N07 (VI.X.2): Paris

Manuscript: Private, VI.B.49.e December 1923 Notebook details
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(a)
T ... all that all ought [& him]
Note: This is the only page available from the main part of the notebook that was sold in Paris in 2004 to an unknown buyer.
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(b)
did not spit in I's face
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(c)
Kev idea of world convers appealed to / him wonderfully intelligent / little fellow — little comrades / bluecoats
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(d)
white elephant Red
Note: Prototext only; omitted at draft 4.
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(e)
Story does not figure in advts
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(f)
her back life Red
Note: FW2 134.06
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(g)
in the most evil way round here
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(h)
she is no different with —
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(i)
gave her a letter to open her eyes ( ?? ) Red
Note: FW2 330.28
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(j)
see her wiped off face of the earth
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(k)
As, you see, I know — Red
Note: FW2 330.15
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(l)
To Mrs CC - or in other words the ~
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(m)
~ biggest mischiefmaker in I ~ Red
Note: See also SA (VI.A):0801(be)
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(n)
~ thanks to you. |a[cux]a|
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(o)
you are 1) [new] rich 2) an |averya| old W trying / to be young 3) a bitch 4) a spiteful / old cat & you have yellow & / dyed hair
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(p)
you poisonous adder,
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(q)
I have written to [??] [??] [??] Red
  • FW unlocated
N07 (VI.X.2): 1(r)
allwhite policeman Red
Note: FW2 147.30
N07 (VI.X.2): 2(a)

Page: N07 (VI.X.2) appendix 1

This page is VI.B.49e-verso.

N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(a)
dogpond Phoenix Park Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(b)
lifeterm cell
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(c)
die of surprise Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(d)
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(e)
slapstick act Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(f)
Pa[tk] farewell bo[w]
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(g)
let's talk turkey Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(h)
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(i)
broken in his country's wars
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(j)
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(k)
it never sort of worried me, / said D (murder) with a / [??] or p[?]ing / conscience
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(l)
attended by great numbers Red
Note: See also N06 (VI.B.11):028(g)
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(m)
bad blood Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(n)
25 M sat down [??]
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 1(o)
redarsed barrels

Page: N07 (VI.X.2) appendix 2

This page is VI.B.49e-recto.

N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(a)
[ticket] pocket
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(b)
soft [silvery] light Red
  • FW unlocated
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(c)
tan, nut, cinnamon, turf
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(d)
carrying a neat overp[?]
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(e)
it is to be regretted Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(f)
green & yellow effects Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(g)
turn feminine world / upside down Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(h)
freeswinging Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(i)
[s]lashing spectacular / battle
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(j)
HCE's portrait everywhere Red
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(k)
alfresco display Green
  • FW unlocated
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(l)
many broken heads / — hearts
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(m)
accustomed to being clodded Red
Note: See also SA (VI.A):0151(t)
N07 (VI.X.2): appendix 2(n)