Textual development Manuscript to Errata I.5

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

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|9|xIn the name of Annah the |~allmazyful Allmaziful~|, the Everliving, the Bringer of Plurabilities, |~hallowed haloed~| be her eve, her singtime |~song sung~|, her rill be run,º unhemmed as it is uneven!º |~Mamam.~|x|9|

Herº untitled |9memorial to the allhighest mamafesta memorialising the |~allhighest Mosthighest~|9| has gone by many t names at disjointed times. Thus we hear ofº |10|shThe Augusta |13Augustissimost Angustissimost13| for Old Seabeastius' Salvation,º sh| Rockabill Booby in the Wave Trough,º |shHere's to the Relicts of |aOld Alla| Decenciessh|, |shAnna Stessa'ssh|º Rise to Notice, |shKnickle Down Duddy Gunne and Arishe Sir Cannonsh|, My Golden One and |shMy Selver Weddingsh|,10| |8Amoury Treestam and Icy Siseule, |aSaid the Sawyer to the Stream Saith a Sawyer til |+the a+| Stramea|, Ik dik dopedope et |atua| mihimihi, |aMy Buya| Birthplate for a Bite, Which of your Hesterdays Mean yeº to Morra?,º |+Hoebegone Hoebegunne+| the Hebrewer |+hit Hit+| |aWatermen the Brain |+Watermon the Brained Waterman the Brayned+|a|, |+Arcs in hisº Ceiling Flee Chinx on the Flur,º+|8| |+5Pro Honofrio Rebus de Hibernicis+|5|, The Crazier Letters, Groans of a Britoness, |10Peter Peopler Picked a Plot to Pitch his Poppolin,10| An Apology for a (3Husband Big (|7the noun Husband |s+9the nonoun Husband some such nonoun asº Husband orº Husboatº orº Hoseboundºs+|9|7| is probably understood |11for we have also the pluterplethoricº My Hoonsbood Haansbaad'sº a Journey to Porthergill Goneº and He Never Has the Hour11|)3), Ought |9We One9| To Visit |9Him? One?9|,º |8For Ark see Zoo, Cleopater's Needleworkº Ficturing Aldborougham on the Sahara with the Coombing of the Cammmels and the Parlourmaids of Aegypt,8| Cockº in the Pot for Father, |3Placeat Vestrae,º3| |8A New Cure for an Old Clap, |11|xWhere Portentos they'd Grow Gonder how I'd Wish I Woose a Geese,º |aGentle Gettlea| Netties,º Thrust him not, When the
{f39, 105}
Myrtles of Venice Played to Block Bloccus's Line
, To Plenge Me High He Waives Chiltern on Friends,x|11| |12Oremunds Queue Visits Amen Mart,º E'en Tho' I Granny a-be He would Fain Me Cuddle,12| Twenty of Chambers, |aEighty Weightya| Ten Beds and a Wan Ceteroom,8| |11I Led the Life, Through the Boxer Coxer Rising in the House with the Golden Stairs,11| |3The |aFollowinga| Fork,º3| |8He's my O'Jerusalem and I'm his Po, The Best in the West, unread, unread |11By the Stream of Zemzem under Zigzag Hill,º The Man That Made His Mother in the Marlborry Train,º11| Try Our Taal on a Taub,º8| |9|xThe Log of Anny to the Base All,ºx| |11Nopper Tipped a Nappiwenk to his Notylytl Dantsigirls, Prszss Orel Orel the King of Orlbrdsz,11| Intimier Minnelisp of an Extorreor Monolothe,º |11Drink
{f10, 85}
to Him,
º My Juckey,º and Dhoult Bemine Thy Winnowing Sheet,º11| |s+I Ask You to Believe I was his Mistress,ºs+| |xHe Can Explain,ºx| |xFrom Victrolia Nuancee to Allbart Noahnsy, |10Da's a Daisy so Guimea your Handsel too,º What Barbaras Done to a Barrel Organ Before the Rank,º Tank and Bombtailº,10| Huskvy Admortal,x| |xWhat |~Jombo Jumbo~| |apaid to madeºa| Jalice and what Anisette to Him,x| |xOphelia's |13Culpreinte Culpreints13|,x| |~Hear Hubty Hublin,~| |xMy Old Danskº,x| |++I am Older nor theº Rogues among Whisht I Slips and He Calls Me his Dual of Ayessha,++| |10Suppotes a Ventriliquorst Merries a Corpse, Lapps for Finns thisº Funnycoon's Week,º |aHow the Buckling Shut at Rush in January, Look to the Lady,a| From the Rise of the Dudge Pupublick to the Fall of the Potstille,10| |+Of the Two Ways of Opening the Mouth, I have not Stopped Water Where It Should Flow and I Know the |aForty Twentyninea| Names of Attraente, |10The Tortor of Tory Island Traits Galasia like his Milchcow,º From Abbeygate to Crowalley Through a Lift in the Lude,º Smocks for Their Graces and Me Aunt for Them Clodshoppers,10| How to Pull a Good Horuscoup even when Oldsire is Dead to the World,º |10Inn the Gleam of Waherlow,º Fathe He's Sukceded to My Esperations, Thee Steps Forward,º Two Stops Back,º10| |sablank My |10Hair Skin10| Appeals to Three Senses and |++blank My Curly Lips Demand Columbkisses,º++|sa| |11Gage Street on a Crany's Savings,11| Them Lads made a Trion of Battlewatschers and They Totties a |adoit Doeita| of Deers, |sablank In My Lord's Bed by One Whore Went Through It,ºsa| |10Mum It Isº All Over,º Cowpoyride by Twelve Acre Terriss in the Unique Estates of Amessican,10| He Gaveº me a Thou so I
{f39, 106}
Serveº Him with Thee,º |11Of all the Wide Torsos in all the Wild Glen,º O'Donogh,º White Donogh, He's Hue to Me Cry,11| |aI'm the Stitch in his Baskside,º You'd be Nought withoutº Mom,a| |10To Keep the Huskies off the Hustings and Picture Pets from Lifting Shops,º10| |xNorsker, Torsker,º Find the Poddle,º |10He Perssed Me Here with the Ardour of a Tonnoburkes, A Boob wasº Weeping,º Hisº Mower was Reaping,10| O'Loughlin, Up from the Pit of my Stomach I Swish you the White of the Mourning,x|+| |10Inglo-Andean Medoleys from Tommany Mohr Moohr,º The Great Polynesional Entertrainer Exhibits Ballantine Brautchensº with the Link of Natures, The Mimic of |13Meg and Meg,º13| Neg and the Mackeys, Entered as the |aLatest Lastesta| Pigtarial and My Pooridiocal at Stitchioner's Hall,º Siegfield Follies and or a Gentlehomme's Faut Pas, See the First Book of Jealesies Pessim, The Suspended Sentence, A Pretty Brick Story for Childsize Heroes, As Lo Our Sleep,º10| |++I Knew I'd Got it in Me so Thit Settlesº That,º |10Thonderbalt Captain Smeth and La Belle Sauvage Pocahonteuse, |x|shWay for Wet Week Welikin's Douchterº Mariannesh|, |shThe Last of the Fingallianssh|,x|10| It Was Me Egged Him Onº to the Stork Exchange and Lent Myº Dutiful Face to His Customs,++|9| |10Chee Chee Cheels on their China Miction,10| |8Pickedmeup Peters, Lumptytumtumpty had a Big Pallº, Pimpimp Pimpimp,º8| |3The Measly Ventures of Two Lice and the Fall of Fruit,º3| |10The Fokes Family Interior, |xIf my Spreadeg Spreadeagles Wasn't so Tight I'd Loosen my Cursits on that Bunch of Maggiestraps, |aAllolosha Popofetts and Howheº Cotchme Eye,a| |aThe Mimic of Meg, Neg and the Pegeens, The Mimic of Mig, Nig and the Pegeens,a|x|10| |8Seen Aples and Thin Dyed,º8| |7i big U to Beleaves from Love and Mother,º |aFine fault is Fine's Fault wasa| no Felon, |aExat Delvin
{f10, 85}
Renter Life
,º |10The Flash that Flies from Vuggy's Eyes has Set Me Hair onº Fire,10| |8His is the House that Malt Made, Divine Views from Back f to the Front,º8| |10Abe to Sare Stood Icyk Neuter till Brahm Taulked Him Common Sex, A Nibble at Eve Will thatº Bowal Relieve,º10| Allfor Guineas, Sounds and Compilmentsº Libidous,º |8Seven Wives Awake Aweek, Airy Ann and Berber Blut, Amy Licks Porter whileº Huffy Chops Eads,º Abbrace of Umbellas or a Tripppleº of Caines, Buttbutterbust, From the Manorlord Hoved to the Misses O'Mollies and from the Dames to their Sames,º8| Manyfestoons for the Colleagues on the Green,a|7| |13An Outstanding Back and an Excellent Halfcentre if Called On,º13| |10As Tree is Quick and Stone is
{f39, 107}
White So is My Washing Done by Night,º10| First and Last Only True Account all about |3|+theº Honorary+|3| |+9Mr Mirsu+|9| Earwicker |3|+L.S.D.º+|3| and the Snake |10(Nuggets!)10| by a Woman of the World who only can Tell Naked Truths about a Dear Man and all his Conspirators how they all Tried to Fall him byº Putting it all around Lucalizod about |10Privates10| Earwicker and a Pair of Sloppy Sluts plainly Showing all the Unmentionability falsely Accusing about the |10Redcoats Raincoats10|.

