1st typescript, November 1936, II.2§1 draft level 1, 1+

MS British Library 47479 41-47; 36-40 Draft details

{f39, 309}
{f10, 238}

That the fright of his light in tribalbalbutience bides aback in the doom of the balk of the deaf but that the height of his life from a bride's eye stammpunct is when a man that means a mountain barring his distance wades a lymph that plays the lazy winning she likes yet that pride that bogs the party begs the glory of a wake while the scheme is like your rumba round me garden, allatheses, with perhelps the prop of a prompt to them, was now or never|1, inº Etheria Desertaº as in Grander Suburbia,1| with Finnfannfawners for much or moment indispute.

House of call is all their evenbreads though its cartomanse hallucinate like an erection in the night the mummery of whose deed immerges a mirage in a merror, for it is where that host of a bottlefilled, hunter's pink of face, is in on a bout to be unbulging an o'connell's whilom his canterberry bellseyes wink wickeding indtil the teller. Yet is it, this ale of man, for him just a tug and a fistful as for Culsen, the Patagoreyan, chieftain of chokanchuckers and his moyety joyant, under the foamer dispensation when he pullupped the turfeycork by the greats of gobble out of Lough Neagk. When, pressures be to our hoary frother, the pop gave his sullen bulletaction and, bilge, sled a movement of catharic emulsipotion
{f39, 311}
down the sloppery slide of a slaunty to tilted lift-ye-landsmen. Which in the ambit of its orbit heaved a sink her sailer alongside of a drink her drainer from the basses brothers, those two |1they got theres they-got-theresº1|.

It was long after once there was a |s1leeland lealands1| in the luffing and it was less after lives thor a toyler in the tawn at all and it was note before he drew out the moddle of Kersse by jerkin his dressing but it was not before athwartships he buttonhaled the Norweeger's capstan.

But first, strongbowth, they would deal death to a drinking. Link of a leadder, dubble in it, slake your thirdst thoughts awake with it. Our svalves are svalves aroon! We rescue thee, O Baass, from the damp earth and honour thee, O Connibell, with mouth burial! So was done, neat and trig. Up draught and whet them.
{f10, 240}

Then sagd he to the ship's husband: Hwere can a ketch or hook alive a suit and sowterkins? Soot! sayd the ship's husband, knowing the language, Here is tayleren. Ahorror, he sayd canting around to that beddest his friend, the tayler, fake an capstan make and shoot! Manning to sayle of cloths for his lady her master. He spit in his faist (beggin): he tape the raw baste (paddin): he planked his pledge (as dib is a dab): and he tog his fringe sleeve (buthock, lad, fur whale). And the ship's husband brokecurst after him to hail the
{f39, 312}
lugger. Stolp, tief, stolp, come bag to Moy Eireann! And the Norweeger's capstan swaradeed, some blowfish out of schooling. All lykkehud! But they broken waters and they made whole waters at they surfered bark to the lots of his vauce. And aweigh he yankered on the Norgean run so that seven sailend sonnenrounders was he breastbare to the brinabath where bottoms out has fatthoms full fram Franz José Land til Cabo Thormendoso. And the tides made, veer and haul, and the times marred, rear and fall, and, holey bucket, dinned he raign!

— Hump! Hump! bassed the broaders-in-laugh. I will do that, sazd Kersse, mainingstaying the rigout for her wife's lairdship. Nett sew? they hunched back at the earpicker.

But old sporty, as endth lord, he nought feared crimp or cramp of shore sharks. It was whol niet godthaab of errol Loritz off his Cape of Good Howthe and his trippertrice, with twy twy twinky her stone hairpins, only not, if not, a queen of Prancess their telling tabled who was for his seeming the heart of the sweet (had he hows would he keep her as niece as a fiddle!) but it was wohl yeas sputsbargain what, rarer of recent, he alwagers allalong most certainly allowed of the three blend |1cupstoomerries, cupstoomerries with their customed spirits1|
{f10, 241}
having their ceilidhe gailydhe in his shaunty irish. Group drinkards maaks grope thinkards or how |1says reads1| rotary respecting the otherdogs churchees. So long plubs will be plebs but plabs may later agree to have another. |1The library is hoping to the public.1|

— Sets on sayfohrt! Go to it|1, agitator1|! they bassabosuned |1over the |aflower flowrea| of their hoose1|.

