2nd typescript, November-December 1936, II.2§2 draft level 2

MS British Library 47479 189-194 Draft details

{f39, 332}

Such was the act of goth stopping the tolk of Doolin, |2drain and plantage, wattle and daub, with you'll peel while I'll pile and we'll pull the both |atogether toground toguttera|,2| testies touchwood and Shenstone (incooperated) |2unto pop and puma, calf and condor, |aunder all the gaauspices,ºa|2| the chal and his chi, their roammerin over|2, gribgrobgrab reining trippetytrappety (so far shalt thou flow, else thy cavern hair!) towhomº she (anit likenand |apleasethee pleasemea|!). Till sealump becalmedumpº to slump a lifflebedº |a(Altolà, allamarsh! O gué, O gué)a|. All the weight of that mons on his little ribeunuch!2| Kaemper Daemper to Jitty de Waarfft, him that grand old man to be that haard of hearing |2(afore said)2| and her the petty tondur with the fix in her changeable eye |2(which see)2|. Me lord, me lad, he goes with blowbierd. |2Leedyº, pleaseous dreem. But before his loudshipº was converted to a landshop2| Then was a little |2theogamyjig2| incident that hoppy go lumpy Junuary morn, |2when he colluded with blank2| amudst the fionnaregal gaames of those oathmassed fenians |2for whome he |afirstcaused causeda| a bridge of the piers2|, at Inverliffy |2(matingpoint (matingpontine2| of the engagement) synnbildising graters and things O nilly not all, here's the first cataraction! As if even she cared an assuan damn! about her harpoons sticking all out of him between the phenian and his psourdonome. Sdrats ye, Gus Paudheen! Kenny's Methaw to ye, Dinny Oozle. While the cit was leaking asphalt like a suburbiaurealis. In his rure was tucking to him like old booths, booths, booths, booths.

|2An interruption.2|
{f39, 333}

|2|aButa| What |asezame open,a| |ais the doer the doer isa| doing? The door is being. How |athe thingajarrya| miens but this being becoming in the doer? |xBut it was not him, that foots like a glove, the shoehandshiner.x| Sooftly, |ashe anni slavey|b, sezusheb|a| is Sloowjanka.2|

The aged, crafty, numifeed, confusionary, overinsured, everlapsing accentuated Kate clopped, clopped, clopped back and along the danzing corridoor
{f10, 257}
not without her complement of men between the two deathdealing allied divisions and the lines of readypresent fire of the corkedagains' upstored, taken in giving the saloot band your hands going in, bind your heads coming out and |2remarked remoltked to |aherself herselpa| in her serf's alowm|a, the patter |bofb| so familiars,º as she shure sh sknows.a| |aNow Newa| uses in their mewseyfume2|. |2The jammesons is a |acoombing cookinga| his hair. And the juinnesses is a rapin his hind. And the Bullingtom caught the wind up. Dip.2|

|2And |a(lead us not into |breformation reformicationb| with the poors in your thingdom of |bgory! gory! Omoan!b|)ºa| the message she brought below from the missus she bragged above that had her |aagonya| stays outsize her chemise, |a& |bblancking her shifts to keep in the fascion,b| her face like a tub of |bMondayb| clothesa| fed to the chaps with working medicals,º and |aher birthright pang that would split an atam likea| the forty pins in her hood, was to |afader uncler blanka| mountainy mots |aa howdydowdya| in |aanna's annesta| plein language|a, from his hot & tot lassa| |ato pince his ropeloop ears, now the sowns of his loin were |bawink in their bed awinking & wakingb| and the dorter of the hush lillabilla lullaby,º |bonce after males, nonce at a time, |cafter with themc| Murphy's puffs she dursted with gnokmeggs,º obayre Mottom Beettomº and |cupsit epsutc| the fpot,º and if he was whistful for |cto licturec| her caudal orº a |cblank parrotsprate's cure for ensevelised lethurgies, spick is my spoon and the veriblest spoon, and speaks my respecks to my unread pimeleonc|b| |b'twasb| her hour for the chamber's ensallycopodium |xwith love from Aunt Lyons for Xmas unreadx| anda| she was a wanton for De |aMarara Mareraa| to take her genial glow to bed.2|

— This is time for my buttle, reflected Mr “Gladstone Browne” in the toll hut (it was characteristic of the “man of delgany”). Dip.

— This is me vulcanite smoking, profused Mr “Bonaparte Nolan” under the natecup (one feels how one may hereby reekignites the “grand old mahonagy”). Dip.