|2This The2| proteiform graph itself is a polyhedron of scripture. There was a time when naif alphabetters would have written it down the tracing of a purely deliquescent recidivist, possibly (6ambidexterous ambidextrous6), snubnosed probably and presenting a strangely profound rainbowl in his (or her) occiput. |11To the hardily curiosing entomophilust then it has shown a very sexmosaic of nymphosis in which the eternal chimerahunter,º |a|bOriol Orioloposb|,a| now frond of sugars, then lief of saults, the sensory crowd in his belly coupled with an eye for the goods trooth bewilderblissed by their night effluvia with guns like drums and fondlers like forceps,º persequestellates his vanessas from flore to floreº. |aSomehows this sounds like |btheb| purest kidooleyoon |bof which |cwhereof whereinc|b| our madernaccrutionº of |blourb| lore is rich. All's so herou from us hinº in a kitchernott darkness, by hasard and worn rolls arered, we must grope on till zeroghº hour |blike pou owl giaouirsº as we areb| would we salve aught of moments for our aysore today. |bAmousin though not but.b|a|11| Closer inspection of the bordereauº would reveal a multiplicity of personalities inflicted on the document |13or documentsº13| and some prevision of virtual crime or crimes might be made by anyone unwary enough before any suitable occasion for it or them had so far managed to happen along. In fact, under the closeº eyes of the inspectorº the traits featuring the chiaroscuroº coalesce, their contrarieties eliminated, in one stable somebody similarly as by the providential warring of |7heartbreaker heartshaker7| with housebreaker and of dramdrinker against freethinker our social something bowls along bumpily|3, experiencing a jolting series of prearranged disappointments,º3| down the long lane of |8(it's as semper as oxhousehumper!)8| generations, more generations and still more generations.

Say, |11baroun lousadoor,11| who in |11hell |ahellhagel hallhagala|11| wrote the durn thing
{f39, 108}
{f10, 86}
Erect, |2seated beseated2|, |9ahorseback |s+ablankback amountbackºs+|9|, against a partywall, below |11zero freezigrade11|, by the use of quill or style, with turbid or pellucid mind, accompanied or the reverse by mastication, interrupted by visit of |8person |+ecquis seer+|8| to |+8scribe (+9scribb scribe+)9|+|8| or of |+8scribe (+9scribb scribe+)9|+|8| to |8place site8|, |7atwixt two showers or atosst of a trike,7| rained upon or blown around, by a rightdown regular racer from the soil or by a too pained whittlewit laden with the loot of learning?

Now,º patience. Andº remember patience is the great thing. Andº above all things else we must avoid anything like being or becoming out of patience. A good plan used by worried business folk |11who may not have had many momentums to masterº Kung's doctrine of the meang or the propriety codestruces of Carprimustimus11| is just to think of all the sinking fund of patience possessed in their conjoint names by both brothers Bruce with whom |s+9is ares+|9| incorporated their Scotch spider |9|x|s+(yeigh, shrewd sickleman? Elberfeld's calculating horses, neigh!) and Elberfeld's Calculating Horsess+|x|9|. If after years upon years of delving in ditches dark one tubthumper more than others|11, Kinihoun or Kahanan, giardarner or mear measenmanougerº,11| has got up for the |11darnall same11| purpose of reassuring us |11with all the barbar of the Carrageehouse11| that our great ascendant was properly speaking three syllables less than his own surname that (yes, |9yes,9| less!), thatº the ear of |9|s+Dion Dionnºs+|9| Earwicker aforetime was the trademark of a broadcaster with wicker local |9cant |errjargot jargonº14|9| for an ace's patent |7(Hear! Calls! Everywhair!)7|, thenº as to this radiooscillating epiepistle to which|11, cotton, silk or samite, kohol, gall or brickdust,11| we must ceaselessly return,º whereabouts exactly at present |7in Siam, Hellº or Tophet |11under that glorisol which plays touraloup with |aus in this Aludin's Cove ofa| our cagacity11|7| is that bright |3soandso soandsuch3| to |3give slip3| us the dinkum oil?

Naysayersº we know. To conclude purely negatively from the positive absence of political odia and monetary |2bequests requests2| that its page cannot ever have been a penproduct of a man or woman of that period or those parts is only one more unlookedfor conclusion leaped at,º being tantamount to inferring from the nonpresence of inverted commas (sometimes called quotation marks) on any page that its author was always constitutionally incapable of misappropriating the the spoken words of others.
{f39, 109}

