1st draft, early 1938, II.2§5 draft level 0

MS British Library 47480 193, 68 Draft details

{ms, 068}

|aBUTT and TAFF TAFF and BUTTa| (|a|bdesprot slave |cwagerc| and |cfoeman feomanc| |c|dfeudal foedald|c| unsheckled,b| two & the same person, |bthe fight |cfor the upheld for toc| right for a wee while being |cover biffed & totteredc|,b|a| umbraged by the |apantocraticala| shadow of |aOld Erssiao'sa| the |amagisquama| mythical |amulattoa| militiaman|a|b, the living by owning over the surfers of the glebe,b| whose sway craven minnions had caused to revilea| as he falls by Goll's gillie |aunder boiling Mauses' burning brand,a| but |astout keena| heartened by the circuminsistence of the Parkes O'Rarely's O'Rarelys in |aaa| hurdlygurdly |aCiciliana| concertone |aof their fonnafeena barneybrawla|, they shake everybothy's hands and|a, without falter or mormor |xor blatherhood of sophsterlinessx|,a| pugnate the pledge of fiannaship by |aan a commonturna| oach oatchd |aof fest, man, with best, man,a| in which astoutsally astoutsalliesemoutiaoun palms it off |alike commodity tokensa| with cuncuncacacaoutioun) Forfife and formicular allonall and in particular till budly shoots the rising germinal badly blank