,b| all you whackfoolthenairyans |band your badhtempered pianos.b|a|x| The bark and bay duo |a(tuat! tuat!)a| |awith goodman fox inchimingsa| having almost ceased for the moment. |aLet every sound of a pitch |bbe keep in reasonanceb|.a| To allow the.

Taff — |aRoguener Loudbrags,a| The |asoddya| old samph |ain his ventruculencea|! |x|shAnd his shirt short's between|x| |x|shere th' Osirian clumdung like a wallf on the|x|

To which yes he did that was the answer.

Bulbul bulbul! Pschtt! Salam, salis salan! Carolius! Did you aye, did you eye, did you missing every see such a way suchawhy blank