|7Luckily there is another cant to the questy.7| Has any fellow |9ofº the dime a dozen type9|, it might with some profit some dull evening quietly be hinted —º has any usual sort of |7ordinary fellow ornery josser|9, |+flatchested,º fortyish, faintly flatulent and+| given to ratiocination by syncopation in the elucidation of complications,º9|7| |11of |aour hisa| greatest Fung Yang |errdynasdescendance dynasdescendancedºerr||a, only |errthe son of another another the son ofºerr|, in fact,a|11| ever looked sufficiently longly at a quite |9everydaylooking everywaylookingº9| stamped addressed envelope?º Admittedly it is an outer husk: its face|11, in all its featureful perfection of imperfectionsº,11| is its fortune: it exhibits only the |2civic civil2| or military clothing of whatever passionpallid nudity or plaguepurple
{f10, 87}
nakedness may happen to tuck itself under its flap. Yet to concentrate solely on the literal sense or even the psychological content of any document to the sore neglect of the enveloping facts themselves circumstantiating it is just as hurtful to sound sense (and, let it be added,º to the truest taste) as were some fellow in the act of being |2perhaps2| getting an intro from another fellow turning out to be a friend |3in need3| of his, say,º to a lady of the latter's acquaintance|11, engaged in performing the elaborative antecistral ceremony of upstheres,11| straightwayº to run off and vision her plump and plain in her natural altogether, preferring to close his |8blinkhard's8| eyes to the |11ethiquethical11| fact that she was, after all,º wearing for the |8space of the8| time being some definite articles of |8evolutionary8| clothing, inharmonious |8creations8|, a captious critic might describe them as, or not strictly necessary or a trifle irritating here and thereº but for all thatº suddenly full of local colour and personal perfume and suggestive, too,º of so |8very8| much more and capable of being stretched, filled out, if need or wish were, of having their surprisingly like coincidental parts separated|8, don'tº they now,8| for better survey by the deft hand of an expert|8., don't you know?º8| Who in his heart doubts either that the facts of feminine |8clothing clothiering8| are there all the time or that the feminine fiction, stranger than the facts, is there also at the same time,º only a little to the rere? Or that one may be separated from the other? Or that both may then be contemplated simultaneously? Or that each may be taken up and considered in turn apart from the other?
{f39, 110}

Here let a few |8facts artifacts8| |9speak fend9| in their own favour. |11The river felt she wanted salt?º That was just where Brien came in. The country asked for bearspaw for dindin?º And boundin aboundin it got it surly. We who live under heaven, we of the clovery kingdom, we middleseasº people have often watched the sky overreaching the land. We suddenly have. Our isle is Sainge. The place.11| That stern chuckler, |3Mahappy Mahapnot |4Myhappy Myhapnot Mayhappy Mayhapnot4|3|, onceº said |8and repeated to repeation8| |11in that lutran conservatory way of his11| that |11Lucalizod Isitachapel-Asitalukin11| was the one place|11, ult aut nult,11| in |8the world thisº |11madh11| vaal of tares8| |11(whose verdhure's yellowed therever Phaiton parks his car) while its tamelised tay is the drame of Drainophilias)11| where the possible was the improbable and the improbable the inevitable. If |3he the proverbial bishop of our holy and undivided |11|ain witha| this me ken or or no me ken Zot is the Quiztune11|3| |8hit havvermashedº8| his |11two twoe11| nails on the head we are in for a sequentiality of improbable possibles though possibly nobody after having |s3read grubbeds3| upº |8a lock of cwold cworn aboove8| his subject probably in |8Aristotle Harrystotalies or the vivle8| will go out of his way to applaud him on the |11onboiassed11| back of his remark for, utterly impossible as are all these hereº events,º they are probably as like those which may have taken place as any others which never took |8place person8| at all are ever likely to be. |9|+Ahahn!+|9|
{f10, 88}

About that original hen. |9|+Ahahn!+|9| Midwinter |11(fruur or kuur?)11| was in the offing (6onning offing6) |11and Premver a promise of a pril11| when|11, as kischabrigies sang life's old sahatsong,11| an iceclad shiverer, merest of bantlings,º observed a cold fowl behaviourising strangely on that fatal dump midden |7or chip factory or comicalbottomed copsjuteº7| (dump for short) afterwards changed into the orangery when in the course of deeper demolition unexpectedly |7it its limon one bushman's holiday its limon7| threw up a few |3spontaneous3| fragments of orangepeel, the last remains of an outdoor meal by some unknown sunseeker |7or placehider7| illico way back in his mistridden past. What child |7of a strandlooper7| but |7chippy keepy7| little Kevin in the despondful surrounding of such sneezing cold would ever have |7picked trouved7| up |7on a streteº that was called strateº7| a a motive for future saintity by euchring the finding of of the Ardagh chalice by another |7holy heilyº7| innocent |7and beachwalker7| |3whilst trying |awith pious clamoura| to |aget wheedlea| |7Tipperary potatoes Tipperaw
{f39, 111}
raw raw reeraw puteters7|3| |3on out of3| |7the seasand Now Sealand7| in |7sight spightº7| of the |7scene patchpurple7| of the massacre|7, a dual a duel to die to day, |agoddam and biggod, sticks and stanks,a|7| of most of the Jacobitersº.

|99| The bird in the case was |8the hen Belinda8| of the Dorans|9|s+, aº more than quinquegintarian |11(Terziis prize with Serni medal, Cheepalizzy's Hane Exposition)11|,s+|9| andº what she was scratching at |7at theº hour of klokking twelve7| looked for all |3the this3| |11zogzag11| world like a goodishsized sheet of letterpaper originating |13by transhipt13| from Boston (Mass.)º of the |3eleventh of the fifth last of the first3| and to Dear |7and |awho whoma|7| it proceededº to say mention Maggy well |3and &3| allathome's health well |7only the hate turned the milkº |aon the vanº Houtensºa| and the general's elections7| |3and with3| a |9lovely lovely9| face of some born gentleman with a beautiful present of |7wedding7| cakes for dear thank youº |7Chriesty and7| with grand |s3funeral funferalls3| of poor Fatherº |s3Michaels3| don't forget unto life's |3end &3| Muggy well how are youº Maggy |3and &3| hopes soon to hear well |3and &3| must now close |3it3| with fondest |7to the |9twins |~Twins twoinnsº~|9|7| with four crosskisses |7for holy paul holey corner holipoli whollyisland7| pee ess from |11(locust may eat all but this sign shall they never)11| affectionate largelooking |7stain of tea tache of tch7|. The stain, and that a teastain |3of tea3| |9(the |~overcautiousness overcautelousness~| of the |~munreadscribe masterbilker~| here, as usual, signing the page away)9|, marked it off on the |7spur spout7| of the moment as a genuine relique of ancient Irish |7pleasant7| |4poetry pottery4| of that |7pleasingly lydialike7| |3sad languishing3| class known as a |7hurry-me-off-from-Queenstown hurry-me-o'er-the-hazy7|.

Why then how?

Well,º almost any |9photoist microphotoistº9| worth his |7chemicals chemicots7| will |8tell tip8| anyone |9asking tossingº9| him |8at home the teaser8| that if a negative of a horse happens to melt enoughº |8during while8| drying, well,º what you do get is, well,º a positively |9grotesque distortion grotesquely distorted macromass9| of all sorts of |8horse horsehappy8| values and masses of va |8meltwhile8| horse. |8Tip.8| Well,º this freely is what must have occurred to our missive |7(there's a sod of a turb for you! please wisp off the grass!)7| unfilthed |8from its the boucher8|
{f10, 89}
by the sagacity of a |8slanteyed lookmelittle likemelong8| hen. Heated residenceº in the heart of the orangeflavoured mudmound had partly obliterated the negative to start with, causing some features palpably nearer |8the reader your pecker8| to be swollen up most grossly while
{f39, 112}
the farther back we |2seem to get manage to wiggle2| the more we need the loan of a lens to see as much as the hen saw. |8Tip.8|

