1st draft, October-November 1936, II.2§1 draft level 0

MS British Library 47479 2-22 Draft details

{f39, 309}
{f10, 238}

That the fright of his light in |sh|atribalbutience tribalbalbutienceºa|sh| bidesº aback in the doom of the balk of the deaf but that the height of his life from a bride's eye stammpunct is when a man that means a mountain |ain |shbarringsh|a| his distance |aweds wadesa| a lymph that plat plays the lazy |awhen |shwinningsh|a| sheº likes yet that pride that bogs the party begs the glory of a wake while the scheme is like your rumba round me garden, allatheses, with |aperhaps perhelpsa| the prop of a prompt to them, was now or never with Finnfannfawners for much or moment indispute.

House of call is all their evenbreads |athough its cartomanseº hallucinate like |shan erection in the nightsh| the mummery of whose deed immerges a mirage in a merror,a| for it is where that host of a bottlefilled, |shhunter's pink of face,sh| is in on a bout to be unbulging an o'connell's whilom |shhis canterberry bellseyessh| wink wickeding indtil the teller. |shYet is it, this ale of man, for him just a tug andº a fistful as for Culsen, |a|bthe |shPatagoreyan,sh|b| chieftain of chokanchuckers, and hisa| his moyetyº joyant, under the foamer dispensation when he pullupped the turfeycork by the greats of gobble out of Lough| When, pressures be to our hoary frother, the pop gave his sullen |shbulletactionsh| and, bilge, |asleda| a movement of catharic emulsipotion
{f39, 311}
down the sloppery slides slide of a slaunty to tilted lift-ye-landsmen. Which in the ambit of its orbit heaved a sink her sailer alongside of a drink her drainer from the basses brothers, those two they got theres. |a

a| It was long after once there was a leeland in the luffing and it was less after |shlives thor a toyler in the tawn at allsh| and it was note before he drew out the moddle of Kersse by |a|shjerkinsh|a| his dressing but it was not before |a|shathwartshipssh|a| he buttonhaled the Norweeger's capstan.

But first, |a|sh|sbarmstrong strongbowthsb|sh|,a| |shthey would deal death to a drinkingsh|. |a|shLink of a leadder, dubble in it, slake your thirdst thoughts awake with it. Our svalves are svalves aroon!sh| |shWe rescue thee, O Baass, from the damp earth and honour thee,º O Connibell, with mouth burial!sh|a| |shSo was donesh||a., |bup draught and whet them,b| |shneat and trigsh|. |b|shUp draught and whet|b|a|
{f10, 240}

|shThenº sagd he to the ship's husband:º Hwere can a ketch or hook alive a suit and sowterkins? Soot! |asagd |bsazd saydb|a| the ship's husband|a, knowing the language,a| |aHereº is taylerena|. Ahorror, he |asagd |bsazd saydb|a| |a|shcanting aroundsh|a| |shto |ahis biddest that beddest hisa| friendsh|, the tayler, fake an capstan make and shoot!|a|b, maning Manningb| to sayle of clothsº for his |sbwife and lady hersb| master.a| He spit in his faiste faist |a|b(bergen) (beggin)b|a|: he |ataped tapea| the raw baste |a|b(padden) (paddin)b|a|: he planked his pledge|a|b, (|shasb| dib |bunread is ab| |bdab, dabsh|)ºb|a|: and he tog his fringe sleeve |a(buthock,º ladº, fur whale)a|. And the ship's husband brokecurst after him |a|shto hail the
{f39, 312}
luggersh|:a|. Stolp!, tief, stolp, come bag to Moy Eireann! And the Norweeger's capstan swaradeed|a, some blowfish out of schoolinga|.º All lykkehud! |a|b|shBut they broken waters and they made whole waters at they surfered bark to the lots of his|b| And aweigh he yankered |shon the |bNorgian Norgeanb| runsh| so that |shseven sailend sonnenrounders was he breastbare to thesh| brinabath |b|shwhere bottoms out has fatthoms fullsh|b| |bfrom blank till fram Franz José Land tilb| |shCabo Thormendososh|.a| And the tides |acame made, |shveer and haul,ºa| and the times |awent marred, rear and fallsh|,ºa| and, holey bucket, dinned |ait hea| raign!sh|