— I will do that, acordial, sazd Kersse, piece Cod, and in the flap of a jacket, ructified their o'cousin, as sober as the ship's husband he was one my godfather when he told me saw whileupon I am now well and jurily sagasfide after the boonamorse that the widower, according to rider, following pnomoneya, he is |1consistently1| blown to Adams. So help me |1buoy boygº1| who keeps the |1buck. book.1|

Whereofter behest his suzerain law the Thing and the pilsener had the baar, still passing the change-a-pennies, pengeypigses, a several sort of coyne in livery, pushed their whisper in his hairing, the same to the good, ind ast velut discharge after which he had exemptied more than orphan for the ballast of his nurtural life. A few pigses and hare you are and no chicking, |1tribune's tribute,1| if you guess mimic miening.

Thus as count the costs of liquid courage stowed stivers (1pingapung1) in bulk in hold keen his kenning, the queriest of the crew, with that fellow fearing for his own misshapes, should he be himpself |1nanesakely1| a foully fallen dissentant from the peripulator, sued towerds Meade-Reid and Lynn-Duff, rubbing the son of a pookal, leather be light, how the camel and where the
{f39, 314}
deiffel or when the finicking or why the funicking or who caused the scaffolding to be first removed you give orders, babeling, were their reidey meade answer when on the cutey (the corespondent) in conflict of evidence drew a kick at witness
{f10, 242}
but (missed) and for whom in the dyfflun's kiddy removed the planks they were wanted, boob.



— Did do a dive, aped one.

— Propellopalombarouter, based two.

— Rutsch is for rutterman ramping his roe, seed three. Where the muddies scrimm ball. Bimbim bimbim. And the maidies scream all. Himhim himhim.

And forthemore let legend go lore of it. That mortar scene what a dustydust it razed aboriginally but|1|+, luck's leap to the lad at the top of the ladder,+|1| so sartor's risorted why the sinner the |+1better badder+|1|! Ho ho ho hoch! La la la lach. Hillary rillary gibbous grist to our millery! |1|+The savest lauf in the world.+|1| Paradoxmutose caring, but here in a present booth of Ballaclay, Barthalamou, where their dutchuncler mynhosts and serves them dram well right for a boors' interior (homereek van hohmryk) that salve that selver is to screen its auntey and has ringround as worldwise eve her sins will futurefeature a footloose pastcast with spareshins and flash subtittles of noirse-made-earsy from a nephew mind the narrator so long as those sohns of a blitzh call the tuone tuone and thonder alout makes the thurd. Let there be.

— That's all murtagh purtagh but (1Whad whad1) ababs his dopter? sissed they |1|+who were onetime ungkerls themselves,º+|1| twilled alongside, in wiping the rice assatiated with their wetting. The lappel of his size? Diddled he daddle a drop of the cradler on delight mebold laddy was stetched? And they addled, Shufflebotham asidled, plus his ducks fore his drills, a liddle more lining maught be licensed all at ones, be these same tokens, forgiving a brass rap, sneither a whole length nor a short shifk so full as all were concerned.

Burniface, let flow, |+1babble brabble+|1| brabble and brabble, and so hostily, |+1heavy heavyside+|1| breathing came up with them and|1|+, check me joule,+|1| shat the three tailors butting back to Moyle herring bump as beam and |+1bottom buttend+|1|, roller and |+1rider reiter+|1|, the seasant samped as skibber breezed in, the tights of his trunks at tickle to tackle and his rubmelucky truss rehorsing the pouffed skirts of his overhaul.

— Good marrams, sagd he, jilling to windwards, |1|s+as he made straks for |athe oerasund |btheir thatb| oerasounda| the snarsty weg for Publin,s+|1| so was his horenpipe lug in the lee off their mouths organs, with his tilt too taut for his tammy all a slaunter and his wigger on a wagger with its tag (1tucked tup tucked up1). And he asked from him how the hitch did do this my fand Sulkers |1|+that mone met the kidballacksº which he suttonly remembered+|1| also |1|+was he endnew strandweys+|1| he's that fond Sutchenson, a penincular fraimd of mind, fordeed he was langseling to talka holt of hems. (1Clownº |+toff+|, tyea |+and hug+| fliorten.1)

Skibberen has common inn, |1|+by pounautique, with pokeway paw,+|1| telled shinshanks |1|+lauwering frankish+|1| for his kicker who|1|+, through the medium of gallic+|1|:
{f39, 316}

— Pukkelsen, tilltold.