|10You is feeling like you was lost in the bush, boy? You says: it It is a puling sample jungle of woods. You most shouts out: Bethicket me for a stump of a beech if I have the poultriest notions what the forestº he all means. Gee up, |agirlie girlya|! |shThe quad gospellers may own the targum but any of the zingariº shoolerim may pick a peck of kindlings yet from the sack of auld|10|

|3Lead, kindly fowl! They always did: ask the ages. What bird has done yesterday man may do next year, be it fly, be it moult, be it hatch, be it agreement in the nest. |aFor her socioscientific sense is sound as a bell, sir:º her volucrine automutativeness right on normalcy: she knows, she just feels she was kind of born to |+sit on lay and love+| eggs (trust her to propagate the species and hooshº her fluffballs safe through din and danger!):º lastly but mostly, in her genesic field it is all game and no gammon:º she is ladylike in everything she does and plays |+a the+| gentleman's |bgame partb| every time. Let us |4hope. auspice it!4|a| |aBefore Yes, beforea| all this has time to end the golden |9age eggº9| will must return with its |9vengeance vungenceº9|. Man will become dirigible, |9age agueº9| will be rejuvenated, woman with her ridiculous white burden will reach by one step sublime incubation, the |amanewantingºa| human lioness |aand the with hera| dishorned |adiscipulara| manram will lie down together |apubliclya| flank upon fleece. No, assuredly, they are not justified,º those gloompourers who grouse that letters have never been quite |athemselves their old selvesa| again since that weird |+morning weekday in bleak Janiveer |11(yet how palmy date in a waste's oasis!)11|+| when,º to the shock of both, Biddy Doran looked atº literature.3|

|9And. |10She may be a mere |shmarcellash|, this midget madgetcy, |shMisthress of Arthssh|. But. It is not a hear or say of some |shanomorous lettersh||a, |bsigned Toga Girilisºb| (teasy dear)a|.10| We have |11a cop of11| her fist right against our |10nose nosibos10|. |10We note the paper with her jotty young watermark: |shNotre Dame du Bon Marchésh|.10| |11And she has a heart of Arin! What lumililts as she fols with her fallimineers and her nadianods. |xAs a strow will shaw |awhomever soº doesa| the wind |ablagues blaguea|, recting to show the rudess of a robur,º curling and shewing the fansaties of a frizette. But how many of her readers
{f39, 113}
realise that she is not out to dizzledazzle with a graith uncouthrement of postmantuam glasseries from the lapins and the grigs?º Nuttings on her wilelife! Grabar gooden grandy for old almeanium adamologists like Dariaumaurius and Zovotrimaserovmeravmerouvian; (dmzn!); she feel plain plate one flat fact thing and if, lastways firdstwise,
{f10, 90}
a man alones sine anyon anyons utharas has no rates to t done a kik at with anyon anakars about tutus milking fores and the rereres on the outerrand asikimº the tutus to be forrarder. Thing­crookly­exin­every­pasture­six­dix­lixence­him­around­hersthem­agger­by­kin­kin­kan­kan­with­down­mind­looking­atedº. Mesdaims, Marmouselles, Mescerfs! Silvapais!x|11| All schwants (|~she writes schwrites~|) |~is to |11ist ischt11|~| tell the Cock's trooth aboutº him. |11Kapak kapuk. No minzies matter.11| He had to see lifeº foully|11, the plak and the smutº11| (|~she writes schwrites~|). There were threeº men in him |~(schwrites)~|. Dancings (|~she writes schwrites~|) |~were was~| his only |~too ttoo~| feebles. With apple harlottes. |11And |aaa| little mollvogels.11| Spissially (|~she writes schwrites~|) when they peechesº.9| |10Honeys wore camelia paints. Yours very truthful. Add dapple inn.10| |9|xYet it isº but an old story, |a|~love, life, death, hate,~|a| the tale of |~a~| Treestone |~with one Ysold~|, |a|~of~| a Mons |bheld by tentpegsb| |~& and~| his Palº |+whatholootsedº+| on the run,ºa| |aand of |~unread~|a| |~any Venis and of any Genoaman,~| what Cadman could but Badman wouldn't|~, any Genoaman against any Venis,~| and why Kate takes |~care charge~| of the waxworks.ºx|9|

Let us now, |10|shweather, health, dangers, public orders and other circumstances permitting,sh|10| |9|~be we mikealls or nicholists,~|9| |9if whenº9| perfectly convenient, |7if you ple police, ofterº you, policepolice, |apardony mine pardoning meina|, ich |9been so free beam so fresch9|, hey?,º7| |9drop this jiggery-pokeryº and9| talk straight turkey asº |9man to man meet to mateº9| for while the ear|9|~, be we mikealls or nicholists,~|9| may sometimes be inclined to believe others the eyeº |9|~, whether browned or nolensed,~|9| findsº it devilish hard now and again even to believe itself. |7Habes aures et num videbis? Habes oculos et ac |anonnepalpabunt? mannepalpabunt?ºa|7| |7Tip!º7| Drawing nearer to it to take our slant at it (since after all it has met with misfortune |2while all underground2|), letº us see all there may remain to be seen.

|99| |10|shI am a worker, a tombstone mason, anxious to pleace averyburies and jully glad when Christmas comes his once ayear. You are a poorjoist,º unctuous to polise |anosebobbies nopebobbiesa| and tunnibelly
{f39, 114}
soully when 'tis thime took o'er home,| We cannot say aye to aye. We cannot smile noes from noes. Still.10| One cannot help noticing that rather more than half of the lines run north-southº |11in the Nemzes |adirection and Bukarahast directionsa|11| while the others go west-eastº |11in search from Maliziies |awith Bulgarada|11| for, tiny tot though it looks |11when schtschupnistling11| alongside other incunabula,º it has its cardinal points for all that. These ruled barriers along which the traced wordsº run, march, halt, walk, stumble |2at doubtful points2|, stumble up again in comparative safety seem to have been drawn first of all in a pretty checker with lampblack and blackthorn. Such crossing is antechristian,º of course, but the use of the homeborn |2cudgel shillelagh2| as an aid to |2caligraphy calligraphy2| shows a distinct advance from savagery to barbarism. It is seriously believed by some that the intention may have been geodeticº or, in the view of the cannier, domestic economical. |8But by writing thithaways end to end and turning, turning and end to end hithaways writing and with lines of litters slittering up and louds
{f10, 91}
of latters slettering down, the old see semetomyplace and jupetbackagain from hamlet ham Ham
º Let Rise till Hum Litº Sleep, where in the waste is the wisdom?8|

|99| Another point. Inº addition to the original sand, pounce powder|2, drunkardº paper2| or soft rag used |11(any vet |aor inhangera| in ourº sot's social can see the seen for seemself, a wee ftofty od room, the cheery spluttered on the one karrig, a darka disheen of voos from |aDalbany Dalbaniaa|, |aanya| gotsquantity of racky, a portogal and some buk setting out on the sofer, you remember the sort of softball sucker motru used to tell us when we were all biribiyas or nippies and messas)11| it has acquired accretions of terricious matter whilst loitering in the past. The |2teastain |3terminal teastain teatimestained terminal3|2| |9(say not the tag, mummer, or our show's a failure!)º9| is a |2cosy2| little |7brown7| study all to |8itself oneself8| and|9|s+, whether it be thumbprint, mademark or just a poor trait of the artless,s+|9| its importance in establishing the identities in the writer |3complex complexus3| (for if the hand was oneº the minds |2of active and agitated2| were more than so) will be best appreciating appreciated by never forgetting that both before and after the battle of the Boyne it was |v2the custom a habitv2| not to sign letters
{f39, 115}
always. |8Tip.8| |9|~Yet And~| it is surely a |~meaner lesser~| ignorance to |~spell with a write a word with every~| consonant too few than to add |~two all~| too many.9| |3|+The end? Say it with missiles then and thus arabesque the page. You have your cup of scalding Souchong, yourº taper's waxen drop, your cat's pawº, the clove or coffinnailº you chewed or champed as you worded it, your lark in clear air.+|3| |+3Why So why+|3|, pray, sign anything as long as every word, letter, penstroke, |8space paperspace8| is a perfect signature of its own? A true friend is known much more easily, and better into the bargain,º by his personal touch, habits of fullº or undress, movements,º response to appeals for charity than by his footwear, say.