|shHump! Hump! bassed the broaders-in-laughsh|. |shI will do that, sazdº Kersse, mainingstaying the rigout |afor |shher wife's |blordship lairdshipb|sh|a|. |aNeat Netta| sew? they hunched back at the|

|shBut old sporty, as endth lord, he nought feared |a|shcrimpsh| or crampa| of shoreº sharks. |shIt was whol niet |agodthaaba| |shof |aearl Howed and |beorl errolb| Loritz off his Cape of Good Howthe and hissh| trippertrice,º |b|shwith twy twi twy twinky her stone hairpins,sh| |shonly not, if not,sh|b|a| a queen of Prancess their tellingsh| tabled who was for his seeming |shtheº heart of the sweetsh| |a|sh(had he hows would he keep her as niece as a fiddle!)sh|a| but it was wohl yeas |a|bsputsbargainb| what|b, |shrarer of recentsh|,b| |shhe alwagers allalong |shmost certainlysh| allowedsh| a| of the three blend |acupstomerries cupstoomerries,a|
{f10, 241}
having their ceilidhe gailydhe in his shaunty irishsh|. |a|shGroup drinkards |bwith |cmaakse maaksc|b| grope thinkardssh| or how says rotary |brespecting the otherdogs |cchurches churcheesc|b|.a| |shSoº long plubs plubs will be plabs plebssh| |a|bbutb| plabs |shmay later |btake agree with them to haveb| anothera|sh|.

|shSets on |asayfahrt sayfohrta|! |a|shGo to itsh|!a| they bassabosunedsh|.

|shI will do that, |a|shacordialsh|,a| sazdº Kersse, |apiece Cod, |shand in the flap of a jacketsh|,ºa| ructified their o'cousin, as sober as the ship's husband he was |aonea| |shmy godfathersh| when he told me saw whileupon I am now well and jurily sagasfide after the boonamorse thatº |a|shthe widowersh|, |baccording to rider,b| |b|shfollowing pnomoneyash|,b|a| he is blown to Adamssh|. |aSo help me |bbuy buoyb| who keeps the buck.a|

|shWhereofterº |abehest |shhis suzerain law the Thingsh| anda| the pilsener |ahat hada| the baar, still passing the change-a-pennies, |a|shpengeypigsessh|, |sha severalsh| sort |bof |shcoyne in liverysh|b|,a| pushed their whisper in his hairingsh|,º |shthe same to the good,º |ain as ind asta| velut discharge after which he had exemptied |a|shmore than orphansh|a| for the ballast of his nurtural lifesh|. |shA few pigses |apengeypigses, a several sort, |shand hare you aresh| |shand no chickingsh|a|, if you guess mimic mieningsh|.

|shThus as count the costs of liquid courage stowed stivers in bulk in holdsh| keen his kenning, |shthe queriest of the |abunch crewa|, with that fellow fearing for his own misshapes, |ashould he be |bhimpselfb| a |bfoully fallenb| dissentant from the |shperipulatorsh|,a| sued |atowerdsa| |aMeade Meade-Reida| and |aBurton |bLynn-Lane Lynn-Duffb|,a| rubbing the son ofsh| a |ablank pookal, leather be light, how the camel |bandb| where the
{f39, 314}
deiffel |bunreadb| or when the finicking or why the funickinga| |aorºa| |shwho caused the scaffolding to be first removed you give orders|a, babeling,ºa| were their |a|breadey meadey reidey meadeb|a| answersh| when |aon the cuteya| (the corespondent) |ain conflict of evidencea| |shdrew a kick at witness
{f10, 242}
but |amissed (missed)a|
sh| and for whom |ain the dyfflun's kiddya| |shremoved the planks they were wantedsh||a, booba|.


|sh|aBoth­all­chorac­torschummin­around­gan­summummimi­rumdrum­strummtrumm­ina­humpta­dump­waultopoorfool­ooder­amann­sthurnup! Both­all­chorac­torschummin­around­gan­sumumina­rumdrum­strumtrum­ina­humpta­dump­waulto­poofoo­looder­amaun­sturnup!a|sh| |a

— Didº do |s+as+| dive, aped one.

— Propellopalombarouter, based two.