That with some our prowed invisors how |v+1his |athat theira|v+|1| ulstravoliance led |v+1him themºv+|1| infroraids, striking down and landing alow, widness Dane and Tysk and Hanry. Prepatrickularly all, they summed. Kish met. Bound to. And for landlord, noting, nodding a coast to moor was cause to mear. Besides proof plenty, over proof. While they either took a heft. Or the other swore his eric. Heirs to you, Brewinbaroon! Weth a whistle for methanks.

— Good marrams and good mirrymills, sayd good mothers gossip, bobbing his bowing both ways with the bents and skerries, when they were all in the old walled hiberniating after seven oak ages, fearsome where they were he had gone dump in the doomering this tide |1|+down to the button of his seat+|1| and shut the door after him. He made the sign of the hammer. Cod's drought, he sayd, after a few daze, |1|+thinking of all those bliakings,º+|1| how leif pauses! here you are, and be turbot, lurch a stripe, as were you soused methought out of the mackerel. Sell me gundy, |+1sagds sagd+|1| the now waging capon with a warry posthumour's expletion. A bite of keesens, he |+1sagds sagd+|1|, or a stinger and when I'm soured to the tipple you can sink me lead, he (1sagds |+sayd sagd+|1), and a pull of tamtartarum. Allkey dalkey, (1sayds sayd1) the shop's housebound, for he was as deep as the north star, as might have sayd, every man to his (1beast beast,1) and my cater million falls to you! And he got and gave (1the ekspedient1) what's the good word(1,. |+He made the sign on the feaster.+| Ekspedient, sayd he, opvarts and at ham,1) like one familiar to the house, (1|shas clam as your clocksh|,1) while (1Waldenar Waldemar awas toeing was heeling1) it and(1, |shtake my wroth for itsh|, Maldemar |+Maldemare Maldemerº+|1) was (1heeling toeing1) |+1it. it,+|1| (1soe syg he was walking from the bowl at his food.1)

— Nohow did he kersse or hoot (1alike1) the suit (1of and1) solderskins? (1mended one breaches maker. minded first breachesmaker |shSoe sygsh| he was, |shwalking fram the ball at his footsh| with considerable way on And and1)

— Humpsea dumpsea, (1cut secondsnipped1) cutter the curter.

— A ninth for a ninth (1|shand take my worth from itsh| 1), they (1told to thricetold1) the taler (1who |shhad considerable way onsh|1), and (1They they1) knew (1what1) the whyed for too. The because of his sosuch. (1throatfull Uglymand fit himshemp but throats fill1) us all!

— Place the scaurs wore on your groot (1beg big1) bailey bill, he apullajibed (1the O'Colonel Power,1) |1|+so promonitory
{f10, 245}
himself that he was
+|1| obliffious of the headth of hosth that (1was rosed before him,1) still trystfully acape for (1Graunuaile her his gragh knew well1) in precious
{f39, 318}
memory and that proud grace to her, in gait a movely water, of smile a coolsome cup. Floodlift, her ancient of rights regaining, so yester yidd, even (1remenbrance remembrance1). Him her first lap, her his fast pal, for ditcher for plower, till deltas twoport. He would withsay, |1|+nepertheloss,+|1| that is |+1two too+|1| me mean. |1|+Theirs theres is a |agentlemennts gentlemeantsa| agreement.º+|1| If the flowers of speech valed the springs of me rising the hiker I hilltapped the murk I mist my blezzard way. Not a knocker on his head nor a nicknumber on the manyoumeant. It might have been what you call your change of my life but here's a chance for my lifting.

(11) I shot be shoddied, throttle me(1, usquebauched the ersewild aleconner,1) for bringing briars to Benbracken (1for, as you wrinkle wryghtly, bully bluedomer, It's it's1) a suirsite's stircus haunting hesteries round old volcanoes. |+1but But+|1| time is for talerman tasting his tap. Tiptoptap, Mister Maut.