|3|+⇒ And,º speaking |aof anenta| Tiberias and other incestuish salacities among gerontophils, a |aword worldºa| of warning about the |atender |btumescent tenderloinedb|a| passion hinted at. Someº softnosed peruser might |aeasily mayhema| take it up |aerogenouslya| as the usual perfectly usualº case of spoons,º |aheroine |7heroine in prostituta in herba plus7| dinky pinksa| deliberatively |afalling summersaultinga| off her bike |+5biky, like, bisexycleº+|5| at the |afeet |7foot main entrance7|a| of |7hero's usual curate's perpetual7| soutane suit |7with her one to see and awoh!7| who picks her up as |atenderly gingerlya| as any |7woman balmbearer7| would to |asee where she feel whereupon the virgina| was |amosta| hurt andº |awith |basking nicely nicely asking|7: whyre have you been so grace a mauling and7|b|a| |7have you been chaste, my |awhen wherea| were you chaste me7| child? |aby whom |v8be Bev8| whoa|, |7father fartherº potential7|? and so |aforth widera| but we |agrisly olda| |+9psychoes Sykos+|9| who have done our unsmiling bit on 'alices|9|~, when they were yung and easily freudened,~|9| in the penumbra of the |aprecoaxing procuringa| room |9(andº what oracular comepression we have had, very priveetly, of course, toº apply to them!)º |~particklunread when they were joung & freidtened~|9| could (did we care |ato sell our feebought silence in cameraa|) tell our very moistnostrilled one that father in such |avirgateda| contexts is not always that |adear undemonstrativea| relative |a(often held up to contu our contumacy)a| who
{f10, 92}
settles our g hashbill for us and what an innocent allabroad's adverb such as |7Michael Michaelly7| looks like can be suggestive of
under the pudendascope and, finally, what a neurastheneº |afemale nympholepta|, endocrine-pineal typus, of inverted parentage with a prepossessing |s+5trauma draumas+|5| present in her past and a priapic urge for |acongress witha| agnates before cognates fundamentally is feeling for under her lubricitous meiosis when she refers with liking to some |afellow feelera| she fancie's face.+|3| |3|+And.º Mm. We could. Yes. |7Whatº need to say? |a'Tis as human a little story as paper could well carry|9, |11in
{f39, 116}
affect, as singsing so Salaman susuing to swittvitles while as unbluffingly blurtubruskblunt as an Esra,11| theº cat, the cat's meeter, the |~meeter's~| cat's wife, the |~meeter's~| cat's wife's half better, the |~meeter's~| cat's wife's half better's meeter,º and so back |~to our horses,~| for we also know|11, what we have perused from the pages of I w Was A Gemral, that showtingº up of Bulsklivism by “Schottenboum”º,11| that Father Michael |~about this |11red11| time |11of the white terror11|~| equals the old regime and Margaret is the social revolution |~and while~| cakes |~are mean~| the party funds and dear thank you |~is signifies~| |~nunread gunread national gratitude~|9|.a|7| |11In fine, we have heard, as it happened, of Spartacus intercellular. |aWe are not corknered yet,º dead hand! We |bcould canb| recall, |bdid we volunteer it with voluntearsb|, the froggy jewº and sweeter far 'twere now westhinks in Dumbil's fair city ere one more year is o'er. We tourned our coasts to the |ablank good gay tunesa| whenº from down swords the sea merged the oldowth guns and answer made the bold O'Dwyer.a|11| But. Est modest in verbos.+|3| |7Let a prostitute be whoso stands before a door |9and winks or parks herself in the fornix near a makeussin wall (sinsin! sinsin!)9| and the curate one who brings strong waters |9(gingin! gingin!)|~,~| |~Add also but also,~| and dinna |~forget. That forget, that~| there is many asleeps between |~someathomes someathome's~| first |~& moreinauslands and moreinausland's~| last, thatº the beautiful presence of waiting kates will until life's |~(close it!) (!)~| be |~ever more~| than enough to make any milkmike |~of lively features~|,º in the tonguageº of sweet tarts,º punch hell's hate into his twin nicky,º and that|~,~| Maggy's tea|~,~| or your Majestyº, if |~any boost him heard as a boost from a~| born gentleman |~be found heathen by his privates and hopes to hear soon fondest from~| |erris (?)err|9|.º7| |3|+For |aifa| the |7iridatedº7| lingo gasped between |athe sheets kicksheetsa||9, however basically English,9| were to be preached from the |7homosapuelº7| mouths of |7divines and physicians and advocates wickerchurchwardens and metaphysicians in the row and advokaatoes|a, allvoyous, demivoyelles, |blinguoaths languoathsb|, |v8lesbials lesbielsv8|, dentelles, gutterhowls and furtzº,a|7| where would their practice be or where the human race itself were the |7Pythagorean7| sesquipedalia of the panepistemion|9, however apically Volapucky,9| |+5growled and grunted grunted and gromwelled+|5||7, ichabod, habakuk, opanoff, uggamyg, hapaxle, gomenon, ppppfff,7| over country stiles, |8behind slated dwellinghouses,8| down |7dark blind7| lanesº |7|v8in slated dwellinghousesv8|7| and under or, when all fruit fails, under some sacking left on a |7coarse7| cart?º+|3|

|7|aIt Soa| hath been, love: |ait is tis tisa|: |ait anda| will be: till wears and tears and
{f39, 117}
ages. Thief |ahas usa| the night, steal we the air, shawl thiner liefest, mine! Here, O hereº, insult
{f10, 93}
the fair! Traitor, bad hearer, brave! The lightning look, the birding cry, awe from the grave, everflowing on the times.
Feuerand Feueragusaria iordenwater; now godsun shine on menday's daughter; a good clap, a fore marriage, a bad wake, |athen tella| hell's well; such is manowife's lot of lose and win again, like he's gruen |8whiskers quhiskers8| on her who's chin again, she plucketed them out but they grown in again. So what are you going to do about it? O dear!7|

|7If juness she |aknew saveda|! Ah ho! And if yulone he pouved! The olold stoliolum! From quiqui quinet to michemiche chelet and a jambebatiste to a brulobrulo! |10It is told |ain sounds in utter that, in signs so adds to,a| in universal, in polygluttural, in each auxiliary neutral idiom, sordomutics, florilingua, sheltafocal, flayflutter, |aa con's cubane, a po pro's tutute,a| strassarab, ereperse and any tongue anythongue athall.10| Since nozzy Nanette tripped palmyways with Highho Harry there's a spurtfire turf a'kind o'kindling |awhen whenoftº asa| the souffsouff blows her peaties up and a claypot wet for thee, my Sitys, and talkatalka tell Tibbs |ahis hasa| eve: and whathough |11(revilous life |abeing provinga| aye the death of ronaldses) when win powerº wine has bucked the kick on poor won man)11| billiousness has been billiousness during milliums of millenions and our mixed racings have been giving three two hoots onº three jeersº for the grape, vine and brew and Pieter's in Nieuw |aAmsterdam Amsteldama| and Paoli's where the poules go this oldworld epistola has combled tumbled of their we and rum smelt his end |afor hima| and he dined off sooth american |11(it would give one the frier even were one a |anorman normala| kettlelickerº)11| this oldworld epistola of their weatherings and their marryings and their buryings and |athe theira| natural selections has combled tumbled down to us fersch and made-at-all-hours like an |aould auldºa| cup |aof ona| tay. As I was hottin me |asauser sousera|. |aHoho! Haha!a| And as you was caldin your |adutch dutchya| hovel. Hoho! She tole the tail ofº her toon. Huhu!7| |9|~Ah ho!~|9|