— Rutsch is for rutterman ramping his roe, seed three. Where the muddies scrimm ball. Bimbim bimbim. And |+the+| maidies scream all. Himhim |+himhim+|.a|

|sh|shAnd forthemoresh| |shlet legend go lore of| |aThatº mortar scene what a |bdust dustydustb| it razed |baboriginallyb| but so sartor's risorted why the sinner the better! Ho ho ho hoch! La la la lach. Hillary rillaryº gibbous grist to |byour ourb| milleryº!a| Paradoxmutose caring, but here in a |apresenta| booth of Ballaclay, |aBarthalamou,a| where their |sh|adutchuncle dutchunclera|sh| mynhosts and serves them |adram |bwill wellb|a| right |afor a |shboors' interiorsh| (homereek van hohmryk)a| that |aschott that salve that selvera| is to screen its |aaunt aunteya| and has ringround as worldwise eve her sins will |afeature a futurefeature aa| footloose |acast pastcasta| with spareshins and flash subtittlesº of noirse-made-earsy from a nephew mind the narrator so long as those sohns of a blitzh call the tuone tuone and thonder alout |shmakes the thurdsh|.sh| |aLet there be.a|

|a|shThat's all murtagh purtaghsh| buta| |sh|aWhod Whada| ababs his dopter? sissed they |ablank |shtwilled alongsidesh|,ºa| in wiping the rice assatiated with their wetting. |aThe lappel of his size?a| Diddled he daddle a drop of the cradler on delight mebold laddy was stetched?sh| And they addled |a,º |shShufflebothamsh|º asidled, |bplus his ducks fore his drills,b|a| a liddle more lining |awas |bmight be malt maught beb|a| licensed |aall at ones|b, be |cthe thesec| same |shtokenssh|,b| forgiving a |shbrass rapsh||b, sneitherº a |cfull wholec| length |cskreeder norc| a short |cshift shifkc| so |cfar fullc| asº all |care werec| concernedb|a|.

|aBoniface Burniface|b, let flow, |shbabble brabble |candc| brabble,sh| |candc|b|a| so hostily|a, heavy |bbreather breathingb|a| came up with |athem and |shshatºa| the three tailorssh| butting back to |shMoyle herringsh| bump as |shbeam and bottomsh|, |shroller and ridersh|, |shthe seasant sampedsh| as skibber |shbreezed insh|, |shthe tights of his truks trunkssh| at tickle to tackle and his rubmelucky truss rehorsing the |shpouffed skirtssh| of his |shoverhaulsh|º.

|shGood marrams, sagds sagd he, jilling to windwards,sh| |aso was his horenpipe lug in the lee off their mouths organs, with his tilt too taut for his tammy all a |bslanter slaunterb| and his wigger on a waggerº with its tag tucked tup.a| |aand Anda| he |shasked from him how |athe the hitcha| did do |athis my fanda| Sulkersºsh| alsoº |ahe's that fonda| Sutchensonº |+, a penincular fraimd of mind|a, fordeed he was langseling to talka holt of hemsºa|+|.

|shSkibberenº |ahis hasa| common inn,sh| telled |shshinshankssh| for his kicker who:º
{f39, 316}

— Pukkelsen, tilltold.

|a|shThatº of with |ball someb| our prowed invisors how his ulstravoliance led him infroraids., striking down and landing alow, widness Dane and Tysk and Hanrysh|. |shPrepatrickularlysh| all, they summed. |bKish met. |shBound| And for landlord, noting, nodding a coast to moor was cause to mear. Besides |shproof plenty, over proofsh|.b|a| While they |sheither took a heftsh|. Or the other swore his eric. |aHeirs to you, Brewinbaroon! |shWeth a whistle for |byour thanks methanksb|.sh|a|