He made one (1summey summery1) of his the three swallows and torched up as the faery pangeant fluwed down the hisophenguts to the tickle of his tube and the twobble of his fable, O, fibbing once upon a spray what a queer and queasy spree it was. Plumped.

Which both did. Prompt. |1|+|aEh, chrystal holder?a| Saveº Ampsterdampster that had rheumaniscencesº in his netherlumbs.+|1|

— By the drope in his groin, thinks the capon, |1|+plumbing his liners,+|1| we were heretofore.

— And be the coop of his gobbos, thinks your girth fatter|1|+, apopo of his buckseaseilers,+|1| but but where's Horace's courtin |+1drhawers troopsers+|1|?

— I put hem behind the oasthouse, sagd Pukkelsen, |1|+tuning+|1| wound on the teller, appeased to the cue, |1|+that double dyode dealered,º+|1| and he's wallowing awash swill of the Tarra water. |1|+And it marinned down his trompsathleticº like the marousers of the gulpstroom.+|1| The |+1Kersse kersse+|1| of Wolafs on him, he sagd in the fornicular, for I carsed his goat in trotthers behigh in the fire behame in the oasthouse. Hops! sagd he.

— Smoke and coke choke! lauffed till the tear trickled drown a thigh the loafers all but a sheep's whosepants that swished to the lord he hadn't and the starer his story was talled to who felt that such a satuation would empty dempty him down to the ground.
{f39, 320}

— And hopy (1dops!, |+dops! dope!+|1) sagd he, anded the (1enderer enderer,1) now dyply |+1hynotised hypnotised+|1| or hopeseys doper himself. And kersse him, sagd he, the screeder, the stitchimesnider, sagd he, the bag of my hamd till hem, sagd he, the kersse of my armsore appal this most ummentionablest of men (|+1and he and, mundering eeriesk, if he didn't+|1| scalded him all the shimps names in his |+1gitter gitter!+|1|) a (1coathemned coathemmed1) gusset sewer, |1|+sagd he, which is not feed
{f10, 247}
tonights a kirtle offalfisk
+|1| (1and1) he is that worstered wastended shootmaker whatever poked a noodle in a clouth!

So for the second tryon all the meeting of the (1o'connells |+O'Connells acarras+|1) had it. How he hised his bungle oar his shourter and cut the pinter off his pourer and lay off for Fjellagulphia in the farning. |1|s+From his |sadhruimdhreamdhrue dhruimadhreamdhruesa| back to Brighten-pon-the-Baltic, from our lund's rund turs bag til threathy hoeres a wuke. Ugh!s+|1|

— Stuff, Taaffe, stuff! interjoked it his wife's hopesend to the boath of them |1|+consistently+|1|. Come back to May (1Eileen Aileen1). Ill luck to it! (1blostfumed blastfumed1) the nowraging (1scamptale scamptail1) in flating furies outs trews his cammelskins. And aye far he fared from Afferik Arena and yea near he night till (1Blowland Blawlandº1) Bearring|1|+, baken be the brazen sun buttered be snows+|1|. And the sea shoaled and the saw squalled. And, soaking scupper, didn't he drain!

Infernal machinery |1|+(|aseareelº number:a| Bullysacre, dig care a dig)+|1| having thus passed the buck to belly (1bock back1) from jack (finder the keeper) as the baffling yarn sailed in circles (1It it1) was now high tide for the reminding pair of snipers to be suitably punished like the pervious oelkenner done till they
{f39, 321}
had liquorally no more powers to their elbow. (1Ignorancer's Ignorinsers'1) bliss, therefore, their not to say rifle butt target(1,1) none too wisefolly, poor fish, discoastedself to that point of its Dublin bar where, breaking (1& and1) entering, from the outback's dead heart, |1|s+Glasthule Bourne or Boehernapark Nolagh,s+|1| astraylians in island, a wellknown tall hat blown in between houses by a nightcap of that silk or it might be a black velvet and a kiber galler dragging his hunker were signalling gael warnings towards Wazwollenzee Haven to give them their beerings|1|+, east circular h routeº or elegant central highway+|1|. Lifeboat Loe, Noeman's Woe, Hircups Emptybelly! With winkles, whelks and cocklesent jelks. Let be buttercup eve lit by night in the Phoenix. And old lotts have funn at Flammagen's ball. How they succeeded by courting daylight in saving darkness he who loves will see.

