Fair copy, 1937, II.2§3 draft level 2

MS British Library 47479 206-208 Draft details

{f10, 260}

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|v2Simply Simply. As says the mug in the middle, nay brian nay noel, ney |abully billya| ney boney, blankv2|

Imagine twee cweamy wosen. |v2Suppose Suppwosev2| you get a beautiful thought and cull them |v2Sylvia and Silence sylvias sub silencev2|. Then |v2imagine immagginºv2| a |v2stoutterer stottererv2|. You may suppoutre him to been one biggermaster Omnibil. Then lustily |v2(tutu the font and tritt on the bokswoods like gay |afeetuses feeters'sa| dance) imagine immenginev2| up to three longly lurking |v2lobsters lobsterts lobstartsv2|. |v2For Fairv2| instents the Will Woolsley Wellaslayers. Pet her, pink him, play pranks with them. She will |v2not improperly nod amproperlyv2| smile. He may seem to |v2appreciate appraisiatev2| it. They are |v2as piractical jukersmenv2| sure to paltipsypote. Feel the wollies |v2drippiling drippelingv2| out of your fingathumbs. Says two youssilves |v2solowly. solowly:v2| Sooh these ease Budlim! How do, dainty |v2darlings daulimbsv2|? So peached to pick on you in this way, prue and simple, |v2prett prittv2| and spry. |v2Heyday too, Malster Faunagon, and hopes your hahiti-tahitiº licks the mankey nuts! And oodlum hoodlum doodlum to yes, Donn, Teague and Hurleg, who the bullocks brought you here and how the hillocks are ye?v2|