The Delivery of the Letter

Partial re-draft, December 1923-January 1924, I.5§3 (FH XI) draft level 0+

MS British Library 47471b 42 Draft details

{ms, 042}

butº when the facsimile of the letter |awritten by the joint authora| |afinallya| reached the alderman's ears his surprise was |apracticallya| complete so much so as to give him the raspberry. |aGroaning of spirit With groanings which cd not be |ballb| uttereda| |adown he sat,a| he lifted |ahands up his shirtsleevesa|, while many |ain the |bbaronet publican'sb| banner room,a| who did not dareº heard him declare: I will give £10 tomorrow to gladly to the 1st fellow who will put her in the royal canal.

She was frightfully sorry
have her murdered
Return to a park please (Sayings of HCE)
Women (lady)
Jeg vil give ti Punt imorge til dem forst |aFru Fruena|, Komde
Prayer on Acropolis
postman & style of narrative symbolical |aof our timea|