|shGood marrams and good |amerrymills mirrymillsºa|, sayds sayd good mothers gossip, |abobbing hisa| bowing both ways |ato witha| the bentssh| |saand skerriessa|, when they were all |ain the old walled |sb|schibernating hiberniatingsc|sb| |shafter seven |bages of oak oak agesb|,sh|a| fearsome where they wereº he had gone |adump in the |bdoom doomering this tide,b|a| |shand shut the |adoor th doora| after himsh| |athis tide,a|. |aHe made the sign of the hammer.ºa| |shCod'sº drought, he sayds sayd, |aafter a few daze, how leif pauses!a| |aanda| here you are |a, and be turbotº, lurch a stripe,a| as |adid werea| you |afall soused |sbme methoughtsb|a| out of the mackerelsh|. |shSell me gundy,sh| sagds the now waging |acapon. capona| |awith a warry posthumour's expletion.a| A |shbite of keesens, he sagds, |saorsa| a stingersh| |aand when I'm soured to the tipple you can sink me leada|, he sagds, and a pull of |atomtartarum tamtartarumºa|. Allkey dalkeyº, sayds the shop's housebound, for he was as |shdeep as the north starsh|,º |a|shas might have saydsh|,º every man to his beasta| and |shmy |acad catera| million falls to yoush|!º Andº he |agot anda| gave |sh|awhat'sa| the good wordsh|, |alike one familiar to the house,a| |shas clam as your clocksh|, while |shWaldenarsh| |shawas toeing it and|a, |shtake my wroth for itsh|,a| |shMaldemarsh| was heelingsh| it.

— Nohow did he kersse or hoot the suit of solderskins?º mended one breaches maker. |a|shSoe sygsh| he was, |shwalking fram the ball at his footsh|a| And

— Humpsea dumpsea, cut cutter the curter.

— A ninth for a ninth, they told to the taler |awho |shhad considerable way onsh|a|, andº |xThey knew what |shthe whyed for too. The because of his|x| throatfull us all!

|shPlaceº the scaurs wore on yoursh| |shgroot beg bailey billsh|, he |aapullagibed apullajibeda| obliffious of the headth of hosth that was still trystfully acape for Graunuaile |a|shin precious
{f39, 318}
sh|a| |shand that proud grace to hersh|, |a|shin gait a movely water, of smile a coolsome cupsh|. |shFloodlift, her ancient of rights regaining, so yester |byield yiddb|, even| |shHim her first lap, her his fast pal,sh| for ditcher for plower, till deltas |btwo part twoportb|. |sbHe would withsay, that is two me meanº.sb|a| |a|shIf the flowers of speech valed the springs ofº me rising the hiker I hilltapped the murk I mist my blezzard| Not a knocker on |bthe hisb| head nor a nicknumber on |ba theb| manyoumeant. |shIt might have been |bthe what you call yourb| change of my lifesh| but here'sº a chance for my lifting.ºa| |shI |ashould shota| be |ashot shoddieda|,sh| throttle me |afor bringing briars to Benbrackenºa| |xIt's a |shsuirsite's stircus haunting hesteries round old|x| but |shtimeº is for talerman tasting his tap. Tiptoptap, Mister|

He made one summey of |ahisa| the three swallows and |shtorched upsh| as the faery pangeant fluwed down |athea| |ahis open guts hisophenguts a| to the tickle of his tube and the twobble of his fable, O, fibbing |shonce upon a spray what a queer and queasy spree it wassh|. Plumped.

Which both did. Prompt.

— By |shthe drope in his groinsh|, |shthinksº the capon, we were heretoforesh|.

— And be the coop of his |sagubbous gobbossa|, thinks your girth fatter but but where's Horace's courtin drhawers?

— I put hem behind the oasthouse, sagd Pukkelsen, wound on the teller, appeased to the cue, and he he's wallowing awash swill of the Tarra water. The Kersse of Wolafs on him, he sagd in the fornicular, for I carsed his goat in trotthers behigh in the fire behame in the oasthouse. Hops! sagd he.

|aSmoking Smoke anda| cook coke |achokea|! lauffed |atill |shthe tear |btrickle trickledb| drown a thighsh|a| the loafers all but a sheep's whosepants which that swished to the lord he hadn't and the starer his li story was talled to who felt that such a satuation would empty dempty him down to the ground.
{f39, 320}

— And hopy dops!, sagd he, anded the enderer |awho now dyply |shhynotisedsh| or hopeseys doper himselfa|. And kersse him, sagd he, |xthe screeder, the |astichinesnider stitchimesnidera|, sagd he, the bag of my |sahaund to hamd tillsa| hem, sagd he, the kersse of my armsore appal |shthis most ummentionablestº of mensh| (and he |shscalded him all the |ashimpsa| names in his gittersh|) a coathemned gusset sewer,x| he is that worstered |atyler |bwastendedb| shootmakera| whatever poked a noodle in a |sacluth clouthsa|!