|1|+Busimess.º His bestness.+|1|

He cupped his years to catch me's to you in what's yours so as minest to hissent,
{f10, 248}
blanding rum, milk and toddy with I hand it to you. Saying whiches, see his bow on the hapence, (1as the strong waters were rising1) |1|+with a pattedyr but digit here,+|1| he scooped their hens, hounds and horses, biddy by bunny, with an arc of his covethand saved from the drohnings they might oncounter, intill his cubid long to hide in dry. Your sows tin the topple, dodgers, trink me dregs! Zoot!

And with the gush of a spring alice the fossickers and swagglers with him on the hoof from down under spiked forth desert roses in that mulligar scrub.

{f39, 322}

Take off thatch whitehat (Kersse come in back off the Boildawl races).

— Tick off that whiltehot, you scum of a botch (of Kersse who|1|+, as he turned out,+|1| had been mocking his hollaballoon a sample of the costume of the country).

— Tape oaf that saw foull and sew wrong, you suck of a thick stock and the udder, and confiteor yourself (bekersse he had cuttered up |1and misfutthered1| for that poor old bridge's masthard slouch a shook of cloakses the wise his own |1fitther |amisfitther fitthera|1| couldn't nose him).

|11| Isn't that effect? |1gig for gag,1| asked |+1the there+|1| three |+1newconners newcohnners+|1| at the ones upon a topers who, |1|+while in admittance to that impedance,+|1| as three as they were there, they had been malttreating themselves to their health's contempt.

— That's |+1fig for fag fag for fig+|1|, confessed |1|+mhos for mhos+|1| those who|1|+, would it not be for that dielectrick,+|1| were upon the point of |+1obsoletion, obsoletionº and
{f10, 249}
|aon ata| the brink of |aliberate libitatea| nos, |aDaniel. Domnial.a|+| |+

+|1| |+1and And+|1| so culp me goose, he said, |1|+the ham muncipated of the first course, recoursing,+|1| the bugganeering wanderducken (that his pumps may ship awhole shandymound of the dussard), there is never a tailorman in the |+1Fife Folks feof fife folksº+|1| of Iseland from Drumadunderry till the rumnants of Mecckrass, could milk a colt in thrushes foran furrow follower width that camelump back.

|1|+Upon this dry call with its doomed crack of the old damn ukonnen power |ain insounda| itº+|1| |+1The the+|1| lord of the saloom|1|+, as if |afor a flasha| salamagunnded himself, listed |atummelumsk his tummelumpskºa| pack and+|1| |+1hereinat hearinat+|1| presently returned him|1|+, ambilaterally alleyeoneyesed,+|1| from |1|+their uppletoned layer+|1| his beforetime guests who if they were |+1about abound+|1| to loose a laugh they |1|+were abooned to+|1| let it as the leashed they might do when they felt their joke |1|+missing+|1| was coming home to them, |1|+ghustorily spoeking, gen and gangº,+|1| dane and dare, |1|+like the dud spuk
{f39, 324}
of his first foetotype (how vary and likely),
+|1| the fullybellied, with the old sit in his shoulders |1andº the new satin atlas |aunder ondera| his uxter1|, |1erning his breadth to the swelt of his proud andº1| picking up the amberose of the lizod lights, his tail toiled of spume and spawn, and the bulk of him and the hulk of him|1, asº
{f10, 250}
whenever it was he reddled a ruad to riddle a rede from the sphinxish paircº |awhile Edeº wasº |ba-guarding of a guardinºb|, ere love a side issue
a|1|. They hailed him cheeringly, their encient, the murrainer|1, and Wallruse, the merman, |athe yea| seal that lubs |aye youa| lassers|+, Thallasee or Tullafilmagh,+| when come of uniform age1|.

— Heave, coves, emptybloody!

And ere he could catch or |1a1| hook or line to suit their sausyskins, the lumpenpack.

