1st draft, March 1923, II.2§7 draft level 0

MS British Library 47480 267 Draft details

{ms, 267}

So |aanyhow after thata| to wind up |athat long to be chronicled get together day |bthe anniversary of his 1st comingb|a| after the |awhole samea| |abeanfeast barbecuea| was all over poor old |ahospitablea| King Roderick O'Conor the |aparamount chief polemarcha| last |apreelectrica| King of all Ireland who was anything you like between fiftyfour and fiftyfive years of age at the time after the socalled last supper he |agreatlya| gave |athose maltknights & beerchurlsa| |ain his |bumbrageousb| house of the 100 bottlesa| or at least he wasn't actually the last King of all Ireland |aunread unread unreada| for the time being |abecause for the jolly good reason thata| he was still such as he was the King of all Ireland after the last King of all Ireland |athe old top that went before hima|, Art MacMurrough Kavanagh |anow of parts unknowna| |aGod guard his generous soula|, |athat put a |bpoachedb| fowl in the poor man's pot before he took ill to his |bbed pallyassb| where for good as it wasa| |auntil he went and died |bneverthelessb| in the year the sugar was scarce and himself down to 3 cows |b|cso it thatc| was meat drink & dogs & washing to himb|, 'tis why we |bhave cause tob| remember ita| who was King of all Ireland before he was anyhow what did he too do |athat joky old mana| King Roderick O'Conor the |arespected King auspicious monarcha| of all |auniteda| Ireland at the time after |athey were all of them all the |bunimportantb| Parthalonians and Firbolgs and Tuatha de Danaans |b& the rest of the not muchers googsb| |band other |cslygroggers slygrogger suburbanitesc|b| |bhe didn't care a spit out of his mouth forb| hada| gone |a|xpubcrawlingx| off with themselves |bon footbackb| a tree's length from the longest way out down the |bswitchback rd switchbackward rdb|a| when he was all |aalonea| by himself |ain the grand pilea|, |athe body, you'd pity him, |bpoor he, the way the world is,b| |bthe King of them all, |cthe Heart of Midleinsterc| |coverwhelmed with ruinc| smiling through his old tears broken by |cregalc| belches as he sang |cin spite of his heavyg thocktsc| I've a terrible errible lot todo |xtodo today today todox|b|a| but |afaixa| he just went heeltapping |athrough the winespilth & weevily winecorksa| round his own right royal round rollicking |atopers'a| table |awith his |bRoderick Random pullonb| hat at a cant on hima| and |afaith be damn |bdo you think he went & did His |cexuberantc| Majestyb| buta| |alowering his woolly throata| he |afinalised bya| |asucked suckinga| up sure enough like a Trojan |aas keen as mustard |bfrom his wonderful midnight thirstb|a| in some particular cases with the assistance of his venerated tongue one after the other in strict order of rotation whatever |a|bsurplusb| rotguta| happened to be left |a|bnot sorrab| much by the lousy lazersa| in the different bottoms of |athe theira| various |areplenquisheda| drinking utensils left there behind them |aon the premisesa| by the departed honourable |aguests homegoersa| such as it was |aeither no matter whether it wasa| |achateaubottleda| Guiness's or Phoenix Brewery Stout |ait wasa| or John Jameson and Sons |aor Roob Coccolaa| or for |athat matter the matter of thata| O'Connell's Dublin |aolda| ale |afor 'twas the life of him and he wanted it (O like hell!)a| as a fallback of several different quantities amounting in all to I should say considerably more than the better part of an a gill or naggin of imperial dry and liquid measure.