|aSo for the second tryon all the meeting of the o'connells had it. How he hised his bungle oar his shourter and cut the pinter off his pourt pourer and lay off for Fjellagulphiaº in the farning.a| |a

— Stuff, Taaffe, stuff! interjoked it his wife's hopesend to the boath of them. Come back to May Hearne Eileen.a| |aIll luck to it! blostfumed the nowraging scamptale |bin flating furies outs trews his cammelskins b|. |bAnd aye far he fared from Afferik Arena and yea near he night till Blowland Bearring.b| And the sea shoaled and the saw squalled. And, soaking scupper, didn't he drain!ºa|

|a|shInfernal machinerysh| having thus passed the buck |bfrom tob| belly bock |bto fromb| jack (finder the keeper) as the baffling yarn sailed in circlesa| It was now high tide for the reminding pair of |asnippers snipersa| to be |shsuitably punishedsh| |a|blike the |cfoamer oelconner pervious oelkennerc| doneb| till they
{f39, 321}
hadº |bliquorallyb| no more powers to their elbowa|. Ignorancer's bliss, therefore, their not to say |shrifle butt targetsh| none too wisefolly|a, poor fish,ºa| discoastedself to that point of its Dublin bar where|a, breakingº & entering, from the outback's dead heart, |bastraylians in island,b|a| a wellknown tall hat |aaccompanied bl |shblown insh|a| |abe |shbetween housessh|a| by a nightcap of that silk |a|bor it might be a black velvetb| and a kiber gallera| dragging his hunkerº were signalling |agale gael warnings towards Wazwollenzee Havena| to give them their beerings. |aLifeboatº Loe, Noeman's Woe, Hircups Emptybelly!ºa| |shWith winkles,º whelks and |acacklesent cocklesenta| jelks. Let be buttercup |aday evea| lit by night in the| |aAndº old lotts have funn at Flammagen's ball.a| |shHow they succeeded |shby courting daylight in saving darknesssh| he who loves will|

He cupped his years to catch |amines with whats yours; me me's to you in what's yours soº as minest to hissent,a|
{f10, 248}
blanding rum, milk and toddy with I hand it to you. Saying whiches, |awith seea| his bow on the hapence, |aas the strong waters were risinga| he scooped theirº hens, hounds and horses,º biddy by bunny, with an arc of his covethand saved from the drohnings they might oncounter, into intillº his cubid longº to hide in dry. Your |asowse sowsa| tin the |satipple topplesa|, dodgers, trink me |atrade dregsa|! Zoot!

|aThe And with the gushº of a spring alice thea| fossickers and swagglersº with him on the hoof |afrom down undera| spikedº forth desert roses in that mulligar scrub.

{f39, 322}

Takeº off thatch whitehat (Kersse come in back off the |aBojldawl Boildawlºa| races).º

|aTuck Ticka| off that |awhitehot whiltehotºa|, you scum of a |abatch botchºa| (of Kersse who had been mocking a his hollaballoon a sample of the costume of the country).º

— Tape oaf that saw foull and sew wrong, you suck of a |athickstock thick stocka| and the udder, and confiteor yourselfº (bekersse he had cuttered up |afora| that poor old bridge's masthard slouch a shook of cloakses the wise his own fitther couldn't nose him).º

Isn't that effect?º asked the three newconners at the ones upon a topers who, as three as they were there, they had been |amaltreating malttreatinga| themselves to their health's contempt.

— That's fig for fag, confessed those who were upon the point of obsoletion, and so culp me goose, he said, the bugganeering wanderducken |a(that his pumps may shipº |ball the awholeb| shandymound of the |sbdusert, dussard)sb|a|,º there is never a tailorman in the |aFife Falls of Island Fife Folks of Iselandºa| |afrom Drumadunderry till the rumnants of Mecckrass,a| could milk a colt in thrushes foran furrow follower width that camelump back.

The lord of the saloom hereinat presently returned |ahim a| from his beforetime guestsº who if they were about to loose a laugh they let it as the leashed they might do when they felt their joke was coming homeº to them, |adane and dare,a| the fullybellied, withº the old sit in his shoulders, |shpicking up the |athe amberoseº of thea| lizod lightssh|, his tail toiled of spume and spawn, and the bulk of him and the hulk of him. They hailed |ahim cheeringly,a| their |aancient encienta| and, the murrainer.