Now|11, kapnimancy and infusionism may both fit as tight as two trivets but11| while we in our wee free state|10, holding to that prestatute in our charter,10| may have our irremovable doubts as to the whole sense of the lot, the interpretation of any phrase in
{f39, 118}
the whole, the meaning of every word of a phrase so far deciphered out of it, however unfettered our Irish daily independence,º we must vaunt no idle dubiosity as to its |2genuine2| authorship and |2holusbolus2| authoritativeness. |11And let us bringtheecease to beakerings on that clink, olmond bottler!11| On the face of it|11, to volt back to our desultory horses,11| and |11to your rough for your roughshod11| mind|11, bafflelost bull,11| the affair is a thing once for all done and there you are somewhere and finished in a certain time, be it a day or a year or even supposingº it should eventually turn out to be a serial number of days and years goodness |2gracious2| alone knowsº how many days or years. Anyhow,º somehow and somewhere|7, before the bookflood or after her ebb,7| somebody mentioned by name in his telephone directory|11, Coccolanius or Gallotaurus,11| wrote it, wrote it all, wrote it all down,º and there you are,º
{f10, 94}
full stop. O, undoubtedly yes,º |11and very potably so,11| but one who deeper thinks will always bear in |11the baccbuccus of11| his mind that this downright there you are and there it is is only all in his eye. Why?

Because, |11Soferim Bebel,º11| if it goes to that |10(and |shdormerwindow gossipsh| will cry it from the housetops no surelier than |shthe writing on the wallsh| will hue it to the modº of men that mote in the main street)10|, everyº person, place and thing |11in the chaosmos of Alle11| anyway connected with |11it the gobblydumped turkery11| was moving and changing every part of the time: the travelling inkhorn (possibly pot), the hare and turtle pen and paper, the continually more and less intermisunderstanding minds of the anticollaborators, the as time went on as it will variously inflected,º differently pronounced, otherwise spelled, changeably meaning vocable scriptsigns. No, |11so holp me Petault,11| it is not a miseffectual |7hya whyacinthinous7| riot of blots and blurs and bars and balls and hoops and wriggles |2and juxtaposed jottings linked by spurts of speed2|: it only looks as like it as damn it:º and, sure, we ought really to rest thankful that |11at this deleteful hour of dungflies dawning11| we have even a written on with nowº dried ink scrap of paper at all to show for ourselves|11, tare it or leaf it |a(and we are left luffedº to ourselves as the soulfisher saidº when he led the cat out of the boat)a|,º11| after all |7it has gone through that wasº lost and plundered of it even to the hidmost coignings of the
{f39, 119}
º7| and by all means|11, after a good ground kiss to Terracussa and for wars luck our left lefftoff's flung over our homoplateº,11| cling to it as with drowning hands, hoping against hope all the while that|11, by the light of philophosy (and may she never folsage us!),º11| things will begin to clear up a bit one way or another within the next |7quarter quarrel7| of an hour and be hanged to them as ten to one theyº will too|7, please the pigs,7| as they ought to categoricallyº |2|afor asa|, strictlyº between ourselves,º |9|+there is a limit to all things |aand soa|+|9| this will never do2|.