— And this is defender of defeater of defaulter of deformer of the funst man in Danelagh, willingtoned in with this glance dowen his browen and that born appalled noodlum the panelite pair's cummal delimitator, odding: Oliver White, he's as tiff as shee's tight. And thisens his speak quite hoarse. Dip.|2, in reverence to the your her midgetsy the lady of the comeallyes as madgestoo our own one's goff stature.º2|
{f10, 258}

|2⇒ O rum it is the chomicalest thing how it pickles up the |apuncher puncheya| and the jude. He banged the scoop and she bagged the sugar while the whole pub's pobbel done a stare. |aOn the mezzatint wall. With its chromo for all. Crimcrims crimcrims. Showing holdmenags osses reined sat by Allmeneck's men, canins to ride with em, canins that lept at em, woollied and flundered.a| So the katey's came and the katey's game. And |athe thata| henchwench what hoppedº it dunneth thereaft the. Dor Duras.


Yes,º we've conned thon print |awith ina| its gloss so gay how it came from Findlater's Yule to the day and it's Hey Tallaght Hoe on the King's highway with his hounds on the home at a turning. |aTo Donnicoombe Fairing. |xMillikins Millikensx| Pass.a| When visiting at Izd-la-Chapelle taste the lifeº of the water from the Carlowman'sº Cup.
{f39, 335}

It trumps its old story to their six of |ahearts. hearts the 12-eyed man.a| Has the modjestkyº |awho has since dyeda| drown reign before the izba,2|

|2As stage to set |aby ritual rotea| for |athe grimm talea| the four hyacinths, the deef old carp and the buglers' dozen of leagues-in-armour or how Holispolis went to Parkland |awith mabby and sammy and sonny and sissy and mop's varlet de shambles and alla| to find |ahimself at the right place for it bya| peep a skirtº or pipe a skirl when the hunt called a check |aon in upona| the grand sloper |awhile and that lightningº lovemaker's thender apeala| and till|a, between wandering weather anda| Ballyclover burgherly |ashut the shuttha| rush the rush in general. (Maori warcry here)

Paud the roosky, weren't they all of them then each in a different way of saying at the one in the same time hirebinian knight that was having holf for the love of the bliss it sint barbaras another doesend end once tale of a tublin wished on to him. It was before when Aiméeº stood for Arthurduke |afor the figger in profanea| and fell |afrom grace so madlleya| for Phil the fluter fellows. (They were saying.)º And it was the |along langa| is the shirt in the green of the wood |awhere obelisk rises when odalisks falla|, betweenº major threft on the make and jollyjacques spindhrift on the merry.º (O Mr Mathurin, they were saying, what a |atophat topheavy hata| you're in! And these aramyº mend maeudº, theyº were saying, they's so pioupious!)º
{f39, 336}
And it was cyclums cyclorums |shafter he made design on the corsesh| and |shhesh| |shwent to masssh| |shon himsh| |a(|shintroelbowsh| |shadd all taller blanksh|a|, |shback, seat and sidessh| and |shhe appliedsh| |a(I'm amazingly sorry!)a| |shthe wholed bould |ashoulderboy's shoulderedboy'sa| width for fullnesssh||a, measures for messieurs, messer's massedºa| (they were saying) again and agone and all over agun|a, the louthy meathers, the loudy meaders, the lously measlers|b, six to one, bar onesb|a|)

And they pled him beheighten the firing2|

|2⇒ Of Mr A and this woman |adabblehued dapplehueda|, fhronehflord and feofees, |awho had issueº keen and able and a spindlesong aside,a| nothing is told until now |atheir Sahara of sad oakleavesa|. And then, the next thing is, we are again once more a wondering in the wold made fresh where |alike witha| the hen |ain a storyabooka| we start from scratch2|

|2⇒ It was of the |agood granda| old gardener gartener, |aqua old golden meddlist,a| |aPublius Manlius |b(his place is his poster, sure, they said, and we're going to mark it sore, they said, with a carbon caustick manner)b|,ºa| quothed the liberaloider at his petty corporal |athat hung caughtnapping on his baited breatha|, to feel to every of the younging fruits|a, tenderosed like an atalantic's breastswells,º or, on a second wreathing, blanka|. And where the |apickadillies peckadilliesa| at his wristends meetings be loving so lightly dovesoiledº the candidacy|a, my wife and I think,a| of his softboiled bosom is apperient even to the illecterate |aof nullatenentiesºa|. Not a lot snapped the blank the pinchbeak, at pippip popoff pigeon shoot, that grace old getrunnerº, the man of the centuries he was bowled out of judge, jury & umpire like a witchbefooled legate.2|