Faber and Faber (London: 1939) II.3§2

First edition, first printing (details)

{f39, 332}

Snip snap snoody. Noo err historyend goody. Of a lil trip trap and a big treeskooner for he put off the ketyl and they made three (for fie!) and if hec dontº love alpy then lad you annoy me. For hanigen with hunigen still haunt ahunt to finnd their hinnigen whereº Pap­pap­papparrassannua­ragheallach­na­tullagh­mongan­mac­mac­mac­whack­fall­ther­debblen­on­the­dubblan­daddy­doodledº and anruly person creeked a jest. Gestapose to parry off cheekars or frankfurters on the odor. Fine again, Cuoholson! Peace, O wiley!

Such was the act of goth stepping the tolk of Doolin, drain and plantage, wattle and daub, with you'll peel as I'll pale and we'll pull the boath toground togutter, testies touchwoodº and shenstoneº unto pop and puma, calf and condor, under all the gaauspices (incorporated),º the chal and his chi, their roammerin over, gribgrobgrab reining trippetytrappety (so fore shalt thou flow, else thy cavern hair!) to whomº she (anit likenand pleasethee!). Till sealump becamedumpº to bumpslump a lifflebed,º (altolà, allamarsch! O gué, O gué!). Kaemper Daemper to Jettyº de Waarft, all the weight of that mons on his little ribbeunuch! Him that gronde old mand to be that haard of heaeringº (afore said) and her the petty tondur with the fix in her changeable eye (which see),º Lord,º me ladº, he goes with blowbierd:º leedyº, plasheous stream. But before that his loudshipº was converted to a landshop there was a little theogamyjig incidence that hoppy-go-jumpy Junuary mornº when he colluded with the cad out on the begº amudst the fiounaregalº gaames of those oathmassed fenians for whome he's forcecaused a bridge of the piers,º at Inverleffy, mating pontine of their engagement, synnbildising graters and things, eke ysendt? O nilly, not all, here's the first cataraction! As if ever she cared an assuan damm about her harpoons sticking all out of him whet between phoenix his calipers and that psourdonome sheath. Sdrats ye, Gusº Paudheen! Kenny's thought ye,º Dinny Oozle! While the cit was leaking asphaltº like a suburbiaurealis in his rure was tucking to him like old booths, booths, booths, booths.

Enterruption. Check or slowback. Dvershen.
{f39, 333}

Why, wonder of wenchalows, what o szeszame open, v doer s t doing? V door s being. But how theng thingajarry miens but this being becoming n z doer? K? An o.º It is ne not him what foots like a glove, shoehandschinerº Pad Podomkin. Sooftly, anni slavey, szszuszchee is slowjaneska.

The aged crafty nummifeed confusionary overinsured everlapsing accentuated katekattershin clopped, clopped, clopped, darsey dobrey, back and along the danzing corridor, as she was going to pimpim him, way boy wally, not without her complement of cavarnan men, between the two deathdealing allied divisions and the lines of readypresent fire of the corkedagainsº upstored, taken in giving the saloot, band your hands going in, bind your heads coming out, and remoltked to herselp in her serf's alown, a weerpovy willowy dreevy drawly and the patter of so familiars,º farabroads and behomeans, as she shure sknows, boof for a booby, boo: newº uses in their mewseyfume.º The jammesons is a cook in his hair. And the juinnesses is a rapin his hind. And the Bullingdong caught the wind up. Dip.

And º the message she braught belaw from the missus she bragged abouve that had her agony stays outsize her sari chemise, blancking her shifts for to keep up the fascion since |shthe king of all dronnings kissed her beeswixedº hand, fangºsh| (pierceº me, hunky, I'm full of meunders!), her fize like a tubtail of mondayne clothes,º fed to the chaps with working medicalsº and her birthright pang that would split an atam like the forty pins in her hood, was to fader huncher a howdydowdy, to mountainy mots in her amnest plein language, from his fain a wan, his hot and tot lass, to pierce his ropeloop ear, how, Podushka be prayhasd, now the sowns of his loins were awinking and waking and his dorter of the hush lillabilla lullaby (lead us not into reformication with the poors in your thingdom of gory, O moan!),º once after males, nonce at a time, with them Murphy's puffs she dursted with gnockmeggs and the bramborry cake for dour dorty domplingº obayre Mattom Beetomº and epsut the pfotº and if he was whishtful to licture her caudal with chesty chach from his daubergº den and noviny news from Naul orº toplots talks from morrienbaths
{f39, 334}
or a parrotsprate's cure for ensevelised lethurgies, spick's my spoon and the veriblest spoon, 'twas her hour for the chamber's ensallycopodium with love to melost Panny Kostello from X.Y.º Zid for to folly billybobbis gibits porzy punzy and she was a wanton for De Marera to take her genial glow to bed.

— This is time for my tubble, reflected Mr ‘Gladstone Browne’º in the toll hut (itº was choractoristic from that ‘man of Delgany’).º Dip.

— This is me vulcanite smoking, profused Mr ‘Bonaparte Nolan’º under the natecup (one feels how one may hereby reekignites the ‘ground old mahonagyanº). Dip.

— And this is defender of defeater of defaulter of deformer of the funst man in Danelagh, willingtoned in with this glance dowon his browen and that born appalled noodlum the panellite pair's cummal delimitator, odding: Oliver White, he's as tiff as she'sº tight. And thisens his speak quite hoarse. Dip.º

In reverence to her midgetsy the lady of the comeallyous as madgestoo our own one's goff stature.º Prosim, prosit, to the Krkº n yr nck!