For|11, with that farmfrow's foul flair for that flayfell foxfetor (the calamite's columitas calling for calamitous calamitance),º11| who that inº scrutinising marvels at those indignant whiplooplashes:º those so prudently bolted or blocked rounds:º the touching reminiscence of an incompleteº trail or dropped final:º the gossipy threadreels,º a round thousand whirligig glorioles|2, prefaced by (alas!) now illegible airy plumeflights,º all |3tiberiously3|2| ambiembellishing the |2initials2| majuscule of Earwicker:º |3the meant to be bafflingº chrismonº |atrilithona| sign H, |10finally10| called |10after some |ahisa| hes hecitency10| Hec,º which, moved |awatchwise contrawatchwisea|, represents his title in sigla as the smaller A, |10fontly10| called |10following a certain change of state of grace of nature10| alp or delta, |8when single,8| stands for or tautologically stands beside the consortº |10(though for that matter|a, since we have heard from Cathay cyrcles how the hen is not mirely a tick or two after the first fifth fourth of the second eighth
{f10, 95}
twelfth — |bsiungchang siangchangb| hongkong sansheneul — but yirely the other and thirtieth of the ninth from the twentieth, our own vulgar 432 and 1132 irrespectively,a| |shwhy not take the former for a village inn, the latter for an upsidown bridge, a multiplication marking for crossroads ahead, which you likeº pothook for the family gibbet,sh| their old fourwheedler |shfor the bucker's field, a tea anyway for a tryst someday, and his onesidemissing for an allblind alley leading to an Irish plot in the Champ de Mors,sh| not?)10|:º3| the steady |7monology monologuyº7| of the interiors:º the pardonable confusion |2for which some blame the cudgel and more blame the soot but2| |8thanks unthanks8| to which the pees with their caps awryº are |8quite puiteº8| as often as not
{f39, 120}
taken for |8kews pews8| with their tails in their mouths|7, |ahence our thence youra| Pristopher |aPolumbus Polumbosºa|, |athence henceºa| our Kat Kresbyterians7|:º the curt witty |7wotty7| dashes never quite just |2right2| at the |10trim trite10| truth letter:º the sudden |2spluttered2| petulance of some |8capitalised middle |13capjtaljsed mJddle |errcapjtaljsed mIddle capItalIsedº mIddle14|13|8|:º a word as cunningly hidden in its maze of |2confused2| drapery as a fieldmouse in a nest of coloured ribbons:º |3|+and that absurdly bullsfooted bee declaring with an even plainer dummpshow than does the mute commoner with us how hard a thing it is to |abe mpea| mpobr mporn a |agentleman gentlermana|: |xand look at this prepronominal funferal, engraved and retouched and edgewiped and puddenpadded, |averya| like a whale's egg |astuffed farceda| with pemmican,º as were it |afated sentenceda| to be nuzzled over |amillions of a full |8million trillion8|a| times for ever and a night |atill his noddle sink or swima| by that ideal reader suffering from an ideal insomnia:x|+| all those red |araddleda| obeli cayennepeppercast over |athea| textº calling unnecessary attention to errors, omissions, repetitions and misalignments: that (probably local or personal) variant maggers for the more generally accepted majesty which is but a trifle and yet may quietly amuse: |athat absurdly bullsfooted bee:a| those |a|bunreadb|a| superciliouslooking |10crisscrossed10| Greek ees |a|boddly awkwardlikeb| perched |bhere and there there and here out of |cplace datec|b| like sick owls |bbrought |cbrought back hawked backc|b| to Athens:a| and the |8gees geegees8| too, |7jesuitically jesuisticallyº7| formed at first but afterwards genuflected |+wrongways |8aggrily8| toewards the occident+|: |athe Ostrogothic kakography affected for certain phrases of Etruscan |btabletalk stabletalkb| and, in short, the learning betrayed at almost every line's end: the headstrength |8(at least eleven men of thirtytwo palfrycraft)8| revealed by a constant |beffort labourb| to make a ghimel pass through the eye of an iota:a|3| this|2, for instance,2| utterly unexpected sinistrogyric return to |2a one2| peculiar sore point in the past:º those |3wideopen |athrownopen throneopenºa|3| doubleyous |3|+(of an early muddy terranean originº whether man chooses to |5dub damn5| them agglutinatively loo — too — blue — face — ache or illvoodawpeehole or, |akantsa| koorts, topplefouls)+|3| seated with such |2floprightdown2| determination and reminding |8one uus8| |s3irresistibly ineluctablys3| of nature at her naturalest while that fretful |7fidget7| eff (|3the |8hornful8| digamma of |aour true barbarians |ba true barbarian your |4born barbarian |7bornabarbarian bornabarbar7|,4|b| rarely heard now save when it falling from the |bunfashionableb| |7mouth lipsus7| of some |8heterosexual hetarosexual8| buta|3| usedº always |2in |aa twoa| boldfaced print |atype typesa|2| |3|+one of
{f10, 96}
them as wrongheaded as
{f39, 121}
|8Claudian8| brother, is it worth while interrupting to say? —º+|3| |2in |3through throughout3|2| the papyrus by our copyistº as the revise mark) stalks all over the page, broods|3, |7a b,º7| sensationseeking an idea,3| amid the verbiage, gaunt, stands dejectedly in the |2diapered2| window margin |3|+withº its basque of bayleaves all aflutter about its |8middle forksfrogs8|+|3|, paces with a frown,º jerking to and fro, flinging phrases here, there, or returns|2, inhibited,º2| with some |2half half-haltedº2| suggestion, |7aº,7| dragging its shoestring:º |2the curious warning sign before our protoparent's ipsissima verba |a(a very pure nondescript, by the way, sometimes a palmtailed otter, |8more8| often the arbutus fruitflowerleaf of the cainapple)a| which paleographers call a leak in the thatch or the Aranman |7whispering ingperwhis7| through the hole of his hat,º indicating that the words which follow may be taken in any order desired|10, hole of Aran man the hat through the whispering his |ahoa| (here keen again and begin again to make soundsense and sensesound kin again)10|:º2| |3|+those haughtypitched disdotted aitchesº |aall the more surprising easily of the |brarest rariestb|a| inasdroll as most of the jaywalking eyes we do plough into halve|10, unconnected, principial, medial or final, always jims in the jam, sahib,10| as pipless as threadworms:+|3| the innocent exhibitionism of those frank yet capricious underlinings:º that strange exotic serpentine|3,3| since so properly banished from our scripture |3|7(about as freakwindº a wetterhand |anowa| as to see a rightheaded ladywhite don a corkhorse)7|,3| which|3,º3| everº longerº and |4more headstrong of more morosity4||3,3| seems to |2grow uncoil |asoº spirallya|2| |7in its invincible insolenceº7| and swell |2lacertinelazily2| before our eyes under |2pressure of2| the writer's hand:º |3|+the ungainly musicianlessness |ashown in painting |bsculped in painting so painted in sculptingb|a| selfsounder ah |5ha5| as |ablack blackartfula| as a podatus and dumbfounder oh |ahoa| oaproarioseº as ten canons in skelterfugue:+|3| the studious omission of the year number and era name from the date, the one and only time when the writerº seems at least to have grasped the beauty of restraint:º |3|athe lubricitous conjugation of the last with the first: |+the gipsy mating of a grand stylish gravedigging with secondbest buns |a(an interpolation: these munchables occur only in the Bootherbrowth family of MSS,º Bb =º Cod iv, Pap ii, Brek xi, Lun iii, Dinn xvii, Sup xxx, Fullup MDCXCº: the scholiast has hungrily misheard a deadman's toller as a muffinbell)a|:+| |bthe four shortened
{f39, 122}
ampersands |cbeneath underc| which we can |8glypse at and8| feel |cfor ourselves across all those rushyearsc| the warm |csoft shortc| pants ofº the quickscribbler:b|a| the vocative lapse with from which it begins and the accusative hole in which it ends itself:º |+the aphasia of that heroic agony of recalling |athe aa| once loved number leading slip by |aslip slippera| to a general amnesia of misnomering one's own:+| |+next those ars — rrrr! —º those ars all bellical, the highpriest's hieroglyph of |akettledrum and crossbones kettletom and oddsbonesa|, |awrested wrasteda| redhandedly from our hallowed rubric prayer for truce with booty, O'Remus pro Romulo, and rudely from the fane's pinnacle tossed down by porter to within an
{f10, 97}
aim's ace of their |arubiyets |bquatrain ofb| rubijetsºa| among Those who Who arse without the temple Temple nor since Roe's distillery Distillery burned burn'd have |adrained quaffed quaff'da| the night's Night's |aflunreadt firefill'da| cup Cup But jig jog jug as day Day the dicebox throws Dicebox Throws, whang, |aloyal six I lead,a| out wi' yerº |ahearts hearts' bluidºa|, blast ye, and there she's for you, sir, whang her, the fine ooman, rouge to |athe eyes her lobster locks, the rossya|, whang, God and O'Mara has it with his |abloody ruddya| old |aKing Villain Rufus,ºa| wait, whang, God and you're another he hasn't for there's my |awet spoila| five of spuds's trumps, whang, whack on his |apig's |5pigsking pigsking's5|a| kisserº |afor hima|, |aK.M.a| O'Mara where are you!:º+|3| |2then2| |3(coming over to the left |aaislea| corner down)3| the cruciform postscript from which three basia or shorter and smaller oscula have been |3carefully overcarefully3| scraped away,º plainly |2inspired by inspiring2| the tenebrous τuncº page of the Bookº of Kells (and |2then2| it need not be lost sight of that there are exactly three squads of candidates for the |7cross |9crux crucian rose9|7| awaiting their turn in the marginal panels of |3Columcille Columkiller3|, chugged in their three ballotboxes,º then set apart for such hanging |7parties committees7|, where two was enough for anyone, starting with old Matthew himself, as he with great distinction said then just as since then people speaking have fallen into the custom, when speaking to a person, of saying two is company when the the third person is the person darkly spoken of,º and then that last labiolingual basium might be read as a suavium if whoever the embracer |2then2| was wrote with a tongue in his — or perhaps her —º cheek as the case may have been then):º |2and2| the fatal |2droopadwindle2| slope of the |3damned blamedº3| |2thing scrawl2|, a sure sign of imperfectible moral blindness:º the toomuchness, the fartoomanyness
{f39, 123}
of all themº fourlegged ems|+3,º and why spell |athat deara| god with |aseven big dees? a big thick dheeºa| (why, O why, O why?)º+| |5but5| the cut and dry aks and |awhy wise |bformb|a| of the semifinal part of unread:º3| and, |2seventeenthly eighteenthly |3or twentyfourthly3|2|, |3but |aat least|b, thank Maurice,b|a| lastly when all is zed and done,3| the penelopean patience of its last paraphe|2, a colophon of no fewer than seven hundred and thirtytwo strokes2| tailed by a leaping lasso — who thus at all this marvelling but will press on hotly to see the vaulting feminine libido of those interbranching |2ogham2| sex upandinsweeps sternly controlled and easily repersuaded by the uniform matteroffactness of a meandering male fist?º