— Heave,º coves, emptybloodyº!

And ere he could catch |aa hooker or a hook ora| line to suit their |asousyskins sausyskinsºa|, the lumpenpack.

— Sot! sagd the tailors |ain froma| their |agobbelots gabbalotsa|.

And they poured em |abehoil behoildºa| on the fire.

|aWelter focussed.a|

The allexpected depression over |aSchumdinebbia Schiumdinebbiaa|, harolded byº faugh sicknellsº and umwalloped in an unusuable suite of cloudsº, havingº filthered |athrough troughºa| the same gorgers' kennel on its wage wealthwards, and incursioned a sotten retch of low pleasure, missed in some |aparts portsºa| but |awitha| lucal drizzles, |aanda| the outlook for tomarry (Streamstress Mandig) beamed briderº, his ability good.

— Comither, |aHorace ahoraceºa|, till I've fined you a faulter-in-law,º szed the head talebearer, then |asagd sayda| the ship'sº gospfather |ain the scat storya| to the husband's capture,º and |asagd sayda| he to the nowweddingº captain,º |athe |bhonourable rude hunnerableºb|a| Humphrey, |acomether comeethera|, |asagd sayda| he, my |aold merrytimea| |amortimer. mortimer, you wutan |bwall whaalb|, |bsagd saydb| he.a|


º I popetithes thee, Erievikkingr, forfor furst of theº |sagielgaul gielgaulgullsºsa| greats, |asagd sayda| he, the |astramerer's steamerer'sºa| mastress to the sea aasseº cuddycoalman's,º outº of the hell of the howthen and be danned to ye, |asagd sayda| he, into our roomyo connellic relation, |asagd sayda| he, in that the loyd mave hercy on your sael! Anomyn anº awer. Spickinusand.x|
{f10, 252}
|sahe H Hee And here sa| is the ninethest pork of a man whisk |aswims swimmiesa| in |aDublin Dybblina| water |afrom Ballscodden easthmost till |bThriston's Lickslip Thyrston's |cLickslap Lickslipc|b|a| and|a, |bsagd saydb| he, whiles the heart of Lukky laughedº in his icebox,ºa| he has the nicesth pert of a nittlewoman in the house that he daughts upon of anny livving plusquebelle |awhich can coocoo
{f10, 253}
|bher himb| do dildulcey dovelyº to your old cawcaws'º huggin and munina| and, |asagd sayda| he to Kersse her goosefatther, |awhen |bthey come it comesb| to the ride onerablea| she will make a pair for my old Saltymarº |ahere, |bA. I.ºb| Magnus, |sbtheº |scflappanorser flappenoosersc|,sb|a| who he is the bettest bluffy blondblubberº |aof an olewidgeona| what |asput a skuttle |bever sput overspatb| a skettlea| in a skib.

{f10, 255}

|aHe goat a berth. And she cot a manege. And whoth'sº gorse mundumº ganna wedst.a|

The kilder |acame masseda|, one, |aten and a hundred then ten and uhindreda| and they |abarany dunced barney dunceda| a kathareen round to knowº the who and to show the howsome. Why was you hiding, moder of moders? And where was hunty
{f39, 331}
poppa the gun? Whichº was the worst of them |aphaynix cuplerts phaymix cupplertsa|? |aHe's herd of hoarding and her faiths is |baltered altaredb|. Becoming ungoing their seeming sames for though that liamstone deaf do his part there's a windtreetop whipples the damp off the mourningº. But tellusit allasif wellasits end. And the lunger it takes the swooner they tumble twoº. He knows he's just thrilling and she's sure she'd squeam. The threelegged man and the tulippied dewydress. Lludd hillmythey we're brimming to hear.a| |aButa| The durst he did and the firstº she ever? Peganeenº |aBurke Bushe a| this isn't the polkar, catch as you cancan when high |aletfling land flinga|! And you,º Tommy |aMaloney |bMoloney Melooney,ºb|a| I'll tell y tittle your parents if you stick that pigpin upinto meh!

So whoopsabout a plumpaside, poison kerls,º for the laetificationº of disgeneration and by |aeuhumourisation neuhumourisationºa| of blank