The Delivery of the Letter

1st draft, December 1923-January 1924, I.5§3 (FH XI) draft level 0

MS British Library 47471b 42 Draft details

{ms, 035v}

And congruously enough the confusion of its composition was fitly capped by the zigzaggery of its |adeliverer deliverya|.º The postman mentioned on page 80 and not for the 1st time in history for just as, it has been more than once pointed out, the demise of one parish priest or curate is sure to be followed |asooner or latera| by other parochial demises of an allied nature. Though, coming now to the postman |amentioned on hastily left ona| p 80, though his qualifications for that particular |apost postal,a| |aor office,a| were known only to a limited circle of friendsº the spectacle of the Lucalizod lettercarrier, |aan a most capablea| official of very superior appearance in his emptybottlegreen jerkin, at once gave |adoubters doubtersfula| a vouch for his bitaler bilateralist za zeal. |aBoth |bHis movements showed thatb| North & Southa| sides of the roadway were visited by him in turn in the discharge of his important duty and during which he got a no of stumbles which |aseemed appeareda| to startle him very much
{ms, 034v}
and, while he allowed simple & unfranked correspondence to escape automatically from the mailbag issued to him, |ahis thea| unerring zeal |ain sorting with which|b, amid a blizzard with low visibility and on a uneven ground,b| sortedº |b& securedb|a| for |aspecial immediate |bhomeb|a| delivery all unread packages containing bullion or eatables,º |aimmediately in a mannera| made him of Shawn the Post a man,º seen, |apitied felt for,a| |a& respected envied & looked up toa|.

Thus two was a woman's petition, maid, wife & mother, |aoffered broughta| by two sons of wild earth, |asince sainted scholasts,a| |aShamus Iacopusa| Pennifera,º and Johannes |aEpistoloforus Epistolophorusa|, to their and of all the Lord, offering to him from whom all things |acame had come to thema| their gift of |ahera| knowledge, thereby giving him of his own |a(the lion's mouth)a|.
{ms, 030}

It was this last alone that at last gave HCE the raspberry. Groaning of spirit, he lifted his hands & many who did not dare it, heard him say: I will give £10 |atomorrow gladlya| to the 1st fellow who will put that W in in the royal canal.