— Sot! (1sagd sod1) the tailors |1|+opsits+|1| from their gabbalots. |1|+Changeº all that whole set. Shut down and shet up. Our set, our set'sº allohn.+|1|

And they poured em behoild on the fire. |1|aScald! Scaald!a|1|

|1Rowdiose wodhalooing. Theirs is one lessonless |amissage fora| for good and truesirs. Will any persen |sawho was bereavedº to besa| passent bringback or rumpart to the Hoved politymesterº. Clontarfº, one love, one fear.1|

Welter focussed.

|1|+Wind from the |anorth nordtha|. Warmer towards muffinbell. Lull.º+|1|

The allexpected depression over Schiumdinebbia, |1|+a bygger muster of veiryingº precipitation,º+|1| |1harolded haralded1| by faugh sicknells |1|+(hear kokkenhavens ekstras!)+|1| and umwalloped in an unusuable suite of clouds, having filthered |1|+in a direct |abay raya|+|1| trough the |1middelhav of the1| same gorgers' kennel on its wage wealthwards and incursioned a sotten retch of low pleasure, missed in some ports but with lucal drizzles, the outlook for tomarry (Streamstress Mandig) beamed brider, his ability good.

|1Whate What hopends to they?1|

|1Art thou gainous sense and uncompetite! Limited. Annaº Lynchya has Pourable! One and eleven. United we We Stand, even many offered. Don'tº forget our. I wish |~hospitable auspicable~| |athievesdayce thievesdaytea| |afor the stork derbya|. |aIt will be a though |bthousande's thousanne'sºb| a won paddies.a| And |~In dreams of bliss. And soon to bed. And soon to bet. On drums of bliss. |+Hapsalap With hapsalap+| troth, hipsalewd prudity, hopesalot honnessy, hoopsaloop luck.~| |saAfter from midn on when when |~on from midnight from midnights unwards~| the th fourposter harp |~quartet. quartette~| |~This palaver is ended whilesd this pallover his |+finish finnisch+|~|.sa|1|

— Comither, ahorace, till I've fined you a faulter-in-law, szed the head talebearer, then sayd the ship's gospfather in the scat story to the husband's capture, and sayd he to the nowwedding captain, the rude hunnerable Humphrey, comeether, sayd he, my merrytime mortimer, you wutan whaal, sayd he. |1And no more of your maimed acts after this
{f39, 326}
or be the hooley table I'll rehearse your |acomeundermunds comeundermendsa|. |aAs puck as |bPat that Paddeusb| picked the pun and leftº the lollies off the |bfield foiledb|.a| A Trinity judgeº will |across cruxa| your boom. Pat is the man for |athee thya|. Ay ay!

— I popetithes thee, Erievikkingr, |s1sayd he, intra triforium trifoliorum, sayd he,s1| forfor furst of the gielgaulgulls |1greats and hero chief explunderer of the clansakilticº1|, sayd he, the steamerer's mastress to the sea aasse cuddycoalman's, out of the hell of the howthen and be danned to ye, sayd he, into our roomyo connellic relation, sayd he, in that the loyd mave hercy on your sael! Anomyn an awer. Spickinusand.

|1Nansenseº, you snorsted? Heº was haltid |afor agensta| |aalla| religionsº overtrowº so hworefore the pokker would he |sablank be daadaapedº by Priest Gudfadrenºsa| in Diaeblen? Well, But,º ear this!º1|
{f10, 252}

|11| And here (1aherra,1) |1sayd he, |aconsistently,ºa| my latelyº lamented sponsorship, here1| |s1Tomkin about about your lief eurikason eurekason and his undishcovery of ameriunread, americle, heres1| is the ninethest pork of a man whisk swimmies in Dybblin water from Ballscodden easthmost till Thyrston's Lickslip and, sayd |1he, whiles he (whilesº1| the heart of Lukky |1|+Swayn+|1| laughed in his icebox |1for to think of all the soorts of
{f39, 327}
smukklers he would behave in juteyfrieze being forelooped
º to her)
1|, |s1praties b peel two hourº goodsend Brandonius,s1| he has the nicesth pert of a nittlewoman in the house that he daughts upon of anny livving plusquebelle|1, titting out through her droemer window for the flyend of a touchman |+and playing house of ivary dower of gould+|,1| which |+1can is its a blue loogoont for her if she can't give Norgeyborgey good airish timers, and aidanº bay sie and die, twenynine twentynine to her dozen+|1| coocoo
{f10, 253}
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{f10, 255}

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{f39, 331}
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