O rum it is the chomicalest thing how it pickles up the punchey and the jude. If you'll gimmy your thing to me I will gamey a sing to thee. |shStay where you're dummy! To get her to go| He banged the scoop and she bagged the sugar while the whole pub's pobbel done a stare. On the mizzatint wall. With its chromo for all crimmº crimms. Showing holdmenag's asses sat by Allmeneck's men, canins to ride with em, canins that lept at em, woollied and flundered.

So the katey's came and the katey's game. As so gangs sludgenose. And that henchwench what hoppedº it dunneth there duft the. Duras.


Yes,º we've conned thon print in its gloss so gay how it came from Finndlader's Yule to the day and it's Hey Tallaght Hoe on the king's highway with his hounds on the home at a turning. To Donnicoombe Fairing. Millikin's Pass. When visiting at Izd-la-Chapelle taste the lipeº of the waters from Carlowman'sº Cup.
{f39, 335}

It tellyhows its story to their six of hearts, a twelve-eyed man;º for whom has madjestkyº who since is dyed drown reign before the izba.

Au! Au! Aue! Ha! Heish!

As stage to set by ritual rote for the grimm grimm tale of the four of hyacinths, the deafeeled carp and the bugler's dozen of leagues-in-amour or how Holispolis went to Parkland with mabby and sammy and sonny and sissy and mop's varlet de shambles and all to find the right place for it by peep o'skirtº or pipe a skirl when the hundt called a halt on the chivvychace of the ground sloper at that ligtningº lovemaker's thender apeal till, between wandering weather and stable wind, vastelend hosteilend, neuziel and oltrigger someº, Bullyclubber burgherly shut the rush in general.

Let us propel us for the frey of the fray! Us, us, beraddy!

Ko Niutirenis hauru leish! A lala! Ko Niutirenis haururu laleish! Ala lala! The Wullingthund sturm is breaking. The sound of maormaoring. The Wellingthund sturm waxes fuercilier. The whackawhacks of the sturm. Katu te ihis ihis! Katu te wana wana! The strength of the rawshorn generand is known throughout the world. Let us say if we may what a weeny wukeleen can do.

Au! Au! Aue! Ha! Heish! A lala!

— Paud the roosky, weren't they all of them then each in his different way of saying calling on the one in the same time hibernian knights underthaner that was having, half for the laugh of the bliss it sint barbaras another doesend end once tale of a tublin wished on to him with its olives ocolombs and its hills owns ravings and Tutty his tour in his Nowhare's yarcht. It was before when Aimeeº stood for Arthurduke for the figger in profane and fell from grace so madlley for fill the flatter fellows. (They were saying).º And it was the lang in the shirt in the green of the woodº where obelisk rises when odalisks fall,º major threft on the make and jollyjacques spindthrift on the merry,º (O Mr Mathurin, they were calling, what a topheavy hat you're in! And there aramnyº maeudº, then theyº were saying, these so pioupious!)º
{f39, 336}
And it was cyclums cyclorums |shafter he made design on the corsesh| and |shhesh| |shwant tosh| |shmesssh| |shon himsh| (|shenterellbosh| |shadd all taller Danis)sh|, |shback, seater and sidessh|º and |shhe appliedsh| (I'm amazingly sorracer!) |shthe wholed bould shoulderedboy's width for fullnesssh|, measures for messieurs, messer's massed,º (they were saycalling again and agone and all over agun, the louthly meathers, the loudly meaders, the lously measlers, six to one, bar ones).

And they pled him beheighten the firing. Dope.

Maltomeetim, alltomatetam, when a tale tarries shome shunter shove on. Fore auld they wauld to pree.


Of this Mr A (tillalaric) and these wasch woman (dapplehued), fhronehflord and feeofeeds, who had insueº keen and able and a spindlesong aside, nothing more is told until now, his awebrume hour, her sere Sahara of sad oakleaves. And then. Be old. The next thing is. We are once amore as babes awondering in a wold made fresh where with the hen in the storyaboot we start from scratch.

So the truce, the old truce and nattonbuff the truce, boys. Drouth is stronger than faction. Slant. Shinshin. Shinshin.

— It was of The Grant, old gartener, qua golden meddlist, Publius Manlius, fuderal private,º (his place is his poster, sure, they said, and we're going to mark it, sore, they said, with a carbon caustick manner)º bequotherº the liberaloider at his petty corporelezzo that hung caughtnapping fromº his baited breath, it was of him, my wife and I thinks, to feel to every of the younging fruits, tenderosed like an atalantic's breastswellsº or, on a second wreathing, a bright tauth bight shimmeryshaking for the welt of his plow. And where the peckadillies at his wristsends meetings be loving so lightly dovessoildº the candidacy, me wipin eye sinks, of his softboiled bosom should be apparient even to our illicterate of nullatinentiesº.

All to which not a lot snapped The Nolan of the Calabashes at his whilom eweheart photognomist who by this sum taken was as much incensed by Saint Bruno as that what he had consummed was his own panegoric, and wot a lout about it if it was
{f39, 337}
only a pippappoff pigeon shoot that gracesold getrunnerº, the man of centuries, was bowled out by judge, jury and umpire at batman's biff like a witchbefooled legate. Dupe.