The Letter

Typescript, January 1924, I.5§2 (FH X) draft level 4

MS British Library 47473 24, missing Draft details

{ms, 021}


Majesty well Ive heard all those muckbirdsº what they are bringing up about him and they will come to no good. The Honourable Mr Earwicker, my devout husband, and he is a true gentleman who changes his two shirts a day which is what none of the sneakers ever will be because as sings the royal poet their likes must be first born like he was, my devout, and it was between Williamstown and the Ailesbury road I first saw the lovelight in your eyes like a pair of candles on the top of the longcar I think he is looking at me yet as if he would pass away in a cloud when he wakeº up all of a sweat beside me |4and looked me in the mouth4| and |4he4| told me his true opinion to pardon him, golden one, but he dreamt about me I had got a lovely face that day and I simply thought I was back again in paradise lost when all the world was June love whereº us two walked hand in hand.

Well, revered majesty, I hereafter swear never in his life did my husband send out the swags with a drop of anything in them but milk as it came from the natural cow and that is all a pure makeup by a snake in the grass and his name is Mc Grath Brothers againstº