Duff-Muggli, who now may be quoted by |3very kind3| arrangement |11(his electroscophoniousº photosensition under suprasonic light control may be logged for by our none too distant futures as soon as toneº values can be turned out from Chromophilomos,º Limited at a millicentime the microamp)11|,º first called this kind of paddygoeasy partnership the |7odyssean ulykkeanº7| or |3heterochiric complex |atetrachiric or quadrumane tetrachiric-quadrumaneºa| |7or ducks and drakesº |10or debts and dishes10|7| perplex |a(v. Some Forestallings |bto the over thatb| Studium of Sexophonologistic Schizophrenesis, vol. XXIVº pp.º 2-555)a|3| after the wellinformed observation, madeº |3quite miles3| apart from |3him the Master3|) by Tung-Toyd |3(cf.º Later Frustrations |ain |bamongst amengstb|a| the Neomugglian
{f10, 98}
|aTheories Teachingsa| abaft the Semiunconscience,º passim)3|, thatº in the case of the littleknown periplic |7poem bestteller7| popularly associated with |8the name the namesº8| of the wretched mariner |11(trianforan deffwedoff our plumsucked pattern shapekeeper)11| a Punic admiralty report|10, From |shMacPerson's Osheansh| Round By the Tides of Jason's Cruise,10| hadº been cleverly capsized and and saucily republished as a dodecanesian baedeker of the every-tale-a-treat-in-itself variety which could hope satisfactorily to tickle |7the me7| gander as |7well game7| as |7the your7| goose.

The unmistaken identity of the persons in the |3complex |aTiberiasta| duplex3| came to light in the most |3curious devious3| of ways. The original document was |3in3| what is known as |8unbreakable Hanno |+and Nonhanno's O'Nonhanno's+| unbrookable8| script, that is to sayº it showed no signs of punctuation of any sort. Yet on holding |2its recto the verso2| against a lit rush |10it this new book of Morses10| responded most remarkably to the silent query of our world's oldest light and |2its recto2| let out the |3piquant3|
{f39, 124}
fact that it was |8but8| pierced |8or butnot8| punctured (in the university sense of the term) by numerous stabs and |2foliated2| gashes made by a pronged instrument. These paper wounds, four in type, were gradually and correctly understood to mean stop, please stop, do please stop,º and O do please stop respectively and|3|+, followingº up |athe theira| one true clue, the |acircumflexuousa| wall of a singleminded men's asylum, accentuated by bi tso fb rok engl a ssan dspl itch inaº+|3| |3police investigation showed that — Yard (6enquiries inquiries6) |+showed that: — pointed out → that+|3| |+3they had been theyº d bin dº bîn+|3| |3provoked |+“provoked”, “provòked”º+|3| byº |3the fork of a professor at the breakfast table D fork, |+of a Professor at he's Break-fast-table; f º grave |7Profèssor Brofèssorº7|; thº é's Brèak — fast — table; ;+|3| |+3professionally piqued to introduce a notion of time acùtely profèššionally piquéd, to = introdụ̀çe º nòtnº fº timeº+|3| |3upon a plane surface |+(upon a plane (?) surface) [pòn º plāñeº (?) sụ̀’’rfaiç’e’]º+|3| by |3punching holes in space. |+punch! ing unread (??) in unread! pụ̀nct!º ingh lesº (sic)º in iSpåceº?!+|3| Deeplyº religious by nature and position,º |7and warmly attached to Thee, |aand bread smearbreadºa| and better and Him and newlaidills,7| it was rightly suspected that such ire could not have been visited by him|3,º |7|aProtressor Brotfressora| Prenderguest,º7| even underwittingly,3| upon the ancestral |3spirit pneuma3| of one whom|3, with rheuma,3| he |3openly worshipped venerated |apatently shamelesslya|3| at least once a year week |7as our at Cockspur Common as his apple in his eye and her7| first boy'sº best friend and|3, though plain English for a married lady misled heaps by the way, yet3| when some peerer or peeress detected that the |2fourth or deepest fourleaved shamrock or quadrifoil2| jab was more recurrent wherever the script was clear and the term terse and that these two were theº selfsame spotsº naturally selected for her perforations by Dame Partlet on her dungheapº |3thinkers all put grown in |7Ireland waterunspillfullº Pratiland7| only and a playful fowl and musical me |aand byºa| not you in any case, two and two together, and|11, |alike witha| a swarm of bisses honeyhunting after,11| a sigh for |7shame shyme |11(O, the pettybonny rouge!)11|7| separated modest mouths.3| |3|7It was. A So be it. And it was.7|3| |11The lettermaking of the explots of Fjorgn Camhelsson when he was in the Kvinnes country with Soldru's men. With acknowledgment of our fervour of the first instant he remains years most fainfully. For postscrapt see spoils.11| |7Though not yet had the sailor sipped |aone thatºa|
{f10, 99}
and not nor the humphar foamed to the fill.7| |10And fox and geese still kept the peace around |shL'Auberge du Père Adamsh|.10|

|99| |3|+Small need after that|11, old Jeromesolem, old Huffsnuff, old Andycox, old Olecasandrum,11| for quizzing your weekenders |11come
{f39, 125}
to the R.Q.
11| with: heº shoots off in a hiss, muddles up in a mussmass and his whole's a dismantled noondrunkard's son.+|3|

|11Howbeitº we heard not a son of sons to be leave by him to oceanic society in his old man without a thing in his ignorance, Tulko MacHooley. And it was thus he was at every time, that son, and the other time, the day was in it and after the morrow.º Diremood is the name is on the writing chap of the psalter, the juxtajunctor of a dearmate and he passing out of one desire into its fellow. The daughters are after going and lookingº for him, Torba's nicelookers of the fair necksº. Wanted for millinary servance to olderly's person by the Totty Askinses. Formelly confounded with amother.11| |7|aMay beº growing a moustache, did you say|11, with an adorable look of amuzement11|? And uses noclass billiardhalls |11with an upandown ladder11|?a| Not Hans the Curier though had he hunreadd had have only had some little laughings and some less |8of8| cheeks |8and were he not so warried by th his bulb of persecussion8| he could have, ay, and would have, as true as Essex bridge. And not Gopheph-go-gossipº, I declare to man!7| |8Noe!8| |3reluctantly |aReluctantly To all's |bmuchb| reliefa|3| |3the theory |athe assumption one's half hypothesisa|3| of |3the jabbering |7a thatº7| jabberjaw3| ape |3from Oxford amok the showering jestnuts of Bruisanose3| was hotly dropped and his |3place usurped room taken up3| by that odious and still today insufficiently |3despised notetaker malestimated notesnatcher,3| Shem |9(kak, pfooi, bosh and fiety, much earny, Gus, |aper tin poteena|? Sez you!)º9| the Penmanº.